Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 60

Broken people

Next Tuesday.

Kenichi throngs Miho´s home between the classes of the morning like usual. Miho hated it and acted violently, but she blazes up more than always when it is carried out once and she reacts madly on the bed.

The day before yesterday, 4 people thoroughly blamed her in a room at a hotel and she squeezed her body fluid so that her tears also exhausted at the end. Offense and defense is alternated by Kenichi’s instruction and she violated Junko who was the lover of her husband with the dual dildo, her asshole was carried through by Kenichi and both her reason and morality have been shattered. Becoming full of disgrace and feeling of defeat, the other party was able to rely on which was left from this bewitching married woman.


Working hard on the edge of bed now, Miho is drenched with sweat and takes Kenichi´s thing inside her back door. The back gate already completely developed and swallows the huge dick easily.

“Here, I’ll open the bounds. Oku-san”

“…Aaa…, don´t call me Oku-san…call me Miho…”

“How many times do I have to tell you. Huhuhu, you are the wife of Usami and I stole and ate you”

“No…that…. Me too, like Junko and the others, I´m Kenichi´s slave…. Miho, please take Miho away from that person…”

Oku-san who goes mad about the lust stares at Kenichi with hot eyes and advances from herself and want to become his slave on her own decision. However, while Kenichi laughs at Miho´s demand, he grabs at her big 92 cm breasts and pushes up his waist more cruelly and violates her back door without hesitation.

“Nhiiiiii! Cuuumming!! Cuuumming!”


Kenichi and Miho reach the climax at the same time, therefore when Miho’s gut tightens up to the very limit, Kenichi releases his semen. The scorching magma inside her body lets Miho have convulsions intensely while feeling pleasure, before she becomes dead tires and relaxes her body slowly.


Blowing out rough breath, Miho is enchanted by the pleasant feeling and fascinated by the touch of his fingertip. Blended feeling of resignation and immorality rule her body.

(Noo…still, still so much…)

Although it released large amount of semen, the fat penis occupies her butt hole without losing its strength. To the widely different power, neither her body nor her heart can stop to be a captive.

Being able to shake the hips windingly, when Kenichi and Miho taste reverberation in their head while being connected, Kenichi looks up and makes sure of something suddenly. Through his super sense he hears the sound of the key hole and the sound that the door opens was also heard.

“Get up…, Oku-san. Your daughter came home”

“Ee? Ee?…”

Ignoring Miho who is still making a bow, Kenichi hides in the inside of the bedroom with his clothes quickly. Suddenly he notices footsteps going up the stairs, Miho is wearing a sheet around her body which became muddy for sweat, Miho collected the underwear which was barely scattered and put a leg through the shorts.

“Mom? Mom? …Are you here…?”

We hear the voice of a pretty girl who approaches the second-floor.

“A, aaa…here, Risa-chan”

Confirming that Kenichi completely hides, although Miho trembles, she answers. Then the door of her room opens and the junior high student with her school satchel came in.

“What’s with you? Mama? Is there something wrong?”

“Ye, yes, a little…after washing, I come to feel sick… With that, what about school?”

“I hate you, have you forgotten? Mom…because I had a school excursion, today was until second period, it was said beforehand…”

“Well, if you say so…I forgot it completely…”

Risa stares at Miho as having been disgusted.

Miho´s heart throbs and she was going to clean up this place somehow. If this girl experienced herself even a little, with the disturbed hair and flushed face of her mother, she would have found the trace of her mothers’ love affair but she didn´t even that this room is full of lewd smell.

However, even if she knows about sex from knowledge of health and physical education, so that she is tied to the figure of her mother, Risa didn´t have enough experience. Because she is 12 years old, it’s also reasonable.

Hearing the conversation of this mother-daughter pair, Kenichi looked at the girl who stood at the entrance from the shade of the closet.

(Th, this…)

He stares at the primary school kid named Risa some other time when he looks hard. Like today’s primary school kid, this girl wore a slightly short skirt and the noun called angel was the right description. Also her utterly dark and smooth long hair matched her white egg-shaped face well. She has bright eyes, thin eyebrows and her pink lips which are glossy doesn´t need to put on lipstick.

Mr. and Mrs. Usami is only a combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman, with this daughter, it should be impossible. But even the line which is still immature on her body arouses the animal desire of Kenichi.

Although Kenichi holds his breath in the darkness, he shook his dick which warped fearfully.

“Really, you seem to have a little fever…because I’m doing my homework, mom can sleep”

“U, uh yes, I’ll do that….”

She seemed to think that Miho had a fever, because of her red face, when Risa intention was understood she went into the room on the back of the corridor. Next to Miho who quietly vomits a sigh of relief, Kenichi stood there at that time.

“Your daughter is lovely, Oku-san…”

“…Ee!! …You, you can’t mean that…”

He doesn´t answer her question and grins only. While his weapon that towers between his crotch drips liquid slowly from the tip, it shakes fearfully like a demon sword which starved for blood.

“Not good…only that…only that…”

Miho pleads desperately. Like emitting her feelings, Kenichi knocks Miho’s body down on the bed and pierced her at a stretch when he holds her down in missionary position.


So that it isn´t heard by her daughter who is in the room next to the hallway, Kenichi chews her lips desperately with his mouth to murder her voice and suppresses her hands. However, while Kenichi laughs thinly, he rubs the weak point of Miho which he completely remembered already without mercy.

“Nguuuuuuuuu! Higuuuuuuu!”

Controlling her with both hands and suppressing the scream desperately, Miho shakes her whole body in joy shudderingly. She won´t let it reach the place of her daughter, her white legs twine around Kenichi.

Miho sacrifices herself like a parent bird which protects its baby. Kenichi greatly opens his mouth and covets the body of this mother to enjoy his admirable effort and ate her.

“Because the suggestion of such a good condition came with much effort, thus, I think we should move to a place where students gather more!”

The man who had thin and greasy hair and with an angry voice, he declares so clearly. With the power of observation in his sharp eyes, he scowls at three other men around a circular table.

“…Well, there will be such an opinion, too, but even if we don´t advance a thing for a rough-and-ready method so much…”

“Because such a sweet thing is said, this school is ruined! Because sitting cross-legged is being written on noble families. The applications of students decrease year by year! There is still reserve capacity, but we have to take measures or we will be in the red soon!”

A gray-haired meek person tries to object calmly, but the man who is bald swears with a slam again.

“…Shi, Shinjo-san, how is it done?”

“I, I also agree with Yamaji-san. Let’s move to a place with better environment”


“I also agree. The current grounds are too small…”

(Those two are bribed…)

The thought that his heart is unpleasant is put back in mind, Kohei Kawano who was one of the managing directors of Ellis all girls’ high school intended to break this situation somehow. However, the managing director of the main profession Yamaji has already bribed the directors of two other construction industries and he is going to let them approve the move of this school forcibly in the board meeting.

“However, because the chief director is absent, we can’t vote today…”

Yamaji doesn´t care about such a counterattack either.

“What, we vote in this board meeting today and should report it to chief director Aikawa later. That´s better, because we are all busy and can´t gather many times. Hey, everyone?”

Saying so and wiping up the sweat from his head with a towel, Yamaji glares at Kohei Kawano again.

In the board meeting that is performed now, four directors talk about the move of school building. This school which was founded in a quiet residential area is about to deteriorate, but the story that this school should move to a better place with better ways to reach it happens recently.

The leader of the anti-chief director group is Yamaji Hirozou who is being supported with huge funds. Originally because the chief director has poor health, he tries to advance this talk forcibly. The chief director is absolutely against a move, that’s why he would reject this idea if he was here.

In fact, a large amount of money affects this move.

If we move, it is certain that the ordering of the engineering works for the new school building will be done by Yamaji`s company. However, it is more than that, because the ground of this school is used for redevelopment and this redevelopment project involves a politician. The move is already promised by Yamaji to the politician who contributed the funds for this project.

Therefore he must move somehow by using every kind of method.

On the other hand, Kohei who belongs to the chief director faction is moderates, too.

(You won´t manage it…)

In this situation it is done as Yamaji thought. However, the remaining two people have already been taken in and the chief director who is absent today is numerical inferior in many circumstances.

“Come on, let’s vote”

(So far…)

Looking at Yamaji who had a triumphant face, Kawano gave up, but suddenly something rang.


An unpleasant sound resounds noisily.

It was the warning sound of the fire detector. The surprised directors are puzzled until they finally understood that it wasn´t an ordinary case and rose half to their feet from their chairs and made a noise one after another, before a woman plunged into the chief director room where the board meeting is being held.

“Managing directors, it is a fire! Right now, please escape!”

When the female teacher with her silver-rimmed glasses says so quickly, she ran out somewhere just like this.

“We have to run away….”


Although they are surprised first, Shinjo and Edogawa leave the room. Kohei and Yamaji stayed and were seeing how things will go, but understand that it doesn´t seem to be a training for some reason and move outside. Of course something like this can happen, the board meeting is temporarily suspended.

After they found out that it was a false report, 30 minutes passed. A fire truck also rushed here and the area was turbulent including curious spectators in the neighboring. Meanwhile, all the time, we were kept waiting with student and teachers on the school grounds.

Everyone returns to the schoolhouse with a relieved expression.

“Come on, let’s continue”

Yamaji started saying so, but Shinjo raises his hand as if he is scared to say something.

“…I, I am sorry, but it’s already late, so I have to go…”

“Ah, me too. The next schedule is already planned, so…”

Edogawa apologizes too. We were arguing longer than it was scheduled and time has also been spent by the current fire commotion.

“No No! I only do this vote!”

“…Ho, however…”

Yamaji insists firmly, but Kawano bridles him with a calm tone.

“Very well, director Shinjo, director Edogawa, lets end the board meeting with this. In addition, in the next board meeting, we will discuss this matter”

“Naa! What do you say! You!”

Yamaji is enraged and his head becomes bright red from anger.

“Because the chief director isn´t here, I am the acting chairman, therefore I declare the end of this meeting. …Managing director Yamaji, is there a reason that’s not good by all means if it isn´t today?”


When saying so, Yamaji has no choice but to be silent. The reason that he is under pressure from the politician, no matter what, he can´t say it.

“…We, well then, after you…”

“Excuse me, I will also go…”

When the last two directors fill their bags with documents hastily, they went out quickly like a wind.

(…Shit, I will remember this…)

Yamaji who is a civil engineer and building constructor evaded a fighting scene many times until now. However this man is serious now and he feels the urge to kill this white haired old man who seems to be gentle in front of everyone.

A deep-seated red grudge is rising from his body like a heat haze and in the distantly remote science preparation room, Kenichi who is violating a good-looking girl could feel it clearly.

“Sensei! Please stop it!!”

The cute and pretty girl who came with a pink leotards moves backward while thrusting at the bottom in the dim physical education warehouse. Her eyes are wide opened by fear and she stares at the man in front of her.

Standing before this beautiful girl, is a man who throws out a rough breath. That man has gray-white hair which was cut briefly and he is like a bear with greedy eyes and who is going to spring upon its prey at any moment. The man knows clearly that the thing inside his pants swells up.

“You…you are bad, Hasegawa. For…having such an appearance…”

While murmuring an incomprehensible thing, that man gradually crawls up on his knees to the beautiful girl. He came to be completely eccentric and panted with his mouth like a beast since a little while ago.

“Please stop it! Yamada-sensei! Stop it!! Don´t come near me!!”

Towards national language teacher Genji Yamada who is the advisor of this club, first year student Hasegawa Rio from the rhythmic gymnastics clubt cries desperately. However, in the physical education warehouse where nobody is, her scream wouldn´t reach someone.

No, because the rapist is rather excited by her scream more and more, it may be said that the situation turns worse for Rio with screaming.

Yamada, also known as Manaka was glued to the slim body of Rio during the whole club activities today. Recently this first grader in her leotard became prettier than before and as if he has returned to his twenties at all, Yamada´s penis reacts timidly and he swallowed his saliva many times.

“I can´t endure it anymore…”

Looking at the beautiful girl who is shivering in front of him, the magma of his desire finally blows off his reason. Rio, who is cornered to the corner of the warehouse springs while raising a groan voice.

“Hiiiiiiii! Noooo! Someone!! Someone help me!!!”

To the beautiful girl crying aloud, this middle age man who passed his fifties leans against her. From the smell of sweat spreading from Rio´s body wearing a thin pink leotard, his excitement is increased and he pulls at her leotard with full force.

“Kyaaaaaa!! Nooooo!!”

The power of big Yamada might also be strong. The piece of cloth of chemical fiber is disappointing and is easily ripped into pieces and beige underwear appears from below.

“Forgive me! Stop it! Sensei…”

While shaking with a rattling sound, the beautiful girl implores him desperately. Fitting her body is only the thin leotard which was torn open. Her figure is arousing the greed for sadism of Yamada and he is excited more and more.

When he takes off his belt and takes down his pants, his ugly dick showed up. Love liquid already gushes out from the tip slowly and he wants to enter the secret hole of this beautiful girl who he saw in his dreams often.

In the past life, Yamada was straight and obstinate, but the hoop of his reason completely comes off now. His head is influenced by greed as having been possessed by a devil or something similar and the black desire is making a noise and is controlling Yamada from the inside.

“Hiiiii!! Noooooo!!”

Seeing the weapon of Yamada-sensei aiming at herself, Rio screams which surprised Yamada. He is used to suppress such a beautiful girl with his terrible power and he tears her panty open and exposes her crotch.

“Noooooo!! Noot goood!”

When her long legs which runs wild are extended, the national language teacher was about to overwhelm this beautiful girl while slobbering.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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