Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 59

Married woman and female teacher

After that, half month passed.

When he liked he had sex with his high school girls and his female teachers at school as usual and Rena increased his harem party on the weekend, too. When there is no class between Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, he walks into Usami house for Miho who is his wife and has sex with her from the front door, back door and her mouth.

Recently the poison of the Incubus completely takes effect on Miho´s body, at the beginning she hated it but lately she opens her legs on her own even if she is thronged inside her house and when anal sex is demanded by Kenichi, she can´t refuse him.

The immoral pleasure which she hides in front of her husband is tasted in the afternoon on her bed. This virtuous wife gradually indulges in the sweetness of a forbidden fruit and can´t stop it on her own.

Meanwhile, Usami who is her husband doesn´t notice the change of his wife, because the same as before, he follows Junko like a stalker. Because the kiss marks don´t disappear from her body and it is something which seems to come out immediately if she undresses her body, Usami who became a captive of Junko´s body doesn´t seem to feel greed for his wife.

Sunday afternoon.

Miho who told her husband and daughter that she goes shopping left the house and secretly meets Kenichi in a room at the Tokyo city hotel that he picked. She is excited since morning about her liaison with the science teacher and enters the room, while blow out hot breath immediately and clinging to the science teacher, before she snorted and begs for his caress.

When he gropes between her legs in the interior of her tight skirt, her shorts become muddy and her meat pot starved so as to reach the height lightly just when he touches it with his finger.

“How is the vice-principal recently?”

“…Aah…my husband, entirely…didn´t touch me with one finger…”

“He is a fool…to not eat such a delicious body”

“Noo…, don’t say such a thing…”

Kenichi and Miho are facing each other in the horse riding position and exchange a friendly talk and hot deep kisses since a little while ago.

Kenichi’s dick fits into Miho´s vagina which becomes crowded and the love juice which Miho released sticks on his root. Piercing Miho who dressed up beautifully, more than 1 hour has passed since they connected.

Meanwhile, Miho didn´t mind the intensity many times and Kenichi didn’t blame her until she becomes worn out like usual, but both enjoy having sex together and occasionally taking time for it.

Unlike home, Miho becomes bold as soon as she reaches this hotel and she seems to enjoy the sexual intercourse heartily by having a lot of time until the evening.

“Aaa, Kenichi-san…more, more there, I want to…”

Finishing melting as ever and wrapping up Kenichi´s meat stick with her tender secret meat Miho shakes her white and plump hips. She likes being violated intensely and for a naughty wife, she seems to favor that her ass is deliberately blamed.

“Huhuu, you are a horny wife…”

“Uuh, Kenichi-san did me so much…or does Kenichi-san dislike a naughty wife?”

Miho who became completely a captive of Kenichi during this half a month and saying so while laughing dissolutely, she turns her waist lewdly by herself and demands new pleasure. Leaving the traces of a virtuous wife, Miho changed to a woman who freely enjoyed herself when being dragged into a bed.

She fully absorbed the sperm with the Incubus magic and her appearance gradually changed too. Originally she is pale white, but the warm skin of grain adding to the luster and tension let her become 4 or 5 years younger. When her secret spot is squeezed, her chest and hips sticks out and emphasizes with just that much and when she walks through the town while spreading her pheromones, there is no end to men calling out to her.

To say virtue she wears a little make-up and spreads her sweet pheromone to sell her liaison with her lover. According to Kenichi’s favor, she put on the purple sexy lingerie which she bought recently and of course her husband doesn´t know the existence of such showy underwear.

“When you can’t meet me, how do you comfort yourself…?”

“Uhuh, I´m cheering up with the vibes given by Kenichi-san… While recalling Kenichi’s thing of course…”

“With what kind of figure do you thrust it in?”

“No…. After my hips are stuck out, I make it like inviting Kenichi”

“Huhuu, isn’t it good, if you have sex with your husband?”

“Noo…. Nasty…I hate him…Kenichi is better…”

With the sweet voice that condenses sugar, Miho behaves like a baby in front of her younger lover.

Her hips move windingly and the penis is grounded deep into her, while this greedy wife soaks herself in the luxury that her whole body seems to dissolve all the time since a little while ago to the limit. And she forgets the existence of her husband and daughter completely, the moment she indulges in the joy of having sex with her younger lover.

In that way while enjoying this sexual intercourse persistently and both whisper to each other, the door opened suddenly and somebody entered.

“Kyaaaaa! Wh, what?? Noooo!!”

Kenichi hugs Miho who is going to escape unintentionally, before he calls out to the person who entered.

“Huhuu, you already started…”

Being connected in the horse-riding position and preventing firmly Miho´s body from moving, Kenichi calls out to three women.

“Ah, sensei, you are tricky…”

“Noo, I want you to do me fast too….”

Going up to the bed hesitatingly, it was Rena and Natsuki. Behind them was Junko Yoshikawa who is laughing loosely.

“Hiiiiii! Don’t come in! It’s good without seeing!!”

Feeling embarrassed to be seen by the same sex by having sex, Miho raises a high squeal and while being bound with handcuffs that Junko took out during that at her back, she is just transfixed by Kenichi´s thing from the bottom so she can´t move. To ease the strain of Miho, Junko calls out to her kindly.

“Huhuu, you don´t need to worry, Oku-sama…we all are Kenichi’s sex slaves like you”

Even if it is said so, Miho doesn´t know what she means and she tries to hide her shameful appearance somehow, but such resistance is also treated lightly and there are no accomplished means.

“That’s right…you become our companion today, it is an initiation ceremony…”

Natsuki mischievously explain it, after Rena sticks to Kenichi’s lips and exchanges deep kisses in front of a surprised Miho. Unlike Natsuki and Junko, Rena who can´t meet Kenichi every day is more passionate among those three and also more aggressive in having sex with Kenichi.

Rena and Natsuki are even offering their back holes to Kenichi already, but it was Rena who first pestered him about anal sex.

When Junko showed her state of having anal sex and enjoying it in front of them, although Rena nearly cried, she was hungry for sexual intercourse by the back hole too. She got down on all fours and broke her rump with both hands by herself to expose her rose, before Kenichi dispelled his reason and attacked Rena who asked for anal coitus. This pretty gravure idol who is attracting the eyes of men is the most loyal slave in front of Kenichi now. ( Tl note: Rose or Rosette is a old using of the word anus or asshole)

“Aha… the mouth of wife-san takes out a lot of slaver, Kenichi’s Willie seems happy, when you hold it in your mouth….drink the filthy and sticky liquid”

“Noooo! Don’t look at me! Don’t look at us!! Hiiiii!”

After she looked stealthily at the joint directly and criticized, Miho feels embarrassed without feeling alive. But her body tamed by her masochism puts out hot body fluid and changes even her shyness to the spice of pleasure. Whenever she twists her waist when she won´t be seen, a strong and pleasant feeling goes through the core of her body.

“Was that brought? Junko”

“Yes, Kenichi-sama…”

“Then, use it at once…”

“Uhu, okay…”

When Junko takes off her clothes behind Miho who gets in touch on the double bed, she becomes captivated by Junko´s undergarment appearance. She is wrapping her perfect body as usual with black three-in-one seam stockings. In that way Junko takes something out of the bag which she brought with her, which was a penis band that had a grown flesh color dildo on both sides.

Her black panty is easily taken off and lowered and Junko is laughing loosely, on the other hand she seems accustomed with the dildo in her hand and which she buries inside her honey pot.


This thing isn´t average but in order to compare it to Kenichi´s thing which slipped off either, the meat colored dildo extends the narrow secret way by force and it was more than enough to make her throw a sigh of superficial pleasure out. After finishing completely burying it, Junko winds the penis band of black leather on her waist and with her outstanding beauty and style which grew a pseudo-penis from her crotch, this beautiful woman appeared to have a doubtful bisexuality.

When Rena and Natsuki wink with Kenichi in the mean time, she reaches out to the body of Miho who looks down and doesn’t try to look up.

“Uhuu, wonderful this married woman seems to have a vulgar…and plump body…”

“Oku-san, your tits are really big…I´m envious…”

Saying such a thing, the body of Miho who dislikes it and screams is touched and her voluptuous breasts are massaged. Kenichi places his thing from the bottom and catches the slender figure of Miho who twists her body, while trying to escape. Whenever she moves her body, the penis that she swallowed in the interior of her womb rubs against her vagina hole and immediately the willpower to resist along with the stimulation from her breasts scraped off.

“Aaa…al, already stop it…”

After her face is brought near, she opens her red lips in an O-shape.

“Ah, she is quite attractive…”

Rena is enchanted by Miho´s beauty and says so, before she sticks to the lips of Miho who narrows her eyes and put her tongue inside. Even in Kenichi’s eyes, the female university student who is a super beauty and the beautiful wife with the white skin that comes off, he lewdly realize that their tongues intertwine each other.

“Huhuu…and her nipples become so much lively, too…”

And Natsuki rubs and holds Miho’s breasts, before she sticks to her sharp nipples. After her sensitive body is teased by those two devilish sisters, Miho steps over the waist of Kenichi, while swallowing his dick before screaming for excitement.

“Huhuu, by the way, I prepared it…”

The Kurosawa sisters discovered her sensuality and seeing the back figure of this married woman who is drenched with sweat and is in agony Junko applies a lotion on the dildo which is attached to her crotch.


Every time the dildo who stuck out and moves in and out, Junko felt the trembling and shaking, after the part which connected with her runs wild inside her womb. With this satanic tool though it is usual, she learns the pleasure that her physical depths dissolve in.

Letting Junko attach this dual penis belt which she brought recently, to have sex with the high school girls like Natsuki, she makes Natsuki and others put the other end inside their wombs and enjoys the place where Junko is violated. Especially Rio whose body is still growing a huge pseudo-penis is worn around her waist and when seeing her violating older women like Junko and Ruriko, she is intolerably excited.

The good flavor of the meat pot which came loose in that way became mushy, so they enjoy the penis of the science teacher, which is one size bigger than the dildo to their heart’s content.

“Ah, it seems to become a habit…”

Restraining herself from moving the hand which holds the dildo lewdly with great difficulty, Junko sits down behind Miho who agonizes herself. In front of Junko, the big pseudo-penis tears up the secret meat of the wife and from the gap an indecent soup is discharged.

When she confirms that Miho was ready, Kenichi draws her naked body drenched with sweat closer to him and kisses deeply. Miho who misunderstood his behavior of sweet love is bound with handcuffs at her back and as if she forgot her uneasiness, she answers his intense kiss. Because Kenichi is embracing her firmly, Miho´s hips are inevitably thrust out to Junko, while her pretty asshole is exposed.

“Huhuu, I go…”

Junko licks her lips with her tongue in no time and the tip of the dildo that became slimy from the lotion is pushed up the narrow back hole.


Screaming from the depths of her closed mouth, Miho opens her eyes suddenly from the excitement, at the same time as Kenichi and the Kurosawa sisters press down her body.


“Huhuu, a great back hole, it is swallowing it neatly…aaa…”

Every time the dildo breaks and tears her small back hole, the dildo in the interior of Junko´s womb vibrates by the reaction, too and although her waist nearly loses its strength, she violates the back gate of wife slowly. From the lotion which is applied on the dildo other than lubrication action, a muscle relaxant and a scratch pill are included and this wife who is completely trained in anal sex by Kenichi won´t bear it soon.

“Ooo…your dildo is grazing me”

Burying his meat stick in the vagina which melts and collapses, Kenichi tastes the rugged touch of the artificial penis which invades through the back door. When the foreign body enters the back gate it is an unbearable pleasure that her sphincter abnormally shrinks unconsciously.

“Hiiiiiiii! Aaaaaaaa!”

The moment when Kenichi’s mouth is shaken off and Miho scratches the greasy sweat from head to foot off, a squeal by which a soul separates into two and a doubtful feeling is raised. However, these two pleasure sticks which invaded the interior of her womb ignore the feelings of this married woman and her physical function is burned mercilessly.

“How is it, Oku-san…to have two inside?”


When the dildo is completely buried in her back gate, Miho tightens this foreign body inside her womb with pressure that isn´t believed and reaches the climax of a different dimension without knowing what she tasted until now. Kenichi is almost enticed by her sweet pot, but he can control the ejaculation somehow.

If it was Kenichi from several months ago, he would yell and gush out white juice. Junko and others are good in bed, so he is good in remembering their indecent work and making him do remarkably things, too, that’s why Kenichi evolves at an indescribable speed and he only thinks now how to handle his 8 beautiful slaves.

In contrast to Miho who does mind intensely and is dead tired, while the pleasure energy from her is sucked up through the penis, Kenichi remembered the feeling that his internal energy welled up unlimitedly.

“Huhu…, Junko. Move…”

“Yes, Kenichi-sama”

While Junko narrows her slit eyes through the silver-rimmed glasses excitedly, she has begun to shake her waist slowly.

“Nhuu!! Ahiiii!”


Two beautiful women who were connected by a double dildo from the back gate and secret hole scream for each other’s slight movements and tighten up each other like an erotic tug of war.

Even though it stops with the penis band, she nearly takes the dildo to seal of Miho’s anus, but Junko strengthens her vaginal clamping in a hurry. However, it is impatient not to be captured as thought because it slips away from the love juice.

Still when Junko catches the narrow waist in front of her, the dildo is being rammed into the gut with merciless strength and speed.



Two voices of pleasure rise at the same time. Two mature women get excited by this abnormal situation and their sexual feelings increase with the time. Junko uses her waist further to torture Miho.

Seemingly Junko seems to blame her intensely, because the sensitive hole is infringed by the energy of the same realm and not because the english teacher became completely sensitive like Miho, but for the pleasure she waves her waist madly.

“Aaaa…hiiiii!! Th, this…aaaaa!!”

Whenever a wet meat sound is heard, the waist of Miho moves, even if Kenichi holds still, his penis is ground into her G spot. Because of this sensitive part being rubbed, the married woman falls without someone stopping overnight.

“Ahiiii! Al, already cum! Cumming! Nhiiiiiii!”

At this very instant that she os going to be carried off by the last big wave, Kenichi tells a terrible fact.

“Huhuu, Oku-san…violating Oku-san´s hips now, is the english teacher from my school…”

“E, e, eee?”

Miho is stunned without knowing what he means for an instant, but Kenichi continues.

“In other words, as for Junko behind you, she is the lover of your husband…. Oku-san, the hateful person is violating your back hole…”

“Noooooooooo! Hiiiiiiiiiii!”

Miho becomes bright red and feels like having heard that the blood in her body makes a sound called go and drifts.

(Aaa…hell! Go to hell!)

However, ironically the pleasure nerve heated up instantly, while the world turned around, Miho tasted the height as she couldn´t believe it. And her whole body twitches tremblingly, therefore her vagina and her back gate shrink with power that breaks the dummy penis.

From the last moments of this wife, first Junko, then, Kenichi are swallowed by a crowd of ecstasy. Led by the married woman who is in agony while exclaiming, 3 indecent animals are fascinated with an extravagant ecstasy to the core of their body. While being bathed in male pleasure liquid, everything before Miho went black this time and she fell in deep darkness.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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