Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 57

Fall of the beautiful wife


While vomiting a hot breath from her nose, Miho becomes crazy and is serving Kenichi´s huge dick. Inside a room of the Tokyo hotel now, she seemed to forget that her partner wasn´t her husband.

In the room with just street clothes on, Miho kneels in front of a man who stood firm with his feet set apart and she does an fellatio persistently, which is licentious but very beautiful so that it isn’t believed to be done from Miho who is gracefully usual.

Red tentacles climb all over her voluptuous ripe body. The aura on her whole body is eroded and dyed pink and the reason from this solid married woman is driven mad.


When her chin was tired from his surplus size, she separated her mouth unwillingly and the married woman who should have been virtuous completely became a captive of pleasure.

Anyway whenever his dick rubs against the inside of her cheeks, an exquisite pleasant sensation which can’t be tasted from the fellatio on her husband, her head becomes numb vaguely. Without getting tired even if she sucks it, she was fascinated with her pleasure and didn´t make her partner glad.

“Huhuu, did you like it that much? Oku-san…you already sucked it absorbedly all the time. My penis is full of Oku-san´s saliva and I thought it was soggy”

“Aaa…it´s embarrassing…”

When he lets Miho who lowers her head stand up, Kenichi tastes the lips of the married woman once again and gropes her soft and plump body. He pushes his hands through her armpits and rubs her chest on top of her thin pink sweater and her breasts which seem to be heavy changes form over her bra at will.

“Huhuhu…it’s a very big chest. And very soft”

“…Aaa…I’m ashamed…don´t massage it so much…”

Unlike the breasts such as the rubber balls of Junko and Rena, Miho´s ones are soft as if there isn´t a core and melt. Kenichi who gets excited from the body odor of a sweet mature woman who rises from the scruff of her neck, while putting his dick on the crack of the hips of the tight skirt, he crawls his long tongue over her white scruff.

“Aaaa! Nooo…”

Only from this stimulation, this ripe wife left alone by her husband for a long time gives a sweet scream easily.

“Huhuu, your body doesn’t seem to have born a very big child”

“Don’t say such a thing…”

Her breasts are rubbed until Kenichi become tired and the sensitive married woman pants.

Kenichi rolls up her pink sweater over her chest and a half cup bra that seemed to be high-quality that used an exquisite lace appeared. The huge meat which was clogged up inside seem to break through the white lace bra that covered up half of the bottom of the meat hills.

“Huhuu, what is your size?”

“Noo…I can´t say such a thing…”

Miho creases her eyebrows to say that she is ashamed and don´t want it, so she sticks to Kenichi´s lips on her own to escape from his question. Kenichi finds out that her nipples which are barely covered by her lace bra erect and become hard by touching with his finger.


She separates her lips and utters a cry by a clear soprano and Miho tastes the acme from that alone. When Kenichi separates his fingers from her nipples, he begins to rub her breasts persistently.

“Aaa…, once again…”

“What is it? Oku-san…”

“…No No…once again, like a while ago…”

Miho´s breasts are pushed and rubbed persistently at the same time she does a shameful demand to the young man who is sticking to her scruff. While doing that, after her waist is stuck out she put her hips against Kenichi´s dick.

“Therefore, say whether what do you want to do clearly?”

Running his fingers around the areola, Kenichi asks it with a coaxing voice. On her white slim scruff his long cuspids are attached and he does a sweet bite.

“No No, I can´t say such a thing…”

Miho, who admitted her defeat at the end, was shy.

“Ah, my nipples…play with my nipples”

While forcing the dick on the crack of her buttocks, Miho wiggles her body and asks this indecent favor. When Kenichi plays with it lightly with his finger-tip, he asks if she want him to do more when she shakes her body fearfully.

“Then, please tell me your size…the size of your bra cup”

“Aaa…such a thing…by all means, you want to know it…”

“Huhuu, about Oku-san, I want to know anything…”

“…Aah…you are awful…not good! Don´t inhale at such a place…”

Making a dark red kiss mark on the thin scruff of the married woman, Kenichi continues questioning her obstinately. To the persistent irritating, the married woman whose sensuality has finished being enraptured can´t endure it anymore.

“Kyu, it´s 92 F. Will you be satisfied with this? Therefore quickly!”

The size of her chest is told embarrassingly to this man, Miho looks at Kenichi with loose eyes so that you can’t think of her usual neat expression and she pleads for the stimulation at her vital point.

Shuddering with the feeling of immorality and disgrace to have an affair with a man other than her husband for the first time in her life and the process when the married woman who has finished starving from the too rich sensuality she indulges in, is adding fuel to Kenichi’s animal desire. After Kenichi responds to Miho’s erotic request, he fully turns the button of her sensuality and raised it.

“Ahuuh… aaa! Hiiii! …Huguuuu”

Kenichi and Miho are now on the double bed and perform sixty-nine. Wearing her thin sweater and skirt on her body which became sweaty, Miho sits astride by the posture which became inverted on the high school teacher who became stark-naked and continues her erotic service. In front of her is his meat stick, while her hips wearing her underwear which has finished getting wet is given to the mouth of Kenichi who is waiting under it.

“Hiiiii! Don´t breathe in so much…hiiii!”

His bold tongue gets in from the side of the white panty and when it slip into the entrance of her vagina, nectar that overflows from there is sucked up. From the sense out of which part of her body is sucked, the married woman emits a voice and cries out. Miho’s snowy thighs which has nothing applied positively for these several years has dark red kiss marks in many places and show the trace of the intense greed of an hungry lewd beast.

“Higuuuuu! Cuum!”

The moment her clitoris is infringed upon with the tongue intensely, the pretty married woman cummed intensely while letting a large quantity of fruit juice overflow and became exhausted from it. From her sweaty body, female pheromones which lure a man are released.

Miho raised her body after a few minutes and clung to Kenichi bashfully.

“Aaa…I can’t take it anymore, anymore…”

After the inside of her ripe body melts in doze she can´t help wanting to receive his weapon inside as soon as possible. Maybe her vagina which contains nothing wants this thing and rise twitchingly and discharges thick body fluid incessantly from the depths, that means that the preparations are completely.

“Huhuu, you asked from your own, so you sit astride on your own”

“Aaa, you are a very bad person…”

While the married woman glares at Kenichi reproachfully, she moves over her waist as she said it. The tight skirt is rolled up to the waist and reveals white panty and torn stockings.

“Huhuu, remove your panty sideward and put it in by yourself”


Showing a red-hot and ashamed face, the lustful married woman is a yes-man of Kenichi. (Tl note: For those who are wondering about yes-man the author means that she can´t say No to Kenichi´s orders or requests)

When she removes her white panty that match her white lace bra sideward, a black thicket and an incarnadine petal are exposed. The moment she grasps the penis by herself, she pushes it to the secret mouth which became dripping wet.

“Please don’t look…”

Writhing from embarrassment from which the fire occurs, Miho still drops her waist on her own slowly.

“Huhuu, putting it in on your own, the face of you who holds a dick other than her husband´s one in her mouth, I am allowed to see it fully”

“Hiiiii! Nooo!”

To the word of the remainder as if Kenichi said too much, even though she entered half Miho raised her waist, but Kenichi caught her thin waist and pushed it down cruelly to the bottom.

“Higuuuuuuuu! Aaaaaaaaa!”

Her uterus which is muddy and melts was destroyed from this thrust and the hungry married woman was swallowed by an extravagant ecstasy with one blow. From the last intimidation with her husband, this pleasure is from an different dimension that was never provided before not even from her husband.

“Ahiiiiiii! Aaaaaaaa! Kuuuuuuu!!”

After having convulsions for approximately good 30 seconds and offering a sweet clamping to Kenichi, Miho has become tired. Tears flowed straight down from her eyes and she herself didn’t know whether it was something regretful or something delightful either.

After that, for two hours, while the moisture like sweat and body fluid is wrung from Miho´s whole body, she writhed with unprecedented pleasure. The young male continues violating the interior of her womb without really losing strength and coveted the mature married woman in every position.

The pleasure is branded inside Miho´s body like fire and brimstone and made the body of the married woman realize the thing which her husband gave was poor and how monotonous it was until now.

“Hiiiii! Again, cuum! Iikyuuuuuuu!!”

Now she is violated like a beast from behind and Miho waves her plump and white buttocks madly, while squeezing the male sex organ to the utmost tightly. The married woman’s honey pot is sweet so that it may melt and is winding around the meat pillar which towers from the top to the bottom.

Kenichi catches her voluptuous and sweaty breasts from behind, before wringing them with all his strength. Her Japanese crested ibis-colored nipples erect between his fingers and red handwritings are left on her pale-complexioned breasts which suffered hardships. (Tl note: )

(Great…reduced to a pulp, the best…)

From the good flavor of the married woman that is beyond Kenichi´s imagination, he tastes the finest pleasure organ while being delighted. Similar to her body, Miho´s meat pot is soft and elastic and may melts away, because it clings windingly around Kenichi´s thing when he inserted it, which is unbearable. There is a rough ceiling just before the uterus, but every time it’s taken in and out now it grazes his dick and makes Kenichi groan.

„ Hey! Put up your waist without taking a rest”

The plump buttocks which the married woman who relaxed was going to sink down are hit with Kenichi´s palm mercilessly. It has been repeated many times already, so the part becomes bright red.

“Aaa…, forgive me already…”

Her face is turn around and she implores, her frayed hair sticks to the frame which loosened from the sweat separately, but it give the always sexy married woman a fierce sex appeal. Letting her M blood awake from the rough handling, the joy with which she is thrilled is remembered.

“Saying such a thing, when you still want it inside your pussy, tighten it…”

“Aaaa! When such a place is pressed and massaged…my crotch!! “

When Miho pierce with the buttocks which became bright red from spanking intensely, his gun and wriggles windingly, before tightening it which stretched from all sides. Kenichi laughs at the depth of Miho´s desire who has finished starving and he pushes up his thing to her uterus which dropped sperm directly.

“Is it here? Is here good? Hmm?”

“Hiiiii! It, it is tight…the inner part is weak!! The inside is no good!!”

Although Miho makes use of her whole body tremblingly, she indulges in pleasure of this sort of sex. Her fingers which clench the sheets become white, which is the evidence that her toes warp.

Miho is opposite to her words of refusal, she takes the posture that raises the hips high, so that Kenichi can fuck her easier.

When Kenichi unties their combination, he does Miho from the back once, before he bends her over in the missionary position to give the decisive blow. Miho advances by herself and opens her crotch to the limit, while she screams fascinatedly from her violent copulation with this male teacher.

“Aaaa…good…it is awfully good…”

While she is pushed up in the missionary position hard, Miho winds her plump ripe body around Kenichi´s dark body, who let her shake her waist and amplifies the pleasure. Their figure is a white snake that winds around a black animal and seems to appear to possess and kill it. Miho closes her eyes with rapture and enjoys the friction of the meat and forgets at this moment her husband and his affair.

“Is it pleasant? Oku-san…”

“Aaaa, yes…. It, it is pleasant…pleasant…”

The pleasure is told obediently while being asked about it and her excitement increases more and more. She is held by the stout male, and the married woman is intoxicated with far superior pleasure than with her husband.

“Huhuu, your husband or me who is better?”

“Aaa…don´t ask such a thing…”

For Kenichi who is mean and asks it, Miho shakes her face right and left because of embarrassing. Then Kenichi stops at once on purpose, because he almost stops his dick´s moving.

“No, no no…why…, please…please don’t stop…”

The moment where Miho was about to go up the stairs to heaven, she lost it suddenly and becomes panic.

“I want to be like a while ago…the strong one…please…”

While staring at Kenichi with sexy eyes, after moving her waist from the bottom windingly, the virtuous married woman longs for the continuance of pleasure. However as for Kenichi while his dick isn´t inserted, he doesn’t try to put it in to the inside any more.

“If you want it, me or your husband, say which sexual intercourse is better…”

“That…I can’t say it….aaa, please forget it…”

When the tip is taken in and out loosely so that he may tease her, Miho begs Kenichi with a crying face. She pushes up her waist from herself and is going to swallow it, but when Kenichi pulls his waist skillfully, the too sensitive married woman is being treated lightly.

“Say it soon….this kind of thing…, with your effort…aaa…“

While having tears in the corner of her eyes, the pretty married woman is waiting eagerly to place the dick inside her. With a too sexy voice and gesture, although Kenichi seems also to lose control of him many times, he still teases her thoroughly and is waiting for the married woman to surrender.

In that way when Kenichi teases Miho badly, she spitted out the words at last that Kenichi expected.

“Aaa, you are much better…. Aaa, will this be all right?”

“What of me is good?”

“No…you, yours should be bigger…I want this thick one…”

While taking it in and out shallowly, Kenichi teases her more. The married woman who wants his hot penis greatly opens her legs by herself and moves her waist in a lewd way.

“This thing is thick? Where do you want this?”

“Th, that…I can´t say it…”

However, without Kenichi still putting it in, the virtuous married woman is driven by it thoroughly. Miho can´t endure her vaginal ache anymore and speaks of the same words, which are whispered to her ear.

“Aaa, your stout penis, can I have it in my pussy!”

Mentioning it once, she is reaching the point where the hoop comes off and Miho shakes her waist, while pleading erotically.

“Hey…please….with my effort, have sex with me…your great penis, I want you to put it inside my horny pussy and to mess it up…”

She looks at Kenichi with an attractive glance from which she is thrilled and the married woman asks for having sex on her own. Even by Kenichi blood has gone up to his head and he pushes it up to her vagina depths that have finished getting wet madly.

“Nhiiiiii! Cum! Cuum! Stoop it!”

Speaking of shameful words, she gets incredibly excited and Miho who had finished being irritated was pushed up and reached the top in no time.

“Aaa! Wonderful! You’re by far the best!”

When it is carried through, a scream is squeezed and it was Miho who cried out the words Kenichi wanted to hear from his questioning. While doing so, the last bit of her reason left and at the end she is lost.

“Hiiii! Is it better than the one of that person! Miho, is my hard and thick capricious penis preferred!”

The words of Kenichi whispered in her ear, let her only answer back like a parrot, while not noticing, that there is no hesitation completely in mentioning that and it becomes a sincere cry at the same time.

“Aaa… I love your cock!! It is much better than the one of my husband!!”

While letting her body climb all over it, the two lewd beasts take the last spurt. The wet meat sound becomes intenser and the sob of the woman gradually gets longer and higher.


“Uooo! Are you ready, Oku-san”

“Aaa…don’t put it out inside….please not inside…”

Today is a special day. An important thing is remembered now, but she was too slow. The male sex organ which expanded to the maximum in the interior of her womb kills this female which he obtained and pushes the tip to the uterus hole suddenly.

“Hiiiiii! Pull it out! Not good! Please not inside!!! Noooo!!!”

It’s normal that she is pressed against the man who happened to overwhelm her perfectly and the married woman raises a scream of despair. However, ironically, her uterus inside her womb opens greatly and is waiting impatiently for the strong male energetic soup to be poured inside.

“Cuuumming! Cucuuumming!!!”

Fear becomes big pleasure and Miho is carried off by a big wave of acme. Immediately, her vagina meat which twined around the huge penis shrinks so that the ejaculation may be caused and her whole vagina way wriggles erotic around it.


Seeing the face of the married woman shaking with fear of pregnancy, Kenichi ejaculates inside her vagina with chilly desires. After he dabs her vagina hole which opened at that point, it’s poured in completely.

“Hiiiii! Nooooooooooo!”

Semen other than her husband is spitted out profusely in the interior of her womb, though she trembles from the horror, but ironically, Miho received the by far best height. Her vagina shrinks morbidly and the semen is drummed into her womb like a bullet according to the pulsation of the wild energy. As for Miho, the inside of her head became blank and she fainted.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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