Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 56

Stealing another person?s wife

Chapter 56: Stealing another person´s wife

At the bar of the Tokyo hotel which is dark illuminated, Kenichi and Miho are sitting side by side. Miho stopped crying already and she becomes silent with her face down and watching her cocktail.

While staring at the married woman going down in grief some other time, Kenichi was gazing at Miho´s beauty which appears indirect from this dim illumination.

(A good woman….hehee…it’s intolerable…)

If Junko is a Western-style beauty, then Miho is a Japanese style beauty.

Her brightly opened eyes praise a deep color, his mind is heated now though he sees them wet because of her sadness. Her pouty lips are small in the way that they are modest and her scruff is surprisingly thin and pitiful. She was chosen by Tokyo representative as the winner of an Miss Contest at Ellis all girls high school when she was a student there, if she had continued this path then she would have also won the Miss Japan contest.

Moreover her plump and growing body is like a ripe fruit ready to be eaten any time.

Her chest which lifts the blouse up is abundant fully and her plump thighs can be seen even from this tight skirt. She is 3 years older than Kenichi, so she should be 35 this year. A man’s body fluid is regularly absorbed in her long marriage life, like a peach which was matured when pushing the body a little, and Kenichi is certain that she will drip a great deal of sweet fruit juice.

If he isn´t mistaken, she should have been from a snowy region, that’s why Miho’s skin is white as if it is coming off. Didn´t she went outside a lot, because even her upper arm is transparent. There are no place where she was flabby though she had a child, so Usami who is a womanizer might only choose her as wife by choice.

While observing this married woman, as if not noticing the state that Miho is depressed on purpose, he emphasizes how fantastic vice-principal Usami is. He is respected at the school a lot, he is popular by teachers and students etc, Kenichi speaks one fact after another like a machine gun. Those words, he knows that they are painful for Miho.

“Pl, please stop it already…”

When Miho mutters so, Kenichi falls silence. This awkward silence continued, while Kenichi felt that it was the best to remain silent until Miho spoke something. In front of Miho, while thinking what kind of face she makes when she knows he is the one who called her, Kenichi sipped his gin with lime and was waiting for her reaction.

“You´re gentle Midou-sensei…”

The long silence is broken, when Miho has finally spoken and Kenichi ordered his second cup of gin with lime.

“To encourage me who is depressed, you praised Usami in various ways on purpose…. However, if I…,”.

Finally, while suffering from her tearful voice, Miho puts up her face and stares at Kenichi´s face.

He doesn´t use the Incubus magic now, as he doesn’t look at Miho’s eyes, Kenichi hears her talk. In that way when he plays the good teacher faintheartedly, Miho has begun to speak her story bit by bit.

Miho who has finished telling her story completely sobbed in a low voice. Quiet jazz is played at the bar and it seems to be a scene of a movie only Kenichi’s desire is unrelated to it.

“And what are you going to do?”

“…I don’t know…”

She didn’t want to go home for now. Fortunately, her daughter went to a school excursion, so nobody is in the house for one week. At home in the dark room she isn´t able to wait for her husband who will come home from his affair.

And what kind of face shall she make when she met him

Miho is losing her place to return, so she swallowed her cocktail at a stride in utter amazement.

On the other hand, Kenichi felt it was time. His crotch becomes hard and hot since a little while ago and wants to taste this appetizing married woman in front of him as soon as possible. The black wave overflows from his whole body and is breathed in by the ripe body of the married woman next to him.

When they slowly match their eyes, he feels power like magnetism that binds Miho’s mind and body discharging. In response a pale light appears a bit out of her body and the married woman saw his red eyes that catch the sunlight.

(It came out!)

Her face looks sad in total for a lovesick married woman, while Kenichi comes to dance for joy in his mind and licks his lips. This good-looking married woman is already his thing with this.

A wicked red tentacle attacks the married woman who is sinking into the disappointed bottom without mercy.

That’s the “overwhelming power” of the Inma. Human’s desire and wishes are powerless ahead of this power.

From the face of Miho who was looking at Kenichi with a struck dumb expression, vitality slowly comes back and her cheeks have begun to gradually blush. Something comes out of Miho´s white body and it was a dramatic change even with this dim illumination.

(Aaa, why…)

Miho was puzzled over the change happening to her body. She feels lust for the science teacher in front suddenly and it is unbelievable that her body becomes hot from excitement.

“What happened? Oku-san”

While chuckling about the change of this married woman’s ripe body, Kenichi speaks with the face as if he doesn´t know it. This innocent and good-natured young teacher is exactly the ideal figure.

“Aa, Aa”

Miho is flustered from the desire which welled up rapidly inside her body and the sadness until now has been forgotten suddenly. Her erected nipples rub against her bra, while she begins to spin pleasure according to her heartbeat.

(Wh, why I…I feel it so much…)

While gradually raising a pant, Miho can´t stop that passion that blazes up increasingly. She rubs her plump thighs together and when she shakes her body, the smell of a female in estrus is being sprinkled gradually.

“Are you okay? You seem to feel sick…”

“…Ee…it´s okay…”

The man in front of her who is so gentle and is intolerably sexy asks and while she instinctively swallows hard, she stares at this young male body different from her husband. Unexpectedly there are shaving marks on his chest and beard and she feels this man even on her rustic finger put on the table.

Miho got married when she was 20 years old and became pregnant and gave birth at 23 years old, so she didn´t know another man than her own husband. In those days her husband loved Miho when they got married and tortured her splendid body every night. Therefore she was enough satisfied with her sex life then and wasn’t interested in other men at all.

But there are also almost no connubial ties with her husband for these several years and this young wife instilled joy and spent the days by suffering mental anguish. Whenever Miho sees and hears such scene in magazines and TV, about sex with another man, she has imagined it out of curiosity, when she masturbated regularly at such time and so she repressed her lust that almost swelled up.

However, the affair of her husband who she saw a while ago has made a small hole inside her heart. This hole opens from inside pressure steadily and spreads through her whole body now, so she can’t suppressed that dark desire which is welling up from the inside of her body.

“…I, I…I don’t want to go home…”

She mutters so alone and stares at Kenichi with a passionate look.

“But, your daughter… ”

“…My, my daughter is on a school excursion of her elementary school from today and she won´t be home for one week…”

From the scene of a drama, while thinking in this way that these were the lines of a married woman with another man, she yields to her lust and speaks to Kenichi with a sigh mixed with her desire.

(Aaa, he is evil. he cheated me and has an affair…,).

She doesn’t know the lover of her husband who will enjoy it now, while Miho waves her neck sorrowfully as if she gives something up.

“Until the return of my husband who will smell after his affair, I don´t want to wait in the house where nobody is”

Miho stares at Kenichi with hot eyes. This is the first time not to mention on her own that she is inviting a man and the heart of Miho beats very fast and she feels sorry for her red hot face.

Kenichi calls a waiter silently and whispered something into his ear. What the boy brought after a few minutes was a card key for this hotel.

“Then, let’s go to a quieter place”

“…Y, Yes…”

When Kenichi stands up, he looked sorrowful for an instant and Miho also stands up. Kenichi goes to the elevator hall, while Miho follows silently a little separately. Even when she goes to the room with the elevator, the married woman only looked down in silence.

The room which they entered was double bed room. From the open curtain, the lights of Tokyo enter and this pale light illuminates the room.

When Kenichi holds Miho’s shoulder slowly, she shook her body for an instant, but Miho relaxed immediately. This beautiful young wife that he already virtually obtained lets his crotch erect in the underwear.


Kenichi sticks fast to her small lips and inserts his bold tongue, before he smells the sweet cocktail from the mouth of this married woman. She let his tongue act run violently in her sweet mouth to his heart’s content, at the same time Miho frowns tight only with that and leaks a sigh that became unbearable.

(Hehee…her sensitivity is good, besides she might be a M…)

Whenever Miho is infringed with his tongue intensely, she feels the thrilling joy of an M, which Kenichi notices with his super sense long ago. It is the reaction of a typical masochist.

(Besides what will I do with this body that has finished ripening! I can´t bear it…)

Miho’s body felt in the arm is soft so that it may melt, although there are no bones, wherever her body is pushed, there is an outstanding elasticity sense. In case of Junko she is like an Angus cow, when you bite inside meat juices overflows and Miho is like a fat rich marbled Matsuzaka beef. (TL note: )

Although Kenichi and Miho embrace each other while standing, his penis which over swells completely is ground into married woman’s pubic region.


Miho moves her waist too and advances and rubs the inside of her tight skirt on her own, while spitting out breath that comes out from the lips which are put together. Her greedy lust breaks down her virtuous mask now and reveals the original greed that Miho has.


With the tongues and lips firmly matched, the moan of Miho is increased. Only with that, she seemed to close lightly.

However, the greed of this 35-year-old woman without a thing that is simply, blazes at an increasing tempo. When Kenichi leads Miho’s hand to his thing quietly, she began to touch its hardness with her timid hand.

(Noooo…it, it is quite big!)

Exchanging deep kisses with closed eyes in a dark room, Miho is surprised at the hugeness of the sexual organ from the science teacher throbbing hot inside her hand and she touches it with interest.

She isn´t pleasing a man, but she is making sure of its size, length and hardness by herself.

(Gr, great! All of this is real! It is big and fat…in addition, it is incredibly hard…)

The foreign-made pornography video her husband has borrowed before was seen together and it may be equal to the black huge penis which came out there. When she thought so, Miho felt surprise and fear inside her heart.

However, the white and beautiful woman in the video, after stuffing her mouth with it joyfully, she received it in her vagina which had finished getting wet.

(I want to be done so much too…)

When the white and beautiful woman is stabbed with the black huge penis in the video, she kept being in agony madly on the screen and finally, she fainted while raising a scream. Miho is excited while seeing it so that her panty get soaking wet and she remember that she clung to her husband on her own.

“Aaa, great…with this, mess me up….I want you to let me forget everything…”

When the virtuous married woman says so with hot sigh, she pesters a man who is not her husband to have sex with her on her own. She catches the swelling from his pants and rubs it on top of the clothes impatiently, while snorting frequently.

Kenichi laughs thinly inside the darkness and took off the belt of his pants and let the married woman do what she would like.


When Miho gets away from the arm smoothly, she crouches down before Kenichi and helps him to undo his pants willingly. When she take off his pants from his legs a grand meat sword appeared from the inside.

“Hiiiiii…gr, great…”

In pale light, Kenichi´s dick stands in a manly way in front of her warps to his navel like a totally youngster.

“It, it is enormous…”

Miho swallows her saliva hard, before she stretches out her hand timidly and grasps his thing.

“A, its hot….and it’s so hard, that it isn’t believed….”

When she rubs it slowly, the huge and hot lump of meat grows in her hand even more and the stimulation made from Miho’s palm seems to be flowing directly between her thighs. Her petal under her panty finishes opening so that she is embarrassed and spits out thick body fluid. From the sex smell of a male that she is smelling after a long absence, her female body has finished ripening first than her head reacts sensitively and the preparations for mating advance steadily.

“Is, is it okay that I suck it…”

While looking at Kenichi by an upturned look, the colors of the eyes of this virtuous married woman are dyed pink and she puts her lips to his weapon which is huger and stouter than her husband.

(Aaa…wonderful smell…. It’s intolerable…)

From the sweet smell of this young male, the married woman smiles with rapture and takes out her long tongue and begins to lick his thing.

“Aaa, great…hard…and strong…”

So that somewhere may be sung, Miho experiences this tall and stout gun eagerly. While adding power to her tongue, she spits out saliva and applies it to the root. The dark mole on her eye is sexy, when she got drunk.

(Surprisingly it was quick…)

Miho becomes obedient quickly and seeing Miho´s figure doing fellatio eagerly was a bit disappointing for Kenichi.

She didn´t had sex for a long time, therefore this married woman that looked at the affair of her husband and became mentally unstable and get a fragile heart can´t oppose the power of the Incubus. Still this broken state is disappointing, if it was Kenichi several months ago, he likely hasn´t been able to imagine it.

(After all, she is such a woman…)

A pure and innocent high school student, an intellectual university student and also a virgin’s female teacher, when he held them and gave them pleasure, they all became captives of pleasure and can´t think about another man than Kenichi.

(A woman is weak against a strong male)

What was his current life? He was disrespected and mocked by women, but he still made the effort in order to be liked by women desperately in the past.

Kenichi feels greed for ferocious destruction welling up like black clouds inside his body.

(It’s done unreasonably….)

He makes an ordinary housewife his sex slave ruins a happy family.

Miho doesn’t know that she will be his sexual slave and that he will show that her ripe body will be completely devoured. Then, when he thinks of what kind of face Usami will make, Kenichi looks sincerely glad and his penis erects more.


Without noticing such a wicked expression, Miho smiles joyfully and brings her lips close to the tip slowly. She sips the liquid dripping from his dick and when she crawls her tongue over his thing, she lets her small lips finally swallowing the tip.

(Aaa… quite thick and hard!)

To the overwhelming diameter and volume, Miho thinks that her chin may come off and is expanding her lips, while swallowing hard. The inside of her cheeks is rubbed against his weapon and electricity runs through her body immediately and reaches her vagina although having just finished squeezing sharply.

(A, amazing…)

Using the technique taught by her husband fully, the beautiful married woman tightens the sexual organs of her new master with her lips and was devoted to the indecent service including her pink tongue.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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