Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 55

Vice-principal?s beautiful wife

Chapter 55: Vice-principal´s beautiful wife

After that, one week passed.

Meanwhile, Kenichi has sex with Junko Natsuki and the others at school and in Junko’s apartment at the day off. He spends his time with his six slaves and dissolute his lust.

Because she is busy with work, he can´t meet Rena from that, but they are going to meet at the next day off. The popular gravure idol who became a captive of pleasure that is given from Kenichi seemed to have separated with her boyfriend. After many mails are being sent every day and telling how much he loves her.

Whenever a beautiful woman is poured by Kenichi´s body fluid, she indulges in devastating pleasure that increases with sex. She will become a captive of Kenichi and she came to open her body anywhere and anytime when he calls her to come.

Between Kenichi´s crotch who sits on his desk in the science preparation room now, Junko Yoshikawa covered it with her elegant lips. It’s now during fourth period and before lunch break, because there are no classes for Junko and Kenichi at this hour, they agreed in advance that they are meeting secretly inside this room where Kenichi has waited.


Making her lips attached with lipstick shine by saliva, from the huge penis that this english teacher was completely familiar with and performs a hot fellatio with persistence as she becomes amazed from it. She rushes wildly around Kenichi´s dick that released semen inside her womb last night and let her release love juice countless times, before she screams.

(Aaa…it’s also very sturdy today….Kenichi…)

While looking up at the science teacher who rules over her with an entranced face Junko twines her tongue around his big and hard penis while tightening her lips. Slaver overflows from the edge of her lips and Junko doesn´t mind that her chin came to be fascinated by the surplus size either, but her obscene work is single-mindedly continued for Kenichi and her pleasure.

The inside of her mouth becomes sensitive every time this huge thing runs in and out and the pleasant sensation with which she becomes thrilled runs through her back. When Kenichi´s dick moved muddy liquid overflows from the tip and Junko seems happy by slurping and drinking it, while making her tongue crawl around the thing again.

“Be quiet, hide behind the desk…”

Kenichi says so suddenly and sits down on his chair again and stopped his hand which brushed the head of Junko. Doubting what it is, Junko is grasping his dick and keeps it intact quietly, while the door opened entirely without a knock.

“Ah, vice-principal, what went wrong?”

It was Junko´s ex-lover, vice-principal Usami who was standing there.

“Aa, a short while ago, in this room, I saw Yoshikawa-sensei entering inside here…no, its…in other words, did she have a business here…”

Junko is holding her breath under her desk, which reaches Kenichi too. However, his glance toward Junko says that it is all right and asks her to continue serving him.

After the vice-principal hide in the shadow on the fifth floor, seeing the run of events in this room, he became impatient with Junko who doesn’t appear after she entered this room, but Kenichi sensed beforehand that he is going to visit the room by his wave motion.

That´s also the reason.

Since she tasted sex with Kenichi, Junko declined all invitations of the vice-principal coldly. After her whole body was melting and has experienced sex with Kenichi, it is something like playing house including Usami.

However Usami was persistent.

It was Usami who couldn´t understand that he was left suddenly for the first time, but he understood that Junko seemed to have a new man somehow. Recently when he looked at Junko who became sexy and pretty suddenly, he found out that Junko fell in love with another man.

From a co-worker or a student, whenever he heard a rumor that Yoshikawa-sensei is in love, he felt jealousy and hatred which lets his blood flowed backward against the unknown man.

However, without the vice-principal who was a confident person being able to get over it, he is inviting Junko persistently. The vice-principal became a splendid captive of Junko´s body and he can´t forget her sweet meat.

In that way Usami does the imitation of a stalker today and observes Junko´s actions, so he witnessed her disappearing inside the science preparation room.

(Impossible, is it Midou-sensei?)

Although it was dubious, her appearance was quietly seen from the shadow. But even when 5 or 10 minutes passed, there was sign that she comes out.

(After all, it is this fellow! Of all things…it’s that fellow!)

When Usami thinks so, he starts to feel extreme anger and is burning with hatred for this 32-year-old science teacher. Originally Usami and Kenichi don´t get along well with each other, you could say they hate each other, because there was the case in the tennis club, it still continues.

(However, such a gloomy and melancholy guy, did Junko really fell in love with him?)

Junko Yoshikawa who he knows, her status is equally to him, so she should like a man with social status. And he doesn´t think that she loves such a worthless science teacher.

In that way even if he gradually waits, Junko doesn´t come out of the science preparation room at all. Therefore Usami became impatient and went inside this room directly.

“Aaa, Yoshikawa-sensei…she, she came and gave this contact board, although she left immediately”

While letting Junko holding his dick inside her mouth under the desk, Kenichi tells Usami a lie calmly. Kenichi’s attitude is too calm, but Junko regains room and is enjoying the conversation of these two, that’s why she puts her tongue on the prosperous meat stick with a smile.


『That can´t be true』Usami starts to say it but is blocked with a jerk. He saw the state of this room from the shadow all the time, but he can´t say it.

“Already, didn´t she return to the faculty’s office?”

Violating Junko’s beautiful lips with his bold penis, Kenichi answers without any scruple. In the manner of a younger teacher who remained quite calm, Usami can’t suppress himself becoming frenzied without reasons.

“N, No, she wasn´t in the staff room! Besides, I surely saw her entering inside here a while ago!”

“…Even if you say so, as you can see there is nobody here…”

While letting his face become red-hot in excitement from the manner of Kenichi who remained quite calm, although Usami feels that even he is confused, he couldn´t stop abusing the science teacher.

“I always thought, aren’t you strange? Not being at the staff room, but always staying inside the science preparation room (such a place) alone. Your sense of cooperation may not be enough for a teacher?”


“The passion for teaching isn´t felt by you and if it is such a thing, it isn´t good for this school! Young ladies of the upper class gather here, because this is a noble school which has tradition!”


Fret about Kenichi remaining silent, the abuse of the vice-principal becomes intenser. The smolder that he always saved up for Kenichi blew up at a stretch. Even Usami who is talking, any further though it isn´t thought it is usual, he can’t stop.

“What! Your attitude! Generally you are impertinent! In spite of a third-rate university, you entered this school through connection, because your relative is the managing director! Your results are also useless and you are a failure of a teacher! Both students and parents are afraid of you and are saying it is unpleasant, didn´t you know that!”


“A teacher like you shall leave on your own quickly!”

As if he was gained something now, Usami looked downright and raved.

“Aaa, it is like that! It is an eyesore, when there is a good-for-nothing like you! If you aren´t going to leave, I’ll drive you out of this school by full strength!!”

“…There won´t be such a thing…“

Usami who is objected is enraged more and more.

“I do it! Aaa, I will do it! By my power, I will make sure you will be removed from this school!”

Finally, while glaring at Kenichi with burning eyes full of hatred, the vice-principal closed the door intensely and left. Silence continued for a while, until Junko who seemed worried stood up and stroked his hair gently.

“…I wonder, what happened with the vice-principal…”

“Mostly, because I stole you his lover, he got mad“

When he draws Junko´s waist which is wrapped in a pink two-piece suit close today, he buries his face in her chest heaping up her blouse. While Junko hugs the head of Kenichi tightly, she can´t hide her uneasiness.

“But he said that he will drive Kenichi out, that person…”

“Huhuu, Junko what would you do if it happens?”

While breathing in the body odor of this sweet female teacher, Kenichi shoves his nose in the joint of her blouse and licks the skin which sweated slightly in no time.

“Ah, I hate it absolutely! If…if Kenichi disappears, I will leave this school, too…”

Groping the hips of Junko who appeals desperately, Kenichi realized that it is finally time.

“Then, will you cooperate a little?”

“Eee, cooperate?”

“So, so that I don´t drop out of this school…”

“Aah…what will you do…for Kenichi, I do anything…”

Taking Junko´s lips, Kenichi grins and puts his hand inside her short skirt. After that place becomes completely soaked, he put his finger inside and Junko seems happy and snorts. Kenichi´s finger goes into mischief with Junko´s secret flower, which is the trap which captured the vice-principal.

Three days later.

When she finishes the preparations for dinner, Miho Usami took her telephone.

“Hello, here is Ms. Usami”

A wedding ring shines on her hand holding the phone and this hand which is beautifully maintained is slim and beautiful. Her lips which she put against the receiver of the telephone are plump and ripe for a married woman.

“Hello is there the wife of the vice-principal. Don’t talk and listen only once. Your husband is cheating on you with the english teacher from his school”

“E? Ee?”

“If you think that´s a lie, hurry to Kasumicho, wait a moment in front of the love hotel『Ocean blue』. Because your husband appears there at about 7:00pm…”

“Ee? Ee? Just a minute… ”

When Miho asked it in a hurry, the call has been already cut one-sidedly.

(He cheated…)

(After all!? But who was on the telephone?)

(Kasumicho….『Ocean blue』…)

The words that she heard a while ago spin around in her head.

(That person was called a while ago, he works overtime today…and it takes until 11:00…)

There was a phone call from her husband before the strange telephone call and he told that he need to work longer and it will became late. Because of the phone call from a little while ago, black doubt grows big in Miho´s heart suddenly.

Certainly during this year, her husband’s appearance was amusing.

Overtime work increases than before and it is all right if it is so, but he was occasionally ingrained with the perfume of a woman when he came home. Usami deceived her by telling it was attached on the train, but would there be a case that the same smell is put on him each time.

She intended to question him about the truth, but Miho wasn´t able to do it. There was a part of her which wanted to believe in her husband and she didn’t want to break the life of of her, her husband and her daughter above all. Her daughter becomes 12 years old this year and she tried to believe that it will went well as long as she kept enduring it.

(However, after all…)

But, Miho decided it. She doesn’t know who was the caller, but she insists on her intuition of a woman and that it isn´t a groundless false rumor. Miho removes her pink apron, applies new makeup and changes into street clothes, before she went out to the night town in a taxi.

At the love hotel street of Kasumicho in the morning, her aim was the『Ocean blue』and she understood directly. Although Miho feels embarrassed from the curious eyes of the couple who comes and goes, because she hid behind a telephone pole and stared at the entrance. The time is 6:55 and if that telephone call is true, her husband should come soon.

(He came!)

Holding the shoulder of a young woman in a black suit, her husband walks towards this place. Although the woman turns down her face and doesn’t understand well, her husband is wearing the same suit as sending him off this morning and without noticing Miho, because he is in high spirit for some reasons, he walks to the entrance of the love hotel. It was her marvelous husband who showed recuperative power, but he dragged his foot which put on a cast.

While her husband laughs with a smile and whispers to the woman frequently, Miho doesn´t know whether what kind of face this woman makes while turning down her face.

(Aaa, after all…)

Miho didn’t want to believe it, but the fact is in front of her. Miho remained standing in utter amazement while staring at her husband who just disappeared with the woman through the entrance of the hotel.

After that, she doesn’t know how she walked, when she notices, that she is in the shopping district and that someone is calling her name.

“I’m sorry, are you the wife of the vice-principal? What happened, in such a place at such time”

When she put up her face while being stunned, there was a man which she hasn´t seen to have been there. He has an uncharacteristic face and mysterious colored eyes.

“Do you remember me? I am under care of Usami-sensei at Ellis all girls high school, I’m Midou-san the science teacher”

“Mi, Midou-san?”

“Yes, I have come to your home once”

“Aa…was it so? I’m sorry…I am in a hurry a little”

She get to know this man in an unexpected place, so she tries to run away in a hurry. At this time she hit a passerby and Miho falls backwards on the spot.

“Are you okay? Oku-san“

“Uu, Uuu…”

While sitting down on the road and without being able to stand up, she has burst into tears on the spot.

“O, Oku-san! Wh, what happened? … Anyway, stand up and let’s go to a quiet place”

Her body is hid from the passerby who looks down with a face that seems to be suspicious, while Miho lets Kenichi lifts her body up to stand first of all. The body of this married woman who has finished being ripe is soft and Kenichi wrestles with his desire that he wants to strongly hug her desperately.

While he grins in darkness, he felt that the beast inside his body wriggled its fangs around this beautiful married woman.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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