Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 53

My elder sister is having her period

“Huhuhuu…indeed you are really working hard…”

“Aaaa…, already, already forgive it…”

After wandering endlessly in heaven so that it is thought whether she follows, the death tired Junko finally crawls and groans as if she gave birth.

The woman’s body which was drenched with sweat from head to foot spread a lewd and stuffy smell of a mature woman. Sweat is running down from panting face and it is sexy that her hair sticks to the frame.

“By the way, next is your turn…Rena”


Her younger sister and the female teacher are violated through continuously, Kenichi blamed them until they became dead tired, while he remain calm and let his meat sword covered with muddy love juice tower between his crotch.

It is nothing new to say that Rena realizes that she is going to become the captive of this terrible man, so she was frightened by instinctive fear. On the other hand, her body becomes hot and she wants to insert his gun as soon as possible inside her womb.

The aura on her whole body where countless tentacles climbed all over is dark pink and it indicates a perfect estrus state. Kenichi who confirmed it with his red eyes lifts the edges on his mouth and grins.

“I’ll help you to take off your panty…”

“That´s unpleasant!”

She remembers that she forgot that it was terrible until just now and the beautiful gravure idol screams. Rena is feeling embarrassed that her peculiar body is known to a man, while she screams and moves backward. Because today is her special day.

“Kukukuu, are you ashamed, because of your menstruation?”

“Aaa! Th, that is…”

Rena is surprised of this guessed fact, before Kenichi attacks her like a black beast.

“Hiiiii! Noooo!!”

Kenichi confines the resistance of the female university student who is fighting with bit strength easily and then he puts his hand on her hot pants and tears it off by force. Although the cloth that wraps around her developing hips isn´t taken off easily, it also gives Kenichi the feeling to violate this woman today at such a time and the thrilled excitement is increased.

“Huhuu, are these menstruation panties…”

“No! Don’t look at it!”

She wore it and it was a deep beige panty that has emerged from the inside. Between her swollen crotch was a sanitary napkin. However, without the honey liquid which overflowed being absorbed with such small cotton, the bottom of her black panty is wet.

“What, you are already so wet”


Although Kenichi had already understood it from his super-sense, he confirms the state of the beautiful woman who became a legend after some time after her graduation from Ellis all girls high school and his desire swells up further.

Anyway, her sprightly limbs that decorate the gravure of a magazine are seen and let Kenichi imagined that he violated her youthful body many times when he masturbated and a gloomy greed surges. The beautiful woman who was the yearning of many people is wet between her crotch, because she is hungry to have sex with Kenichi. Without being excited, will it be like this.

While treating Rena who dislikes it readily, Kenichi opens her slim white legs and put them on his shoulder and before him was the crotch of Rena who swelled out from the inside strangely. The moment Kenichi laughs thinly, he brings his nose close and thoroughly enjoys the smell between the crotch of the beautiful female university student.

“Kukuu, the smell is very strong…”

“Aaa…, No…”

As for Rena, her body is in agony while feeling embarrassed that her smelly body odor is smelled and her ears become bright red. Anyway she was worried about her body odor more than usual today on particularly many days.

“Does Rena always make it smell like this?”

“It, it is different…aaa, don’t say such a thing…”

“It’s fishy…I strongly smell the odor of a woman”

“…Stop it…please don’t say it…”

Kenichi describes the state of her body plainly and the 20-year-old female university student cries in sorrow while feeling embarrassed. Rena hides her crying face, but there is also no possibility by which Kenichi overlooks it with his joy of masochism and his super-sense.

The pretty idol that everybody would look back hides her abnormal lust. This fact makes Kenichi´s blood boil from excitement.

Furthermore, when he pushes his nose to her underwear, he puffs out of the nose to show it off to Rena and inhales a lot of her body odor. Rena´s face becomes deep red for embarrassment and she can´t take her eyes off from Kenichi.

“Huhuu, then, I shall make sure what kind of taste it is this time”

“Noo! Please stop it!!”

However, on the contrary to her words Rena completely doesn´t resist and she opens her legs while feeling a thrilled excitement. The evidence is that her eyes are dyed pink and like a film appeared, her eyes are sleepy.

When Kenichi stretches out his bold tongue, he places inside the gap of her panty.

“Aaa! Hiiii!”

The surprisingly long tongue just creeps in from the gap of her underwear which stuck tightly and get between the napkin and her secret garden. From the touch of the slimy tongue shrinks her vagina hole tightly only with that and Rena releases new body fluid from the inside.

The long tongue of Kenichi is wriggling slowly.

“Nooo…not good…”

Being licked between her crotch while wearing underwear, Rena faints from the shame and she still makes her whole body wind and being in agony. The tiptoe of her leg which grew neatly warps as if there was a thing to look at, it might know the depth of pleasure.

“Huhuu, it’s thick and muddy. In addition, it tastes of blood”

“Hiiiiiii!!! Nooo!”

As soon as these words were heard, the female student let her vagina shrink and she reached the height from feeling embarrassed, so that her whole body becomes hot. This young female university student seems to be very sensitive to vulgar words and act.

Although she makes the figure that is coveted by acme and has been hot between the thighs even if she feels shy, the bottom of her panty is turned inside out and exposes the secret part of the beautiful woman to fresh air.

“Hiiiiii! Don’t look at it! Don’t look at it!”

At the same time as her secret part is looked into, the napkin which had no one seen so far is dark from the blood and is exposed to the lights of the fluorescent lamp and she twists her waist while excessive feeling embarrassed and acting violently. However, Rena is firmly suppressed by Kenichi´s strength, and her resistance doesn´t have an effect at all either.

“Huhuu, a lot is spitted out by you…”


Even if words of teasing are used already, even the dirt of her shameful menstruation is seen and she wants to die, Rena is exhausted and can´t argue. A large quantity of viscous liquid is stuck on the dark red and dirty napkin, which tells the depth of Rena’s desire.

Kenichi licks his lips, while being exhausted. He buries his face against her congested petal without the resistance from Rena and thoroughly enjoyed the good flavor between the crotch of the beautiful woman to his heart’s content.

“Aaa…so much…in a place like that…Nooo…”

She is turned around to her back on the carpet of the living room and the 20-year-old pretty female university student who is a resident is sucked between her crotch by a man and gives a sweet voice. Her white hot pants are caught on the tip of the leg ridden on the shoulder of the man and the beige sanitary short is put aside between her crotch and the middle-aged man sticks there greedily.

“Huhuu, it is smelly and tastes like blood…”

“Nooo…already, don’t say it already…”

Rena who writhes in embarrassment is ignored and after his bold tongue is used freely, he infringes upon the vagina hole which became sensitive from the menstruation and let the young and beautiful woman still being in agony thoroughly. The hand of the beautiful woman cuts into the carpet and is grasped until it becomes pure white.

“There, isn´t good! This place is shameful!”

Without Kenichi minding the weak protest of Rena, his tongue is extended even to the anus that lovely became narrower and is attached with saliva.

“Hiiii! Again, again!”

Every time when the middle-aged man sticks to Rena, new body fluid is squeezed from the later and let her sweaty white body be in agony windingly. The muscles of her thighs become stiff shudderingly and her back is warped and leans back in an arch.

The voice of pleasure is given as thought and the science teacher is absorbed in enjoying himself to satisfy his greed for conquest.

At the time when the abnormal science teacher stopped his persistent mouth work and separated his mouth, all the willpower to fight against has been absorbed and Rena droops. With her legs already been opened, her willpower seems to be gone too.

Kenichi wipes his face which became sticky with the hot pants entangled on Rena’s leg and sit down on the sofa, before quenching his throat with the canned beer which became lukewarm. Natsuki and Junko snuggle up from both sides immediately and draw close indulgently and put up a nasal voice.

“Aah, that was awesome… ”

“No, I’m still feeling dizzy…”

The head is dazed as if she is made to drink an intense drug and the reverberations from the height have been extending to the body from the tiptoe to the head. Who can act against such pleasure?

“Ah, can I suck it…”

Junko stretches out her tongue without waiting for the answer when she says so and put the prosperously towering penis inside her mouth. Natsuki is rubbing her pretty lips from the other side and is covering with new saliva, too.


Rena who finally raised her body slowly approaches Kenichi on all fours as having been possessed and she loses herself in the depths of a pleasure and looks up at the ringleader. After she looks stealthily at his red eyes, Rena realized that she has become the captive of this man again.

“Come on, the last finish. Come over and sit astride”

“Y, yes…”

The young female stands up with a nod and opens her legs from her own and sits astride on Kenichi´s knee. Next she grasps the meat stick which became sticky with saliva and applies it to her open vagina hole from the side of her underwear.

“By the way, the gravure idol is having her period, so do I assume that I receive your pussy…”

“Aaa, I´m ashamed…”

When the pretty female university student fits the huge dick against her secret garden even to the contrary of her words, she slowly moves downwards.

“Aaa..big… it will tear me apart…”

Although it is narrow at first and it didn´t advance easily, but when her resistance disappears and the dick finished entering completely, the vagina hole of the 20 years old girl which has finished getting wet is being broken through and torn apart forcibly.

“Aaaa…it is big! It’s going to break!”

The vagina is expanded until now so as not to have been experienced before, because Rena swallowed Kenichi´s huge gun inside her vagina while being frightened by fear. The vagina wall which became sensitive from menstruation is rubbed against it cruelly, while she groans from the spark appearing from her eyes, she is trilled from pleasure. She conceals her beautiful face and the descent of the dark masochist flows to Rena’s interior of the body bloomed.

“Uuhh! Aaa! Cuuuuuumiing! Hiiiiiii!!!”

When it rose up to the vagina bottom and bawl at the womb mouth which swelled up, she reached the first ecstasy immediately. It is stronger than every kind of pleasure that she has tasted so far, so that Rena feared instinctively that she might become crazy from it.

The rubber like muscle squeezes the invader in the interior of her womb and the sphincter of the entrance shrinks so that a bruise is made at the root.

“Ouuu, it is tight”

Kenichi is satisfied with the delicious dish of the university woman’s sprightly ark shell and vomits a drunken breath while holding her hips. His face is almost driveling from the delicious dish he caught.

“Aah Onee-chan, is hers really so good?”

“Not good, is it better than mine? Hey, Kenichi…”

After the expression of Kenichi who seems satisfied and tastes Rena´s vagina is seen, Natsuki and Junko seem worried and ask. From the appearance of their new rival d companion, they seem to be upset at the same time.

“Her clamping is great and unbearable…. Don´t be careless and work hard to please me”

“Aah, I will exert myself…”

“Even I, for Kenichi, I’ll do a more comfortable thing…”

When they speak of the oath of their crooked love, Junko and Natsuki associate with Kenichi´s body by riding on it on the sofa and they lick it clean as if it is unbearably dear to them.

“Aaaa!! Iiii! Cum! No not again!”

While turning her waist slowly and tightening Kenichi´s penis with her young vagina wall steadily, even if Kenichi does nothing, Rena produces pleasure without permission, before reaching orgasm steadily. Rubbing her clitoris which erected against the hard object, she reached it successfully by putting the tip inside her uterus and squeezing it tightly. Her thick and vicious love juice is poured on the tip of the gun gently and is changing into a white serious soup from her erotic frictions.

Letting her pure white buttocks wave windingly, the figure which sits astride on Kenichi is wearing a tank top on her upper body and it is so indecent that a fan falling in love with Rena so badly sees her ejaculate from that alone.

Although Kenichi let two beauties wait, Rena’s tank top is rolled up and the lemon yellow bra which is revealed is grabbed. Although her E cup chest is voluptuous, it defies gravity and sticks out to the front and with her white breasts which falls out when he pulls down her bra, her salmon pink nipples with a light pigment appeared.

“Aaa, like that! Not good!”

The naked body on the knee has convulsions shudderingly when Kenichi bites her nipple lightly and it gives the whole meat pole a sweet clamping. After the clamping is twisted down by force, his dick rubs against the inner wall which became sensitive from the menstruation and Rena bends her white throat and screams.

“Hiaaaaaaa! Iguuuuuuu!!”

It is the first time in her life that she tasted this violent pleasure and the 20-year-old female university student fell easily as victim to it. She bends her slim and white limbs and has convulsions on the waist of the man fearfully.

“Hey, I´ll take it out to the inside”

“Hiiii! Iiiiiii! Guuuuuuuaaaaaa!”

Kenichi acquires the angle and put his dick on the grains of the ceiling and Rena has fainted in agony while slobbering from the edge of her mouth. Tasting the good flavor of the secret garden of the female university student who is having convulsions fearfully, Kenichi drives the second ejaculation inside Rena´s womb too. The good-looking lady becomes Kenichi´s captive with this and it might be the last ceremony.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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