Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 52



After having swallowed all the body fluid which was spitted out, while licking the love liquid which still oozes out thinly, the striking beauty is absent-mindedly settling his ejaculation. From her action, she can realize that it is unbearable that Kenichi´s huge penis which she had in her hand is endearing vividly.

(No, still so much…aa…it is unbearable…)

Although she spitted out body fluid at once from her mouth, as for Rena which use her hand fearfully, there is no state to decline at all.


Raising a weak voice incessantly, Rena shines around her mouth and rubs her tongue persistently so that Kenichi is amazed. When he sees such a figure from Rena, what will her tens of thousands male fans from the whole country who were falling in love with her so badly say.

“No, she has drunk everything…I´m after my older sister…”

While complaining to her older sister who monopolized heavy viscous liquid, Natsuki´s face looks slightly glad to get a new companion.

“Uuh, please give it to Junko this time…Kenichi’s hot thing…”

Shaking her white plump body, the pretty english teacher puts her huge breasts which are pushing up her thin blouse on Kenichi´s face. From the thick female perfume, black desire swells up again in Kenichi’s body.

“Rena, bring me a beer”

When Kenichi who felt thirsty says so, Rena who gives a obedient answer stands up while keep changing her mind and goes to the kitchen from where she brings several beer cans. Meanwhile Junko and Natsuki hold the dick in their mouths and performed a thick double fellatio again. After Rena hands beer to Kenichi, she participates in the erotic service from the front again.

Kenichi experiences three skillfully tongues and is patting the heads of the three females at the same time, while drinking the beer handed over to him in an instant. The moment the second cane is opened and held on his mouth, he gives mouth to mouth transfer alternately to the three women. After she finished drinking the third Natsuki, who isn’t usually used to drinking completely dyed the border of her eyes red.

“Natsuki, get down on all fours here”


Natsuki gets down on all fours on the carpet while being slightly happy and excited, before her hips which are assumed to be clean and plump doesn’t weather yet are turned to Kenichi and raised up. Her legs are opened a little and show off between the thighs of bloomers, next she looks back and is about to say something.

“Aaa…sensei´s eyes are indecent…”

Although Natsuki tastes her lips with her tongue, she is shaking her waist slowly as if to invite him. Seeing her figure Kenichi doesn´t think that she is a high school student and his dick which is attached to the lips of Junko and Rena pulsates.

The hips that are shaking in front of him in a seductive way are wrapped in dark blue bloomers. Since they are raised to the limit, a dark blue crotch gets into his sight directly.

“Put it in quickly… I can´t endure it anymore…”

Natsuki asks for sex aggressively from herself and is inviting him with a sweet voice. Because she was teased the whole evening, that’s why it is reasonable. The center of the black bloomers which stuck between her legs is getting wet and it’s an intolerably vulgar view for a middle aged pervert like Kenichi.

The high school student dressed in bloomers which got down on all fours is stared at by the science teacher´s hot glance.

(Not good…huhuhuu, Kenichi, is my favorite…)

After his state is confirmed by an upward glance, Junko laughs teasingly while licking the inguinal part. Had she known that such a pervert worked as a teacher, what will the parents say who have entrusted their daughters to us.

Kenichi goes down from the sofa slowly and buries his face in the center of bloomers while licking his lips. His whole face is wrapped up in strong lewd smell of the beautiful girl that matures and his body is filled with animal desires.

“No, don´t smell it so much…”

His nose rubs against the secret part of the bloomers and the smell between her crotch is smelled directly, therefore Kenichi tastes an excitement feeling and Natsuki is feeling embarrassed. Her dear teacher who always do it in this way before having sex with her is a pervert enjoying the smell between the sweaty crotch of a beautiful girl.

Although Kenichi makes his red eyes lose, he grabs the shaking hips of Natsuki and removes her bloomers sideward, and exposes a congested sticky petal.

“No! It is embarrassing!”

Natsuki tries to twist her waist and to escape. The resistance of such a beautiful girl will also be only the spice into which Kenichi’s lust is fanned and Kenichi grabs at the part which has finished getting wet. He infringes upon the sexual organ of the beautiful high school girl with his ferocious tongue, while he sips and drinks the overflowing fresh body fluid.

“Hiiii! Iiyauuuu!”

Her clitoris is flipped by his tongue and from that alone the high school girl tastes an orgasm and new shameful muddily liquid is released. His long tongue that slips inside the honey pot sucks up everything that overflowed from that place. The crotch of the beautiful girl who got sweaty in her underwear the whole day is choked by a lewd smell and the floral nectar flowing out from there gently has high viscosity and its acidity is strong. The body fluid which the eminent beautiful girl discharges at school is licked thoroughly and sucked up.

For Kenichi´s hobby of raping girls it is the best love potion and stimulation.

When he thoroughly enjoyed Natsuki´s youthful petal with his tongue, his dick who is throbbing and pulsating tears up her young secret hole by a brutal waist thrust at a stretch.

“Ahiiiiii! Kuaaaaa!”

The embarrassing ache that her small vagina way which is torn up by force adds to the pleasure lets the 17-year-old high school girl rising up from the intense ecstasy at one push. Her brain is burnt from the long-awaited male organ´s single blow since the evening and her open pleasure nerves are excited inside her whole body at once, while she is wrapped in ecstasy with which even the tip of her toe is fascinated to the point of her head.

“Hiiiii! Cum! Cumming!”

Kenichi pushes up the depths of the uterus which is still developing without mercy and the animal cry that can´t be thought is raised by Natsuki who tastes an orgasm continuously. After her ring-like vagina hole is dropped, she goes into convulsions twitching even if sperm is absorbed. While thrusting it to the inside, Kenichi rubs her with the tip of his hard lump and she writhes while clawing the carpet with the long length of her hair. She is eaten from behind by a wolf while being alive and she was like a leveret.

“Ohoooooo!! Sokooooo!! There, kikuuuuuu!”

“Aaa…Na, Natsuki-chan…”

Seeing the terrible figure of her younger sister who she thought is still a child, Rena shows a complicated expression. Natsuki´s young vagina hole is almost split apart by the meat pillar which is like a telescope and with a feeling of pity to be too severe for her younger sister who didn´t reach her tender years yet, Rena´s head becomes hot by jealousy to the case that her younger sister tastes pleasure she doesn’t know herself clearly.

Kenichi draws Rena and Junko close to him with Natsuki in front and piercing her from behind, while all men who know Rena would like to do what Kenichi is doing now by inserting his ferocious tongue inside her lips.

While his penis screws deep into the 17-year-old crunchy vagina meat which has convulsions fearfully, he tastes the sweet mouth of Rena with his deep tongue to every corner. Rena hugs Kenichi´s head with the state that she was completely embarrassed and let the unreasonable tyrant do what he would like.

“Ah, how is the taste of a high school girl??”

While inserting her tongue in the ear of Kenichi, Junko Yoshikawa whispers so lewdly.

“Huhuu, my thing has been almost bitten off, after you tightened up, you are a precocious fellow…”

The dick which is swallowed inside her vagina is stirred up and Natsuki who is drenched with sweat squeezes the meat pillar tighter, while uttering a cry. The energy flowing continuously through his penis since a while ago, lets Kenichi realize the overflowing of vitality including an atomic energy coiling inside his body.

“Aah, its hateful…”

Kenichi who is calm and composed is seen while driving three beautiful women mad including the beautiful female teacher who licks Kenichi´s scruff clean while being enchanted. Kenichi snatches Rena´s lips away and inserts his sticky tongue inside, while the sound of a snort and a hot kiss can be heard.

While she gets wet a glance is given to the dark dick which shines, and she sees that it pierces into the female high school student´s small vagina hole from the gap of the dark blue bloomers. The secreting fluid which was stirred at the root becomes a white serious and sticky soup.

Kenichi lets two beautiful women serve him from right and left, while repeating a kiss in turn and with the thin waist of a high school girl stabbing in a rear-entry position in front of him, he begins to tease them in full scale.

“Hiiiiiiii! Aaaaa! Guuuuuuu!”

With her upper body wearing white gym cloth and her small hips wrapped up in dark blue bloomers undulate madly, Natsuki keeps screaming by the fierce stroke. Her head boils from the expansion sense when being rammed and when her uterus is thrust at the tip, her throat bends before a spark flew in front of her when the inner wall was rubbed from the huge thing when it is pulled out.

“Higuuuu! Aaaaa!”

Kenichi attacks Natsuki´s still developing G-spot that twists her waist and a great deal of body fluid is put out intentionally. Kenichi´s gun is squeezed to the very limit like a vise until Natsuki soon became tired.

At the time Kenichi pulls his huge weapon out from the vagina hole which still has convulsions twitchingly, Junko and Rena who were left and right from him get wet with viscous liquid and are clinging to his thing which shines without hesitating.

“Aaa…muhuuuh…although I’m still a child, but so much is spitted out…”

“Ah…it is still sturdy…amazing…”

In that way when the two small devils who are kneeing on the carpet taste and suck Kenichi´s dick, they have an enchanted look and put the dick inside their mouths in turns. They seem to be insisting that next is their turn.

From the thin blouse which Junko exposed to Kenichi´s eyes that looked down, her white valley is surrounded frequently by her black brassiere and peep out. Her huge breasts are overwhelming and disproportionate to her slim body, which attracts the eyes of men as well as Kenichi.

Junko stuffs her mouth with the penis while seeming to be sad and waving her hips which are wrapped in a black tight miniskirt, while her saliva drips from the edge of her red mouth and drops into the valley of her breasts. Holding the meat pillar inside her mouth with an attractive look from which she feels thrilled, Junko looks up to invite Kenichi.

Kenichi who became restless pulls his dick away from Junko´s lips which glitter from the lipstick and throws the female teacher down on the soft carpet and bend Junko over in a missionary position.

“Aaa…I’m happy…Kenichi…to have sex with you…”

Junko instantly divides and expands her sexy thighs because she can´t endure anymore before she moved her panty aside which became dripping wet. In that way while staring at Kenichi with rapture eyes from the bottom and covers her secret hole which became muddy by herself when grasping the huge weapon.

However Kenichi doesn’t try to put it in while giving a point.

“Huhuu, aren´t you soaking wet…Junko. Probably, you are dressed in such clothes inside the school or in the train and you would be excited to be seen by everyone…”

Anyway her enormous H cup breasts are wrapped in a black bra and are transparent through the thin blouse and her tight miniskirt sticks tightly to her hips, while a line of her bold designed panty stands out clearly. In addition her well-shaped and beautiful legs are wrapped in seam stockings and every time when the decoration of her thighs and the black garter belts moves, her legs peep out frequently. If it isn’t a girls’ school, Junko has a fascination-like appearance that can´t be put in words even if she is raped by students.

“After all… Kenichi remember if you get ready in the morning, I tried to do the appearance which was to your liking…or does Kenichi dislike woman of such an appearance?”

Junko provokes Kenichi by wriggling her body. Black underwear digs into the plump pale-complexion body of Junko and her appearance is deadly indecent.

“Kenichi…quickly…quickly eat me…”

The female teacher who is indecent turns her waist from the bottom while showing her eye shadows and stares at Kenichi thinly. Kenichi is satisfied with her figure and he places his meat sword inside her secret garden that has finished getting wet to irritate her slowly and it becomes crowded.

“Haaaaaa! Laarrggee! it is too large!”

From the feeling of the vagina hole which is extended by force so as to be unreasonable, the good-looking english teacher squeezes her throat and screams. Although she should have accepted it already many times, she feels pain and fear from the extraordinary destructive power no matter how often it is put inside.

The beautiful meat of a 27 years old woman is different from the crunchy and innocent vagina meat from a 17 years old girl and melts muddily, while squeezing the thing to the utmost softly as if wrapping integrity of steel. Kenichi´s weapon is rising here and there and it is unbearable to stimulate the tip by something like a tongue which did a rattling sound.

The exceptionally best sex organ squeezes a man´s sperm.

“Your body is horny….heh? Junko…”

“Aaa…it is embarrassing…”

The men who have associated up to now with her praised her pleasure organ which is pointed out at the moment highly. When they break into it, men reach the climax suddenly without an exception and spread cloudy liquid after a few minutes。Usami’s penis was the one that lasted a long time, but he still came after ten minutes.

However, Kenichi´s weapon inside her squeezes terrible screams and vaginal secretions from Junko now and still attacks her thoroughly without going off accidentally until it becomes dead tired. Everyone including Usami who ascend to heaven was disappointing for Junko when her receiving waist was used from the bottom, so she endured it desperately so far.

However, it isn´t necessary anymore to pile it up in that way, because when Kenichi is her partner, her waist is shaken to her heart’s content and her vagina is strangled.

“Ahiiiiii! Cuuumming!”

The science teacher rubs his thing against the inner wall of Junko´s honey pot and let Junko shake her waist while piercing it to the inside. That’s why her vagina wall wriggles and wraps around his gun and a great deal of love liquid is being put out intentionally. The combustor that boils over begins to overflow from the connecting part and is changing with friction into whitish viscous liquid.

“Huhuu, today violate me to the fullest…”

“…Aaa…I’m happy…to have sex with… Junko who I love really much…”

Tasting the finest clamping Kenichi declares his feelings to Junko while licking his lips. He strips off her ultrathin blouse and an erotic chest appeared so that a junior high school student seemed to have a nosebleed. Her white big breasts that almost break through her black lace bra shake up and down whenever they are pushed up.

“Hiiiiiii! Aguuuuuaaaa!”

When he rubs her big breasts while driving his huge penis inside her womb to the root and raises her legs, Junko cries in high soprano from the depths of pleasure. After Kenichi’s lower back moves only there freely like a different creature, he infringes with his dick every corner inside Junko´s womb. He licks her chest, her armpits and scruff which is attached with sweet sweat clean using his long tongue and chases the female teacher into the height continuously.

“Hoooooo…aaa…it’s intolerable…”

Sometimes a stroke is driven in an irregular way to the inside of her vagina often and therefore is the female teacher exposed to strong pleasure so that her whole body becomes muddy. The pleasure nerves on her whole body get revealed and whenever a finger or a tongue of the man crawl around them, her whole body trembles and the sphincter shrinks with frightening power.

Her vagina wall is squeezed to the fullest like an enemy and the huge intruder stays impudently and doesn´t move an inch. The only gift in return is that the hard lump opens the vagina hole fully and the vagina wall which congested and became sensitive is rubbed by it mercilessly.

“Hiiiiiii! Cuuummming!! Cuuummmiiinngg!!”

Seven colors of sparks splashes in front.

(Aaa…wonderful…it’s too amazing…)

The sense is too intense to call it pleasure. While Junko sheds tears from the corner of her eyes unconsciously, she was played with to one’s heart’s content by the sex devil.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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