Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 50

Beautiful sister

The life that wasn´t thought about just several months ago, it frightens him with the experience. Kenichi gradually adapted to the abnormal daily life.

The female senior high school students and the female teachers visit the science preparation room in turns at school and give him a thick and dirty meat service. Four beautiful students and two beautiful female teachers became his loyal sex slaves, and are going to delight Kenichi as if competing against each other.

When Kenichi´s nature turns, he takes them into the physical education warehouse or the ladies’ room and he has sex with them in their school uniform or their club attire. In the clubroom of a club where nobody is, while thoroughly enjoying young female sweat and the smell of secretion that fill the room, his recent enjoyment is that after club activities end, Kenichi rapes a sweaty beauty.

Kenichi spend all his time in the apartment of Junko Yoshikawa approximately every day at night and Junko who became like Kenichi’s lover who takes care completely of washing or cooking a meal, she does everything he says without complaining and with a devoted face. Of course she is perfect in bed like an experienced prostitute who delights her dear man with a heavy and lewd act too.

On the day off, Tomomi Honda who is the other teacher slave and the four high school girls also joins them, so they became a party that is more indecent and more intense. All 6 people have been also completely experienced in the licentious act performed by several people.


“Uuh… uhuu…aumu…”

Also tonight passing 7 o’clock in the dark room, while two beautiful beasts wiggle their bodies, they suck between the crotch of the science teacher absorbedly. With the sound of a woman’s sweet nasal voice and slurping, the science preparations room is full of heavy smell from females in heat.

The crotch of the man who is sitting down on the worn out sofa in this room becomes frothed up by the muddy saliva of a beautiful girl and a beautiful woman who put it out. Two pink tongues that dance around his penis which towers in the center twine all over it persistently without getting tired and plaster new saliva consistently.

(By the way, what should I do…)

While receiving the service of beautiful women, Midou Kenichi who is the center in this room thinks about something while his mind is fascinated by the pleasure. It is good to always taste the honey pots of those two in the same way here as it is, but today he feels like wanting to tease them calmly a little more slowly and more carefully.

“Aah, Sensei…already, will it be good already?”

“Hey, I can’t hold it anymore…I want to have sex with me…”

Seeing through Kenichi’s heart, both woman who continued their fellatio separate their mouths and ask for sex in a weak voice as not having been able to bear it. They cling on Kenichi from both sides and lick his scruff clean while chewing his earlobes indulgently. Although they do it so they stretch out one hand on his dick and rub it which is full with saliva from both sides, while showing Kenichi the depth of their greed.

“Here, shall I put it in, in this place?”

“Ah, if so, then come to my room…”

Junko whispers to Kenichi’s idea while fawning.

“That may be good…but, what is with Natsuki?”

“…I, it…it is impossible for me…it is already late…. Today, my mom and dad won’t be home, but my older sister will complain when I´m not home before 8:00…”

The beautiful girl with a troubled expression says so to Kenichi while muttering small.

“Well, then Natsuki will be next time?”

“No! I absolutely dislike it! Aah, this is absolutely unpleasant…”

Natsuki entreats desperately while showing her face that is about to cry. When she throws out such a half-finished state, she may be out of order.

Kenichi considered it for a while and Natsuki tells Kenichi when she looked up that she has made up her mind.

“So! Sensei…come to my house”

“But your older sister will be at home or not?”

“Therefore, how about we conquer my sister together?”

When saying it so once, as if it is a splendid idea she is excited alone from saying it many times.

“Yes! If I´m together with my elder sister it is all right to do it any time. Yes, it is good! We will do that!”

Seeing Natsuki in high spirits alone, Kenichi exchanges looks with Junko. A teacher walking into the house of a student when there are no parents, it is the act that was eccentric if he thinks commonly.

However, Junko muttered alone after she thought for a while.

“Perhaps Kurosawa’s elder sister, is Rena Kurosawa?”

“Yes, that’s the name of my sister”

Rena Kurosawa. The word is heard and Kenichi´s heart rate jumps up at a dash.

She is a former student who graduated from Ellis all girls’ high school 2 years ago and her beauty was known by all high schools in the neighborhood. She received eager invitations from several entertainment productions after graduation, because she won in a gravure contest of a magazine about 1 year ago and she just made her debut, Rena is a beautiful girl who became a legend at Ellis all girls high school already.

Although Kenichi hasn´t met her directly, Rena’s beauty and body judged by the gravure of a magazine are remembered.

Her proportion is also slim, her important points are developed moderately and when Natsuki was an idol type beauty, then Rena was an orthodox beauty.

(So! Rena and Natsuki are sisters!)

Because features aren´t similar very much, even if the surname was the same, Rena and Natsuki weren´t connected by mind until now.

Kenichi’s mind has decided at the moment. He can meet the beautiful woman who he didn´t meet yet only saw gravure of her unexpected shape. There is “power” he got from the contract with the Incubus and with that he will make Rena also his own. He gets excited by the excitement when thinking about it.

“My goodness, Kenichi became really determined”

“Aah…his mind is full of eating my elder sister…”

Junko and Natsuki who also notice the increasing of his penis power giggle. Kenichi grinned in the dusky science preparation room while holding both girls in his arms.

While facing the house of Natsuki with the taxi, the beautiful teacher and the female high school student lean from Kenichi’s either side which sat down on the back seat. Of course because he completely grasps the situation of the circumference with the black wave, there is no worry from which the emergency is seen to take the taxi together with someone else.

During the movement Junko and Natsuki bite into the scruff of Kenichi from both sides while agonizing themselves painfully and grope Kenichi´s body with both hands. Kenichi is also using both his hands to draw the beauties close with Junko´s fully breasts in his hand, he enjoys it while he compares the feeling with Natsuki´s chest which has begun to swell up.

After Junko and Natsuki choose such a caress, occasionally they kiss his scruff as if it is unbearable and they are in the state to extend one hand on his crotch that swelled out. In the situation that the driver sees clearly the lewd act that the high school girl and teacher do, although he is amazed and he is looking stealthily through the rearview mirror and is seeing the back extensively.

It was really a mansion when they reached Natsuki´s house by taxi. Although Ellis all girls high school is famous because bourgeois commute into young ladies, however, because it is too far apart from his circumstances, Kenichi stood still in utter amazement for a while.

(Hu, hugeee)

There is a profound gate in the corner enclosed around with a high wall and when Natsuki speaks through the intercom which is next to it, the gate opened automatically. Probably Rena operates it from the inside. A quiet garden as it isn´t possible to think about is crossed with the city since it passes through the gate and trace to the front door of the main building and it adheres.

“I´m home Onee-chan”

Natsuki calls out to the inside and the legendary beauty who responds to her voice and comes out from the inside is Rena Kurosawa.

(She is gorgeous…)

Real Rena is good-looking beyond imagination and it is to the extent that Kenichi has been absent-minded for a short while. Her beauty with the sex appeal of a mature adult is set so as to make someone who looks at her feeling uncertain. Her white skin is transparent as if it is coming off a little and her brown hair is tied up on the back.

The reason why she is wearing hot pants and a tank top will be that she relaxed at home. Although it is inferior to Junko, her chest that pushes up the tank top overflowing because of the volume exposes her plump thighs under the fluorescent lamp without a regret.

To the appetizing body, Kenichi drank and swallowed his saliva unintentionally.

“Ah, Yoshikawa-sensei! And…emm…”

“At Ellis all girls high school I´m teaching science, my name is Midou”

“Well…Midou-sensei…and what on earth happened this late at night?”

Rena tilts her head and asks. The expression was too lovely and Kenichi got goose bumps on his whole body.

It is no wonder that Rena doubts. None of us teachers are in charge of Natsuki and to visit the home of a student for the first time this late at night is usually impossible.

“Actually, Kurosawa-san came to feel sick during class, so she slept in the school nurse’s office and she was fast asleep, when we found her and the school nurse wasn´t there anymore. So because it is late at night, I and Yoshikawa-sensei who were present by chance there thought to bring her home safely”

Kenichi is talking irresponsibility from his mouth while looking at Rena’s eyes patiently. He arranges plausible lies and it is important now to make a reason to walk into the house first of all. When he enters the house, Rena becomes his captive.

He will receive the best catch that is in front of him at any cost.

Kenichi looks at Rena’s whole body patiently. His whole body is filled with greed and he realizes that it is full of black energy. His eyes shine reddish in the dark night.

“Onee-chan, because they had sent me home with much effort, can I suggest you talk about your high school days with the teachers a little…”

“Oh well…please sensei come in”

Reina is stared at by Kenichi and her cheeks dye red. When it’s ordinary and she is looked at by the science teacher with a quiet looks, her chest is throbbing for some reason.

(Not good, I…)

Without her being able to understand the reason why her chest throbs, Rena looks at the man frequently while being at a loss and blushes. Kenichi sees Rena’s state and makes his desire increase more and more.

The beautiful butterfly which hung to the poison cobweb twines the thread around its body without knowing it.

They passed through the parlor where gorgeous furniture stand, next Kenichi and Junko sit down on a sofa, while Rena sat down in front of them. Natsuki returned to her room and is changing her clothes.

They continued the talk that didn´t have fun for a while, until Rena leaks a hot sigh, because she looked at Kenichi frequently since a little while ago. The black wave already overflows from Kenichi´s whole body and has even reached Rena.

(An aura seems to go out….)

Kenichi has the hunch which showed signs of conviction somehow. He feels something common between Rena and Natsuki.

“Hey, sensei…do we continue from a little while ago…”

Natsuki who didn’t appear for a while appeared in the parlor. Rena sees her figure and utters a cry that harks back.

“Na, Natsuki-chan, wa, wait a moment, your appearance…”

It is no wonder that Reina is surprised. Natsuki who was wearing a gym suit at time for physical education is wearing dark blue tight bloomers. She even corrected her pink ribbon in her hair carefully.

“Onee-chan, Midou-sensei is a pervert who likes bloomers figures of high school girls very much. Right, sensei?”

Rena who is dumbfounded makes a sidelong glance and when Natsuki smiles like a small devil and she sits down next to Kenichi and leans against him.

“I know, therefore…sometimes sensei peeped at our class and club from the second floor of the gym. When my legs are opened a little, because I look at the point where his eyes grow like a beast, I understood it immediately…”

The fact is pointed out and Kenichi is at a loss of words.

In fact, when Kenichi found material for masturbation in that way until just the other day, dark desire was being emitted. Although how he may answer instinctively he was at a loss for an answer and Natsuki clings to his scruff without completely minding.

“Therefore to the teacher who has taken care of me today, I fully show him my bloomer appearance. Of course, you also have to look at it. Uhuhuhuhu”

“Na, Natsuki! You…”

Her elder sister who tries to say something is ignored, as Natsuki covers Kenichi on her own and brings her face near, before she kisses him. Her lovely nasal voice is raised at once and her long tongue that moves well is inserted.


Rena who screams with her small mouth can´t move her body as expected for some reason.

For the active act of the beautiful high school student, black greed overflows from Kenichi´s body. His crotch begins to let itself fill with power, and his character changes places like it was switched on.

As the devil totally transferred, he becomes cunning and bold and at the same time, the black wave is increasing its power. Although it is outside the school, the range will be a radius of 5m.

“Huhu, aren´t you already wet, Natsuki”

“No, because…when I kiss with sensei, I will get wet immediately…”

Kenichi put his hand inside her bloomers and groped it and there was a flood.

Natsuki is preparing more deep kisses in her too dependent state. However, Kenichi at the same time with his super sense didn´t miss that Junko who is beside them has finished getting wet equally.

(Kukuu, interesting…)

Kenichi discovers a certain fact between Rena´s legs and chuckles with a broad grin, while drawing Junko´s slender figure closer to him.


Junko embraces Kenichi joyfully from the other side, because she was waiting for it, then she licks his scruff clean while totally giving a sweet voice in this state by which Rena isn´t in her sight at all. She unties her necktie with both hands and a shirt is being exposed while touching a thick chest.

“What are you doing! Natsuki! Se, sensei!”

Rena pulls herself together as having been startled and raises a voice to the three people flirting on the sofa. After walking into the house of a student late at night, well, a wax fact or the student and the teacher who indulges in an obscene activity are unspeakable. In addition, the female teacher also joins and petting in front of the family calmly isn´t a rumor of consciousness.

“Stop it! Natsuki!”

However, without the important younger sister minding scolding really, her body is rubbed increasingly and her hips wrapped with bloomers are shaken. Kenichi also takes off his coat and he becomes naked on his upper body, and his hand is inserted in the female high school student’s gym clothes and he grasps her unripe breasts which don´t finish swelling out yet. Her tongue is sucked, while Natsuki utters a cry that she has finished feeling it with her face.

“Huhuhuu, you become already like this…”

Saying so while absent-mindedly laughing, Junko who was stroking his erection from the top of his pants and is taking off the belt from his pants.

“Ah, wonderful…”

She rubs her cheeks from the trunks which swelled and it is assumed that she completely get rid of pants and socks. The pretty female teacher came to become unbearable and she licks her shining lips which wear lipstick clean with her tongue in no time, before she takes down his trunks and exposes his dick.



Under brightness and the fluorescent lamp that lights up, the huge mass stuck out and Junko and Rena scream at the same time.

“Aaa…am, amazing…”

To the overwhelming size seen again under bright light, the pretty teacher tasted a dizzy excitement.

It’s different from the time seen at the dim science preparation room, under the light its size is fierce and huge and it is the best shape to make a woman cry is clearly understood. Pale and dark blood vessel squirms like a snake on the surface of the dick and rose flesh projects on the tip, while it finished opening cruelly. Also a black bruise shaped like a bat is seen on his dick.

All is tied to memory of the awful pleasure.

“Put it in like this…Aaa…”

She holds his thing in her hand, as she makes sure of the hardness and thickness Junko grasps it again and is enchanted by his sexual organ that violated her the other time. If the interior of her womb is scooped out with such a thing, after the sex with Usami who drowned up to that is felt just like playing house and it is already impossible, because her body and a heart are captured by it.

“Kenichi-sama…is wonderful…”

Saying so while being entranced, Junko stretches out her long tongue as having become unbearable and she licks its head which stretched out clean. Her reason is out of order from the pleasure like a drug and here in the house of a student, it is left out from her head that her former student who is the older sister of Natsuki stares from the side.

“Uhuh, I like it here…”

After she makes her dim eyes look through her silver-rimmed glasses with desire and she crawls her tongue along the root while looking at Kenichi feverishly. She let it commute over and over again, after she sticks to the seam part and stimulated it with her tongue. Although Kenichi hugs Natsuki who can wriggle her entire body windingly he let it flare up between his groin through Junko’s obscene technique further.

While letting the beautiful teacher do oral service, he uses his finger between the breasts and the crotch of the beautiful girl like a pop idol and it is an intolerable pleasure to suck up the mouth together with the muffled weak scream.

“Ah, may I already suck it?”

When the meat pillar which towers by saliva is made sticky, Junko opens her red hot lips which wear lipstick and without waiting for the answer of Kenichi, she swallowed it from the huge tip. After her eyes with long eyelashes are closed fascinatedly and using the technique that made former men her captive immediately, she twines all over it with her tongue persistently although having just finished sucking it up skillfully.

However, while she sends pleasure into Kenichi in that way, the inner wall of her mouth totally becomes like an erogenous zone and the fellatio she is doing is intolerably pleasant for her, too.

(Aah, I want to violate Junko’s mouths more…)

Being absent-minded with her numb head, the beautiful female teacher continued waving her neck absorbedly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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