Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 48

Lover and friend

There was a bar in the corner of Shinjuku where the noise was quiet that swirled. The shop which isn´t high-quality isn´t really cheap either, the hobby of the owner is good because elegant furniture are put inside and the good and comfortable atmosphere can be understood.

The inside of the store where the jazz of BGM flows faintly isn´t particularly wide, but the guest´s entering is by 80%. However, without any drunks and young people raising a clamor in this shop where calm adults gather, it was surprisingly quiet for the number of people.

Three people sit in the corner of the counter and talk happily.

The age is about 30 for the man, he is young, but he has a dauntless look and he wears a sweet mask which seems to be just released from a trendy drama. From his body with tanned skin wearing a black suit a fierce aura like a wild animal is floating.

The man is sandwiched on both sides with a woman and both women are so pretty that they attract the eyes of everyone.

One woman has long hair, intellectual eyes and a high ridge nose as features and everyone would admit such a typical beauty. Although her thin lips are combined with her too organized beauty and give a slightly cold impression it perfectly matches her white and slim oval-faced outline.

On the other hand, the other woman who has lightly waved brown hair which extends to her shoulder has a cute face rather than a beauty. Her big eyes have dreamily irises and her pretty face is made lovely a little with her rounded contour and thick lips. Although her true age might be a little more than she looks like approximately 20 years old by her appearance.

“Hey? Noriko, so is the matter of the Inma in district M an example or how does the investigation progress?”

While smoothing her long raven-black hair upward by her hand, the woman with the beauty like a model asks.

“Uh…well, I check the area that seems to be doubtful thoroughly, but it can’t be specified yet…”

The beautiful woman called Noriko answers so and takes one share of her orange cocktail. So that her face reflects the investigation without any progress recently and slightly shows the color of suffering.

“How about you Arisa, were you able to identify the devil of the K district?”

After the face of Noriko which sank is glanced at, the man who sat down on the center speaks to the long-haired beauty so that he may change the subject. The beautiful woman called Arisa sees the reaction of the man and lets the depths of her brown eyes shines, but put out the low flame immediately.

“Yes, as I thought, it possessed the leader of a gang…. Because it isn’t too strong and there is also no fear of escape, I think that there is no room for us to act…”

The beautiful woman called Arisa answered in a really low voice. She stretches out her thin, long fingers to the wine glass and takes the red mellow liquid in her mouth like blood. She might be very strong in alcohol. The skin which is snow-white so that it may come off, although she drunk several cups since a little while ago, there isn´t a change at all on it.

“Arisa is great as expected…I’m entirely useless…”

The brown-haired beauty that says so and has a pretty face raised a little depressed cry.

“Come on! It isn´t over yet! You were disposed to a location at last and even if it doesn’t go well that is natural”

“That’s right, it is just as Yuusuke says…. There is also luck to some extent, so you don’t need to be depressed!…Originally the wave of the Inma is weak and our superior said that it wasn´t found accurately…”

The man comforts her while laughing with a smile with his suntanned face and the long haired beauty assists him to comfort Noriko.

Yuusuke Nagato, Noriko Aoyama and Arisa Shinomiya are respected police officer. However, their duty is special nobody in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department knows their role not to mention a general human. Only a few people including the police commissioner knows their duties accurately.

It is the section called “SHADO” (shadow) that those three belong to and it isn’t recorded in the usual organization chart.

No wonder『SHADO(Supreme Headquarter of Anti Devil Organization)』has the duty to eliminate the threat of inhuman, in other words『a devil』is found and removes the wicked energy body called host. A particularity reason of the target isn’t informed to the general public and of the average absolutely confidential as for the mission of the member who belongs to this section is treated as strictly confidential.

Those three finally finished their severe training this autumn and were assigned to that section. However during training, it was Yusuke and Arisa who achieved results and Noriko wasn´t able to beat these two all the time.

“Thank you very much…Yuusuke…and Arisa…”

Simply because they underwent the strict training together that their encouragement is warm. Noriko is moved to tears suddenly by the gentleness from them.

“It’s stupid…we are friends, so it is natural…”

“Yes, the thing you need is a friend!!”

Yusuke and Noriko, who say so, laugh. While seeing these two, Arisa felt that some black feelings swirled subtly in the depths of her chest.

“Aaaa!! It is all right! Yuusuke! I love you!”

“Me too…oouu! …Noriko…Noriko!”

A naked man and woman are intertwined by missionary position on a bed. As for business of love, the man breaks into the woman and is going to greet the climax for approximately 15 minutes.

“I take it out! Aaaa!!”

“Aaa! Cuming!! Cum, cuming!”

Both raise a cry of climax and release semen from their sexual organs.

Pleasure that her dear man performs let him feel the feeling of success on his own and Noriko Aoyama thinks that it is the happiness that only a woman can understand. Of course they used a condom, but still the penile pulsation of her lover is felt clearly in the interior of her womb and intolerable dearness and joy are tasted by the movement.

She was in that way for a while until his penis is pulled out before long from the interior of her womb. His body weight and heat located above move next to her immediately and Noriko who is happy from the climax is clinging on him.

“Aa… it was wonderful, Yuusuke…”

“For me too, Noriko… ”

This was their third lover’s tryst, without the emotion fading a little in comparison with their first time, rather the joy increases whenever their skin touch each other, and the distance between two people who love each other is being brought close to zero boundlessly.

It was immediate after starting training at the same year that they have begun to be conscious of each other. They were with other trainees, so that they came to bump love and desire to each other in this way and it was actually after they were assigned to “SHADO”.

They were two who love each other, but their relationship is usually hidden intently for surrounding people. In particular for Arisa Shinomiya who is another person of the same year and it is a secret that must be never known.

Those three were always together and in fact they drank with Arisa in a bar together until a while ago. However, once these three said farewell, Noriko came to the apartment where Yuusuke lives.

A sense of guilt that they exclude Arisa is felt.

However, the thing which sticks in the depths of her chest like a splinter lets Noriko notices that it isn’t only that. Because Yuusuke doesn’t seem to notice Arisa’s expectation, she wouldn’t have to say that.

“About the investigation of district M…this time, I will sneak in and may investigate it…”

After love is exchanged to each other, those two who were satisfied mentally and physically, huddle up on the bed while enjoying the lingering sound fascinatedly.


“…Yes, actually, in one of the places where the wicked energy is thick, there is a girls’ high school…”

Yuusuke’s face hears that and becomes a little steep.

“Girls’ high school…that’s slightly troublesome…”

He mutters so alone while staring at the ceiling.

The wicked energy body called devil can´t just exists for a long term in this material world. Therefore, it fuses with a human who becomes its host by all means and it is said that it gives special abilities to get energy which will be a so-called symbiosis relation.

After it depends on the flow of wicked thought in a big city, the place where the density is high exists in every region. A preferential area for a devil is a place full of wicked energy and in many cases it often fuses with a human being present by chance there.

So their duties are to find and process the man fused with a devil, which isn’t as easy as it is said. Of course a devil is a dangerous person and harm might reach them, what let them make the discovery more difficult than it and it is often the environment itself.

For example, if there is an Inma in a girls’ high school like Noriko said, the discovery and identification will become difficult.

To identify an Inma, it is necessary to detect the magical power and the wave that the devil releases. However, the wicked energy is invisible and for someone with a special precision instrument measuring it is necessary for that one to be near at the time the devil releases its wave.

However in a private organization like a girls’ high school, it’s difficult for a stranger like them to enter.

“Do you investigate alone?”

“…Yeah…I think so…. Anyway in a girls’ high school, you can’t enter with too many people?”

After a person is killed and tortured, unlike a devil who assumes fear and despair as energy an Inma lives from sexual energy remaining by in it, there is no danger. However, it is a physical risk, because there is danger of breaking mentally if eaten by an Inma.

Yuusuke doesn´t want to send Noriko who is his lover to such a dangerous place. Especially, when in this case the other party is a male Inma (Incubus)….

It was Yusuke who thought about it, but his thought was stopped immediately.


The dick which removed the condom and lost strength is licked by Noriko in the way that she loves it very much and sucks it. His dick reacts to the comfortableness immediately, although it is the second time that it is rising with power suddenly.

“Aah…it’s big…”

Noriko murmurs so after she separates her mouth once as if she can´t endure the feeling. It towers between Yuusuke´s legs and according to her words its size is greatly bigger than the standard of Japanese.

“…Uhuhuhu…shall I do it with my chest?”

Without the answer of Yusuke who is hearing what she said, Noriko puts the stout penis between her huge chest.

“Oou…it is good…Noriko… ”

The chest of Noriko is disproportionate to her pretty face, because it was an artwork of licentious flesh full of mass. She has 102 cm I cups which a perfect spindle type in spite of the enormousness, and it is unbearable so that a finger sinks into the soft mass.

“Aah, so hard…it is hard and hot…”

Noriko rubs the penis of Yuusuke between her soft chest with an enchanted expression.

“Aaa…it is unbearable…amazing…”

For the indecent service that the lover who has a pretty face at the same level as an idol gives, he pants like having returned to a virgin.

“Ah… Yuusuke, is pretty…”

The gap with the severe expression is shown during training. Love comes so as to be unbearable and she feels like doing more and more.

“Please do it more comfortable…”

Noriko who repeats her service eagerly gives an indecent smile. She is as ashamed as to actually becoming red as a beet, when her beloved man is pleased and she repeats her indecent act joyfully.

All women will be a lewd prostitute in front of the man who they love.

“Aah… already, I´m cuming…”

She raises her plump white hips high and asks for the insertion from the back. Noriko is indecent and her petal which bloomed open between her crotch waits impatiently for the penis of her dear man.

Their duties are mutually scheduled and in this way they slowly meet each other and it isn´t often in a month. Besides, their work is side by side with danger and as for the night when they are able to meet, they are always so greedy.

Yuusuke covers his weapon towering extremely well with black skin is about to just overwhelm it to the white hips of Noriko.

“Hiiiii!! Wonderful!!”


Yuusuke and Noriko utter cries of a pleasure respectively.

The lovers who became faithful to each other’s greed covet each other’s bodies many times from now on until morning comes. The stubborn body and the inexhaustible physical strength that were forged by intense training enable the working like a beast.

They drift slowly and melting away indulgently at the night between lovers. To the person who is like the dark night and a bad person without discrimination, it was a large black thing that spreads its wings.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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