Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 46

Fallen female teacher


The passionate and crazy kiss of the female teacher is intense and Kenichi should have kept still while only opening eyes thinly. Junko pushes her hot tongue through aggressively on her own and attaches saliva and licks the mouth throughout clean. As for this time, she snorts and pesters herself with the tongue of Kenichi, she sucks it in relation to her tongue joyfully when she hold it out and takes a sip and drinks saliva.

The thick deep kiss lets the head’s core gets fascinated.

For the cunning that the dimension is different from Tomomi and the high school girls, as for Kenichi, nothing is thought about. Although he was going to become a technician by having united with the Incubus, he is still a beginner and he fully realizes it while being affected.

“Hey…suck it…more…. Stick your tongue out more…”

When Kenichi said it, she already sucked it strongly. The fellatio until a while ago was so, too, but the longed-for beautiful woman was especially skillful in oral play.

They exchanged kisses like lovers in that way for a while and Junko braved her cheeks and breathes whether she was finally satisfied.

“I’m driven mad so much…. Aah, it is hateful…”

While losing and bringing her plump body towards Kenichi, she turns her hand behind the head of Kenichi, and she holds his head while crumpling up his hair.

“Did you like me?”

Junko laughs thinly when she says so while being cynical and smiling as having been tempted by it.

“Dislike…. As for you, I hate you a lot…”

Junko whispers it in a too sweet voice while sucking his earlobe indulgently. However, her voice gets wet and finishes melting away and seems to sound between the crotch of the man directly.

“Sensei and when you associating with a person like me?”

“Now, it is that…”

“Haha, you seem to compare it and become my captive. After I banged you with my body, there will absolutely no escapes anymore…”

Kenichi rubs her voluptuous chest through the opened blouse and Junko whispers crooked love while inserting her tongue in his ear hole. From the head of Junko crazy about her lust, just now her love for Usami ceased completely as if it didn´t exist.

She twines her slender white fingers around Kenichi´s thing while kissing and doesn´t neglect to stroke it.

“Aah, Sensei…quickly this is great…hey, would it be fine?”

The English teacher dressed in a brown suit sits down sidewise on the knee of Kenichi and asks for the inserting of his dick in a weak voice on her own. She has changed to a woman completely different from Junko just one hour ago.

Her whole body is wrapped in a poisonous-looking red aura now and a wry smile is floated on the face of the english teacher who release the smell of a female in estrus indignantly from her body. Even if she is supported by the wave, there is no need for it and Kenichi understands that the beauty in his hand finished melting away gently.

(It was a instant…)

Kenichi thought whether Junko resisted it a little more, but her lust that she saved up might be large. The female teacher originally afflicted for weeks in addition to the dirty-minded thing because of the dryness of meat is triggered by the red tentacles, so that a dam collapses by a trifling crack she fell without showing great resistance.

“What kind of figure do you wish?”

Kenichi´s hand is extended to the breasts which shake immediately, Kenichi asks while bullying Junko persistently and rubbing it. He put his nose on her scruff where the pheromone rises and makes a dark red possession mark on her white skin.

When Junko opens her bright red lips that rolled up, she leaks a hot sigh and closing her eyes.

“Aah, fuck me from behind…”

“Kukuu…. the Madonna of the school likes to do it from behind”

“No, I don’t know…”

Kenichi pushes her away on the sofa when he lets the bashful Junko stand.

From the outside where it became really dark, the light of the night lights up both. She puts her hands to the back of the sofa and when she turns to the back on the sofa cheerfully, Junko becomes nervous as the crotch of Kenichi who is standing behind her fits exactly to the position of her hips.

“Ah, Sensei…what do you do with your clothes?”

The tight skirt almost bursts because of her hips, while holding it out in front of Kenichi with all her might and she shakes her plump hips to show it off.

“I think it would be to disgusting…”

“No, you are a pervert…”

Junko scowls at Kenichi with her fascinating eyes with attractive beyond what it was left in the dream. To the tight skirt which stuck to the hips, the trace of her panty stands out clearly and while running the fingers over it slowly from behind, it is raised with difficulty.

“Hahaha…what on earth is this, isn´t it soaked wet”

“No, don’t look at it…”

While releasing a stuffy lewd smell, the bottom of her thin panty gets wet through with the body fluid which she spitted out. 溢The love liquid spreads to the middle of her snow-white thigh, that shines like glitter and gets wet.

“It’s intolerable….”

Kenichi who ignited his lust draws his face to the bottom of her panty and breathes in the heavy pheromone of the beautiful teacher. When it gets wet from the top of the cloth and sticks on it, he doesn’t interfere with Junko who screams and breathes in her honey juice.

“Nooo…so much…not good sucking up so much…”

“Such a strong smell is vomit from you….”

“Aaah, don’t say it…”

Junko holds out her hips obediently while fighting with her mouth.

When he turns up the bottom of her panty with her opened poisonous-looking flower, viscous liquid like white jelly which attached in large quantities there becomes bare. Junko, who was the admiration of many male teachers, lets her vagina hole shrink tightly in front of Kenichi who stares at it and spitted out muddy body fluid which smells heavy.

“Ouou…your pussy is opened…”

“Noooo…I’m embarrassed…”

Her meat pot shrinks this time tightly again and the serious juice like the white of the egg overflows.

“Hehehe…a mole at such a place…”

“No no…don’t look at it…”

The black mole is large next to the entrance which greatly enlarged. It totally catches one’s eyes even if it is unpleasant and it is disgusting to hold it in the mouth.

Probably the man who exchanged his body with Junko would do it so without saying. After her panty is moved aside and the black mark is sucked up, he infringes upon the beautiful meat which has finished opening with his deep tongue.

“Ahiiiiii! Don’t lick it! When you do it so much…aaaa!”

Her crotch is licked clean with his tongue from behind with the hips being held, while Junko grasps the back of the sofa firmly and her waist is being ground into by the tongue of her rapist. Therefore when her clitoris is licked and sucked, she is attacked in light acme and spit out thicker body fluid in Kenichi´s mouth. When the anus was licked in no time, she pestered for the insertion while crying in high soprano.

“I have a favor…already, I want to do it already quick!”

“There there, Kukukukuu”

He attaches plenty of dark red kiss marks which stuck on her snow-white plump thighs, after that Kenichi separates his face finally and holds his erected penis in his hand and rubs it against her vagina. Kenichi teases her even now, while the beautiful teacher who had high pride sobs and presents her hips as if she has no more worries about it and just agonized.

When he smears love liquid on his entire dick, he grasps the narrow waist and takes aim, before it fitted into her vagina.

“Ahiiiiii! Big!! Aaa…don´t torn it apart!!”

Her shameful hole is fully expanded by something that hasn´t been tasted up to now, therefore Junko bends her white throat and leans back.

(Oo… great, great…)

Kenichi is fascinated from the joy to rape the longed-for beauty who dreamed also about Kenichi and as expected, he loses his calmness and attacks Junko. He just pushes his waist and mixes his tall and hard penis with her vagina, which he tears apart so.



Two beasts howl from the pleasure that each other’s pleasure organ begin to spin and praise the hard friction and the taste of the inside.

“Aaa, it is really big…and hard…hiiiii!”

“Your pussy…is intolerable…”

That place is muddy of Junko melting and the fold of the complex inner wall wriggles windingly. Many places of her vagina wall tighten really hard, as if it is unbearably happy and twines all over Kenichi´s dick persistently. Although Natsuki and Aiko are young and tightens when he eats them steadily it is different to what Junko only monotonous movement yet shows.

Junko´s honey pot got used to squeeze the sperm of a man. After the medium meat used for a long time moderately gets loose completely, it eats the weapon of the man who broke into thickly and tightens it.

(Incredible…it’s entirely different…that it can´t be compared…)

From the good flavor of the beautiful teacher who he was ardently in love with for a long time, he groans with his mouth. Kenichi use his waist absorbedly while slobbering, her sweet tight vagina which is filled with his dick is infringed without a pardon steadily.

“Ohoooooo! Su, such a depth…aaa…deep, it is so deep inside!!”

The beautiful teacher who is attacked so deep that even Usami hasn´t invaded so far enjoys herself while crying out.

After he completely buries his meat sword to the origin of her pattern, while being amazed by the good flavor of her tight honey pot eaten from the tip to the root, he rubs her uterus with his dick using his waist hard.

“Hooooooo! Ahiiii! Cum! Cum! Cum! Cumming!!”

While a tooth stabs solidly, the sexual feeling that smoldered explodes in no time. Junko is attacked by ecstasy blinded by that she looked forward to it and bend her back and shakes her body shudderingly.

Her sphincter shrinks so as to be morbid, so that her vagina wall which scolds the male sexual organ which is swallowed in the interior of the womb harshly like a vise sharply. Almost popping for the sweet shrinkage, Kenichi strongly endures the ejaculation impulse with power in his navel. After this woman is still driven mad, he will change her to a woman who asks for sex on her own.

(However, to taste this body, I guess it’s not strange for the vice principal to get so angry…)

While being impressed by the excellence of Junko`s vagina who twines all around windingly even if the attack is over, Kenichi entrusted his instinct and to ruin this female teacher intensely.

In the science preparation room that became really pitch-dark, the light of the night-lights put on the school ground shines in, and shows the figure of a man and woman intertwining with each other. With noise of the air conditioning which is running inside the room, the wet sound that meat clashes with meat and the sob of a sweet woman aroused by sexual feelings continues to be heard.

When the woman screams now and then, it’ll be quiet for a short while, besides she raises a weak voice immediately, and is telling the man how she feels. While the woman clings to the sofa, she is violated with the appearance that her skirt was rolled up intensely from behind by the science teacher. Her thin and open eyes that are exhausted represent nothing and slobber runs down from the edge of her well-shaped lips and have a look like dementia.

Her plump buttocks are pushed out toward the man with all her might, and it is swung right and left slowly while receiving an intense pelvic thrust. The tall and stout penis which get wet with body fluid shines when it goes in and out of the secret garden of that woman and every time that’s rammed, love liquid as well as sound of water are overflowing.

“Haaaaaa! In addition, there! Moreover, it is terrible, amazing…Higuuuuu!”

She reached the climax countless times, but Junko reacts meanly without still being satisfied. Her beautiful meat is squeezed and resistance increases each time, however Kenichi keeps attacking the inside at various angles without minding it and stimulates her whole vagina way thoroughly.

“There! There is bad!!! There, is my weak point Noooo!!”

Kenichi attacks the G-spot that protruded and Junko reacts with the voice like a beast in agony.

Kenichi tightens his ejaculation valve desperately and bears what is almost enticed into the reaction of such a beautiful woman in an uncertain place. However, it was already the limit.

“Moooo please…well I only like that…together…please…”

Her chestnut hair is disheveled and turns to the back, at the same time the pretty english teacher entreats while staring at Kenichi with attractive eyes. The wriggle of the fold becomes intenser and stimulates the sensitive part of the male sexual organ which is swallowed in the interior of the womb windingly.

“Ooo, I am cumming”

“Aaaaaa! Take it out! Inside me! I want that you take it out in the inside!”

Ejaculation in her vagina (Inside) the female teacher entreats. The female joy that is made to be fraught with by a stout male powerfully, her head and womb are melting away so that she may become heated.


Kenichi sees the expression of the beautiful teacher melting away, who is asking for the ejaculation to the interior of her womb, he drives his scorching magma which has finished piling up into the deepest part of her vagina. A white bullet proposed at high speed infringes upon the inner wall of the deepest part without mercy.

At that moment the liquid filled with magic spreads inside the womb of Junko and is permeating her mucous membrane. The beautiful woman invaded from her wide-open inside, becomes the captive of Kenichi with her heart and soul.

“Hiiiiiii! Cuummiiing! Higuuuuuuuu!!”

The seed of pleasure is poured inside her uterus so that it is painful, furthermore spitting out a new air and love liquid from the touch, Junko lost consciousness slowly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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