Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 42

Broken daily life

From the science preparation room on the 5th floor of the school building with the lewd pant voice which isn’t suitable for a place named all girls high school and sound of water was heard. However after school, at the corner on the 5th floor where nobody appears normally, it is heard and nobody can stop it.

The day shortens completely when entering the last stage of autumn, the area becomes dark at 6:00 and the students who stay in the inside of the school are very few. However, the lamp on the desk in the fifth-floor science preparation room burns and more than one person rise in its shine.

In the narrow room a work desk is included in the front and a book is put on the horizontal shelf closely. A brown, big, old sofa is put in the interior and a man who seems to be a teacher wearing a suit is heavily sitting there.

It seems that the age of the man is around 30 years and his face is slightly impudent, it makes them feel something wicked clearly. His shadow is exposed to the light from the side and it’s thin and long.

Between the bottom of that man, his dick towers with the sound of water which is indecent since a little while ago from there and weak sighs of girls continues. The muddy saliva of beautiful girls paint several layers on the dark penis, while it shines with sparkles because of the lamp light.

Between the feet of that man a high school girl dressed in a cheerleader uniform sits down, since the erect dick is held in her pretty mouth before it’s fierce, she breathe it in with devotion and raised it. As for the girl, her color is white as if it may come off, her beautiful eyes are usually lovely, but she let his thing become hard and get absorbed in the indecent service now.

Another girl who got a healthy tan in contrast from the side and tied her hair together to a ponytail with a ribbon stretches out her tongue with a small laugh. She wears a pretty tennis uniform with her slim limbs on the top of the sofa and she licks the huge thing with her tongue just like a cat. The tennis outfit which got wet with sweat is transparent and revealed a dark pink bra.

After her stray hair is stuck to the white sum of sweat which floated from the opposite of a tennis girl, another beautiful girl who looked lovely like a doll licks the mouse neck of the man clean and she is waiting for his order patiently. She also just came here after club activities, too. Her white leotard sticks to her firm body full of sweat, from her a heavy smell raises.

When the beautiful girl who had the dick in her mouth separates it, it is muddy and the beautiful girl with the leotard grabs the dick which is full of saliva. Her twin tail shakes whenever she moves her face up and down, while a lewd sound still leaks from the entrance of the innocent beautiful girl.

“…Uhuhu…Rio-chan, you really improved…”

The beautiful girl in the cheerleader outfit who had the thing in her mouth until a while ago mutters so with an enchanted voice and she licks the meat bag clean which swelled out under the dick like a balloon.

“Milk among these until it becomes dry, it’ll be because I’ll squeeze everything…”

Therefore it becomes unbearable that the beautiful girl is endearing when she thinks of sperm and she rubs her slim pink tongue eagerly. Her face is put up while being entranced by the heavy fragrant of a male and she holds the ball bag which swelled out in her mouth and roll it with her tongue skillfully.

“Ooo, god, Natsuki…. Please continue even more…”

“Uhu, okay teacher…”

When Natsuki smiles loose, furthermore, when she train her tongue over a scrotum persistently, it will be sticky full of saliva.

In the meantime, his dick rises and Aiko and Rio bring their mouths near from left and right, while they stroke it as if playing a harmonica.

“Ahuh…uhuh…it is wonderful…”

“Muhuuuh…today it’s also hard…”

Between the two pink tongues a huge meat pillar apart from an ordinary man is rising and beautiful girls serve it while being enchanted with thick eyes. The surface has a black bruise with the form of a butterfly and it gets wet from the sticky saliva of the beautiful girl.

When Kenichi thoroughly enjoy the heavy triple fellatio in that way for a while, he signals Natsuki who sat down on the floor with his eyes. Natsuki who understood the aim of Kenichi only with that, both her feet are opened when she smiles while standing up and step over Kenichi’s waist on the sofa. In other words, right in front of the face of Kenichi who sits down on the sofa is the crotch of Natsuki in a short skirt.

“Because I´m also called by sensei today and I have gone to the club seriously, I sweated a lot…”

After she knows that’s the favorite of the abnormal teacher, Natsuki laughs dissolutely. He doesn’t answer that and ask for the help of the cheerleader’s hips and he breathes in the sweat and the body fragrant to his heart content when he buries his face in the miniskirt. For a person like Kenichi who has the abnormal hobby of smelling fragrance, which is the best stimulant and aphrodisiac.

His thing erect more in Rio’s small mouth and she breathes it in desperately while rolling her eyes in bewilderment.

When the science teacher raises the miniskirt in front of him, it is the wish of all pervert men, who would like to do that, to bury his face between the thighs of a female high school cheerleader.

The density that is far superior until a while ago, which is a mellow fragrance.

“Noo lewd teacher, you want to smell Natsuki`s sweaty pussy?”

She controls the head of the teacher with both hands from the top of her skirt, while she licks her lips in no time. A rough and hot snort of a lewd beast appears and the stimulation such as a weak numbness runs through the backbone and gets out of the crotch.

It’s already an erotic act until just now and a secretion besides sweat is also put out in quantities. The smell that should be embarrassing to death is smelled by the teacher and the pretty high school girl remembers a thrilled excitement.

When Kenichi pulls the cheerleader outfit and panty a little with his finger, he inserts his long tongue in the gap which is revealed through it.

“Aaah…such a dirty place, don´t lick it…”

Her face is desolate while showing hatred with her mouth. When her secret part covered with muddy viscous liquid is licked with a tongue, she almost reaches the climax with that alone. Urge more and more, he forces his head in the skirt between her thighs.

Meanwhile, Rio continues her indecent collaboration with Aiko on his crotch. Aiko has the bold dick in her mouth and waves her neck now, while Rio buries her pretty face between his groin.

“Hey Natsuki come, sit astride”

When Natsuki seems happy and get off from the sofa, with only one leg she removes her glossy blue underskirt, before she pushes Rio and Aiko aside and sit on Kenichi. When she removes her brown panty which became soaked wet, she pushes the entrance of her vagina on the erected thing.

“Aah…teacher raped me isn´t it so…”

The dick which is huge when Natsuki suspend her weight and the butterfly bruise is swallowed by her vagina which is still growing for a second year student.

“Aaaaa! This…is the best, this penis is the best!!”

Natsuki is enchanted by the meat pillar which breaks and tears her body from the bottom.

She can´t withstand its overwhelming size even when she had it in her mouth many times, Natsuki’s small vagina entrance is extended mercilessly and the mucous membrane opens to the limit and gives a frizzy pain. However the stupid ache is to spice the driving of her sexual feeling too, which lets her sensuality that became rich melting away rapidly.

“Aaa… not that…not that…. This is good…so good!”

She waves her waist back and forth slowly and produces pleasure somehow when it hooked up to the deepest part.

“No…no already!! I´m Cumming already!!”

While clinging to the neck of her dear lewd teacher with both hands and shaking her whole body timidly, she is receiving her first acme without enduring it.

The vagina wall squeezed intensely.

“Oou…it’s also tight today…”

While enjoying convulsions of a beauty´s last moments in the facing sitting position, he strokes her clean hips.

The beautiful girl who Kenichi obtained owns an outstanding vagina and its taste makes Kenichi absorbs in everything as a delicious dish. Natsuki’s vagina is young and elastic, that’s why there is a complex crease in the interior which twines windingly.

“Look here, what is that?”

“Aaa! There! There is good!!”

“How is it compared with your boyfriend? Heh?”

“…Noo, you are nasty…. I can´t compare it like that…. The penis of the teacher is better! Teacher’s dick is the best!! Aaa…moreover, I´m cuming again!!”

When it’s raised using her waist cruelly from the bottom, she lets her big eyes enchant and covets acme with the expression of the ecstasy. The beautiful girl dressed in the cheerleader outfit was completely remodeled into a dissolute prostitute by Kenichi during several weeks.

Natsuki who is riding on Kenichi squeezes a sweat scream and love juice is spreading, after the wish of the beautiful girl who entreats the ejaculation is ignored and her mucous membrane was pale from the tightening. It increases before and Kenichi’s sex skill becomes skillful, even if he cares for the beauties who became his slaves the beautiful women become breathless and scream.

On the surface of the black dick which sinks in the interior of her womb, white juice is discharged out of the female high school student.

“I´m next…”

While Kenichi lets Rio clean his meat stick which he pulled out from the exhausted Natsuki with her mouth, he lets Aiko stand on the sofa in the same way, and buries his face in her pretty underskirt with frills.

“Ah teacher, smell Aiko´s lewd smell to your heart content…”

The crotch of Aiko is choked in the smell of sweat and love liquid and it scatters an unbearable fragrance for a pervert like Kenichi. With holding Kenichi’s head who sniffs with his nose and after her slender legs are opened to the fullest, Aiko rubs his head between her thighs steadily while chuckling.

“Sensei…you also smell the odor in my panty…”

When Aiko knowing the preference of Kenichi laughs dissolutely, her wet and tight underskirt is being pulled and opened. Sweat and mixed heavy smell of her love liquid go up, although Kenichi is dizzy, after he adds fuel to his animal desire, he is groaning and uttering a cry and is clinging between the beautiful girl’s wet thighs.

“Noo, even if I’m not so greedy, Aiko’s pussy belongs to sensei…”

When she licks her lips with an expression without thinking about the girl anytime, while Aiko offers the place between her legs to Kenichi she gets wet and picks up her sharp nipples by herself and covets pleasure. After she made the pleasure of her body wake up, because Aiko is outstanding among Kenichi´s sex slaves and is lewd, she is surprisingly obedient and hungry for that pleasure.

Cloudy liquid overflows from her secret flower which bloomed muddily, while Kenichi lets Aiko crawl when he sips and drinks the liquid, after he broke her pretty tennis look at a stretch from behind.

“Ohooooooo! My dick is cooommming!!”

While piercing it in the interior of her vagina by her skillful use of her waist, the lecherous female high school student tightens Kenichi’s penis up tight therefore she drowned blindly in the sea of the pleasure.

While he is piercing to the interior while embracing Aiko’s thin waist closely, the tongue of Rio stimulates his anus and Natsuki sticks to his open mouth and his tongue is sucked up superficially. The group service of beautiful girls completely improved, which lets Kenichi´s thing heat up and therefore Aiko´s honey pot is violated more cruelly.

“Higuuuuu! Cummiing!”

When he thrusts the ring-formed uterus, Aiko grasps the sofa so that her fingers whiten and the thing swallowed inside her is squeezed. The figure of Aiko is so lewd and beautiful, that Kenichi is nearly attracted to her too, but strongly endures it.

“Hey! Don’t rest, Aiko”

“Hiiiii! I understand! I understand!!”

Even if she tries to rest, the bottom wrapped in an underskirt is hit.

“Oraa! Shake your hips quickly!!”

“Ha, hahii!! Aaaaa!!! Don´t…I become crazy…”

When she swats it hard, Aiko shakes her hips and delights Kenichi on her own commendably. Her vagina wall which became sensitive is rubbed against the huge dick at the same time she got her second height immediately.

“Aaaaaaaaa!! Not good, not good!! Besides I cum again!! Amazing, I´m cummmiingg again!!”

While getting down on all fours, Aiko makes her body writhes like a caught fish.

In that way she claps her hips again in the place where the attack of the acme was relieved and it is repeated many times.

“Ahiiii!! I die! Uuuugh, I’ll die!!”

After her whole body is shaken like a twitch attack, Aiko finally becomes tired because of the ecstasy she received many times.

When Kenichi removes his dick from Aiko who gasps for breath, he pushed down Rio who is wrapped in a small-sized leotard. Rio’s body is wet with sweat and is tasted around like a savagery, while he sticks to it between her wet crotch of sweat and love liquid and her leotard.

“Nooooo…it is embarrassing…”

Although she becomes deep red and feels embarrassed, Rio lets Kenichi do what he would like.

“Aaaa! Such, such a place…is shameful…not good…”

When his bold tongue enters from the gap of the thin cloth, her sensitive body covets acme from that alone. For the stimulation that is horrifying and sweet, the 16 years old girl felt sexual joy just now and her pretty face became deep red for embarrassment and pleasure, before she cries.

After Kenichi bends Rio’s soft body, he carried his dick through at a stretch from right above when he exposed her groin.

“Painfuull! Hiiiii!”


Originally the opening of Rio´s vagina is small and the sphincter developed by rhythmic gymnastics is also awfully small. He divides and tears it upright like steel and the pleasure which is to the extent that Kenichi and Rio are dizzy in friction of their mutual mucous membrane is tasted. When they connect in the inside completely, the flexible mucous membrane twines very hard like rubber and it is squeezed to the utmost tightly from the tip to the root.

“Hiiii! Cuum! Cumming!”

The 16-year-old beautiful girl, who is taught the taste of sex completely, makes her sweaty body wrapped in a leotard writhe and she cums continually. The good flavor of Rio´s honey pot tightens by force as she crushes Kenichi´s thing which she swallowed in the interior of her womb and Kenichi can´t withstand anymore and ejaculates in the inside.



After he is sucked by Natsuki´s tongue and licked by Aiko at his rectum, Kenichi leaks a satisfactory sigh from the best pleasure. When it’s taken out completely, after he pulled it out from the interior of the womb of Rio, it’s added to Aiko´s opened mouth, which was waiting for it. When Aiko laughs lewdly, because it is full of muddy sperm and vaginal secretion, she swallowed it. The soar of Kenichi after ejaculating is erected without becoming weak at all and Aiko felt its hardness more and more.

Fuggy girl’s smells are filled in the science preparation room, while the sweet gasps and sobs of the girls’ weren´t cut off into the night on that day.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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