Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 41

Dream and reality

A Park at night, in late autumn the row of trees on the roadside gradually change their leaves into the color of the decline, too. The road compared with the night light is brightly lighten up and it is maintained neatly by a dustman of the ward.

The way in this park is the access road which connects with the station from the residential area and many inhabitants living in the neighborhood use it. There are a lot of office worker and female office workers returning from the station ordinarily at this time, even if a woman walks alone it is a safe park.

However, while carrying a leg to the home apartment hastily, Junko Yoshikawa the English teacher who worked at Ellis all girls’ high school felt hopeless. Only today no one is in the neighborhood and there are no signs of a person at all.

(Eh? Why?)

Although she goes out of the station she doesn’t hesitate, and Junko walks on the straight road like usual at the same park, while no one is in the surroundings and there is no shadow in the back and forth when noticing even when she looks left and right or turns around.

I don’t like it…. Why is no one here today…)

The beautiful female teacher who became lonely suddenly advances her legs together with her neck which is in a thin cat. The sound of high-heeled shoes reflects to the row of roadside trees, she feels like someone is chasing her from behind, and she knows that it’s a illusion, but her back becomes cold.

(It’s safe…. This road is the way which everyone use…. Although I had walked at a later time, it is still safe…)

Her work at school has ended quickly, so the time now has just past 8:00.

She has heard that almost no molester and snatcher appeared, because a person passes this way all the time until around 12 o’clock. Even if she says park to it houses are near there and when she is raising a loud cry, it would reach there. There are houses lighted on the other side of the trees, because of the proof of a living person Junko feels courage.

She came into a small park and saw light in front of her, which is from the public restroom. The restroom is always clean and beautiful, while she can ask the height of standard of living of the inhabitant and the mark of effort.

(No way…why, suddenly…)

Junko had the feeling to urinate suddenly as soon as she confirmed the public toilet with her eyes. Speaking of a physiological response, Junko is puzzled over the abruptness till then.

(Aa…why is this so…)

The feeling to urinate becomes unbearable after she is aware of it. Because her apartment is immediately there when she goes through this park, Junko intends to endure it and advances her legs. But every time she advances one step, the feeling to urinate becomes stronger and it is quite unlikely that she will make it until she reach her home.

(Not good…in such a place…)

However, there is no other option.

Fortunately, the public toilet is discernibly clean and seems to be able to endure this somehow brightly. Junko feels lonely that there is nobody around, but still it will be the point to release this feeling to pee.

When Junko enters the female restroom, 2 private rooms are on each side and all doors are open. Without the places where someone can hide even if the washstand is seen, which relieved Junko, who enters the back right private room. After all it is cleaned neatly when she enters inside and there is no dirt and smell at all.

When the door is closed surely, the key is turned, while Junko is wondering what she shall do for an instant, but she hangs her coat on the hanger with the bag inside at the door after all.

She rolls up her tight skirt and takes down her underwear with her pantyhose, then she sits down and water gushes out vigorously. Junko is amazed about the force herself whether it piled up a lot.


After having the feeling of releasing everything that finally came out for a while, she takes paper and cleans herself. There is almost no bleeding from the end of the menstruation and there was also no red dirt in the napkin which stuck to the lowered panty.

(Not good…so…)

Instead of a large amount of stock on the napkin, it was a different liquid. Inside the napkin is love liquid and it gets wet slimily under the dull fluorescent light and shines.

(Aah…recently, it has been a long time since…)

While stripping off the napkin from her panty and throwing it into the trash box, Junko realizes the misery of her body.

What satisfied her sexual desire all the time recently was the love affair with vice-principal Usami who worked for the same school. The older man for whom physical strength is still fit even if he is older than 40, their physical affinity was outstanding until now while Junko went out with many men.

“Aah…no ah…”

The shape of Usami’s grand penis is remembered with goose bumps, and she understands that the inside of her body became hot and wet. Remembering the pleasure that his dick created in the interior of her womb, Junko finishes maturing and her frustrated body flares up in no time.

“Aaa…I become like this…hiuuu!”

When she rubs her erected clitoris with the paper, the pleasure to which a spark goes out from her eyes runs through the whole body. Her vagina is congested in the bottom and begins to open, while sticky invitation honey is vomited.

“So…it becomes like this…”

Junko thinks that she has a mean body even if she does say so herself.

Since she gave her virginity to her class teacher when she was a junior high student, Junko has never failed to have sex. Her beauty and body with its rare kind attract a man and don’t stop, because she has courted one after another.

Her almond eyes look cool. It is unbalanced to her intellectual face, and her glamorous body is even understood from the top of clothes. She was handled like a Queen by a fan club in her university days, in the United States where she who was a Caucasian studied abroad a short term and black people crowded around her 96cm H-cups body.

Her internal structure is the finest, too, the men who had a one-night stand with her cummed without exception in only a few minutes and became madly in love with her performance. Junko was such a person and she didn’t know a deep ecstasy until she met Usami.

However, when she had sex with Usami in the hotel at the staff training trip one year ago, Junko tasted profound joy of nature for the first time. After she was made to drink liquor and got drunk, she invaded a room and was violated until morning and Junko agonized over the joy of her body and was enthusiastic.

Since then, her affair with Usami who is the vice-principal continues. Junko comes to have little prospect of getting married with the amount of sex friends she had and the affair with the vice-principal was just the only chance to free the desire of her body.

However, because her sex partner was hurt by tennis practice, she lost her opportunity for a while. Her body which becomes frustrated left only a gap, and in the depth of her desire she thinks it is miserable though she is an english teacher.

But still her body which runs out of control doesn’t stop.


Nobody is around, so she uses her finger inside the public restroom. When her finger rubs the pearl of her erected clitoris, a zunk and a sweet stimulation run through even to the top of her head. She intends to control it willingly, but her finger doesn´t stop somehow anymore.

Junko starts her masturbation while thinking about Usami and then her imagination switched to her homeroom teacher who she gave her first time. After that, it is the black guy who is the director of her fan club who violated her in her school days in the rest room, as if he was a middle-aged man in a car and her partner crossing in her imagination changes one after another.

“Nooo… somebody…somebody, embrace me now…”

When her indecent body fluid is muddy, it overflows from the depths between her opened crotch. Junko runs her fingers over the projection that was slimy when she scoops it with her fingers and her waist is sweet and the sharp stimulus which melts is tasted. After her prettily-arched brows are drawn to the pleasure, the beautiful english teacher tries to be blinded by the transient ecstasy at the public restroom.


At that moment, Junko heard a sound and the door in front of her opened.


Too suddenly she can’t believe what happened, while Junko can’t scream well. The sexual desire that raged in her body vanishes in an instant and she is in a panic by fear of the black person who appeared in front of her. (Tl note: the black guy is only a man wearing black clothes)

However, she sits down on the toilet and opens her legs, because she was absorbed in masturbation until a while ago, she doesn´t get her movement at once. Her pantyhose and short are put with a pin at the calf, since they just become a burden.


Junko was able to finally speak loudly, but her hand was pulled with strong power and was made to stand by force. From strength of the power and the feeling of the horny hand, although she understood that the black person in front was a man his face isn’t certain seen from the back light.


When she is made suddenly to just change the direction of her body, Junko turns toward the toilet and is made to stand. When she is just pushed away, both hands were extended by a reflex and her hands touched the opposite wall.

“Nooot goood!”

She is in the appearance to hold out her waist towards the black man, Junko who realized the aim raises a squeal of fear and hate. But power doesn’t enter her body while she tries to escape from it for some reason, neither her hands nor her feet can be moved as if a invisible chain is restraining her.

“Aaa… stop it!”

With the feel that her black tight shirt is rolled up, she hears a metallic sound and Junko who guessed what happened further down remembers a gruesome shudder. This intruder is going to rape her now clearly.

Junko was trembling in fear, because she was aware that her own body ached hot at the same time. In the situation that she is treated and raped in the female restroom roughly, it wasn’t understood for some reason, but Junko noticed being excited incredibly.

(Why…why is it so?)

While pushing out her plump pure white hips toward the man, Junko can´t move at all just to ask for it. Greed and excitement from her masturbation revive in her body and her body flares up in spite of her head being full of fear more than the time of her love affair with Usami.


With a shock she came suddenly.

Immediately the electric current of the pleasure goes through her whole body intensely. It becomes the torrent of the stimulation of tens of thousands of volts from the depths of her waist and it runs through her body and roast her brain white.

“Iiiiiiii!! Cuuuummmiing!!!”

Her body is hungry for the pleasure that it demanded reacts immediately, and she is falling headlong to the bottom of the valley of the deep ecstasy. Of tasting the pleasure up to now, it’s so sweet that she doesn’t have that and Usami can´t be compared with it.

As for Junko, she is dragged to hell and dyed in dark nothingness.

“Aaaaa!! Hiiiiii! Great, greeaat!!”

The man began to move.

When it is done so, Junko gets goose bumps on her whole body and a spark from the too sweet stimulation flies in front of her. The pleasure that doesn´t melt her waist Junko supports her body with her hands against the wall while she becomes desperate and expands her feet.

“Ahiiii! Aaa! Aaa! Aaaa!”

She melts sweetly as her brain became a milk shake and it is mixed, she is here in the public toilet of the park and she forgot that a thug attacked and raped her now that’s why she holds her hips out, while her body is in agony.

“Aaaa! Nooooo! Not goood!! Aaaa!”

The male sturdy hand is moved in front of the body and her blouse is torn apart and her chest is revealed. In that way when her huge breasts which almost break through the black lace bra are caught, the man rubs them in a violent way of using both his hands roughly and holds them.


When the deepest part is easy, she is attacked by a cruel waist thrust, therefore Junko opens her mouth and raise a joyful voice with the shock and delight that her body seems to break up. Nothing is seen although her long and narrow eyes are opened and the flame of pleasure is colored in the interior of her metal-rimmed glasses.

Her 96cm H cup breasts change form in the hands of the man and they melt together with the pleasure from her waist by doing that and give an incredible pleasure to Junko. The pleasure that is fierce in severity so that there isn´t it of what she tasted in her past, that’s why the good looking english teacher is in agony.

“I will put it out”

“Hiiiiii! Not goood!! Stop it!! Noo! Inside is not good!!!”

Junko´s body becomes stiff in fear and pleasure at the moment when the man whispered in her ear. The fear that he cums inside and she may become pregnant, while ironically she let her vagina shrink incredibly, the incredible pleasure is given to Junko and her rapist.

“Nnnoooooo!! Cuuummmiing!! Higuuuuuuuu!”

Junko feels the sex profit of the male which pulsates profusely and is driven into the interior of her womb, while she also squeezes her throat and gives a roar of ecstasy from the stimulus which melts rebarbatively. Her pure white breasts are grasped so that a bruise appears and the pain gives spice of coloring to the pleasure.

The pretty english teacher is attacked by a thunder of pure pleasure.

In the public toilet where nobody is, she is violated by a strange man from her hips while standing and Junko Yoshikawa is making her body afraid of the incredible pleasure with which even a fingertip is fascinated.

(Who…who is it…)

Junko looks back toward her back and confirms the face of the rapist. The person’s face, she is focusing into the image together with the focus gradually in the sight which blurred.


In the scream that she raises, Junko awakes at a dash.

When she notices, she is lying in her bed. She understood that she was sleeping until just now with an absentminded head. During the soft light in the morning in autumn, she feels thirsty.

(… A, a dream??)

After her upper part of her body is raised and the body of a negligee is seen, at last she confirmed that it was an event in her dream. A half-read original work book is put at the bedside when Junko looks at the pillow of the bedroom incidentally and she remembers that she came home without incident yesterday.

(But…but, so clearly…)

With the shock of the penis which was still driven into the interior of her womb and the deep sexual joy to which the taste was added is left as a memory in her body. Finally in her important part, a large quantity of semen has been poured by the penis.


With the semen in the interior of the womb while trembling because of the penis of the man who scatters it, she thought she will become pregnant.

After the feeling of that case is remembered, Junko´s ripe body flushes in no time.

Sturdy penis and the use of the waist is used for violent caress and breathing.

Junko is tied to the memory of the hot pleasure and the inside of her body becomes hot, while she finds out that it is moistened.

But when thinking and seeing it calmly, it’s certain that it’s a dream. That time, no one was on the road in that park, although she became really panicked and if it is a real event, she should view the face of the man who entered clearly. But like the affair in the dream, the details of the ruffian are vague and he doesn´t become clear.

(I hate it, to have a dream where I´m raped. It is accumulated so much…)

While taking off the negligee which became soaked with sweat, Junko goes into the bathroom to take a shower. Still her body was hot as if it is placed in a charcoal fire, while honey liquid overflows from her thighs just now because she is in the position that it is flowing out.


However, she opens the door of the bathroom and Junko becomes stiff. After her figure which reflected in the mirror of the sink is seen, she screams in her mouth and hardens.

On her body which reflects in the mirror, something which isn’t considered was left. On her white soft huge breasts, a clear bruise was left.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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