Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 40

The sixth door

The third year student Asakura Ruriko from Ellis all girls high school was worried.

It was just two weeks ago that she was deceived and violated and was robbed of her virginity. Since that, she is smeared by that science teacher many times.

No, it isn´t an accurate description.

She was surely violated one-sidedly, but comes to demand pleasure aggressive now recently, she comes even to visit the science teacher from her own. And even she finds out that her desire becomes deep gradually.

It is scary.

Ruriko who is puzzled over her carnal desires without bottom. It is a reaction that is natural for an 18 years old girl.

(God…please forgive me who is sinful…)

When she comes to the church alone calmly and gives prayer in this way, so that she is purified because of the wind that the dirty one of usual life comes off, it falls and her body is upright. A thing such as fog which hung to her head by doing so clears, Ruriko looks back objectively and the terror of her act is tormented by a sense of guilt.

(Aaa…what happens to me…)

Ruriko is associating with that man every day recently. The act that is indecent needless to think as an 18-year-old high school student, it is immoral. She couldn´t like it at all, when she meet him, she became baud as if she was possessed by that red eyes and she gives her body as it is demanded.

(Even yesterday… to do such a thing like that…)

Yesterday when school was on holiday she is also called, she was brought to a doubtful love hotel with the first year who she met for the first time. With the child who is pretty like a doll and also in the rhythmic gymnastics club, she absolutely repeated the shameful act which she can´t say to nobody.

First of all, she hugged to the naked Kenichi, then with the beautiful girl and both licked Kenichi´s whole body clean without getting tired. And after being irritated, she said the slave’s promise many times, she agonized herself away as they lined up on the bed both and were violated from the bottom and became insane.

『Ruriko…Ruriko is Kenichi’s slave…. Aa…Kenichi’s penis, please put it in Ruriko’s vagina….』

She asks for the penis with indecent words like the graffiti in a rest room. Her whole body remembers that case and becomes hot for embarrassment.

(It…it is the lewd dream seen every night…)

It is said that the dream is the mirror to project one’s desire on. If that is the case, after all she demands such an act. Ruriko in the dream enjoyed the nature wildly more than reality and she greatly opened her crotch by her own and invited Kenichi.

(Such…that isn´t me…)

Ruriko holds her face and waves her head.

“What’s with you? Asakura-san…”

Ruriko hears a soft voice and put up her face. It was the sister of this church which gave a gentle smile to have been here.

“Sister Maria Clara…”

“Clara is fine, Asakura-san…”

Sister Clara who says so has a smile on her face. Because they have already met many times at this church, they know each other by sight.

“What’s with you? When you have been in trouble, I reach out my helping hand to you…”

Ruriko is just seeing her face and nearly cries. She was troubled without being able to finish having the weight of the crime that she committed alone, straight light seemed to shine on her.

“… That…I…”

Ruriko starts saying but becomes silent suddenly.

“What do you do? To father『sacrament of forgiveness』do you ask for it?”

It was called “confession” before, the act of confession which confesses a so-called crime and gets forgiveness. However, she waves her neck in silence when Ruriko turns her head down.

Of course it is a holy ceremony and God should forgive any crime by his merciful heart. However, confessing the act that is too indecent and is dirty to the opposite sex despite being god, it was a too high hurdle for 18-year-old Ruriko.

Ruriko remains silent while looking down. She looked at Ruriko and Sister Clara thought for a while and she hugged Ruriko´s shoulder quietly.

“… Its fine…. God forgives everything. If…if you are ready you can speak any time. You will feel relieved… ”

The sister who tries not to force to rise from her seat just as it is and gets away while not changing and having a smile. The clean fragrance that the perfume adds nothing to because she stood up, it drifts like wind of healing from the body.

Ruriko who closes her eyes firm and just as it is.

“Si, sister…a, that…I…”

Ruriko was quiet for a while, but she spoke to the back of Sister Clara who went away. There was also no possibility by which the thing knows how much sense further down made for her at this time.

Genji Yamada who was the national language teacher of Ellis all girls high school was puzzled.

He is seeing the practice of the rhythmic gymnastics club which he serves as an advisor in this way like usual. He was disturbed by the lust which wells up from the inside of his body from just now.

(Anything is said…only today is sudden…)

Although he should have seen it many times up to now, he can’t take his eyes off the leotard appearance of the schoolgirls who act immediately and it’s made a spotted blur. The penis which is beyond 50 is aware of the decline and becomes hot recently and the inside of his body is hurting slowly.

(It’s intolerable….)

The students jump up and down in front disregarding Yamada´s agony and greatly open their legs.

When he looks at their crotches and chests, dark desire grows big like summer black clouds suddenly and a large amount of saliva boils in Yamada´s mouth. Yamada swallows and it so that it isn´t noticed by the woman coach who sits next to him.

He must keep an eye on her particularly since a little while ago Rio Hasegawa who has the most aptitude among the first year students.

Because she twisted her ankle during the exercise on just other day, he takes her to a doctor by car, and then he brought her home. At that time, Rio hadn´t any spirit for some reason, she was filled with the smell of sweet sweat which rises from her body in the small car and he remembers that she throbbed unconsciously. Yamada might have become amusing since that time when he thinks about it.

Originally Yamada thought she was a cute daughter, he feels uneasy today just to see her for some reason and he chases her movement with his eyes since a little while ago. When Yamada looks at her still young limbs wrapped in a pink leotard, her hips are assumed to be small shaped and clean and his glance that sticks between Rio´s thighs opened sometimes greatly and attach is poured.

(…Aa…I want to have sex…)

He wants to violate that delicate body in a leotard figure which got wet with sweat badly.

“…Noo…I see it a little. What if… ”

“…Yamada, he is dangerous…”

The crotch of Yamada who looks at Rio sits down on a chair and eats, while it swells up so as to understand it even from his pants clearly. The students who were seeing that and were seeing around are discussing by a low voice.

However, the abnormal national language teacher who undresses Rio in his head and enjoys it, don’t notice the hate and contemptuous eyes at all.

Junko Yoshikawa who was the english teacher at Ellis all girls high school was frustrated.

Junko doesn´t have sex by this for several weeks either. With vice-principal Usami who is her lover, because the contact isn’t being made recently, that’s also proper here.

(So…I make such a face which seems to be happy…)

When Junko visited secretly the hospital room of Usami, she saw the figure of the vice-principal and his wife who she saw from the open door and felt gloomy. It was understand in her head, the fact that she is the weak lover of the situation seems to be thrust in that way when shown off and she felt awfully wretched and came home hastily.

Thereafter Junko ignored him even when he sent mails. She didn´t come to dislike him, it can be decided that she saw nothing just as it is, Junko was simple and wasn’t a gentle person.

(Aaa…but, but…I want…that of the teacher…)

Junko remembers the huge weapon of the vice-principal and she suffers mental anguish while taking a nightcap in her kitchen.

Since she was violated by the recreational trip of the teachers, she has become lovely dovely in the form and size and stamina. There was a sweetheart, too, but the vice-principal is more outstanding in the chemistry of her body, so she became estranged from her boyfriend and was absorbed in the secret affair with the vice-principal gradually.

The men who she has associated up to now, Junko’s gorgeous body and beauty and it is usual that she release it for the excellent article which the sky gave in no time, they did not really satisfy her so far. That strong man changed everything in her and told her for profound joy of the nature.

“I am not stubborn anymore, I will mail him…”

Junko was self-respecting and she continued being stubborn in this way and lived from small time. While having a glass of the bourbon in both hands, she gets tired of her obediently new character and loses her heart incidentally.

(I’d like to meet….)

She remembers his face, body and smell. Although it is the relationship which isn´t permitted, therefore well that, furthermore very much, Junko notices already becoming head teacher’s captive completely and reforms while she is shocked.


Her body which was made to completely cram pleasure aches, Junko understands that her uterus shrinks for stimulation. Like a junkie who was cut off his drugs, withdrawal symptoms to pleasure cover her ripe body.

She goes to the bedroom while holding her glass. When on the bed which designates the pink which a woman seems as keynote she is looking up, and she stretch out her hand to the drawer at the side of her bed.

(This…using a thing like this…)

It was a huge black dildo that was there. The precise thing that imitates Usami´s thing, which Junko came to use again at her vagina recently.

“Yosuke…aah, wonderful…”

While calling the name of her lover, Junko holds the dildo on her red lips. Her pouty lips rolls up and tightens the surface, while Junko put her tongue on the surface of the silicon in her mouth. It is the oral service of a regular customer pleased that any man would cry.

Saliva is put on the dildo with muddy sound. When Junko rubs her H-cup chest while doing it so and raise her feeling, the inside between her thighs becomes hot and she find out that a great deal of viscous liquid is overflowing.

When she is satisfied to lick it clean in an indecent way for a while, she finally pushes the tip of the dildo at her vagina. The huge imitation penis is bigger than that of Usami, Junko becomes sensitive and leads it to her congested meat pot and puts it in with her hand which is holding it.

“Aaaaaa!! Gooood!! Iiiii! Intolerable!!”

A coquettish voice that is rising immediately. The desire of her body is deep as much as she endured it, her body which is drained dry even with the imitation which is bloodless easily flares up.

(This…though this is no use…)

Even if she thinks so, her hand doesn’t stop. Junko is holding the dildo, while she rubs the gills of the silicon which stretched of the partial navel to feel to be in her.

“Ahiiii!! Cuummiing! Itsuuuuu!”

Her body is rather transient but which will surrender to the dark pleasure immediately. However, the 27-year-old body which there finishes being fat and is hungry from nature, isn´t satisfied with the ecstasy once.

While letting her face and body flush in drunkenness and pleasure, Junko with an outstanding body and beauty was being immersed in masturbation using an dildo on the bed in her own room.

Midou Kenichi who was the science teacher at Ellis all girls’ high school was mad with joy.

He keeps eating the body of the high school girl as much as desired from morning on that day, he poured dark semen into the interior of her womb many times. With Rio Hasegawa who had practice of the rhythmic gymnastics club in spite of Sunday, he called Ruriko Asakura who returned from the mass of the church to come home, the rape of 4 people was done according to Natsuki Kurosawa and Aiko Kawashima who were staying overnight from the previous day.

In the beginning he licked Rio’s body full of sweat around every corner and Rio was suppressed to dislike it and raped in her leotard appearance. While the flattery body of the 16 years old Rio is being enjoyed, Aiko and Natsuki keep blaming Ruriko as an example, after he had put her into the state of half-killed, Rio wanted his penis.

The elegant Ruriko disliked the beginning like usual as a young lady, but at the end she surrenders while crying and being irritated and postponed, because she opened her long legs from her own and entreated the cuddle with the others. In that way the taste of Ruriko after having irritated her is an unrivaled article, Kenichi never gets tired no matter how he tastes it.

He exchanged his desire with all the members afterwards until it becomes muddy and he lets them dance the bubble that put soap land hostesses to shame in the bathroom. Both Rio and Ruriko are crazy about the given pleasure at that time, even if there were no red tentacles they became aggressive on their own.

It is 6:00 p.m. since he finished the orgy in that way. His penis which gave off desire many times till then in the interior of the womb of the beautiful girls, he is still vigorous so as to be disgusted by himself.

(By the way, it is said that I sleep now…)

The time is close to 12 o’clock. Because there will be also school tomorrow, he will sleep early. When Kenichi lies on the bed, the futon is put on and the light is turned off.

However, the orgy doesn´t end only with this. The “power” of the incubus shows its worth at night.

(With who will I play today…?)

The dream is now Kenichi´s territory.

In the real world one after another the female teachers and the high school students with good looks and beauty fall in sweet love with Kenichi and their bodies are devoured and more than everything he can do in the dream.

A door appears in the dream. Five doors appear in front of Kenichi who is in the circular room when he notices in his dream, they are there when he is entering in that room.

(The door is the reason which connects to the dreams of his slaves….)

Because the door has the feature respectively, Kenichi knows beforehand who is in the inside. It was only Tomomi´s door at the beginning, but now there are all doors for all his sex slaves. Every time he conquered a new woman, a door is increased in the room.

Consciousness gradually darkens and darkness comes suddenly.

Kenichi makes the breathing of a sleeping person calmly gradually on his bed. His penis which erected extremely well comes to lift the thin futon almost.

(Again this room…)

The room where he comes at the beginning of his usual dream, doors stick to the wall in the round room. Kenichi counts them and grins.

It is strange here, because there was a new door which is number sixth.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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