Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 39

Irritation and ambition

Usami who was the vice-principal of Ellis all girl´s high school was irritated.

This place is always interesting for him, but every day is quite annoying.

Even when he is first at the popularity ranking, Usami lost a tennis match to the unsuccessful science teacher and was send to the hospital because of it. Usami´s heart just remembers that case and nearly boils up.

Besides, it is known by all students. Having thought that the science teacher is made a moss ahead of everyone has backfired completely.

(Oh, shit!)

Even when he is walking along the hallway, the eyes from the schoolgirls aren’t admiration like before it is a mix of contempt and laughing. It is actually merely imagination, in Usami where the pride was enlarged without knowing failure until now in his life, as for the laughter of the students passing each other in the corridor where he walks with crutches, he seems to make a fool of himself.

Junko Yoshikawa, the english teacher who is his immoral partner and lover also weighs on his mind.

He never hears her voice directly after he was hurt and the point of contact almost disappears, too. Only that threw the desire of loving each other, her attitude changes completely recently, her eyes and attitudes that see Usami somewhere are cold.

(What do I say…)

Even when he mailed her often there was no answer, it is always an e-mail from him he is hesitant but Usami thinks so to contact her and he can´t understand the sudden change of Junko´s attitude. He would like to call her to a hotel like usual and discuss it directly, it can´t be done because he attracts attention by suitable like his appearance now.

The usual good feminine beauty seen at the staff room this morning is remembered, his desire burns brightly again inside his body.

She’s so attractive that he is thrilled when her long slit eyes with silver-rimmed glasses are seen she looks sexy and intellect. Her slightly thicker lips are plumply and it seemed to have something in her mouth anytime and it is rolled up a little.

Her beauty is also wonderful, but Usami thinks Junko’s wonderfulness is her body.

When the body on which he had his eyes already was peeled naked, he who should be experienced in female handling was excited at the wonderfulness which is that like a junior high school student.

Her bust of 96 centimeters defies gravity and is thrust out ahead and she has a spindle shape which is perfect. Her waist following that is narrow like a bee and though her white hip tightens steadily and stretched out.

The miracle that God also gave her the complexity of internal structure. He experienced it many times that it has returned as if she is a virgin, so that it is necessary to bear the ejaculation desperately. Usami´s dick in his pants remembers the delicacy of the delicious sexual organ and begins to burn or excitement.

(A man might not do it elsewhere possibly)

She is such a good woman other men can´t leave her alone. When she gives her body to other men…even if he thinks, he can´t stand it because of his jealousy. She is the best woman who he obtained with much effort and he wants to enjoy her more and more now.

Usami is careful whether there aren´t even slightly doubtful changes, so far there is no sign of being saved.

(When saying so, Honda-sensei changed, too….)

Usami was surprised to see Tomomi Honda who is a part-time music teacher to act like a pervert.

She who was a young lady who was refined with neatness while he didn´t see her for a while, she was more beautiful and like a cocoon were a beautiful butterfly flew out she became attractive. Although her hair which she made up to a chignon in a mass doesn´t change, her sex appeal is felt in her gesture and expression shown suddenly, and it was understood that this beauty knew a man certainly. It isn´t surprising because there should have been a fiancé refrained from marriage close.

Her refined clothes like a young lady including her flared skirt which Tomomi wore a lot until now this morning her appearance seen after a long time was another person.

A bold designed low-necked blouse just stuck to her body. Although the teacher wears a black tight skirt, which is slightly too short, this just stuck to her also well shaped hips and the line of her underwear stood out clearly.

Usami always thought that she was a good woman and Tomomi who changed her image to another person arouses the animal desires of Usami in that way.

(However, with Midou Kenichi (that fellow) she seems to have been on good terms…)

While the morning gathering ends and the respective teachers have moved to their classes, Kenichi and Tomomi who don’t have charge in particular remained in the staff room. During such Usami has witnessed that the two people were speaking at a corner in the staff room secretly. Moreover, Usami goes from Tomomi near the science teacher all the way, they talked with a joyful expression.

As for the science teacher who is timid and a gloomy person on the popularity ranking he is the lowest too, but his reputation isn´t good as a teacher from teachers particularly from women either. After he sees the science teacher who should be unpopular number one with women chatting with a beauty, Usami couldn’t suppress that dark feeling welling up.

(Only him I don´t like. I’ll expel you by all means…)

He didn´t like this bug from the beginning.

Although because there was a recommendation of the director who was the uncle of Kenichi, he received it unwillingly, originally it is an impossible story including both the experience and the results employing a teacher of a third class university where he graduated. There are no conspicuous reasons for the moment, when there is a chance, Usami will dismiss him quickly.

At the time the second period begins, Usami who sat at his work desk in the staff room, burnt with dark emotions while looking at his leg with the plaster cast.

Midou Kenichi who was the science teacher of Ellis all girls’ high school laughed with a grin.

(Ouou…don’t warp completely…)

The black wave to rise from his body covers up the whole school today and information of the students and teacher in it are sent to Kenichi. He can’t see the figure directly, but the voice is heard and he understands what happens exactly very clearly.

Because it’s during class of the second period, the students and most teachers are at the height of each class. Meanwhile, vice-principal Usami is staying in the staff room, Kenichi can also perceive clearly the storing dark deep-seated grudge and desire in Usami´s heart from this science preparation room left far away.

(Considerable frustration seems to collect….)

Usami is irritated because his lover’s tryst with Junko Yoshikawa who is his lover doesn´t always goes as he wants. The dissatisfaction will be poison in his body and all thoughts are being turned negative.

It’s also the behavior of students and teachers and their attitude sensitively and Usami becomes extremely doubtful. He becomes temperamental at the drop of a hat, Usami has a grudge against small things, warns students by trivial things and find fault by the teachers. The circumference leaves it by the repetition more and he flies into a rage more by standing alone.

Usami falls into a typical negative spiral. It is Kenichi to have made an opportunity, but it is the natural consequences afterward.

(Speaking of frustration, Junko is so too…)

Junko Yoshikawa who teaches the reading of the third years now, Kenichi perceives that she falls into frustration exactly. She doesn’t have sex since several weeks and he completely finds her plump body ready to be eaten unmanageable.

Even if it is such situation, it is a simple reason not to contact Usami who is Junko´s lover. She is merely sulky.

It was Junko who went to the hospital worrying about the hospitalized vice-principal secretly, with Usami´s beautiful wife taking care of him diligently, she looked at the wife and Usami laughing happily, so she came back without becoming miserable feelings and doing anything. Since then, although there are feelings that she wants to meet him, the dark desire is obstructed with that smile that seems to be happy is seen, even when an email comes, Junko ignored it.

(I want to let her hold it in that mouth…)

After the rather thick lips of Junko whom Kenichi sneaked a look at in the morning gathering is also seen this morning, he is driven by the desire to want to pierce, to put his dick in it and to ejaculate to his heart’s content. The delusion is sending a great deal of blood to his thing which erects between his groin.

“Ah, it became so large…. Well, do you think about other girls? It’s disgusting…”

When the meat stick which became clammily full of saliva is separated from the mouth, Tomomi Honda who is the music teacher considers it with her thick expression indulgently. It becomes more than 30 minutes in this way after she creeps in under the desk and begin to suck it, she still holds it in her mouth and it doesn’t seem to be enough for her.

“It is necessary not to be able to do lewd things with other girls it’ll be because I’ll squeeze it to the utmost…”

When she says so and it is erotic how she licks her lips in no time and she opens her red lips again and hold Kenichi´s dick in her mouth.

It is the most skillful fellatio of Tomomi who was already completely used to such an act among Kenichi´s sex slaves. Originally the young lady who hid her abnormal sexuality that loved fellatio, her propensity is completely uncovered now and satisfies the greed as much as desired in this way.

Tomomi closes her dreamy eyes with rapture and she includes candy of her favorite man in her mouth and tastes it with her tongue slowly. When she makes her cheeks become hollow a noise is made and it’s sucked up and she sips the liquid of Kenichi´s penis filled on the tip with her tongue and drinks it. Tomomi accomplishes even that she twists the tip of her tongue with the hard lump.


A pink aura is given off from the whole body of Tomomi sucking between Kenichi´s crotch. Because one red tentacle possesses the part of her mouth and dyes it red in pinpoint, that point of Tomomi where she felt it extraordinary.

(What is this aura?)

While narrowing his eyes from the fellatio of Tomomi, Kenichi thinks while hitting the desk with the bottom of a pen steadily.

(With a human who has gone out the aura, will there be a human who it hasn´t gone out?)

From that far during the downtown in the crowd and the train, he walked in the underground city variously, after all he wasn´t able to just find it other than by the five people who were in this school.

(I wish the aura appears by Yoshikawa-sensei too…)

When it’s so, he will violate that attracted female teacher immediately. He hit the dark passion that he had ever since he has begun to work in this school on that attractive body.

(An aura starts to appear, are there any triggers?)

When understanding that, it’s possible to increase his female slaves by his will more and more. As well as Junko, when the aura appears by an actress or an idol he will conquer them.

The first time he saw the aura was on Natsuki, after that the aura also appeared suddenly by Aiko, Ruriko and Rio.

By Tomomi who is the sole exception ardently does fellatio now, Kenichi become able to invade her in her dream earlier than he could see the aura in her case. When Kenichi let her use the tongue in the dream several times and gave semen to her, the aura appeared overnight.

(The aura waits to appear for the moment or whether I have no choice but to wait until I can enter in the dream…)

As long as the trigger isn´t understood, he can do nothing but to wait single-mindedly that the time comes. Up to now when he thinks, a woman who newly has the aura at the rate of about one person a week has shown up.

(Well, I will have a prey sometime soon…)

The face with Junko’s intellectual metal frame is remembered, his thing erects more inside Tomomi´s mouth.

“Ah, sensei….is it comfortable? It’ll be because I’ll do it more…”

The music teacher buries her face between his crotch again when she says so while licking her lips, and she waves her neck up and down persistently and caress the penis of her dear man.

When both have no classes, Kenichi is letting her hold it in her mouth all the while in this way. Tomomi loves to swallow up the semen endless in this way by doing the fellatio and usually Tomomi leaves for her class with smelling strongly after sperm.

“Muhuuuuuu! Amuuuu…”

Tomomi that the sensitivity of her mouth is done sensitively by a red tentacle, the fellatio is being just done and light acme is coveted many times from just now. Because Tomomi´s black panty covering between her thighs is thin, the love juice which overflow from her inside streams down her thighs and her panty can´t suck in everything.

When Kenichi stretches out both hands into Tomomi’s blouse easily and he rubs and holds her breasts on top of her black sexy lace bra. The energy of the incubus is poured many times and her chest is growing tremendously than before recently.


Although the music teacher who reached orgasm only with that shakes her body, still she shut her mouth desperately and sucks Kenichi´s penis which erect more.

The life energy is flowing continuously from Tomomi’s body. The black bruise came to have heat and the black wave greatly spreads each time from there.

His usual sense returned accordingly.

The whole world glitters like a crystal and is radicalized, and Kenichi´s sense spreads through in all directions. He totally knows the whole world very clearly.

(That I get all the women of this school…)

There are innumerable beautiful girls still left. He will change them all to his loyal sex slaves like Tomomi. Kenichi is intoxicated by a feeling of almighty and an unrivaled feeling dreamed of obtaining everything.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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