Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 38

Conference room

(I can´t endure it…my virgin vagina…)

Kenichi who buries his face between the groin of the beautiful girl, enjoys the thick sweat and the smell of the secretion. Aiko and Ruriko were so, that their smell also changes like the lady who matured when the virginity is lost, Kenichi has learned it in this 1 month.

Because the red tentacles coil themselves and erode her aura that Rio can hardly resist is a good thing, she grabs by abnormal sexuality full exposure between the crotch of the leotard.

“Hiiii! Noooo!”

As for the scream that the girl raises it is interfered by a heavy wave that this room is full of and the damp energy goes out to the thin air before long. The black wave which leaves from Kenichi´s body which increased in magic, the power is far superior at school as ever before, Kenichi can release such a thing freely.

It was a kind of prevention against evil, a barrier.

“Hiiiii!! Stop it!!! Nooooo!!”

Rio tries to become desperate and run wild, but it’s heavy as something twined around her hands and feet, she doesn’t have the freedom at all as she is done in viscous liquid muddily. While enjoying the resistance of such a beautiful girl in the thought that rather he felt thrilled, the leotard is put aside and her tights are torn up readily.

“Noooooo! Not good not good!! Stop it!!! Please release me!!!”

While assuming such a scream to be BMG, Kenichi buries his nose between her groin by which the smell became heavy. He enjoys the lewd fragrance between the intense 16-year-old crotch and stretches out his long tongue that slips inside the gap and licks it clean.

“Noooo! Hiiii!!”

The use of his tongue is fierce, greedy and skillful.

By the obscene activity repeated with Natsuki and the others every day to deal with his for sex slaves, because Kenichi who is ignorant about a woman completely makes progress in his technique, so there are also no problems tossing the beautiful virgin who doesn’t know a man yet around.

Besides, because his super sense moves, he understands so that where on the body of Rio she feels it very clearly. With “Power” of Incubus, he can see through the hidden erogenous zone and propensity that even the person doesn´t notice.

(There is not time either, whether I have anything to receive quickly…)

The club activities of the rhythmic gymnastics club are over before he does it for another 30 minutes and the advisor of that club comes here. When it’s usual, Kenichi is going to take her virginity away by the cruelest way after more is spited and enjoyed, he will violate this beautiful girl and pour semen for now, he decides to make her his puppet at the same time to silence you.

(It’ll be because I’ll teach her tight later….)

Kenichi puts his tongue in her narrow vagina and enjoys the taste and unties the entrance. From the inside of the young womb that was made to be in heat with the red tentacles, hot impetus overflows gently.

Kenichi´s sperm combined with the Incubus seemed to be provided with a special “power”.

When Natsuki’s and others talk is put together, they say that they become healthy and have also recovered from a chronic disease and injury after they have sex with Kenichi. Along with it the cheerleading of Natsuki, Aiko´s and Ruriko´s tennis, Tomomi´s piano play, their abilities and body functions have seemed to improve drastically.

Ruriko and Aiko did a practice game today at the club activities of the tennis club, as for Ruriko, her ability flowers following Aiko, to the surroundings they showed off a surprising performance. The intense rally of Aiko and Ruriko is so high that it can’t be the level of high school students and the members who saw it were just overwhelmed in dreadfulness.

Another important point, the woman bathed in semen filled with “the power” of Incubus inside her womb, is gradually dyed by the poison and has changed her inside and outside.

The change in the appearance is flashy and the woman come to put on something sexy with a lot of exposure to the extent that men around are astonished. After Aiko also puts on a super-miniskirt now, she shows off her panty in the skirt frequently unconcernedly. When Natsuki and Aiko walk in line of a crowd, many man to the extent their eyes are glued to the prettiness and sexiness of those two.

But the really serious one isn’t such appearance it is the change of the contents.

Beautiful girls who hung to the poisonous fang of Kenichi lose their brightness and cleanness without an exception, their black desire which was being hidden in darkness in their heart gradually is exposed. As for it, that noble-minded Ruriko is no exception, it is slow, but she is dyed by the Incubus poison too.

(Fifth person…)

The aura holder who appeared in front again, the face of Kenichi is warped with delight.

When he suppresses Rio in her thin leotard appearance, her vagina which is wet from saliva is exposed and Kenichi starves for virginal blood since a little while ago and pushes his gun.


Rio utters a cry desperately, but with her thin and weak voice it is hopeless. Kenichi looks down upon the first year student which makes her white and pretty face warp, he takes the weight slowly while licking his lips.

“Pain!!! Ouch! Ouch!!!! Ouuch!”

The acute pain isn´t be able to compare including the pain of her ankle from the attack at her secret garden, Rio tries to slide up desperately. But Kenichi keeps her delicate body down without rushing and he lets his dick invade her virgin vagina very slowly.


Kenichi pushes forward his waist to let the pain prolong on purpose very slowly. The best moment that a woman can taste only once this is because to enjoy it even a little for a long time in this way.

The sphincter trained by rhythmic gymnastics tightens solidly by fear and the pain and it is a hard time that it’s being broken and torn inside. Still the body fluid and saliva which he spitted out, with the help of a large amount of love liquid he entered inside.

(Oh, this is unbelievable…)

The pleasure that the insertion with the full sense of resistance brings, Kenichi throws out a satisfied sigh with the expression almost slobbering. Anyway it shrinks when the always narrow virgin pussy doesn´t crush the huge intruder and the penis which congested tightly is squeezed to the very limit like a vise.

The head of his huge gun passes through her small vagina finally and is finally buried inside. The small hole shrinks in absurdity from the pain and fear as ever and cuts the penis almost. However, the integrity of steel erects more and more in the interior of her womb as if it is laughing at her resistance.

From the place plunging into bright red blood flows out slowly. Kenichi who sees the proof of her virginity is really excited.

(She is my possession, too….)

He moves his waist slowly and invades the interior of the womb of the beautiful girl more. When looking down at the face of the crying half beauty that is in pain, a dull ejaculation drive is beginning to grow around the waist already.

Before contracting with the Incubus, Kenichi stole a glance at the rhythmic gymnastics members who performed in the dark gymnasium and dark desire burned inside him. Especially, the pretty Rio who is like a fairy and Kenichi´s favorite, when he attack her immature body in his head, he has ejaculated many times in tissues about it.

(Aa, unbearable…. It’s the best…)

Joy pins down the former masturbation material in this way and to seize her virginity. From the black bruise on the penis that buried inside her womb, dark greed spreads more and heats up Rio´s whole body.

The delicate body of the half beauty who feels like having pain is pressed against the bed in the school nurse office and Kenichi steals her lips. Because Rio resisted it a little, but she groaned when he used his waist and opened her mouth, while Kenichi sticks and sends his bold tongue and saliva in immediately.


Rio is confused by the pain and the shock so her face is white like paper and she doesn’t have color of blood. The last gap is raised by the fierce hips while sucking the sweet tongue up.


For the acute pain shoved a hot thing inside her, the body of the beautiful girl who wears a leotard is warped like a bridge. The pain causes a further shrinkage and she tightens it so that circle of several places which appeared on the way takes the harm of the acute pain.

“I put it out!”

“…Not gooood…stop it…only that…”

For the tightening every rhythmic gymnastics member is a unbelievable dream for a man, Kenichi doesn’t endure and either his desire is liberated.

“Hey, I put it out to the inside and I let you become pregnant…”

“Hiii! No, no no!! Only that… hiiiii!”

When Kenichi still pushes strongly the tip inside the undeveloped childish uterus, he pours his white semen which has finished accumulating. Because he ejaculated a large amount at close range, she will become pregnant surely if her egg cells hide inside.



Kenichi is intoxicated with the pleasant feeling of releasing semen. He only imagined that he made the belly of Rio bulky, he is excited and has pulled the trigger unusually.

(About another shot is conviction or….)

Because he is defeated by Rio´s delicious vagina and he has ejaculated ahead of time, he still has time a little. When he sees that the laceration of Rio has healed by the magic of his semen, a tinge of red has also returned to her face.

When Rio´s thin body is turned over easily, it’s caused with the waist and it is easy to hit his waist from behind against her well formed hips.


Rio screams, but the sweet sound is mixed with her voice already.

While raping a 16-year-old beautiful girl in cruel way, Kenichi obtains a new prey and trembles with delight and he kept taking out the huge wave in the health-care room.

“The wicked wave confirmed this time in district M shows a pattern of a low rank inma, its power is more feeble, too, I think that the removal is relatively easy when it is now” (Tl note: this time I called it inma because it isn´t sure if the person talking knows if it is a succubus or incubus. Also the part now are people from an anti devil organization which will appear from now on)

At the men and women’s front where brilliant beauties gathered in a conference room the result of a former investigation is being explained.

“…An inma…is troublesome…”

“But well, that this is because an inma is an inma after all…”

The meeting room which rustles only a little, then a picture on a screen is switched over and the map which indicates the area in Tokyo appears.

“The wicked energy flow changes with the change of the city structure recently, the place that density is very high in is several places or has been in district M”

The design like a contour line classified by color is written on the map, there is a place applied thick in it certainly.

“I think a explanation isn’t necessary, the owner of the wicked energy, appears in this area. However, because it can´t just maintain its existence for a long time in this material world, it fuses with a human and is in a symbiosis state. That’s the reality called a devil”

Nobody in the meeting room issues any words. The talking person takes a rest and continues explaining it.

“When I discover it first, the wave came from this high rise hotel. Probably the human who is in this area, there must be someone that the inma is connected with its contract recently. Also the inma which this time was verified so far in the same way, it is thought that it absorbs the life force when it attacks the opposite sex”

A red point floats on the map and shows the place of the luxury hotel.

One attendant raises the hand and asks a question.

“Has concrete damage occurred? For example many victims of rape?”

“No nothing in particular. I asked the criminal offense department, a sign such as this wasn’t found. There was also a rape case of course in this 1 month, but the criminal is caught already”

“Umm, when a commoner fuses with an inma, it is usually drowned by power and desire, it will run out of control immediately and its horse legs are shown…”

An inma had also appeared in the past, but they could find it and erase it immediately. It becomes impossible for a human who got drunk from the obtained magic to control his desire, because the opposite sex is attacked randomly, it is possible to find it at once.

“I do not know when this inma appeared, when I think it isn’t found so far, is there a possibility that the other party is also smart?”

When another beautiful woman who particularly attracts attention as sitting on the interior of the conference room says so, the beautiful woman dressed in a suit which announced it nodded to the words with a tense look. The point that was caught most in this investigation.

Why doesn’t this inma open his arms wide randomly?

“However, there won´t be much danger if it is a low rank inma. Please be careful enough and please continue investigating it in future”

She nods at the words powerfully.

“Then, about the inma of district M, you found it first so it is your responsibility. Also, don´t forget to report regularly”

When the woman who said so sat in the depths stood up, she left the meeting room. All the other members in that place are allured by that and stand up and leave the room then.

When the woman who had finished reporting it lowered her head lightly and nodded to everybody, she left the room at last. The investigation in district M that she was in charge of was entrusted to her. This time is her first mission, so the young beautiful woman dressed in a suit remembered the excitement that she feels slightly excited about it while being tense.

“Kaa Inma…. Whether you’re an incubus or a succubus…”

When the beautiful woman mutters so, while walking the corridor she takes a look at the document, which she compiled by herself. At the spot where the wicked energy gathers from now on, she must investigate it in various ways and it is necessary to prepare in various ways to infiltrate into the targeted place.

When she looked up at the sky from the window on which the sun is poured, the full moon was seen in spite of daytime.

After she thinks that’s an ominous sign, a light shiver runs down the back of the beauty, there was not a reason either that she walked in hurry in the long hallway.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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