Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 37


The yellow ball which runs at high speed.

As for members seeing the speed, they have difficult to chase it with their eyes. Even the groan with the kind of spirit which is lifted, it pierces the corner of the court like a bullet.

However, the ball which anyone thought to have been decided the next moment, when it hits the sweet spot peculiar, it’s flying to the court on the other side. The orbit of a high-speed flat in a super-low altitude flies to net closely and also runs into the very limit of the corner in the court.

But the backhanded racket also catches the ball correctly again and it is plowed at high speed to the other side. However, probably because it was the sweet angle slightly, the ball loses energy while making a grand sound in the upper part of the net and bounced calmly, when it fell down.

“Ga, game set”

For the rally who hold their breath which has ended finally, the tennis club members who become the spectators and were looking have forgotten to breathe, but at last restarted it. They are overwhelmed by the play of the different dimension and they forgot and looked admiringly raising their voices from a little while ago. The student in the uniform which became loaded over there of the netting fence, begins to talk finally.

“Noo, it is regrettable! I have lost!!”

The tanned girl who says so and laughs without worry and she was a spirited beautiful girl who was conventional when you saw only her.

“What do you say? Aiko-chan, still wouldn´t be serious?”

On the other court while wiping the sweat off, a precocious and tall beauty approaches with a laugh. With the light-brown girl who played a match in that way until a while ago, she is walking to the bench in the inside. The back was that of a senpai and a kouhai who seem to be on good terms really.

“Ruriko-senpai is great. That serve of Kawashima-senpai, everything is taken…”

“When you say it, that return of Kawashima-senpai, too…. After she catches up to the ball of very limit from Ruriko-senpai, she returns it to the place that Ruriko could never reach”

“They belong to a different category than us, a other dimension…”

“I’m serious about Kawashima-senpai and she may win the national championship”

While the first year students pick up the balls they talk in a low voice.

The second graders have complicated feelings while casting a side glance at their appearance, they pay more attention to Ruriko and Aiko who sit on the bench and laugh peacefully.

“Ruriko-senpai, did she talk to Aiko neatly…?”

“Uh….Ruriko-senpai, she seemed to question Aiko closely. Therefore here all the time, were both of them speaking?”

“Make friends that much as soon as it should be today, might be what on earth…”

To straighten the behavior of Aiko who lost passion for the tennis club activities, it was last week where all second graders talked with Asakura Ruriko the former captain about her. Aiko who was a serious captain became lazy to appear in the tennis club, she had been dissatisfied with her selfish practice even when going out and looking after neither the juniors nor her classmates.

First it was Ruriko who was unwilling about it, but she seemed to talk to Aiko as soon as she confirmed the actual situation by herself. It seems both had a quarrel with one another by the rumor, it was told that this would considerably was trouble among friends.

How about it.

Aiko and Ruriko show up to the club together today, they seemed to be on good terms and they started a practice game together. Besides, their tennis skills raised rapidly recently, for Aiko nobody was able to compete against her play, but everyone was surprised about Ruriko playing equally with her.

It is only a few minutes ago that their long practice game was over.

“But…but, something is strange?”

Among the tennis companions of the second year, the girl who doesn’t usually speak so much says it. As she urged the continuation of her words, everybody stares at her face.

“Because…isn’t it too abrupt? Entirely…. Even when it’s better for Aiko to have become good at tennis suddenly, her gentle and brightness changed…. Besides… this time Ruriko-senpai…. She came to the club today and we are all ignored at all…. Far from not talking, she didn´t look at us…?”

When saying so, Ruriko and Aiko have come together, they don´t talk to other members more than required and just talk to each other happily. They line up on the bench by two people and sit down and still talk happily, there seems to be an invisible barrier and nobody can enter in that.

Everyone tries to look at their way and consider something again. Happening in their surrounding, it feels like seeming to be some sign of not being good. There was one person approaching the 2 people then. It is Midou Kenichi who is the science teacher and the vice-advisor of the tennis club.

“Are you stupid? Can’t you read the air?”

“To belong under that atmosphere, to come over and being unable to read the situation…”

Ruriko and Aiko throw an aura to keep out another person clearly.

However, when the science teacher who approached on foot leisurely they talk only a few words, surprisingly those two nod to each other while being enchanted with their faces blushing, they stand up immediately and walk to him. Their faces have the expression like a young girl who is in love, which lets the students who see it imagine this hypothesis.


(No no no…there isn´t that…)

Vice-principal Usami doesn´t think that, even when the universe overturns, it’s impossible that those two beautiful girls flutter for the science teacher who doesn’t become clear. All the members deny the possibility immediately, Kenichi is unpopular so as to be hopeless for a general student.

“Then, practice is resumed…. Because Ruriko-senpai will keep accompany me”

“I’ll keep Aiko as partner. We do double so team up with someone”

As if a different switch was turned on, suddenly Aiko and Ruriko are absorbed in practice. The change that all is too sudden. So that some kind of invisible power totally acts.

Members prepare for the exercise while feeling that something is strange after all.

As for that only feeling with the senses of a human it isn´t able to perceive it, although a warning that a too slight sixth sense shot, nobody who was in this place was able to understand the meaning.

First year Rio Hasegawa, in a light pink leotard appearance for practice, sat on the bed in the school nurse’s office. A compress is bound on her ankle and a pain throbbing from there is caused.

She failed in a landing by the exercise in today’s rhythmic gymnastics club and twisted her ankle. It’ll be a sprain, but it would be painful and be swollen up tomorrow awfully.

She wants to go to a doctor as soon as possible when it becomes so, but unfortunately her parents aren´t at home today. Her father stays in New York because of his job leaving his family behind and her mother went to visit father for three days. Although a part-time housekeeper is at home, she has already gone home by now. Only her two older brothers are at home now.

So Rio is waiting for one person who´s club end in this school nurse office. When the club ends, the advisor of rhythmic gymnastics will bring her to the hospital by car, but she is supposed to be send home.

Her face which is totally deep like a foreigner is pretty and Rio warps by the pain of her ankle. That should be so Rio is a true half because her mother is a Caucasian. Long eyelashes frame her big and beautiful eyes and her white high nose surpasses that of Japanese.

She has a delicate body with long hands and feet. Cute Rio is 8 heads tall, with that enough she passes as a beautiful female model. For the practice, her lovely hair is tied up to twin tail in two places in her back.

(I have failed…but only because I saw that…)

The shocking scene that she has seen in daytime doesn´t get out from her head, it trailed her all the time today. The picture appears in her head at the time of exercise and she failed in her landing by her bad performance and has happened.

(But why…is Asakura-senpai doing such a thing…)

Today at break time, when Rio went to the fifth-floor restroom which was vacant with a friend, she heard the voice of a woman who groaned in the back private room. Rio thought what she should do for an instant, but called out to that person with her friend fearfully. Someone suffered and it wasn´t possible to leave her.

While her friend went to call a teacher, she heard the cry of a woman who raised a loud voice like an animal in the back private room. When she put her eyes on the gap of the door while throbbing and looked at the inside, there was the figure of a student who was pushed to the wall of the restroom and had convulsions fearfully there.

A man stood behind her and moved his waist slowly and it took several seconds for Rio who is a virgin to understand what happened. And almost at the same time when she understood the meaning, Rio saw the profile of the student.

In the ladies’ room where nobody was, the idol of the school had sex at break time. Rio still remembers the surprise and picture at that time clearly.

(Why…why, Asakura-senpai…)

Even if the clubs are different, Ruriko Asakura is an attractive woman for Rio too. Her results are excellent for a young lady of the upper class, she is an sports all-rounder, although she is the perfect schoolgirl who doesn’t have a vital spot of a fault like good-looking and her taking care of younger students is also good and kindly. The tennis club is the very best in this school in popularity, it may be said that Ruriko deserves the credit entirely.

Because of it, after Rio saw the attractive senpai being violated by a man from the bottom in the restroom and uttering a cry like an animal, she was surprised so as to be unable to stand up literally.

After Rio felt something she isn’t supposed to see and recovered from the shock, she just ran away from there. While returning to her classroom and remembering the witnessed situation, she was trembling by herself in fear.

(…A mistake? …aaa, I don’t know…)

After asking her friend later, she said that there was nobody anymore when she came back to the restroom with a teacher. Rio intended to speak about the scene which she witnessed at once and she wasn´t able to talk about the excessive fact after all. When that was a mistake, she would circulate a too awful rumor about the attractive Ruriko.

In that way Rio remembers the shocking daytime event again and she suffers mental anguish on the bed in the school nurse office.

Her little body is still developing even her chest and her slim body is so thin and her long hands and feet are marvelous. Rio has a immature body like fresh bud, she wears a pink leotard and tights which just stuck to her body, the smell after she sweat and the peculiar sweat of a girl mix from her whole body with milk and is thrown out which makes someone feel uncertain.

(So…so vulgar…)

With the sexual intercourse of a vivid man and woman, Ruriko raised an enjoyed voice like an animal. Since then, all the time in her mind, the memory of the sight and the hearing repeated over and over again.

16 years old Rio who had only sexual knowledge she got by a magazine, her body’s running out of control selfishly without even the understanding it can’t be stopped.


She is invited to the faint ache which tickles and she tries to stroke her shameful top covered by pink cloth with her hand. The way of using her hand becomes accustomed by the bad habit she remembered recently, a sweeter ripple than always that becomes numb extends around her waist.

“Aaa…it feels good…”

Because the door is closed, even when someone comes, it’ll be understood immediately by the tone.

Rio lay down on the bed which is hiding by a curtain, always before sleeping, in order to do it she starts using her fingers in earnest. When she strongly rubs it with her finger over the leotard, she is making her childish body act in excitement from the stimulation.


The sticky air filled in the school nurse’s office thickens heavily and something in it is being wrapped doubtfully. A black wicked thought aims at the play vigilantly, when there is a chance, even a little it attacks without mercy.

“Aaa…it feels good…”

Poured into her inner desire, the beautiful girl dressed in a leotard gradually made the movement of her finger intensely strong.

After that, how many times did she indulge in pleasure? She should be satisfied with it ordinarily when she received the acme once, but she isn´t satisfied at all today.


After Rio makes her childish sexual sense burn, she uses her finger intensely on her pink leotard. Her two thin fingers enter into her cloth between her thighs and she is meddling with the sensitive granulation. The scene from daytime which she saw spins around in her head and the voice of Ruriko still echoes through her ear.

When someone sees Rio who agonizes over the eyes of magic on the bed, that person would look away for the too shameful scene.

Around Rio´s body which is wrapped in the pink leotard, countless semitransparent tentacles twines. The mysterious tentacles which rise windingly, each of them is moving independently as if it has a will and coils themselves around the body of the young beautiful girl quickly. Especially around her chest and waist are crowded vast amount of it, they seemed to be rising timidly and be trembling with joy greedy from the play.

The blue light given off lightly like phosphorescence from her body, is polluted by the red tentacles so that it change the color, it is gradually changing to purple with a reddish tinge.

“Aa! Aa! Aagain! Again, itsuuuu!”

Rio shakes her young 16 years old body, when she was going to jump into the attack of the especially big acme, from the shadow of the school nurse’s office where no one should be there, a black big shadow attacked the body of the beautiful girl like a wolf.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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