Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 33


“During that time, I’m so sorry…”

“…Uuh, it is fine already…”

Today, how many times did he apologize already? Tomomi thinks he is really sincere and a good person.

Of course she was angry then, it is the past when one week passes in this way. In a private room for two people, inside were only she and this man. The man has heard from a friend that such an impulse wasn´t controlled. The one present can understand it.

Today in the morning for the preparation for the marriage, those two went out to many places. As for the selection of preliminary inspection and furniture of the new home, there is the case that she prospers infinitely to begin a life by two people newly.

The busy day is over and those two eat in a restaurant. The main dish is already over, too and they enjoy dessert and tea after the meal now at this place with a view of the night view. The darkness of the night conceals the dirty part of Tokyo and countless of stars are shining on the sky.

“…What’s with you? Akitoshi-san…”

Tomomi´s face is smiling she was compared with the flames of some candles on the desk beautiful and bewitching. Her fiancé Takada, who admired her face, swallowed his saliva unintentionally, because of her sex appeal. The lover who he saw for the first time after one week seemed to increase adult atmosphere somewhere.

Tomomi who is raised like a princess and doesn’t know anything about a man is 26 years old and she was a lady who still has the youth of a girl. Her eyes are filled with pure light that doesn’t know defilement and it was the cleanliness that seemed that she who went together with him became dirty.

She is slightly different and he sees it for some reasons today. Although he doesn’t clearly understand where she is different, her behavior or her expression, he feels the amorousness of a mature adult woman at casual time.

(It can’t mean that…it is impossible…)

Doubts pass through his head, but by any chance he denies it in a hurry. Tomomi his lover, who is really happy ahead of the marriage, won’t betray him and won´t do the act that destroys this happiness surely.

“…E..emm, you look good with a skirt”

“Haha, thank you..”

Tomomi says so and smiles.

It was always Tomomi, who liked to wear semi-long skirt which had a long length, the black miniskirt which also shows the shape of her hips clearly has been put on for today’s date. In the shape of the unexpectedly well-formed hips, he has admired it many times all day long today during the date. To the hips which the piece of cloth stuck to, a line of her panties with a bold design stands out clearly.

“And the blouse…somehow, gives the feeling of an adult woman…”

“Yes, because I was slightly childish until now, I wore a slightly different one…”

She also never wore such a blouse it was a sexy one with the slightly bold design. The dark purple blouse is also thin and the bra she is wearing below is transparent slightly. That reminds him, that the color of her lipstick is also darker red than usual.

She changed into an attractive figure and the magma of desire is welling up at the inside of his body.

They were fine until he brought her to a room in a hotel at the last date and he forgot his reason and attacked her while Tomomi could escape successfully. Afterwards, she ignored his mails and phone calls many times and it was until Friday that he finally got through to her.

“…A, you know…”

When I was going to begin to talk about what happened last time decisively, a melody rang in Tomomi’s small bag.

“My apologies for a moment…”

When Tomomi says so and take out her Smartphone, she confirms the screen and grins. To the expression not suited for the pure and innocent Tomomi, Takada is at a loss for words momentarily.


“I’m sorry, I must go already”

Tomomi puts her cup of tea which a sign of lipstick remains when she says so and tries to stand up with her bag abruptly.

“Wait for a moment…. No matter how you look at it, why so suddenly…”

Without taking notice of Takada who says so and is going to follow her, Tomomi just walks to the entrance of the restaurant and she got her jacket which she left with the bellboy.

“…What went wrong? That you suddenly need to go…”

Takada runs after her in a hurry and calls out to Tomomi from behind desperately.

“I’m sorry, my dad comes back home…. The other day, because I played until till late, he seems to become a worrywart a little”

She probably means from what happened last time. Takada can´t say anything more, now that she mentions the name of her father. Tomomi’s father is managing a big company and Takada intends to transfer to that company in the future, too. As a viewpoint of the husbands becoming a bridegroom, what the father of the woman who becomes the wife says is absolute.

“After this, a shop where w can listen to jazz was reserved…. If it’s fine for you…”

“… I’m sorry, I go home for today”

She smiles in her jacket with a grin. The thick smell of Tomomi drifts among the smell of her sweet perfume from her body.

“…So Akitoshi-san, thank you for the meal today, until next time”

Tomomi say so and leaves her wonder-stricken fiancé at the restaurant and she is walking quickly. The back figure that disappears to the elevator hall without looking back once, Takada had no choice but to see her off while standing.

The door opened after a few minutes when she pushed the chime of the room of the appointed hotel. After the male face which stood there is seen, Tomomi has a too dependent expression on her face.

“Aah…I wanted to see you…”

When she embraces the man who is in front while saying so, she snorts and pesters him for a kiss. After she opens her red lips with lipstick, she let her tongue waver and invite the man with that and the man puts her lips intensely as having become unbearable.


Tomomi receives the violent kiss joyfully while blowing out a weak breath from her nose. It becomes a heavy deep kiss immediately and they intertwine their tongues as always and give the saliva to each other. Just then her body is melting muddily by the act which has already finished being completely familiar.


The hips are groped from the miniskirt and Tomomi is impressed by the movement of the vulgar hand as well as that she becomes glad to feel strong greed for her body from this man. She embraces him to depend on his neck by her hands which she moved, while she gets rapturous and sucks male bold tongue up.

Flame of passion flares up early when she covets him in that way for a while, Tomomi shakes her waist and rubs the bottom of her panties against the male thighs. Her panties which became soaking wet by expectation while she came here already, because the surface is wet damply and the pants of the man seem to be stained.

“Aaah…Nooo…I feel it…”

While raising a weak voice when she separates her mouth, furthermore, she moves her waist and rubs it between his crotches. Her expression is enchanted and finishes melting away, when Takada sees her now, he will go mad for jealousy.

“After you come to this place in the middle of your date, is it okay for you?”

Midou Kenichi strokes and rubs her plump hips with his hands while grinning. The rump of the 26-year-old virgin puts on fat by semen of the Incubus poured in like every day all the while and it seems to increase her sexual feeling of a mature woman recently.

“Noo, that’s mean…. You would call me to come by a mail?”

The face of Tomomi, who laughs dissolutely, is polluted by the poison of the Incubus and she is completely amorous and it changes into a wicked thing. She left her fiancé and broke up their date, because she also has no hesitation to meet the capricious partner secretly in this room in a hotel in this way, rather she seems to transform her immorality and sense of guilt into dark excitement to feel thrilled.

“…It is, you already got soak wet…”

The mini skirt is rolled up and according to Kenichi’s word when he put his hand from her hips in her panty, this place of the young lady teacher was totally a flood with the honey liquid which overflowed.

“Aaah…even, I only thought about you, that I get so much wet…”

Tomomi protest it in a weak voice that boiled down sugar while biting the ear of the man indulgently.

“And after I say somehow, your fiancé is a bad person; did he do something to you?”

“No no, you are mean…. I don´t let that person do anything. I don´t even kiss him”

While she kisses his scruff like a rainstorm, she utters a cry which sounds hollow in excitement already. That time, the sobbing voice of a young woman was heard in the back of that room.

“…Aaa…stop it already…”

The voice is slender and seems to appeal for something and the sweet sound drowned, has mixed with pleasure at the same time, too. He just has heard it and it stimulates the sadism desire of the man, changing into a beast and he doesn´t waver and the hambone of Kenichi towers over the gasp voice of such a young girl with power.

A black wave spreads from his body immediately in all directions and it extends to this full suite. Although there isn´t an expansion of the wave like at school, but it becomes bigger than his house or other places.

As always the inside where the black wave also reaches, Kenichi understands it by his sharp perception very clearly. Air movement, temperature, sound, smell and personal details which are also there, with that he can totally grasp it like sonar radar.

(By all means in this room, does this black wave go out to a far place…?)

He felt interest in the size of the black wave changing in this place, his pair of trousers is groped by the female teacher with the pretty face and his idea is interrupted at once.

“Hey…will you start already? Let us go on the bed…or?”

She says so and Tomomi leads Kenichi by her hand while laughing. Tomomi let her long legs in high-heels intersect and she walks while waving her well-shaped hips, so that Kenichi is invited.

It was not thought just several weeks ago, she becomes hungry awakened to pleasure from sex and demand it from him.

“…Hahaha, no way. What is Asakura-san doing here…”

An unexpected person is found on the bed, Tomomi laughs, while being interested. She is famous so that at Ellis all girls school there is no one who doesn´t know her, brilliant and athletic, it was Ruriko Asakura`s outstanding figure lying on the bed. Ruriko sees Tomomi approaching her and her expression is blank surprise.

“Hii! ..Ho, Honda-sensei!! Nooo! Don´t look at me!”

Ruriko who was absentminded on the bed, moreover, she screams panicky because one person appeared.

“Tomo-chan is late…I have begun earlier” -Natsuki

“Uhuhu…Asakura-san is our newly joined companion…” -Aiko

Natsuki and Aiko who are dressed in their uniforms, although they’re couscous and laugh on the bed, they speak to the music teacher. Already repeat such a plural plays many times, they seem to be completely friendly to each other.

“Noooo! Release me! Honda-sensei, please help me!!” –Ruriko

Both hands of Ruriko in her uniform are fixed with handcuffs on the bed and she who looked downright shakes her head right and left intensely. The light pink bra which the front of her blouse exposes and she becomes really bare and her snow-white breasts have spilled out right and left from the bra cup. Probably Aiko and Natsuki would stick to it from right and left. Her pink nipples which were completely drawn out and sharp, they get wet and shine while they erect.

Moreover, Ruriko´s pretty face is misinterpreted because it looks like a drawn picture of a young lady, and she tries to escape desperately. However, both hands are tied to the bed with handcuffs, furthermore, she is held down from right and left by Natsuki and Aiko, so she can´t move.

“Hey, let’s continue”

When he makes the music teacher wait just like a mistress, he sits down on a sofa next to the bed and he orders the students who became his faithful slaves already.

“…Well, senpai I will make you comfortable…” -Aiko

“Aaa! It is unpleasant already! Stoop it!!” -Ruriko

When Natsuki and Aiko have a smile of a small devil and nod to each other, it is the admiration of all the students standing right and left “The butterfly wives of Ellis” it covers their bodies from right and left.

Ruriko is caressed by Natsuki and Aiko in this way on the bed since before Tomomi came over to this room, because she writhes to the given pleasure. It was about the day before yesterday that she was robbed of her virginity by Kenichi and was absent from school yesterday, because the shock. Although she went to school somehow on Saturday, like a beautiful butterfly which was just caught by a poisonous spider, her body and heart were stolen and she was brought to this hotel.

“Aaaa…in such a place…. Nooooo…” -Ruriko

The parts which are sensitive to a second grader combination completely good at the art of the lesbian are caressed, without the need that Kenichi uses the red tentacle, the pure hearted and pretty Ruriko who didn’t know the nature until the day before yesterday awakes her natural sexual feelings. The technique of lesbianism that is careful persistently so that even Kenichi is disgusted and the rich sensuality that she gradually had in her body is flourishing.

The evidence in the voice sound of denial compared to the ingredient of a sweet pleasure is deep and mixed already.

“Aah, bad boy. In such a place, you enjoy seeing a girl’s shameful appearance” -Tomomi

While looking at three uniformed high school girls intertwining with each other on the bed, Tomomi clings to the dear Kenichi and sits next to him on the sofa, while whispering and having been excited, too. Her figure which wiggles her thin body windingly and just snuggles up to Kenichi, she was like a lewd prostitute who totally starved for sex. Her slim body is wrapped in the blouse of the design which is stuck exactly and she gives off a body odor of a sweet mature woman from her whole body like pheromone.

Her appearance is like a lover who wants to seduce her man.

“Then, I’ll make this comfortable…”

When Tomomi turns down her face between the groin of Kenichi, staring into the indecent entwining of girls on the bed, she take downs his pants and takes out his dick by a really practiced way of using hands.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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