Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 31

Seize the virgin

Kenichi is sitting down on a chair and he was completely in seventh heaven because of the beautiful girl who kissed his thing. Anyway speaking of Ruriko Asakura, she is a celebrity at school everyone knows her, as to say she is the idol of this school.

(Oo…that Ruriko, kissing my penis…)

When it was the dull science teacher before he contracted with the Incubus, he would blow off gloomy desire without putting the tennis outfit and bloomers of Ruriko off.

After the hands of the so called idol of the school are tied up with a rope and she puts her mouth to his penis while half crying and sobbing. Ruriko becomes desperate while enduring the horror, her pink glossy lips slips and her awkwardness is intolerable for a brute person like Kenichi.

“What’s wrong? You still serve me and it doesn´t end yet…”


“Think that you lick ice cream and stretch out your tongue…”

Ruriko takes out her pink tongue as he said and puts it on the dark skin. The hardness of the meat stick is like steel and is being transmitted through her soft tongue.

(Aah, that is…)

Ruriko stretches out her tongue desperately with a really confused head and caresses it. She becomes accustomed to the body odor of the male that overcame by a feeling of sickness first, on the contrary, while she breathed it in into her chest, Ruriko was attacked by the sense that something in her awoke.

(It is large and quite hard…)

It was far beyond her imagination. Even her current knowledge is poor, because there was no recognition that the male thing is so huge and firm.

“So, that is…ou! I´m feeling good…”

When her lovely tongue wandered around his thing, Kenichi uttered a cry of pleasure. Ruriko hears the voice of Kenichi who she should hate is pleased and tastes around it persistently.


Every time her tongue rises, it can be felt that his dick reacts twitchingly, Ruriko gets rapturous unconsciously and he is immersed in her work. Then the love liquid overflowed from the huge tip and drifted along his trunk.

“Lick it…”

It isn´t Kenichi who said it and Ruriko licks voluntarily with her tongue and takes it. A bittersweet taste spreads in her mouth and came to gradually let her mind become numb.


Ruriko is in inverse proportion with lost reason and the act which should be done reluctantly is heating up gradually by itself. She doesn´t notice it by her, but her legs which raised her knees delicately move and her waist turns a little. While seeing the break state of Ruriko, Kenichi sits down on a chair and he laughed with his eyes at the sight of Aiko who lay at full length on the floor.

Ruriko knees on the floor of the locker room at the pool, her hands are tied behind her back and she licked the dick of the science teacher clean with her mouth. When he sees only the spectacle, this lovely girl performs this naughty act willingly. Actually, the work which should be unpleasant until a while ago heats up completely by now and she sucks eagerly the meat stick which released semen. Her cheek flushes lightly and it was clear that the girl came into heat while licking his thing, when he saw it from the side.

Kenichi is satisfied with the licking and sucking from the immature virgin for a while and he has a smile that seems to be pleased. Though it is not bad to violate the virgin who dislikes it either, but it is particular to see her figure moving from her own. The blue aura rising from Ruriko´s body hardly changes color. Kenichi can take out the red tentacles and make her become excited anytime, but almost nothing is being done this time. However, this honor student licks this dick voluntarily and becomes selfish. Kenichi confirms the rich sensuality that Ruriko hides and a gossip can’t stop to loosen naturally.

“Kuku, you are very eager…”

“…Aah… I don´t like it…”

It was pointed out so by Kenichi and Ruriko comes to have been startled by her act again and separates her mouth in a hurry. A saliva string expands and shines between the dick and her lips.

“But, no matter how much time passes as it is extremely unlikely to stop..”


To Ruriko with poor sex knowledge, what Kenichi demands from her can be understood. He demand a hotter act and direct stimulation.

“If you don´t do it, as it is I plunge into your vagina…”


When she raises a sorrowful voice and stares at Kenichi reproachfully, Ruriko stares at the mass of huge meat again. Though she thinks that this huge one doesn’t seem to fit into the interior of her womb, nevertheless it is likely not to fit into her mouth completely either.

(If I don´t do it…)

She needs to let him ejaculate by all means necessary, if it doesn’t satisfy him, Aiko and she are deprived of their virginity. When she makes up her mind, Ruriko opens her mouth and kisses the tip of his thing. Ruriko sips and drinks the love liquid from the tip of the dick and she holds it in her mouth which becomes very tight.


The hugeness of his dick which extends her mouth by force so as to be overwhelmed, Ruriko tightens her lips desperately while her eyes become full of tears. She doesn´t know who taught her and she just moves her neck up and down slowly.

“Oooh! Good…. Use your tongue too…”

While violating the throat of the beauty, Kenichi raises a voice that seems to be satisfied with the fellatio from Ruriko. Ruriko who is a virgin of course did her best in this place, but there is also no possibility which can make Kenichi who has the power of Incubus ejaculate.

That’s a hopeless act. However, Ruriko shakes her neck eagerly.

(Huhu, I give my best…)

After the mouth was used much until Ruriko admitted her defeat just as it is, because a delicious virgin is obtained, it is something like the hors d’oeuvres of a luxurious dinner now.

(And I think that considerable feelings have also come out…..)

It is clear that the beautiful high school student is gradually excited without Kenichi using magic. Her eyes which closed her long eyelashes are dyed pink and her waist shakes slightly and moves waveringly. Probably her nipples are sharp and firm and cut the stiffness in her bra, her vagina also, the licentious flower would be opened at the inside of her panty. Kenichi looks at Ruriko who makes her cheeks narrower, breathes in and put it up and he released again his love liquid in her mouth.

While Ruriko swallows the semen of the Incubus which was released into her mouth many times and she wasn´t able to suppress the gradually melting of her reason. Her head seems to have become numb vaguely, Ruriko performed an indecent act with the science teacher in the locker room of the pool and she lacks in sense of reality and seems like a daydream.

At the same time, a certain dark greed begins to spring out from her and it undermines her beautiful heart and body. Though Ruriko knows what masturbation is, but the lust of another dimension spouts from the interior of her body with it. She is undermined by the magic that Kenichi´s penis emits and the body of the school idol arranges the preparation to become the sacrifice of the Incubus.

30 minutes pass after Ruriko already begins the indecent service. Meanwhile, she performed a way of much more severe neck, but it was the limit soon. Originally Ruriko only has the huge dick in her mouth, because she nearly dislocates her jaw, when she just moves it all the time and her painful barrel is indeed extraordinary.

Ruriko is between the goaded drive and the instinctive fear deprived of her virgin up to now and she endured the pain desperately. However, even as for her physical strength and willpower that she trained with the club and she has a limit naturally.


She can´t endure it after all and Ruriko liberates from his thing. Thick saliva drips down from it and Kenichi’s thing and around Ruriko’s mouth become sticky.

“What’s wrong? Already end or …”


Ruriko sits down in the place while being drenched with sweat and being dead tired with turning down her face. Thoughts aren´t gathered in her mind and she keeps panting and can´t give an answer.

“Then, as promised, I get your virginity…”

“Aa…please don’t do it…”

She waves her face sorrowfully, without the possibility she can permit by such thing originally, Ruriko is feeling hopeless with her chest painted out blacking inside and she stared at Kenichi standing up from the chair in silence.

When Kenichi pushes down Ruriko on the floor and he handles her body and makes her slender legs open readily. Her ankle with the black knee socks and she opens her crotch and exposes everything between it.

“No! Stop it! ”

When the time comes she acted violently, in spite of such slender power, Kenichi puts his head in the skirt of her uniform and his face is drawn between her open groin. There a thick and mellow lewd fragrance from the beautiful girl is set free. To see the state of this place, the rapist grins.

“Haha, what. Asakura…. You may be excited, too..”


“What is the unpleasant thing? You are completely wet and love liquid overflows from your panty”


After Ruriko knows the state of her body that she is embarrassed and she waves her face which become deep red. However, as reality from the interior of her womb, a large quantity of body fluid as she can´t take it in with her blue panty gushes out and she gets wet at her thighs in obscenity and it shines. He breathes in the thick lewd odor of the beautiful girl to into his chest and raises a groan voice with the interior of his throat. For the owner with a sexual perversion like Kenichi, the aroma that the virgin shoots is a stimulant superior to anything.


Kenichi who’s excitement wasn´t held down and he sucks at the firm thighs of Ruriko. The love liquid which sticks to the softest part overflows while Kenichi licks and he makes a dark red kiss mark to insist that this is his possession.

“Hiiiii! Noooo! I want you to stop it!!!”

Ruriko squeezes her throat and screams. When he completely licks the inner thigh of both sides clean, he stares between Ruriko´s groin that becomes lively again from the front. The panty which she dressed up is a little appropriate for her age and it got soaking wet and stuck viscidly to the shameful part of Ruriko now.

“Hahaha…. Your panty is stylish. It is a brand-name product”

“…Aaa.. don´t look at it…”

It contains the logo of a famous designer brand, although a high school student wears it on her body, it was expensive. However, Ruriko with features to be precocious looks good with such a design.

“Which the pussy of the school idol is good taste and match”

“…I don´t like it… stop it…”

While Kenichi hears the scream that the beautiful girl raises pleasantly, like a hungry wolf, he grabs between the crotches of Ruriko.

“Ahiiiiii!! Hiiiiiii!”

Though she even becomes deep red and feels embarrassed, still in the abnormal pleasure by which Ruriko wells up from the crotch, it was tossed like the leaf which floats during a wave. While a long tongue enters between her panty and her thigh so that Ruriko is surprised and when it was moved skillfully, she squeezed her throat and raised a voice of pleasure. The tongue pierces the girl’s vital point adequately as if it is a living thing and Ruriko who should hate Kenichi raises a voice of joy each time.

“Ah, ah, ah… don´t put it there!”

When his tongue teases the projection of the clitoris, it is hundreds of times more pleasure then when she masturbates by herself, while boiling over and spilling love juice of a large amount of quantity from her womb depths, a dazzling richly-colored orgasm is tasted.

“Hiuuuu! Ahiiii!”

It’s tossed by Kenichi’s tongue, but it remains and Ruriko makes her body wind on the cold floor and agonizes herself away. Her body demands further pleasure at the same time as her reason gradually fades, she shows even the movement that raises her waist by herself when Kenichi´s tongue gets into the secret hole and tempts into the depths.

As for letting the sensitive high school student who is absorbed in enjoyment by the skill of his tongue, it is now an easy job for the excellent Incubus to draw out the woman’s pleasure. When he took enough time and licked up the secret part, Kenichi gave a face as having been finally satisfied. The circumference of the mouth are wet and shined with the body fluid of Ruriko and saliva of Kenichi to wet light, even the head of the nose is wet. Meanwhile, Ruriko was pushed up many times to the climax and she enjoyed herself in a beautiful voice while shaking her whole body fearfully and cried.


When he looks at Ruriko who is dead tired and gets teary eyes, Kenichi laughs thinly, Ruriko´s panty is removed sideward, and he exposes it to fresh air between the crotch of the virgin which completely get wet. Ruriko is dead tired and both her reason and her rebellious spirit are already worn down. Still when Kenichi applies the tip of his huge thing there, her body twists.

“Aaa… Oh, please…teacher…stop it…”

Ruriko tries to look at Kenichi and clings to the last mercy with her round pupils like just before the fawn is shot with a gun. However, her figure is in the same way as conventional beautiful girls and she only let Kenichi´s dark desire burn.

“Hahaa, I make you my woman today…”

Kenichi laughs wickedly. His face is seen to be reflected with red pupils and Ruriko´s pure heart is painted out with her purities blacking it by despair.

“Ahiii! Ouch! Ouch! Stoooopp it!!”

For the shame ache that his terrible huge thing extends the first passage by force, the young lady complains of pain while crying in sorrow. When it is shallow and buries it, there is resistance once there, Kenichi puts it in and out several degrees more shallowly to regret the remaining influences, his meat stick is thrust quickly by a cruel use of the waist.

“Higuuuuuuuuuu! Hiiiiiiiiii!”

Acute pain of puberty that goes through Ruriko’s whole body.

For the pain as if all the nerves which became bare were cut, Ruriko bends her body and reacts. That was intenser than every kind of pain felt up to now and was a sharp pain. Ruriko thought that her body might be split in surplus pain for her as it is.

“Higiiiiiii! Hiiiiguuuuuuu!!”

She shakes her head right and left badly and roll it up while squeezing her throat and screaming. Anyway the virgin´s vagina is being broken and torn off now, even a prostitute would complain about the pain create from this monster size.

(Ouou…this face which cries and yells… it’s intolerable…)

Kenichi sees Ruriko’s beauty warping with pain and is intoxicated with the conquest sense while chuckling. As for Ruriko’s beauty which carries the name school idol, even if she is warped in pain, her beauty is eternal.

(Hehee, the incubus is pleased about virgin blood, too….)

The incubus who became a part of Kenichi´s body is the surface of his penis, the virgin meat of Ruriko coils tightly, and it will be what he tastes while slobbering. The evidence is the part with the black bruise and something like black energy is produced and it circulates through the whole body of Kenichi.

That Incubus fully tastes the good flavor of Ruriko´s puberty more, the beautiful high school student is kept down on the cold floor of the locker room and it began to move the waist slowly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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