Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 29

Trap of Incubus


On the top floor of the school building in the inmost room a uniformed beautiful girl sits down on the desk and she greatly opens her legs. The face of the beautiful girl turns red and she flushes as having been bashful by shyness and excitement. While the beautiful girl sitting down on the desk chuckles joyfully, she greatly opens her legs in front of a middle-aged man sitting down on a chair. Because she sits down on the desk, the thigh of the girl is spreading in front of the man sitting down on a chair directly. The middle-aged man buries his face in the red checked miniskirt and he enjoys the heavy smell between the thighs of the beautiful girl.

“Ah, no, sensei…like that if you are going to do so it isn´t good…. Because Aiko’s vagina doesn’t run away…”

The beautiful girl sticks her tongue out and licks around her mouth, it’s unthinkable that she can giggle erotically. She pats the head of the middle-age teacher who buries his face in her pink panty. After her well-shaped and carefree legs are opened to the fullest, the middle-aged man between them, she is like a stripper girl.

“How is it teacher? Were any violations of school regulations found…?”

“Aah, I have to check it more”

Kenichi buries his nose in the pink panty and breathes in the shameful smell of the beautiful girl into his chest.

“It’s good…. I’d like to check Aiko’s vagina carefully from corner to corner…”

In the science preparation room at lunch break, Aiko indulges in shame behavior with Kenichi. Using this science preparation room in the depths of the top floor that nobody usually visits, Kenichi uses it for the immoral sexual act with the beautiful girls and the female teacher exclusively. Kenichi pushes his nose through the panty against Aiko´s vagina, when Aiko raise a sweet scream and his superb thing pulses and erect more and more.

“Ahuu…. Teacher`s thing is…very energetic….Only as for yesterday that it was taken out in the butt hole of Tomo-chan…”

Another voice was heard from under the desk. Between the open groin of Kenichi was Natsuki holding her position and does the fellatio on the erected dick with the skillful use of her mouth.

“For the smell of Aiko´s pussy, you have gotten excited…uhuhu…”

She says so and her lovely lips are narrowed, she put it over the erected dick and she caress it while rubbing her tongue persistently. The high school girl who acquired a dissolute technique that would make a prostitute ashamed, she seems to love it very much and holds up the sexual organ of Kenichi which was made to be completely familiar before her eyes and she uses both her hands as well as her mouth skillfully and caress it.

Though Kenichi entrusts his thighs to Natsuki’s hot mouth, he breathes in the heavy smell of Aiko into his chest, he enjoyed the immoral sexual act with the beautiful girl as always. After the virgin was deprived by Kenichi, he has ejaculated many times in the interior of the womb up to now and the body and the sexual organ of Aiko begin to mature in age unsuitably. Therefore from the time when her smell was a virgin, it changed into a pheromone smell tempting a man slowly. Because she is at the age which has high metabolism, the thighs of the beautiful girl who got sweaty in the panty from this morning and the dense aroma spread out so that it makes Kenichi’s mind numb.

“Noo…you mustn´t see it…”

After having fully enjoyed the abundant fragrance, Kenichi removes her panty sideward and exposes her shameful part, Aiko`s face reddens and she also twists her body. However the truth is she has been excited and her thick love liquid overflows from the inside of her body.

“What is it Kawashima…..Has it already got wet just from being seen”

“No, don’t look at it…”

However contrary to her words, Aiko expands her thighs more and she pushes out her waist to look good for Kenichi. It doesn’t suit her pretty face and Aiko is the owner of an abnormal lust to feel pleasant for such an exposure play among the female slaves of Kenichi.

“This is a serious violation of the rules. Don’t be suspected of an obscene activity…”

While saying so with a joking tone, Kenichi who knows everything about the propensity of Aiko catches the floral nectar which overflowed with his tongue in no time.


Her body can’t be supported anymore and Aiko thrusts both her hands behind and supports her upper body.

“Haha, the taste is also very strong….Don’t you think that you are only naughty at home?”

“Aah, No…teacher did Aiko so much….I only thought about teacher and now my vagina gets wet…”

To the voice with a lovely remainder, Kenichi loses control of himself and sticks between Aiko’s groin.


While letting a different pretty student have his thing in her hot mouth during lunch break, Kenichi fully and thoroughly enjoyed the taste between the crotch of the high school girl.

“Ah, Teacher…it is delicious…” -Natsuki

“Ahem….But you’re still fine…uhuhu…” -Aiko

After tasting enough from Aiko’s bittersweet vagina Kenichi sits on the sofa and enjoys the double fellatio from Aiko and Natsuki. After raping Aiko and Natsuki in turns, he ejaculated in Aiko’s lovely mouth to his heart’s content at the end. A large quantity of sperm is lodged in her mouth and Aiko swallows it desperately, while Natsuki slurped and drank the rest. Thus, every time they are made to drink Incubus´s seed, the beautiful girls strengthen the degree of the intoxication and adoration more and more.

“Hey teacher… when do you taste Asakura-senpai?” -Aiko

In addition Aiko whispers it while putting her tongue on the stem way persistently.

“Is Asakura-senpai, the one of the tennis club?” -Natsuki

“Yes, the next target…uhuhu…” -Aiko

She dissolutely laughs at Natsuki because it is heard. Two people sit down in front of Kenichi who sits on the sofa and their faces are drawn right and left to his dark erected penis. Two people who stretched out their long tongues lick it from the root and raise it and they rub slimy saliva on it. Their expressions are enchanted and their indecent service become already really familiar for both.

“Is that so….Asakura-senpai will also join us…”

It is no wonder that Natsuki says so. Speaking of Ruriko Asakura, she is a celebrity as there isn´t anyone who doesn´t know her and she is a attractive person. She has a graceful beauty and her results are excellent. She is an outstanding athlete, belonged to the tennis club and in the inter-high school competition she made it to the best 16. Furthermore, she is from a former financial group which is a distinguished family to the extent which is attached and she is wise and beautiful like she is the super female high school student. There are a lot of things for which she yearns for like a star in the underclassman, too and Attention is collected with slightest effort.

Such Ruriko, who can be called the school idol, is imagined to become Kenichi’s sex slave like them and the two devilish girls grin while licking and raising the erection. Last night, Aiko faced Ruriko in the club room of the tennis club, while Kenichi was violating the back hole of the music teacher distantly in this remote science preparation room, he understood it from the “power” he obtained from the Incubus.

Ruriko is dangerous. She perceives that the change of Aiko is sudden and unnatural and she will see through that it is the cause of the science teacher sooner or later. Kenichi must take measures first. It was the conclusion that Kenichi and Aiko put out.

“Hey…by all means, how do we handle Asakura-senpai?”

“Haha…do you want to know? Actually…”

Aiko confessed the plan to rape Ruriko to Natsuki who asks.

“Huhuhu, it seems to be interesting! Please tell me the result later, too…”

The wicked plan is carried out today.

Today after school Ruriko, who finished the class and brought herself to come to the tennis club before going home. She closely refrains from the university examination, because she retired from the tennis club too and it wasn´t the case that particularly she has a special reason. But her state was strange recently and she intended to confirm the state of Aiko Kawashima who was the new captain.

(How thoughtless from me…it is childish…)

Yesterday is recalled and Ruriko blushes while walking. Last night, she has been enraged madly surprisingly for her. As if she was manipulated by someone. Aiko Kawashima a second year student, who is Ruriko´s kouhai and Ruriko favored in particular. Her quality excelled others in spite of what began from a high school student and Ruriko thought that she is probably one talented person who only appears every several decades. In fact Aiko, who became strong in no time and has won the championship on the other day at the metropolitan competition in the singles. Besides, it was the complete victory that didn´t have all game possibility of danger and Ruriko was expecting that Aiko can reach the national tournament.

But on the other hand, Aiko´s attitude in the club and at the school has changed completely. Though her character was cheerful and brightly, liked by everyone before, she has an atmosphere that is cold and distant slightly now and she also has become silent extremely. The dramatic change also appeared in club activities, she was the model leader who encouraged everyone before and inspired and now she associates with nobody and goes through self-conceit. Her tennis play is so transparent in an ironical way that it feels threatening and she becomes strong so that Ruriko is already no match.

(I thought so…Kurosawa-san….At the same time, Midou-sensei is weird…)

Ruriko that insight is sharp suspects that there are two people behind the change.

One is always together with Aiko recently, second year student Natsuki Kurosawa. The other one is the vice-adviser of the tennis club, Midou Kenichi who is the science teacher who feels something in his eyes exchanged with Aiko casually in case of club activities. There are no decisive evidences yet, but she intends to check it by herself sometime soon. If there is the cause that Aiko became like this two people, she intended to stop the association with her.

(I will help you…)

Ruriko murmurs so by herself and there are also no ways, she noticed that she is already captured by the magic of the incubus. She begins to walk toward the tennis court when she leaves the school building. Ruriko on the way to the court, she happened to pass by the front of the old school building which isn’t used and she had a feeling that she heard something like a groan of someone.


To the ear of Ruriko who halted instinctively, a groaning and crying voice is carried by the wind. When it keeps getting nearer to Ruriko, the voice begins to gradually become clear.

“No, nooo…se, sensei…”

Ruriko was stunned and stopped in the place. It’s just a young girl, it was the scream that was mixed with feeling embarrassed, sad and painful. Curiosity becomes dominant than fear, when Ruriko pulls herself together again and is approaching cautiously and she hears the voice somehow or other from the locker room at the pool which is next to the old school building.

(In such a place who…)

She doesn´t know when it is summer but from the building where everyone shouldn’t get close in now when autumn also deepened, the sob of a girl continues.

“I need help…someone…”

Ruriko was startled by the voice and shrugged her body. Somebody whom there is inside calls for help clearly.

(What…what should I do…?)

While feeling the beating of her throbbing chest, after she hesitated for a while, Ruriko opened the door of the locker room made with simple prefabrication. Fortunately, the steel door opens without a sound and in the space Ruriko opened she let her body slide through it. Ruriko is originally someone that has a strong sense of justice, in addition her philanthropic mind is strong because she spent her childhood in the United States and it is the property that she can´t give off when there is a person who is in trouble.

The locker room which was wet and dark had the smell of sodium hypochlorite and mold and the shoe cupboard is put at the front where she entered and there are no cases that the inside is seen from there. There is a dressing room behind the shoe cupboard, were the undressing lockers stand in a row on both sides. There is a door which leads to the shower room in the inside and it seems that she is hearing a whimper from the back of the shoe cupboard which isn’t seen from Ruriko’s eyes.

“Aah, stop it…sensei…. It is shameful…”

Ruriko heard the voice clearly this time. Apparently, there is a girl with the person, who is called a teacher, something right suspicious seeming to be done now, Ruriko who didn´t have so much knowledge as a virgin understood.

(What will I do…)

Ruriko, who intended to go to get help at once, needs to know what is performed at the other side of this shoe cupboard so she can inform someone.

(For now, I make sure what is being done over there…)

When Ruriko determines it so, she approaches the edge of the shoe cupboard slowly and peeped with her face quietly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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