Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 27

Slavery of body and mind

“Hey, come with your mouth forward…”


Kenichi said so and when Tomomi turned around to look back he snatched a kiss.


That way we do a thick deep kiss like lovers who love each other and tie our tongues together so that both drink the saliva from the other. Because Tomomi´s throat is dried, the saliva which flows is drunk like a traveler who arrived at an oasis in a desert. While being held from behind by the arms of Kenichi in lukewarm hot water, Tomomi becomes distrait since a while ago in the large bathtub of the love hotel. Her well-shaped C cup chest is groped by Kenichi and she twists her body, when she feels that her erected nipples are played with skillfully.

“Aaaa….it is unbearable…”

When it becomes painful and the mouth is removed a delighted voice leaks unconsciously. Her voice echoes in the bathroom, as she is a music teacher, her voice was clear and very beautiful, but it was sensual and lewd at the same time.

“Don´t…do it any longer, without attaching it…”

Her white and slim scruff is sucked when a kiss mark is attached and she dislikes it with a sweet voice unwillingly. It is already attached many times and innumerable dark red marks are scattered there so as to be abnormal. No, it isn’t only the scruff. The property marks which Kenichi made, has been left at many places on Tomomi´s body.


The waist moves to the disliked rhythm, the stimulation made from the bottom of her body runs up her backbone. The sweet pleasure that Tomomi has been made to taste many times up to now today, lets her voice finish melting away indulgently.

“Haha, Ms. Honda it seems you really feel pleasant…”

“Aaa…it is embarrassing…”

While carrying the finest woman’s body which Kenichi obtained newly from behind completely in the bath of the love hotel, he laughs thinly. His huge meat stick pierces to the interior and it remains sticking in the anus of Tomomi. Tomomi´s backdoor is put into an extreme state of sexual excitement by the red tentacles, it is her first anal sex and she indulges in pleasure greedily and the swallowed huge meat stick is squeezed up to the very limit. The intestinal wall clings to the penis tightly as if her anal sphincter tears off the root with far superior muscular strength than her vagina hole.


This is the first anal sex for Kenichi and he almost slobbers from the good flavor different from a vagina. In the rectum of the beautiful female teacher, his huge dick has the power to lift up.

“Aaa…again…again what the heck no…I´m cuuumming!”

Tomomi is being blinded by the ecstasy from the anal coitus which is exciting. Become to keep on living since a little while ago and it is easily pushed up by little stimulation to the top. Her determined release is energy, which flows into Kenichi´s body. It lets the cells on Kenichi´s whole body activate and becomes a small gem, which is being drawn in by the black bruise on his penis before long.

“Hiiii!! Aaa, again, agaain!!”

His dick becomes more energetic and erect again. As for the music teacher who by the stimulation has entered plateau state of the anal coitus peculiar climaxed, her body shook timidly and the stet is continued. Tomomi is already messed up by the stimulation in her head and no other things are being considered any more.

(The reason is because her anus is developed slowly and carefully…)

While Kenichi snatches the energy of Tomomi who continues living incessantly, Tomomi´s white body which trembles timidly in the hand is hugged. Before obtaining “power” of the Incubus, the unattainable object that Kenichi couldn’t get but to look at it from far away, he can covet it in this way to every corner. Kenichi already came to this love hotel and has released his wicked energy once in intestine. He is used to suppress Tomomi who cries out, as if it is painful and she has pain, he raped the virgin of the back gate with her hips raised while she is on all fours.

It was also so at the time with Aiko, but Kenichi who contracted with the incubus seems to have some special “power” in his semen. It was Tomomi, who increased the blood in her tawny wrinkle and complained of pain, but the pain disappears when semen is poured in the rectum and she is now completely crazy about the dubious pleasure. The magic of the incubus has recovered from laceration by the semen.

The anal virginity is seized afterwards he embraced Tomomi who was dead tired from the anal acme and moved to the bathroom. Tomomi is completely at the mercy of Kenichi at that time, she even made the bubble dance like soapland hostesses by using her body as ordered. (Tl note: Soapland is a special brothel where hostesses bath together with the customer or make the bubble dance which is to clean the body of the customer)

“Hey, have you done masturbation? Play with yourself”


While shaking her face right and left, Tomomi stretches out her fingers in the hot water and begins to play with herself. Usual she performed this act secretly in her bed in her room and she shakes her whole body for the stimulation to perform for Kenichi under coercion fearfully in this way.

(Unbearable… it is unbearable…aaa…I feel really good…, damn it feels so good…)

While playing with her bottom, her body is held by Kenichi. However her body that blazed up in that situation by the desire runs out of control and she can´t stop herself from masturbating. Of course the red tentacles expand from Kenichi’s body while she is doing so and they encroach on the aura centering on the part of Tomomi’s back hole.

“Ah more…it is wonderful! Again, again I feel so goood! Aaaah! Cum cum cum! What the heck noooo!! Cuuuuummming!!!”

The stimulation of the clitoris triggers it and Tomomi squeezes her throat in ecstasy of the best life and is drowned. The dick of Kenichi that occupies the backdoor is stimulated from among her body and it lets her whole body have convulsions in the hot water fearfully and exclaim.

(Aaa…I already…become like that…)

As shown in the future, only black darkness is reflected in Tomomi´s eyes which opened brightly. Tomomi who is dead tired in the bathroom, from the back of Tomomi left unattended in the bedroom, the ringtone of her Smartphone resounded indefinitely.

Wednesday, today is the day when Tomomi goes to Ellis all girl´s high school. Tomomi who works as a part-time teacher, goes to other high schools on Monday and Tuesday and from Wednesday to Friday she teach at Ellis all girl´s high school.

(Aaa…what shall I do…?)

She was so in the commuter train, In front of the staff room before opening the door the throbbing of her heart had culminated. Is that fear or excitement, feelings that even Tomomi doesn´t understand are rolling of the whirlpool in her chest, anyway others also hear the sound from her pulsing heart.

After she made up her mind and opened the door, she went straight to her seat while saying hello in a low voice. She takes her seat hastily while deciding to be conscious and not to look around. Her heart still is throbbing and she has settled down at last a little when the bag is put. The reason is understood and it is the fault of the science teacher that her heart is throbbing so unnatural. The man who´s existence was ignored like air until the other day is hijacking the thought of Tomomi completely.

Looking at the seat of that man, Tomomi know that he hasn´t come yet and she breathes a sigh of relief. Of course because she knew that Kenichi came to the very limit at time, because she has gone out rather early in the morning today as it’ll be proper so.

(But…but what kind of face should I have when we meet…?)

Now it is good, sooner or later as for adjusting the face Tomomi isn´t wrong. Anyway she may meet him at this staff room and other places because he is also a teacher of this school.

(I…I…what can I do…)


Sunday three days ago, Tomomi remembers the indicated foolery and she becomes embarrassed that fire seems to break out from her face.

When she quarreled with her lover and met Kenichi by the downtown area she was walking, she was fascinated by his reliability like the knight when he protected her from a ruffian and she had entered the love hotel while being invited by him. As if Takada who is her lover has been forgot completely and she had an affair.

It was repeated in the love hotel, the lewd act that Tomomi remembered and feel embarrassed that she wants to die. She licked the body of Kenichi and she held the ugly dick in her mouth and sucked it, finally her rectum was pierced with Kenichi´s unbelievable huge thing and she indulged in ecstasy many times.

(Why…why did I do such an act…)

Her white and slim body bends and indulged to every corner and it was past 2:00 AM that Tomomi was freed. In other words she stayed in the love hotel between Kenichi´s thing endlessly for five hours and she repeated the act with the science teacher that she could never tell her lover.

Meanwhile, the science teacher was once inside Tomomi´s mouth, he released his smelly semen two times in her backdoor and Tomomi indulged in ecstasy to the extent she couldn’t count. Finally when Kenichi released semen in her rectum, she has fainted from the intensity of the excessive pleasure. Many times apology mails and phone calls came from Takada, but Tomomi was scared and didn´t answer. Though Takada seemed to have misunderstood that Tomomi was still angry and Tomomi was confused by her act so that her mind wasn´t smart enough to find a solution.


However Tomomi is really worrying, the desire of her body according to the lewd dream which repeat every night is an ache. In fact the penile touch that I had in my mouth in the dream that I saw still remains in a mouth this morning and the residue of the thickness and heat sticks to her anus. A throb and the still aching mucous membrane of her back hole, even when she walks on the road, on the train, in her house, it continued disturbing Tomomi all the time.

Kenichi opened the door entirely at that time and came into the staff room. Tomomi, who has seen the face directly, feels that her entire body becomes hot suddenly in an instant.


At that moment her backdoor is hurting, her lines that she babbled out many times do a refrain in her ear.

[I…I’m Kenichi’s meat slave…]

In the love hotel the words that she was made to promise even in her dream, Tomomi is restricted totally like she is under a spell. While the teacher prepares for the first period in the staff room, Tomomi vomits a large amount of love liquid in her panty and she fell into ecstasy with rapture while staring at the face of Kenichi.

When afternoon classes’ end and club activities are completed too, the students left one by one and the school also becomes empty. Especially nobody visits the hallway of the fifth floor that is the top floor, the footsteps of Tomomi who sound on the linoleum floor and it seems to echo in the silent inside of the school as an awfully loud sound. Tomomi went to the science preparation room while her heart is throbbing.

Nevertheless, Tomomi recently noticed that her physical condition is good. Originally she was sickly and her body was weak, but she is in a much better condition recently.

(As for this…it is the cause of Mr. Midou’s thing…)

As for what happened when Tomomi reconsidered it, it is after she began to have a physical relationship with the science teacher. Especially, when she received semen in her mouth and the interior of her womb, something entered her body and she thinks that her condition is made and changed by it.

In addition to the change of her physical condition, the contents of her body have been completely changed too. She abnormally feels that the spray of the shower appears between her nipples and groin and she has uttered a cry and has agonized herself.

Tomomi indulged in the masturbation unconsciously and felt pleasure for a while. The desire for the penis runs at once through her whole body, in this situation she realized that it could be never settled. But at the same time it isn’t her white and long fingers which play the piano that can heal it, she kept on blaming herself until she became dead tired on Sunday, but only the dick of Kenichi can do it. Tomomi has completely become the captive of the science teacher.

(Aah…I can’t endure it anymore…)

Her desire was suppressed desperately since this morning, but it has been already the limit. She wants that Kenichi blocks up the aching in the interior of her womb with his stout thing as soon as possible. This morning she only saw his face for an instant at the staff room, a thrilling sensation that runs through her body and it is to the extent she met with a light acme. If there is nobody around, she might have followed that man like that in the morning. Only 2 days they just didn´t meet and her greedy body has finished being dried already.

(Possibly he didn´t return yet…)

Tomomi confirmed that Kenichi will stay on the campus from the attendance note and such an uneasiness flashes across her mind for an instant. She can´t control her lust which runs out of control, she advance her feet and go across the hallway unconsciously and she hurry to the science preparation room on the end of the hallway.

Her steps are like a young girl meeting her longtime lover. When she breathes deeply in front of the door, she tends to hesitate and knocks. She came here like the other day and she noticed that she had no business in particular.

“Yes, please”


Reasons come to don´t matter at the moment and Tomomi open the door of the preparation room and go inside.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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