Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 26

Love hotel

A man and woman sit down on the bed and exchange deep passionate kisses. While they wear clothes they embrace their body’s closely and they covet the lips of each other and repeat it.

“Aaa…what is it…”

Why did this happen. When Tomomi starts to say so, her lips are robbed again and her head becomes distrait. Her tongue is sucked and she is made to drink saliva and her whole body becomes numb and sweet because of drunkenness different from alcohol. It is totally the poison of the devil.

The hand of the man grope her chest that swelled out from the white dress the woman wore, and dark pleasure is spreading over her body from which she doesn´t know the impurity like ripples from there.

“Not good…stop it…Mr. Midou…”

She suffers and entreats instinctively, but for some reason she has no strength. She raged severely when she was attacked by her lover, she met a little while ago and she can’t seem to have any resistance.

Moreover, she was made drinking muddily saliva. Her head becomes white each time and her mind is absent.

(Aaa…it is not good…)

If the caress is deepened further, she is able to do it. She makes the efforts to the hand that moved to her body and clings and she unexpectedly understood that the body of the science teacher is stout.

(However…Mr. Midou is great…. Really amazing…)

Tomomi remembers a little while ago and her whole body becomes hot. The science teacher appeared like the night when Tomomi was chased by a brown-haired man on the street and when it seemed he almost caught her. However, his appearance is so unreliable, with only his physical strength to win the fight against the opponent in good condition is very unlikely. The young person might also have thought so, he is full of fighting spirit and he cracked his fingers before he struck at Kenichi.

But when Kenichi avoided the fist by a hairbreadth Tomomi was surprised and Kenichi countered with a head butt into his opponents face. The man who received the hardest head butt a human body can make fell down on the ground. The movement is not a coincidence at all, it is smooth and precise as if he trained for many years. Tomomi remembers that the passerby around were looking at the state and were blank surprised.

It is necessary to express the momentary feelings very. Just like the fairy tale of a hero and a heroine, Tomomi likes that feeling.

Tomomi was just led by hand and was brought in this love hotel, she was surprised at herself without a feeling of resistance in her at all. She knows what a love hotel is for as knowledge. However, when her shoulders are held kindly at the entrance where she hesitated about a little and is urged, without saying anything, she has followed.

Even when the zipper on the back of her dress is lowered while kissed, she clings to Kenichi. Tomomi sucks his tongue and swallows saliva to erase the unbearable scary uneasiness. The uneasiness fades away little by little, and oil is poured into the flame of the dark desire each time they kiss.

Worn clothes are taken off, though Tomomi is ashamed and seemed to die when she only wears her light blue undergarment which she put on especially for the date today. The caress of Kenichi deepened and her reason came to be fascinated by the pleasant feeling, she isn´t worried even about that. When she is kissed on her whole body, a shameful voice is raised from the pleasure and Tomomi is still looking for more stimulation.

Of course it was the first time that Tomomi was treated like this and she still feels embarrassment and the fear of the act. But it compensates for the hot emotions and desire which fill her body and the science teacher will devour greedily.


The voice of the refusal is slightly weak, too.

Her bra was moved and Tomomi screamed when her lovely pink nipple was sucked. When the tongue is intertwined hyperemia is raising and Tomomi expresses a moan of pleasure.

“There! It is not good there!! I am ashamed!!”

Tomomi feels that Kenichi´s face just moves below and approaches her secret garden and she tries to close her legs unconsciously, but Kenichi´s hand obstructs that. She feels the hot sigh of Kenichi between her crotches covered by her light blue pants; she covers her face with both hands for feeling embarrassed, sadness and pain. Kenichi who is still silent is satisfied with the sweet fragrance of the part from her panty, through a gap in her shorts, his tongue slips in and it is crowded in there.

“Hiiii!! Don’t! This place is dirty!!”

Because Tomomi never washes it after she takes a shower in the morning, it is full with her shameful secretion which she spitted out. The part not shown even to the parents either is licked by a tongue, the 26-year-old beautiful woman who is a virgin agonizes over shyness while letting her body twitch.

However, it isn´t possible to resist even so and both legs are suppressed and are opened between her thighs. Tomomi´s secret garden is licked by Kenichi´s long tongue and a pant voice which won’t be *hii hii* is raised.

“Don´t! There…is still… not good! It is scary!!”

Kenichi´s tongue slips into the virgin hole and he makes the expression that it is his possession from now on. His tongue is so long that he reached the seal that Tomomi is a virgin and the surface is tasted up so that he makes sure of its shape. Licking the hymen makes a disgusting and sweet stimulation.

“Aaah! It is nasty!! Not good, not good! Cuuuumming!”

All of a sudden she reached the climax from the pleasure and Tomomi lost her consciousness.

After that, how much time passed. Kenichi still buries his face between her thigh when she notices and covets her nectar without getting tired. The experienced pleasure meets her whole body again so as to be abnormal.

At that time Tomomi noticed that the groin of the science teacher is in front of her. She lies on the bed, his groin is before her face and his face is between her thighs, which is the shape of the sixty-nine position.


Dark desire wells up in her body and black blood with the viscosity floats down her body and the desire of fresh meat raise up in her body with that. Tomomi was quite familiar with this feeling and she swallows her breath without knowing what to do. A large quantity of saliva are boiled in her mouth and she swallows it.

(Aaa…today…also today it is enormous…)

The thing that can be seen clearly from the top of his trousers lets her body remember the desire and excitement from it. Tomomi remembers the feeling when she had it in her mouth and the abdominal region is wet.

On Friday, Kenichi´s penis showed up in the place where Tomomi played the piano which is the music room, she licked and put it in her mouth as if she was under hypnotism. Tomomi bent her body while sitting down on the chair of the piano, at the time, when the sun was still high, the situation was that she licked the dick of the science teacher at school which is a sacred place and she has acted so that even she couldn´t believe it.

At the beginning Tomomi had a little resistance, but when she put it in her mouth she was already crazy for it. Tomomi kept sucking it just before the third period of the music lesson started and she also swallowed a large amount of his semen while feeling a deep ecstasy at the end.

When has she become such a woman. This morning and yesterday Tomomi had a lewd dream as expected, that she licked the body of the science teacher in front of her while having a delighted expression on her face. Kenichi´s whole body as well as between his groin was slimy from her saliva she also remembers a precise pleasure from the act and she reached climax many times and spilled love juice.

(Noo…again, again I remembered it…)

It’s difficult to distinguish between the intense pleasure and the act in Tomomi’s memory and it relates that her body reacts by a conditioned reflex just like Pavlov’s dog. While devouring between the thighs of Kenichi, her hand is extended unconsciously and the zipper is lowered.

(Aaa…it is enormous after all…)

Under the influence of noise the thing appears, it is the bold dick which she already got used to in the dream and reality many times. The shape, color and smell let Tomomi change in an instant like a switch is turned on in her.

The face of her fiancé with a sorrowful expression floated in her mind for an instant, but it passes away like an illusion in no time.

“Aaah…I lick it…”

Tomomi murmurs so, she becomes lewd in no time and licks it with her long pink tongue which she always did in the dream and she held it in her mouth boldly when it became tight inside her mouth.

On the big bed in the love hotel the beauty who wore light blue underwear is on top of the naked Kenichi and both caresses the groin of each other with their mouths. Those two were in the sixty-nine position.

A muffled gasp voice is heard from Tomomi and her voice is interrupted by the huge thing which pressed against her throat and it was sensual somewhere though was painful.

(Aaa…wonderful…it is delicious…and unbearable…)

Her fellatio is thick and full of emotions to hear a calling out in her mind and she does it to the science teacher who isn´t her lover at all and it is endlessly since a little while ago. She greatly opens her elegant lips and treats his dick in her hot mouth full of muddy saliva; it’s being licked and sucked eagerly persistently so that if someone is here he or she would be amazed by seeing this.

Kenichi thrusts his face to the lower part of Tomomi´s body and the reason is completely thrown to the stimulation. Furthermore, because it is the act that she did in her dream many times, there is no resistance, such an lewd behavior surprised her and she lets her reason erased from the given pleasure.


Her waist floats when her erected clitoris is sucked and it is pulled back by a strong hand and sucked again. Whenever Kenichi´s long tongue enters her clitoris, Tomomi´s body is in agony while her hymen is licked and she holds his penis in her mouth while writhing from a doubtful feeling.

Tomomi continues living since a little while ago and from the excessive pleasure, the lower half of her body melts and flows out.


Sooner or later, his tongue crawls in and it gets narrower and crowded. Her shameful dirty place is licked and a scream that doesn’t become a voice is raised. In a sense, for Tomomi who is a virgin, this part is more shameful than her vagina.

(Such a place…because it is dirty…is not good!)

However, when he licked her anus with his tongue it becomes narrower the elegant music teacher shakes her body tremblingly because of the doubtful stimulation and covets the climax.


Tomomi doesn´t know why she feels like this, he enters her back hole where his long tongue shrank, when the rectal mucous membrane is licked, her very front feels the pleasure as it becomes white. Tomomi has the feeling that something unknown invades it by itself from there, the huge pedicel is grasped by both hands and is clenched so that he may cling.

After a while Kenichi sets up his body and he turns around behind Tomomi who still is on all fours.

“Noo…stop it…please don´t do it…”

Even a naive virgin knows what is done after this and Tomomi turns to the back while shivering and entreats it desperately.

“Please…only that…is not good…”

However her body is completely in heat by the long-time caress and she doesn´t have any strength. When her waist is strongly held with two powerful hands and the tip of his thing is held against the vagina which finished getting wet and opened.

“Stop it…please….Only that… only that isn´t permitted…”

Still Tomomi who opened her eyes widely becomes desperate for fear and entreats Kenichi. At this time, it isn´t the guilt towards her fiancé Takada in her head, but it is the fear of losing her virginity. Tomomi heard that the pain tears up her body, because she is influenced by the prejudice and the fear of the pain and the loss of her virginity lets her shake to the roots of her teeth.

However with a cruel smile on his face, Kenichi pressed his huge dick against her vagina casually. Ironically, the entrance of her hole that shrinks frighteningly becomes slimy from the body fluid which overflowed from the interior of the womb and the tip of his huge thing which moved a little bit forward is welcomed smoothly.


Tomomi, who squeezes her throat and screams in fear of Kenichi´s huge dick which is going to invade the interior of her womb. Her purity is in a precarious situation already, her body shakes with sorrow and fear to lose it which she protected for 26 years, but she had nothing to do. Then Kenichi who went around to her back has begun to say something unexpected.

“What is it? Do you want that I stop?”

Tomomi didn´t understand what he said for a moment, but when the meaning is understood finally, she shacked her head in disapproval.

“What would you do?”

“…Aaah…please…please….I do anything…”

Tomomi says so and entreats desperately. When Kenichi heard her words he grins and he pushed the tip of his thing to another hole which he held in his hands.

“Hiiii! There! This place! It is not good!!”

The beautiful music teacher feels the pressure and heat in her discharge hole which is embarrassing for her and screams in high soprano. She swings her clean and white hips which she did to escape desperately, it rather backfires and the tip of his thing enters in the anus.


For the stimulation that is strangely horrifying, Tomomi screams on the bed of the love hotel while becoming soaked with sweat. Shame and reputation are forgotten and she reacts to the abnormal sense she tastes for the first time in her life. However some doubtful sense spreads from this part at the same time and a thrilling feeling runs through her back. That place untied until just now by a tongue, also swallowed the tip of the huge penis smoothly surprisingly.

“Noo! Stooop it!! Release me!!!”

“Didn´t you said you do anything a while ago? Therefore please me here”

“I don’t like it! I hate it!! Don’t put it there!!! ”

She feels like being pierced in the interior of her body, the fair complexioned beauty shakes the looseness and her body. Looseness shakes and power doesn’t enter her body and her thin legs nearly collapse. However Kenichi gradually pushes his waist forward to the front while holding the thin waist of Tomomi firmly. Tomomi can´t endure the pressure and the opening of the anus finally surrenders to the intruder.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouuuuch!!”

The constrictor is indeed expanded to the limit even though it loosens, Tomomi screams for pain. Her whole body has goose bumps from the excessive pain and horror and greasy sweat runs down all over her body.

“Look, its close. Even if I invade here, it is comfortable for you afterward”

“Hiiiii! Ouch! Ouch! Stoop it!!”

Like Kenichi said, when the biggest part of his thing passed, it was surprisingly comfortable afterwards. It is helped by the large amount of the body liquid and saliva, when the big mass of his dick invaded her body.


The hateful feeling when the foreign body enters into her body, she squeezes while opening her mouth and raised a scream. It seems that the skewer is done to her body from the back and the goose bumps on her body are built from the intense stimulation, fear and from the greasy sweat which runs down.


However the tidy beauty felt a portent of the doubtful pleasure at the same time. Tomomi can’t see, the countless red semitransparent tentacles from Kenichi’s body twined around the penis and entered the rectum and gradually raise the sexual feeling of it from the inside.

“Look, we are connected until the end”


When it pierces to the root and is put, his dick seems to be going to thrust out from her throat at any moment. Tomomi who greatly opens her mouth and raised a voice like a beast, she doesn´t notice that she discharges slaver from the edge of her mouth. The intruder who is arrogant, and is too huge warps in the body to achieve a roar of the victory when it occupies the body of the 26-year-old virgin.

“Ahiiiiiii! Cuuuuuummiing!”

Tomomi felt pleasure many times from masturbation with that alone it is unbelievable and she is falling into the bottomless abyss from the anal ecstasy. Her fingers which grasped the sheet of the bed discolor white by the excessive power. Her rear gate and even her intestinal wall squeeze the penis of Kenichi to the utmost and the best pleasure is offered from the man she should hate.

“The reason is because I teach you the taste of this place…”


Though he said so, Tomomi who splashed her soul with strong ecstasy, says *hii**hii* with a thin voice. The first severe pain is relieved and her rear conveys being nervous and the stimulation that it did with heat now. It is not painful gradually and it is replaced by the pleasure that lets the lower part of her body melt.


The interior of the womb is occupied by a long and large penis and the feeling in which her body is completely ruled by the conquest. The meanness of her body reacts to the sweet stimulation of the unbelievable point called the excretion hole.

(Why…why is it like this…)

The beautiful music teacher was shedding tears flutteringly while being on all fours.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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