Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 25


Tomomi Honda who is a music teacher at Ellis all girls high school was depressed and sat down in front of the desk in her own room. Her state continued since she came home today and her parents who lived together with her were worried.

(Why…aa, why me, doing such a thing…)

She can´t regret no matter how much she regrets. Why has she done something like that to the gloomy science teacher, no, Tomomi didn´t like him rather she didn´t like it at all.

(I’m sorry…Akitoshi-san…)

Tomomi remembers the face of her gentle fiancé and she is overwhelmed with emotion of regret and confession. Tomomi doesn´t know it herself in 2 months though she is allied with her dear boyfriend why has she done something like that.

She had the cock of the science teacher in her mouth in the dusky science preparation room and she wanted to die when she thought and meandered, she received the white body fluid which filled her mouth and she just swallowed everything in the lewd act today. Because the science teacher had class in the sixth period they stopped it there, but Tomomi is frighten because she has the desire to continue it.

Besides she didn´t want to remember it, but the hand of the science teacher crawled on her body and has played with to like it to the shameful part on her chest and hips and shorts. Moreover she coveted the sweet climax many times while spouting love juice numerously and complained that her vagina was teased with a finger. The masturbation she performed by herself was the pleasure of a far superior different dimension.

Even if Tomomi went out of the science preparations room and came back to the staff room, she was dreamy. However when she left the school and took the train home, Tomomi was suddenly in fear her heart has been filled in black color and with the sense of guilty and self-hatred.

(Why…me, why did I such a thing…)

The answer isn´t given even if she thinks many times. When Tomomi will become calm and think now, she at that time seems to have become insane.

Why did she want to have such an ugly, dirty thing in her mouth. Even Tomomi doesn’t know its cause at all and does trouble her in her room. Even for Takada who was her lover, she has never had such a feeling.

Tomomi promised to be pure until her marriage with Takeda. Tomomi who is religiously Christian respects her virginity and decides it that she doesn´t do an indecent act ever until the day to hold her wedding ceremony. She just kisses lightly on her date with Takada and she is satisfied with that by each other.

(However…I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…)

How many times has she had apologized in her mind. How many times has she regretted. But she can’t be able to get back at all and the sole help having been able to protect her virginity. If her body was demanded from that man at that place then, she wasn´t confidence that she was able to refuse it. At that time she was abnormal like it.

When Tomomi thinks of that her back shudders now.

(Nevertheless, such a thing will be never done any more!)

However, tomorrow is Friday and she goes to school and will meet him. Tomomi became very depressed when she thought of it.

The morning of the next day Tomomi went to the morning gathering as always prevented herself from certainly seeing the face of that man. Such act was done and Tomomi didn’t know what kind of face to have and when seeing above all, it seemed to be the feeling which is the same state again, which was fear.

However, there isn´t what of losing momentum of Tomomi in the school of the morning either, daily life flows normal. She also had nothing to do with the science teacher and Tomomi who doesn’t have class in the first period like usual was preparing today’s class at her seat in the staff room.

(Again …again that dream…)

Tomomi stops her hand incidentally and remember the lewd dream which she has seen again this morning.

She has done the indecent act in the dream again so much though it was regret and oneself who reflected. The partner was Midou Kenichi who was the science teacher and she has done the act that she was ashamed to start in her mouth for the man in the same way as until yesterday.

No more. The dream this morning was more obscene.

A naked man and woman, it was the science teacher and Tomomi that came up in the dream. Her face is drawn to the lower half of the body of the man who became naked; there is his dick and his sack where pubic hairs grew thick, besides she licked the bottom of that man joyfully while being ordered.

(Aaa…no not at all. Why…why…)

Tomomi remembers the touch at that time, bad-smelling taste and she almost begins to cry. However, she insists that she should hate it in dirtiness with reason and she also remembers a sweet sensual memory.

She licked the genitals of the man, and she in the dream had it in her mouth at that time and was surely fuddled with joy and rapture. The fact drives Tomomi into self-denial and the self-loathing.

(Aaa…for what reason…)

When she stood up unsteadily, Tomomi went out of the staff room. Teachers, who were looking around, should have thought she is like a sleepwalker. Certainly at that time Tomomi might have been still in the dream.

When Tomomi noticed, she sat down in front of the piano in the music room. She plays “The first arabesque” of Debussy. It is Tomomi´s favorite music. ( Tl note: if someone is interested to listen to the song)

Tomomi, who was in the vocal music department in the music school; she can play the piano decent because she learned to play it since she was young. Tomomi often plays it as accompaniment of the choruses of the students in her class recently, thus, she liked it besides as a hobby. The music room is soundproofing, furthermore, it is hard to reach the lower floor where the class is carried out because it is the fifth floor and it is possible to play it as long as the window is not opened.

Her fingers move.

She should have played it after a long absence, in the movement which plays the keyboard very smoothly, Tomomi is devoted gradually. She doesn´t understand it herself, but it might be possible that she is better than her time in the music school and her high school days when she practiced it every day eagerly.

With no trouble Tomomi could also make up with the part which she hasn´t liked perfectly and she was surprised at herself, too. Though her fingers don´t move steadily if she doesn´t play it, but she thinks it is strange how smooth she can play the piano.

When Tomomi finished playing this song she sighed. She always played the piano in this way, when she has trouble or something unpleasant happen. The effect seemed to have become visible today.

(It was possible to play well…)

Tomomi becomes glad in the small fact herself and her heart lightens only a little bit.

“You’re really good”

Her heart seems to stop by these words and she raises a scream. When Tomomi looks back in panic and she sees the man standing there before she was aware of him. The music room that should have been closed, where no sound can be heard it is possible to sneak in.

“Mr. Midou… ”

It is all Tomomi could say. With the surprise that the science teacher appear suddenly, Tomomi becomes panic from yesterday’s act. Without the next words coming out of her mouth, Tomomi becomes firm that way.

“The first period just ended and I happened to pass by here from the passage, I heard a beautiful piano. Therefore, I peeped for a moment. ”

The science teacher though he did those kinds of things yesterday, explains so in the attitude that doesn’t change. His eyes shined red strangely and came to be possessed during that.

That sense came again at that time. Her body flushes and it becomes hot, the blood in her body starts rising.

“Ah, ah, aaa…”

Tomomi is confused at her dramatic change. At the same time, her instinct understands that the cause is the man who is in front of her. Her reason sounds a warning to the maximum, but there is not what to do if it can happen.

If this musical teacher has an eye with the same ability as Kenichi, maybe she has fainted in its unsightly horror.

From the body of the man who is laughing and is judging the female teacher thinly with his red eyes, something black like a wave has gone out and that spreads in all directions. The ominous wave goes through the wall and floor and seems to extend forever.

Also countless red tentacles develop from Kenichi´s body and they twine around Tomomi´s body. From the body which wore a dark blue flared skirt to a neat and clean light yellow blouse, a pale light aura is emitted, the tentacles come to gather around the head especially the mouth rushingly and they dye the aura of the owner red. There is also a tentacle which enters into the inside of Tomomi´s mouth and wriggles slimily.

When Kenichi grins, he is stepping up and is increasing his index finger and is bringing it close to the female teacher in front of him. In that way when his forefinger is put on her lips with pink lipstick, the elegant beauty opens her plump lips so that it is induced by his finger, she stretches out her long tongue and licks the finger in no time.

At once, the female teacher has an ecstatic expression and it is like a child who gets a sweet candy. That was similar to the female in the religious art who is tempted by an devil and becomes corrupted.

Akitoshi Takada is a young and promising elite employee who serves as a section chief at a major advertising agency. He graduated from a university with the highest deviation value in Japan, he just enters the present company, the projects in which he is involved afterwards is made to succeed one after another.

His father served as the director of a big company, so he is rich and lives without any inconvenience since childhood. He gets a lover who he got to know through an acquaintance and he is supposed to marry soon. The betrothal present is also exchanged by both families and a ceremonial hall has been also reserved already.

Tomomi Honda who is his fiancé and lover is indeed the ideal partner. Tomomi is an elegant neat and clean lady, when she laughs; her good of the growth also comes out in manners and movements prettily like a flower. She is a part-time music teacher in a high school, that’s because her parents recommended her to know the world, and it isn’t one for money in particular.

In addition Tomomi confessed she is a virgin and she want to defend her chastity until her marriage. It wasn’t believed that there is such a woman nowadays, but even if it was checked using a private detective, there were no traces which seem to be that at all, and Takada was convinced.

Because even marriage is already decided personally of course, I don’t worry about such a thing, even right now, the place where he would like to covet her sweet and fresh body. He isn’t a playboy, but Takada is a healthy man who also has experience to some degree.

“Hey…today, don’t you want to stay at this hotel?”

Takada began to talk so on the top floor of a super-first-class hotel, when he enjoyed dessert and port wine after a meal at the restaurant with a view of the night view.

“Eh? What do you mean?”

Tomomi who tilts her head and says so doesn’t seem to know the meaning of his words. The light of the candles on the table; have illuminated the good looks kindly from under.

“After all it is no use? That…until marriage, after all…”

Tomomi understands the meaning only after he said so and she becomes red. However, Tomomi thinks that she feels sorry for him, but it is an impossible proposition. It is her duty to believe in God to follow the purity of a maiden until she gets married.

Tomomi, who seems embarrassed and faces to the bottom silently, shakes her head in disapproval left and right. Takada was disappointed to see that, but still he pulls himself together.

“I have already made a reservation for a room. Because nothing is done, so don’t you want to drink alcohol with me in the room? Because I explain it to your father and mother”


“I really keep a promise. Even I don´t want to be disliked by Tomomi”

Takada says so and shows his white teeth. When he smiled with a smiling face so that it might be attracted suddenly, Tomomi nodded.

When they went to the room by two people, Takada changed suddenly while enjoying wine from the room service with the hors d’oeuvre which he ordered. Sweet mood music played and on the sofa of the suite with a beautiful night view, Takada attacked Tomomi.

“Hey…are you fine? Therefore?”

“No! Stop it! Separate from me!!”

Takada became more and more excited at Tomomi who cried and his reason vanished because he drank alcohol and he attacks her with great power. It was Tomomi who tries to escape from the sofa desperately, but there is no possibility because of his strength.

“Stop it! Akitoshi, you are drunk! ”

„I’m not drunk! I don´t get drunk! I love you! I love you!”

“So…if you love me, don’t do this! “

“But…but, I can’t endure it anymore!!”

Tomomi and Takada argue on the sofa. Tomomi, who learned fear by her virginal instinct, tries to escape using hands and feet desperately, but she can´t get away. Those two stayed so for a while and Tomomi’s resistance weakened and Takada tries to take her lips away in a good thing. Tomomi who has already permitted the kiss, becomes full of loathsomeness and begins to act violently again when Takada´s mouth smelling of liquor is brought close.

Then Tomomi took the chance and kicked between Takada´s groin who opened accidentally directly.

“Guuuuuu…. ”

When Takada faints in agony and also sneak out a voice that doesn’t go out, Tomomi was seeing how things are for a while and then grasps her back and ran away from the room soon.

After that, how she came here isn´t understood. When she noticed, Tomomi was walking in the downtown area of the downtown unsteadily. She spins her head around by the shock that she was betrayed by the man who became drunk. A beautiful woman dressed in an elegant dress displayed with the white laces which she wore for the date, even if drunk people´s lecherous eyes are addressed while receiving, she doesn´t care and is walking.

“Miss….Do you want to play together?”

A youth with brown hair which was quite light has called out to Tomomi. His face is good-looking, he spreads an aura “I´m a low brain” and he is clogged up only with sperm in the head.

“Hey hey? It is dangerous when you are alone? Let’s go somewhere with me? ”

Tomomi fears the man who says so and tries to take her arm, but Tomomi begins to run.

However, his steps sway because he is drunk and the man easily catches up with such a catch. In that way when the wild beast was about to stretch out his hand, a miracle of god or the mischief of the devil happen and that man appeared in front of Tomomi. Midou Kenichi, who works in the same school.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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