Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 22

Lewd dream again

Aiko who treated the penis with her left hand slowly for a while, stretched out her tongue while laughing. She puts her tongue between the groins of the teacher. Tomomi, who is surprised from this scene, sees how Aiko puts her tongue on the penis and licks it.


She screamed when she saw this obscene act and suddenly held her mouth in panic and withdraw from the door. She waited for a while to hear someone come, but nothing changed in that room. Fearfully she looked through the gap of the door again. Without noticing Tomomi, Aiko in her school uniform is still licking the penis. It is a dirty act, but she begins to use her arm to stroke the penis, it begins to erect and she puts her sticky saliva on the penis. Her face is completely flushed and her big and beautiful eyes are intoxicated for excitement.

“Aah…teacher, I’ll lick here…”

Aiko´s arm moves the same as before and slips between the groin of the science teacher and is sticking to it. While turning her head a little toward the top, she licks the sack of the teacher with her tongue.

“…Aah…it is a delicious…sense…”


Tomomi felt fear and hatred already and she can´t understand the act and words the girl is doing. To think that such a dirty place is eaten and that it is tasty. However, the strange thing is that even if she is full of hatred, fear, and contempt she can´t turn her eyes away from this act. Aiko´s red lips and her hand moves slowly while holding the penis. Everything is saved in her head and she becomes charmed.

“Uhuhu…moreover, do you want that I put it in my mouth?…Okay…I will hold it in my mouth…”

In no time Aiko takes out her tongue and licks around her mouth. She laughs thinly and opens her mouth wide to swallow the huge tip of the penis.


Her healthy pink lips which doesn´t need any lipstick is twining around the penis of the teacher and is gradually inviting it in the mouth. She is doing the fellatio which Tomomi heard from a talk and her heart is throbbing to this too shocking view.

She didn´t notice it herself but her body flushed and her face got hot.

(No way…I am excited?)

American pornography is also the vivid scene of the ghastly pale. Moreover, the high school girl who is her student is doing it with the science teacher at this school where she works. While seeing such a spectacle, she is astonished and aware of herself who is completely sexual excited. Her nipples in her bra are getting hard and the stimulation is unbearable as they rub against the lining. Throbbing pain is inside her shorts and it hurts because her groin is in heat. Hot viscous liquid will overflow from the inside.

Despite being a virgin Tomomi already masturbate. She knows the state of her body and she is surprised and bewildered because she can´t do anything. Meanwhile the red lips of the beautiful girl who´s eyes are indecent, moves and Tomomi can´t turn her eyes away from the penis while drooling saliva and an obscene sound is clearly heard with her ears from the distance.

(Aaa…, w,why…)

The clitoris is throbbing more and more while hurting and erecting. She changes her mind and takes out her hand unintentionally even when she knows, that she can´t masturbate in such a place because it is a sacred school. Her hands which are holding the textbook and the notebook become sweaty. While peeping from the gap of the door, she opened her hand a little and was going to grasp it again, but the notebook slides down from her hand and falls onto the floor and makes a thump sound.


At that moment, the beautiful girl who was holding the penis in her mouth stops the movement a little and she is just looking wary in this way for an instant. Tomomi´s eyes and Aiko´s eyes stared at each other.

(Hiiii! She saw me!! )

She is already slow by withdrawing her face in panic and the girl should have confirmed who peeped at her obviously.

(I have to escape….soon…)

Tomomi is moved by a strong escape instinct, while she moves backward so that it doesn’t make any noise as much as possible. She aims for the door of the far-off science room like a nightmare. Her nurse shoes with the rubber sole make a weak sound tightly, but in this case, she doesn´t care because it is unnecessary.


When she finally reached the hallway she goes away in a quick pace. She is looking straight ahead because of fear and doesn´t turn her head around. Her steps are advanced to the stairs which she goes down to the floor below with great devotion. After that she began to run and continued leaking small screams from her mouth. The students looked dubious, when she ran down to the 1st floor quickly. She rushed into the staff room, where all teachers were eating their meals. That place was the usual view of the lunch break and nothing changed.


She sits down collapsed in her seat and finally sighs of relief. Is the reason why my heart is still pounding and pulsating because I run?

“Mmm. What’s wrong, Ms. Honda?”

The middle-aged teacher, who passed the 50 and was sitting next to her, was looking at Tomomi in dubious while speaking.

“Well, it is nothing…”

Tomomi who answers so, is trying to fake a smile. However, as if her effort is disturbed by something, it didn’t grow at all.

A man is sitting on the brown sofa wearing a worn out suit. He was waiting for Tomomi in a calm and relaxed manner. The man is a person who knows Tomomi well. It is the science teacher Midou Kenichi who also works as part-time teacher in the Ellis all girls’ high school like Tomomi. He smiles and laughs, while looking at Tomomi´s face patiently.

(A, again…again this scene…)

It is a situation that Tomomi has seen somewhere before and she tries to remember what it is, but for some reason even she doesn´t understand why her head is absentminded now, it isn´t working well, because she can´t remember anything no matter what it is. She still feel like having seen this scene somewhere before. It may be a déjà vu, but she is certainly in the same situation, where she can´t remember well.

“Hey, suck”

The science teacher says so casually towards Tomomi who was standing still in utter amazement. A noise was made immediately and a huge penis was taken out.


When Tomomi saw the penis she screamed unconsciously. For Tomomi who is a virgin, the penis of a man is a fearful object. Moreover, the other man isn´t her fiancé Takada, it is the teacher she doesn´t like and who works in the same school. However her body moves unsteadily, because of the inviting words of the man. She sits down before the man who sat on the sofa. Her head is confused and she doesn´t think about anything and can´t stop her body moving like a marionette without permission.

(It is unpleasaaant!I hate it! Dirty!! Stoop it!)

It was Tomomi who cried in her mind and her eyes has been glued towards the penis in front of her. The huge reddish violet tip looks like the head of a snake. She is surprised about the size and thickness of his penis and about the black brush which wriggles around the surface.

“Hey, hold it in your mouth”

She clearly understood the words which she heard from the man´s voice. With the order it is like that someone take her body over and her left hand lifts and grasps the hambone from its own. On her left ring finger she is wearing her diamond engagement ring.


Tomomi is frightened from touching the hambone without her own will and the hambone is drawn near to her lovely lips.

“Aaa…I serve it…”

Tomomi is shocked from the words which came out of her own mouth. However the desire which overflows from inside offends her reason and is running out of control. Yesterday, Aiko Kawashima did it and now she stretch out her tongue and lick it around her mouth. She greatly opens her mouth and put the penis in her mouth with the left hand, the huge penis is held inside her mouth slowly and it is crowded inside.

(Aaa…it is hot…)

What she felt first was the temperature, when it enters inside her mouth, the heat, smell and taste spread fully inside. Strangely she think that the taste isn´t so bad, but it is rather a favorable taste.

(Why …why is it so?)

Her lips tighten from his penis and while it rubs inside her mouth it begins to erect and a heavy stimulation runs through her body. From this stimulation her head becomes blank and no thoughts remain. This sensation lets her hatred and fear melt like snow and pleasure is spreading inside her body.

“Aaa…it is tasty…”

Tomomi who is doing the fellatio notices that these words came from her. She heard these words somewhere before but still that haze don´t let her remember from where. She put her face up for an instant and sees that he was looking at her while grinning. He is sitting like a king on the sofa and both legs are wide open. When she saw his face the pleasure she felt increased a lot and his gaze is flattering. Every time she moves her face her nipples and her clitoris are hurting because they are rubbing against her cloths and a sweet pleasure runs inside her. It is like a sweet poison which spread through her whole body and is corrupting her.

“Aah…it is great…more…”

While spitting out such words she doesn´t stop the fellatio. Every time the penis is rubbing inside her mouth a spark splashes in her eyes and the stimulation is like a drug where she gets addicted to. It is a devil drug, a forbidden trap which catches Tomomi and doesn´t let her go anymore. Both her hands are very skillfully and she repeats the back and forth move without getting tired. Sucking sounds fill the whole room and it is like a heavenly sound which is comfortable for me. She confirmed the hardness and size of the penis with her white fingers before she grasp it again. With both her hands Tomomi hold the penis up and with her 10 fingers she softly grasp it like playing a piano. In that way she is holding it in her mouth and plays with her fingers on the angle of the penis.

(Aaa…so good…it is the best…it is pleasant..)

She continues moving her head a number of times like it is infinity she didn´t feel tired or pain at all and she seemed to have no limit. However the penis inside her mouth starts to strengthen and makes preparation for something. Tomomi understood that it is a sign for the pleasure of a man and she increase her back and forth movement and the movement of her hands. Suddenly it came when she started to prepare herself hot liquid was released inside her mouth. The amount of the hot liquid is too large which splash in the depths of her throat and she is desperate to swallow all of it.

(Cummming! Cuuummming!)

Tomomi shakes after a thunder of ecstasy runs through her whole body. With her own orgasm the pleasure in her head was stronger than before.

(Aaa…it is pleasant…)

Tomomi opened her eyes, while still feeling the after effect in her whole body.

For a while, it was Tomomi who has been stunned but she understood that she was sleeping until now and it was only a dream. When she opened her eyes she saw the ceiling she always saw and she know she lies in her bed at home.

(D, dream…again that dream…!)

What she was experiencing a little while ago is recalled with the fresh feeling and she noticed that she has this dream every day and keeps amazed. Tomomi has the same dream all the time day after day. She holds the penis of the science teacher in her mouth and is doing the fellatio until the ejaculation and simultaneously with it she ejaculates too.


She can´t find an answer even when she says it loud. Yesterday too I asked the same question without an answer. She doesn´t know at all why she is doing such an indecent act with the timid science teacher she dislike every night.

(But…yesterday in the science room…)

The spectacle she saw yesterday at lunchtime is recalled and she think that it wasn´t a dream. She herself peeped in the neighboring room from the door of the science room and she surely witnessed an immoral sexual act between the science teacher and a student. The cute beauty moved her head like Tomomi in her dream while having the penis of the teacher in her mouth.

(Aaa…I saw that is was enormous…and…)

The scene from yesterday is still imprinted in her eyes, the warped penis and the hands holding it and the red lips of the girl. Everything is saved in her memories and can be recalled every time.

(That is reality. This is a dream….But…but the feeling still remains…)

She quietly extended her hand to her mouth and traced its surrounding. Her lips remember the size and hardness of it which she held in her mouth in the dream and even the movement of the mouth and the tongue is remembered.


When she inserts a finger through the joint of her pajama her nipples become hard and moist. The stimulation which runs through her body let her exhale a sweet voice which she is ashamed of.

“It, it is like that…”

When she slides her other hand in her pants her bottom is totally wet and a huge amount of love juice flows out from her bottom.

“Aaah!! Iih!! I feel it…”

The pleasure which let her waist melt is running through her body, when she put her finger in her slimy clitoris and she licked her hand which groped her nipples.

(No no aa…why…why I`m feeling it…)

Now in Tomomi`s mind only the erected penis is imagined how she licks it and have it in her mouth and in no time she is cornered to the edge from the swift ecstasy.

“Aaaah! Cum cum cuuumming!!”

Tomomi who wiggles her whole body like a caught fish is influenced by greedy desire and doesn’t seem to be satisfied by one time. In refreshing morning light the pure and innocent Tomomi opened her legs and was devoted to a full-scale masturbation act.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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