Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 218


“Is this comfortable here?”

“Uhuhu…how is this?”

Inside this hotel suite is a bathroom and there was a jacuzzi where the night view can be seen. It was so big that many adults can enter inside. The floor was run over by an air mat, where naked bodies are entangled with one another.

Kenichi lied on the mat graciously, surrounded by three beautiful women. All three women are as beautiful as supernovas and they can entertain men with their ripe bodies. With a so-called soap bubble dance, but they are not masochistic. Yuki Yamaoka a club’s mother, Junko Yoshikawa a high school teacher and Reiko Arisawa a married woman and a police director. All three serve Kenichi with skillful techniques and passion not found in customs.

“Aaa…good, Reiko…”

“Aaa…this way it is like this”

Yuki and Junko cuddle from left and right to Kenichi and rubbing their bodies against his arms. Reiko is caught in his chest and stimulated it by slowly moving up and down. It is an seductive act, which she never did to her husband. Recently her own white breasts grew bigger. A man sandwiched between them has about one third of his head protruding.

(Aaa…awesome…not yet…this is becoming so…)

Continuing to have fun together until a while ago, Reiko’s feelings of slavery and obedience rise as the core of her head becomes numb. The sex of a female leaning towards a stout male is imprinted in the DNA since humans were still animals. Their instinct to want to have excellent genes ox a male, even a police chief who was reasonable will go crazy.

(Again…I want it again…)

Thinking that it is amazing. A woman who is seeking the next pleasure even though she was fucked many to countless times so that it can’t be counted anymore.


Reiko can’t withstand it if she sees it, holding the tip sandwiched between her white hills. Trembling out of happiness, Reiko uses her mouth more diligently to squirt up her cheeks. Sandwiching Kenichi’s penis between her huge boobs while gently rubbing up and down, she is very happy to do this.

“Awesome, Reiko-san…you can become a soap lady…”

“Huhuhu, I can’t imagine…that she has a husband…”

Reiko serves earnestly with her breasts without listening to Yuki and Junko’s teasing. From that situation also, this beautiful married woman is clinging to the penis which had been ravishing herself until a while and you can see that it slaughtered her from the bottom of her heart.

“Reiko…crawl over there”

“…Ye, Yes…”

Being ordered by Kenichi, she follows it as soon as possible. It is a unilateral and unreasonable relationship, but her completely depressed mind and body are becoming to be pleased even by that.

Reiko crawls on all fours on the mat and turn her ass to Kenichi. Then opening her legs slightly and pushing her butt down so that Kenichi has it easy to get in. Such a thing changed a woman who can naturally do without hesitation.


If you leave her as it is, you will be bothered by nasal voice. Thinking that she herself is amazing, but in front of this guy it is strange that she can expose her lewd self.


After her ass was lowered, Kenichi’s huge hot meat pole came inside her vagina. There is no feeling of pain as before, as it is smeared by love juice and saliva, so that it can enter inside smoothly all the way. As Reiko is fucked in doggy position, the place where it rubs changed and sparks fly in front of her eyes and pushed her down to ecstasy soon.

And the penis that came all the way in went out as it was making no noise. The pleased hole that is unsatisfactory with just one thrusting, opens its obscure mouth for further stimulation and waits for the next blow.


But the next moment Kenichi pressed the tip not against the open place. At the same time, her waist is grasped solidly and Reiko who does not know Kenichi´s intention screams.

“No, no! Not, there…there is different…nooo!! Aaaa…no!!”

Reiko desperately appeals not to press the tip of his hard penis to a place different from the time ago. There is no genital there. Originally it can not be shown to anyone. Her embarrassing excretion hole.

“Iyaaaaa!! Stop it! Su, such a place! Not good!! Stoooppp!!!”

Desperately trying to escape, Reiko tries to catch the solid mass.

“What. Is this your first time, Reiko?”

While looking back at Kenichi, Reiko desperately shakes her head. She never had such a connection with her husband and never imagined it in her life.

“Well, I can offer my first time to Kenichi-sama…”

“I’m envious…because I couldn’t give you my first time……”

While looking at Reiko who is scared and frightened by terror, Junko and Yuki laugh with couscous. They have already allowed this man to have anal sex several times and experience a pleasure different from normal sex.

“It is amazing here…. Because life changes seriously…”

“If you know the taste of this, you may get addicted…. You won’t be able to get away from Kenichi more than now then…”

(Lie…lie…such…such a thing…)

Reiko is frightened more and more by being threatened by those two beauties. In the bathroom that shouldn’t be cold, she remembers a cold feeling and her teeth clatter while having goose bumps throughout her body.

“Come on, Reiko will receive it for the first time…”

“Stop it!! Noooo!! Not good!! I’m afraid…iyaaaaa!!!”

The glamorous glans entered her butt hole and the anus closed several times, but the penis finally breaks open the muscle’s relation. Slowly but surely.

“Hiiiiiii!!! It hurts! It hurts!! Aaaaa!!!”

Reiko screams from severe pain from forcibly expanding her muscles that are tightened by fear. But the brutal Kenichi is pleased by such a scream comfortably and excitedly deprives this married woman of her anal virginity by slowly sinking his dick that became hard like iron inside.

“Open your mouth and exhale, otherwise you will be teared apart”


Being told so in panic, she exhales. At that moment, the head of the cobra slipped through the ring of meat. Wondering where it was cut off. Blood is blotting a little in the part where many wrinkles run.

“Hey, the narrowest part has passed, it’s comfortable afterwards.”

“Aaaaaa…hiiiiiiiiii!!!! Hooooooooo!!!”

It is not easy at all. Kenichi´s huge penis, an extraordinary thing, comes in while spreading the rectum. A feeling different from being rubbed inside her vagina and its from a different dimension which hasn’t been tasted before.


A foreign matter entered into her body. A burning panic occurs in the sensation that the hot sexual genital goes backward from the butt hole originally, so that nothing can be conceived.

“Come on, enjoy your new pleasure”

“Hooooooooo!!! Ahiiiiiiii!!!”

The anal sphincter muscle wrapped around the penis shrinks to get rid of this foreign object. When it is forcibly rubbed there, Reiko feels like a plug in the back of her body has come off, so she cried out loudly at that doubtful and unstable sensation.

(The taste of her asshole is superior as well…)

Kenichi slowly uses his waist and doesn’t panic, as he becomes familiar with the inside. If you do anal sex for the first time, it will take some time for that new feeling to turn into pleasure. However, in order to control defecation near the anus, the sensory nerves are densely packed. So once it turns to pleasure, you can experience ecstasy beyond the pleasure you get from having sex in your vagina.


The voice raised by Reiko began to change. Clearly the colors of pleasure are mixed inside, and her cry becomes sweet. The doubtful feeling of having anal sex began to wake up.

“Reiko-san…you’re so happy already…”

“Huhuhu…as she is talented for it…”

There is no need to fix her body anymore, Reiko apparently begins to accept the pleasure of anal sex. When Kenichi slowly uses his waist, she begins to raise her sweet voice all the time accordingly. A man other than her husband robbed Reiko of her anal virginity and she experienced part of her deepest joy as soon as it was experienced.

“Aaaaa!!! Hiiiii!!! Guuuuuuuuu!!!!”

There is no decent word since a little while ago, the sounds of pain and pleasure are spitting out from Reiko´s elegant mouth. Her hair that has been tied up has collapsed and every time she shakes her head it flutters. Her sweaty body got goosebumps everywhere and she tightly gripped the mat and due to that her fingers are pale-white.

(This is…I don’t know this…aaa…)

The first A sense was born and it was too sweet and repulsive. Reiko didn’t imagine or think about it, that she could get such a wonderful pleasure in such a place. But in fact when you have anal sex, the reason will go crazy from a feeling of another dimension.

(What to do…what to do…knowing this kind of…I…)

When pulled out, she fears that her soul is pulled out along with it. Every time the movement is repeated, her brain is burning hot and something gradually boils from the back of her body.

(What is this…scary…what comes next…)

It is gentle and slower than vaginal orgasm, but its huge and surpasses that. Reiko remembers the illusion that she was completely thrown into a blast furnace and melted into a mud. With her remaining reason she screams out of fear.

“Hiiiiiiiii!!! Aaa not good!! Aaaa, no!! Aaahiiiiiiiii!!!!”

It’s an explosive coming, so her white body trembles. The anal stimulation is perfectly connected with pleasure, dropping this pathetic wife to her first anal excitement.


But the fear of anal sex is also here. Unlikethe vagina, the cum will remain in the butt hole for the whole time while being stimulated. In other words, while her vaginal orgasm stays for tens of seconds, the anal orgasm continues steadily.

“Higuuuuuuuuuu!!! Ahiiiiiii!!!”

Every time Kenichi´s penis enters and leaves, Reiko who continues to reach the climax spits out a lot of sex energy. However, even though Reiko has a lot of physical strength as a police officer, she will wander through an endlessly high acme.

(This is… I don’t know this…aaa…)

Unlimited pleasure is pushing her up to heaven. While being tossed by the tsunami called “Suffering”, Reiko realizes her own fate and eliminates hallucinations and tears. Now that all three holes were conquered, her body now belongs to Kenichi and not her husband.

(Dear…dear, sorry…I…I can’t go back anymore…)

Those who didn’t know would have been happy. But now that she know it, she can never return to the past. She will always follow what Kenichi will say. Who can endure such a hell-like temptation of pleasure?

“Ohooooooo!!! Aaa!! That’s! Thats amazinnnggg!!!”

This married woman who accepts fate and has a broken heart drowns in pleasure without any guilt. The black fire spreading all over from the butt hole burns out her clean and right spirit and flesh and changes its contents into a fallen and obscene woman.

“Ah…Kenichi is truly demonic…I guess she won’t be able to escape absolutely…. I was the same…”

“Such a beauty of a wife was corrupted and her husband and children are saddened…. If they know that their wonderful mom is fucked and become prey to such a beast, they may get crazy…huhuhu…”

In front of Yuki and Junko who giggle and laughed together, Kenichi enjoys the taste of the anus of the chief of his enemy “SHADO”.

“Aaah…hey…next…when can I see you next time…”

To a man who has changed clothes on the bed, a beautiful woman who is still snuggling on the bed says so. Before she came here, her hair that was beautifully tied up has collapsed, but now somehow it was even getting ordered. She took a shower and changed her clothes, but when she tries to snuggle back to the man again, the desire that springs up like magma rises from the back of her body.

“What, you still don’t have enough, Reiko? You are too indecent…”

“Aah…cruel…. It was you that made me such a woman…”

Kenichi reached out to hold and embraced her and the beauty seems to be happy and embraces Kenichi too. While holding her body as it is, they exchange rich deep kisses.

“I feel it…no…well…I want to do it again…”

When Kenichi rubs her chest from the top of her clothes with hands turned from behind, Reiko bends her ripe body with sexy gestures. Those gestures doesn’t seem to come from a policewoman and married wife, but from a prostitute. Having sex so tightly before, her head and body are still lustful.

“How lewd, you are…. Your crotch is a mess again…”

“There…not there….Its because you touched me…”

As Kenichi put his hands Reiko´s panty, it was already overflowing with honey juice. Close to 5 in the morning. Until this time the eastern sky is seen white and Reiko has been fucked many times, but her greedy body has been inspired by that little stimulation for the next pleasure.

“Aaa…my breasts…my breasts, I feel it…. After you rubbed them so much, I ´m not able to endure it again…”

Even though she says dislikes it, her body has completely melted. Her eyes are sexy as her tone and she is so greedy as her tongue is licking her red opened lips…”

“Huhuhu…. Really, this mature wife is ecchi. Her sexual desire is without a bottom…”

“But doesnt she worry about her husband?”

Yuki Yamaoka and Junko Yoshikawa who corrected their makeups also laughed as they were amazed at seeing Reiko sitting on the bed. However, this married woman who ignored her reason is entangling tongues with Kenichi who isn’t her husband.

“Do you still have to do with just that?”

“Become a melody to a cheating partner … A bad wife …”

In this hotel they continued their rich 4P play until a while ago. That means they had sex for more than 6 hours. Meanwhile, the three marvelous women have cummed many times, but this greedy and nymous married woman seems to be still unsatisfied.

“I…I don’t want to go home…. Please, more…more…”

Furthermore, if you see her, Reiko is amenable. Completely in estrus, inviting Kenichi like a nymphomania in search of the next pleasure.

She was embraced by him and taught what terrible pleasure is. But today she had anal sex for the first time, literally she went mad from this otherworldly ecstasy. When her ass hole was teared apart in the bathroom, it seems that she fainted at the end.

After that she became more aggressive as her personality changed, seeking pleasure as unexpectedly as Junko and Yuki bitterly smiles. At the end she was spreading her legs as she was commanded, opening her holes with her own fingers and even begging for having sex.

“It’s already morning, I will contact you again…”

‘Sure…sure…. Please contact me soon…”

Reiko had a light climax before she finally calmed down a little. Apparently it seems that she gave up the extension game. Still she clings to aspire.

“I’m waiting for you… Please see me again soon…”

“That…Reiko is also busy, right?”

“I will manage it somehow…. I will come to see you somehow…. Please contact me anytime, day or night…. I want to see you…”

If the members from “SHADO” who knows Reiko would see her now, they would notice how amazingly different she is now. What is the existence that can do such things? There is only one thing not a person that can drive the intellectual Arisawa Reiko into such a state.

The downtown area in the early morning, surprisingly there are only a few people. A number of black crows are gathering and they are clamoring the garbage put out on the street. Kenichi and the three women, who left the hotel entrance, start walking in a murine-colored city covered with thick clouds seeking a taxi.

Then at that time. A black chunk comes out from the side of the road and comes straight to the four people. The speed is different from humans, and it is like a beast. And that black lump heads straight toward Kenichi.



Along with the screams of his women something glittering from that black chunk sticks out. It has a deathly speed that can’t be avoided if it is an ordinary person. When that light is sucked into Kenichi’s body, the world stops moving for a moment.

“…Y, You…”


That black mass spewed cursing words while staring at the red eyes and the black crows shake their wings at the same time as they responded to those words.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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