Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 216


Those two lewd woman who release rich pheromones that are likely to be materialized holding on to Kenichi who is sitting on the sofa. The contrast between their blue eyeshadows and bright red lips is even more prominent with the whiteness of their skin which is about to come off.

“Aaa…there…right there…. I’m feeling it…”

“More…massage my breasts more…. Firmly…”

Kenichi´s hands got into the chests of Junko and Yuki in an unnoticed way and was playing with the huge meat that lifted the fabric overwhelmingly. You can see that his hands are moving indecently from the top of the clothes and stimulate the vital points accurately.

While enjoying their breasts from the top of their lace bras, Kenichi licks his mouth with his tongue. Women of the highest grade have been captured by him and can’t stop to have enough of him.

These two have a pretty face and style that let every men look at them and even their vaginas have a complicated and narrow structure that let you feel pleasant. Kenichi loves their services if it is with their hips or with their fingers, if you leave them alone, they would do it endless. Such beautiful women used to have relationships with several men, but it was a story until they met him. Now they have no interest in other men than Kenichi.

“Did your chest become bigger again?”

Kneading the breasts in his hands from top of the lace bras, Kenichi fully enjoys it with his palms. Kenichi can play with these boobs that can’t be hold in one hand anymore as much as he wants.

“Aah…my breasts are getting bigger and bigger and I have to change all of my bras every time…”

“Its my second time now. My body become more erotic steadily. And right now I don’t have many cute J-cup bras left…”

Kneading their breasts as he likes,Yuki and Junko make their confessions while panting. Every time Kenichi´s evil fluid flows into their bodies, their bodies change so that the butt and chest becomes bigger and the waistline becomes slender.

(Aaa… I, I…I´m the same…)

The same thing happens to them. Reiko was surprised by that fact. Her body is changing rapidly since becoming related to this man. Her waist which was loose after giving birth to a child has also been tightened and the size of her bras which was originally F was also becoming tight being G now. Her 40-year-old body on the is so incredible when it is seen in mirror in the bathroom as she is ashamed of herself.

“I know that the girls at the club also become beautiful because of having sex with you, so everyone waits for Kenichi’s hormone injection…”

In addition to tasting sweet pleasures, the magic body fluids improves the skin and physical condition and it gets even better to proportions. Hostesses who noticed that are secretly calling it “hormone injection” and are looking forward to have sex with the owner, Kenichi. Originally because of their desire for money and want to stand in the limelight, their affinity with Kenichi´s wave pattern is extremely high.

“Huhu…hormone injection. ……Our students are the same…they wants their teacher´s injection, so they’re pushing into his room…”

Ellis young lady academy now became a good hunting ground for Kenichi eating pretty girls at random places that should be sacred in nature. All female teachers and even the students mothers are influenced by Kenichi´s poison, so that of course not only during lunch breaks or after school, but also during class does Kenichi eat those young ladies.

“The same for me…as soon as I see his gigantic penis, I want to be “injected” a lot by it…”

“Yuiki also said “injected”…. As if a doctor said, please take your medicine with your pussy…”

Junko and Yuki snuggle on Kenichi from left and right as they talk with each other. From their bodies that sweat lightly, a rich and lewd smell rises up. In response to this violent concentration, Kenichi´s dick started to move between his legs. It seems that it waits for the moment when it can enter its prey to let them feel pleasant.

“Hey, don’t stand in such a place, come here and suck it”


“You probably didn’t come here to visit only, Reiko wanted this and came all the way here for it, right?”

“…Uaaa…about that…”

Reiko who was standing still was asked but couldn’t say anything. But the fact is true, she came here after lying to her husband.

“Here, be obedient…. Let’s have fun together…”

“Let’s treat this bad person with the three of us…uhuhu…”

(What to do…with these people…aaaa…I, I …)

The last remaining fragments of reasons desperately brake. It is not the first time to be with several women, but still her shame hasn’t diminished. Furthermore, these two people are so beautiful that makes Reiko tremble a bit even if she look at them, and she feels hopeless when thinking of being with such heaven-defying beauties as a woman.

“Come here because it’s okay…. I will tell you who you are.”


Kenichi smiles with a grin as if he can read Reiko’s heart. Reiko remembers that face and its words. A line spoken to by this man many times while being penetrated.

As his sturdy penis push up through the womb, words like spells struck which is enough to melt the head over and over again, so that she clung to Kenichi who overruns herself. No, that is not accurate. At first it was being said certainly, but in the end wasnt it words of slavery from her heart as she said it by herself.

Many times she rushed up to a horrible ecstasy, so that her reason and self became a mud and she murmured words many times as if to swear to God.

“I am your slave”

(Different…different…aaa…I am…I…)

As Reiko is bound by her own words, she kneels before Kenichi as she walks forward.

(This is crazy…)

A giant genital is in front of her. As a wife, as a mother, a devil’s weapon that tramps things down, let her change to a single woman who has a living body. Strong sexual desire invites herself to the world of polar color which she didn’t know so far and drags it to a sweet hill.


Stretching out her trembling hands and clenching the root, something dark black squeezes from there and feels like it will flow into herself, so that her body trembles while getting goosebumps. Reiko noticed that something happens to her but she can’t let go of this black strong meat weapon

(This is…this will hurt me…)

While grasping it many times, Reiko confirms its hugeness and hardness. Although it has been counted countless timed, her body that has become ripe and greedy hasn’t enough yet and is still seeking the next pleasure. It is absolutely impossible to obtain it by having sex with her husband, and in fact it is frustrating every time to be unsatisfied and to have a painful body.

“Aaa…amazing…also today…”

As the two beautiful women and Kenichi look down, Reiko the chief executive of “SHADO” who should kill devils,gently brought her red lips near this black mass while forgetting her beloved husband and children.


Kenichi’s penis spread all over her mouth, brutally rubbing against the cheeks. Unlike her beloved husband ‘s small one, this penis is ruthless and insolent. But its violent presence evokes a slavery mind inside Reiko from the bottom of her heart.

“Aaa…wonderful, Reiko…. Please use your tongue more to suck it”

Kenichi sitting on the sofa wasn’t her husband. Even if she is ordered to abandon her husband she will obey with consecration. No disbelief or anger.

(Does this work? Aaa…awesome…rampaging in my mouth…bikuuu…)

Using her tongue as told, Reiko licks the sensitive back muscles while at the same time using her lips and cheeks. Pre-cum overflows from the tip and when it is mixed with saliva and swallowed, her mind will be numbed.

(Aaa…amazing…so thick and hard…)

Shaking her head as if synchronizing with her slowly moving white long fingers wrapped around the root. Reiko who is getting excited and immersed herself more and more without being arbitrarily and acting more enthusiastic and polite than with her husband.

(It feels good…ah, Im dying…this kind of…)

Every time it rubs against her mucous membrane Reiko feels a clear pleasure and she is drawn into this oral service. Unbelievably, the pleasure is so strong than having sex with her husband.


Her mouth became numb and she wasn’t able to hold on to the surplus size, but still she cant stop sucking it. At first her eyes who were anxious are also not conscious, and are immersed in entertaining the tremendous penis in front of her. A silver ring glows on the ring finger of her left hand.

“Awesome…after all a married wife is completely different…”

“Really, nasty…. She is much more sexy than us…”

Junko and Yuki giggle while still clinging to Kenichi and looking at Reiko who continues doing her blowjob with barely exterior nature and desire. This married woman who continuously resisted eventually fell and became a prisoner of Kenichi.

“Take it off”

As said, Junko and Yuki laugh and stand up from Kenichi, before they start to take off their clothes while slowly making a burst. Two pretty women take off their black and pink dress which stuck to their bodies while laughing.

Pulling down the zipper on the back, they take their dresses off as they bend their bodies. They learned doing it this way, to entertain Kenichi with a strip tease show.. When taking off their dresses as if peeling off a thin skin, bombastic bodies appeared from under it.

Both of them both exceed 95 centimeters, and their huge melons are wrapped in thin lace bras which are designed to protrude forward against gravity. However, their bodies itself are slender. The curve leading to the hips developed and is smooth and beautiful.

Junko is wearing black and Yuki pink lingerie so that it adapts to their clothes. The lace bras are elaborate, with stocking on the same designed panties with garter belts. Stockings seems to be behind, embroidery on the upper part and ankle part, it can be seen that it is a luxury good from France at glance.

Excellent appearances and gorgeous bodies. Wrapping them in sensational designed underwears. It is not a body like a chicken breast of a lingerie model, but a full flesh body that burns man’s desires.


Two very beautiful women who were intensely beautiful and nasty look again this time though they are greedy from every corner of their bodies as an outlet for their own sexual desire. Wanting to receive overwhelming pleasures they are jealous of Reiko who sucks Kenichi’s penis with her mouth.


Kenichi’s dick gets excited while looking at Junko and Yuki’s strip tease. However, such a situation also becomes a spice for Reiko who woke up to an M temperament while increasingly be excited.

“So? Getting excited?”

“I’ll make you feel a lot better with this body today”

Junko and Yuki who understand how attractive they are for a man wiggle their bodies in the pale light of indirect illumination to arouse Kenichi who seems to feel glad.

“Hey, take turns”

Reiko reacted to the said words. As soon as she moved aside, Junko and Yuki which became bewitching with their sexy underwear grab the crotch instead and their faces are drawn from left and right while kneeling on the carpet.

“Huhuhu…there is so much drool…I’m going to lick everything…”

“We’re going to make you more comfortable with the both of us…”

After looking at Reiko, Junko and Yuki started to show their fellatio skills. It seems that they see Reiko as a rival and demonstrate their own techniques. In a harem play with multiple women, such a competition between females becomes a driver which gives birth to further pleasure. It is proof that Reiko was doing a thick, intense service than usual by the consideration of Junko and Yuki.


The tip is sucked by Junko’s hot mouth, while Yuki licks the root. Both girls know the parts that Kenichi feels completely and their great oral service stimulates the colt who was bloodshot thoroughly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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