Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 215


(I am…what am I trying to do…)

Reiko remembers fear of the situation that she didn’t anticipated herself in a taxi she took after saying goodbye to her husband at the restaurant they ate together. The road leading to the hotel in the city center is bright and sparkling and underneath it is visible that a lot of people are coming and going, but it feels like an event in a distant country.

She lied to her husband again. She falsely got a call from the station because of an emergency case, she went down the train station on the way to her house and was going to that hotel again just by herself.

A small plastic card is in her handbag. The golden IC shone and Reiko suffered since she was handed it. But in the long run, lying, getting off the train, being on a taxi, staying here, her emotions rises further up in the back of her heart.

(Why…why am I so weak…)

Her own heart. Today she stayed at her parents’ house, to spend time with her parents, husband and her two sons together. Even so, despite of this irreplaceable happiness, what is she trying to solve?

The answer is obvious. It is a reason that anyone can easily understand, but not knowing how to say it.

Despite anguish and regret and chaos, the taxi reached the destination without mercy. When Reiko goes through the entrance of the hotel, she is greeted by a boy, but as she thought that this boy knows that she just came out earlier, she quickly pass through the lobby.

Taking the elevator to going up to the room. Holding the card that she got, Reiko pressed the button “32” with her trembling hand. She thinks that she can turn back now, but her body is as if it is manipulated by something.

After the elevator reached the floor, Reiko goes through a long dark corridor as if forcing an atonement, before she came in front of the targeted room.

(Really…really good…. Like this…)

After repeated hesitation, her trembling white hands eventually press the card against the sensor. There was a dry sound and the key of the door to invite this married woman to real hell dislodged.

When she slowly opens the door, suddenly a flood of light comes into her eyes. From the high-rise hotel to the dark center of the night, there are many kinds of sparkle that upset the jewel box.

The door slowly closes behind herself and a dry sound of auto lock is heard. Although she hesitated only a little, Reiko walks slowly forward.

Because it is a suite room, a large sofa and table are placed at the entrance. In the room there is no electricity and it is totally dark. It took a while for Reiko´s eyes to get used to it who came from a bright corridor.

As she gradually became accustomed to the light from the outside which opened the curtain, she saw that man sitting on the sofa. Something was moving between his legs and Reiko noticed that a small sound was coming from there.


When she got used to the darkness, the scene suddenly appeared clearly and a voice leaked out. The impact will never fade, even though it has been anticipated.


A huge meat weapon is towering high on that man´s crotch and its black surface is shining a bit.

Needless to say, it is saliva and the pretty woman who she saw in the restaurant a little while ago crawls her tongue on top of it with an fascinated look.

“Awesome…aah, so tasty…”

The beauty is licking the erected penis while gripping the thick root with her white hand.

This beauty that let every man in the restaurant stare at her is giving off a tremendous sex appeal.

“What’s wrong? Come over here…”

The man said so and Reiko seemed relieved. The moment she was called out, Reiko noticed now that her eyes were glued to the giant genital and she became bright red out of embarrassment. She approaches slowly, but the marvelous woman doesn’t care about Reiko´s existence at all and continued her lewd oral service. No, it’s not. Reiko´s knows. Licking this man’s penis, you will feel very comfortable.

The mouth and tongue feel as if it became sensitive like a genital.

“…Aaa…superb…. I feel…I feel it…”

The pupils behind the metal framed glasses are as sexy as if pouring oil into fire, even if you look as the same sex, it is tremendously sexy. It can be seen that her elongating tongue crawls from the root to the tip and skillfully stimulating the part which can be felt. It showed the magnitude of the horny skill that this beautiful woman is showing in front of Reiko who is totally aware of the immaturity of her technique.

(Aaa…that there is such a person…)

Reiko had opponents before, but this woman is totally different. Beautiful enough to make you tremble and intense sex appeal is released from her whole body. Her technique is outstanding and she is much younger than Reiko. As a woman there is no element to win against this opponent, so Reiko was stunned.

At that time, the door opened with a sound and another person entered this room.

The man who sits on the couch and the beautiful woman do not wince at all and continue their act as if nothing happened.

“I’m glad you didn’t start yet…”

Looking at the two people sitting on the couch, another woman laughs from the back of her throat. The scent of a dense night approaches and Reiko moved away involuntarily to give way.

“Oh, another person came today…”

The woman who just came into the suite says so with a husky voice was as beautiful as the woman on the sofa. Bright chestnut-like hair that is tied up beautifully and wearing a dress that stuck to her body and gives the atmosphere of being a butterfly at night.

“Aah…I wanted to meet you…. You recently didn’t even come to the store at all…”

That beautiful woman who came places the brand bag she had in her hand on the table and sits down next to Kenichi sitting on the sofa. They immediately exchange deep kisses, while Reiko is so surprised by it that her mouth is wide open.

The long dress is a deep pink color, and there is a slit from the hem to the thighs. The legs peeking from there are plump and glossy black stocking are worn. When Kenichi touched the big breasts that lifted the dress, the woman raises a happy voice and kisses more violently. Between his legs the other marvelous woman moves her head slowly and uses her tongue to raise the sexuality of Kenichi.

“Is the store going well, Yuki?”

Finally releasing his lips, Kenichi asks teasingly while enjoying this sensual body. The beautiful mama of the high-class club that he owns runs a smile on her face.

“Uhuhu…. Thanks to the great owner, we have all the good kids, so it’s going very well. Recently its hard for customers to come and enter every day as we wont accept everyone”

The reason for that is that Kenichi pulled out all the number one girls from various clubs and let them join his club. The guests who visit those clubs and cabaret clubs because of those girls because they were captivated started to flock to Kenichi´s night club.

All the hostess who increased to about 50 people are all beauties with an preeminent style and all of them release a sweet fragrance from their bodies as they are influenced by Kenichi.

“How’s he doing? Is he still in the store?”

When Kenichi says so, Yuki Yamaoka has a wicked and sexy smile.

“He is coming. Three times a week…”

“I think he is completely addicted”

“Uhuhu…. But are you okay? Even if he is buying high-quality liquor…I don’t know if that guy is really a managing director, but he’s really a nasty guy. Even though you have paid…”

Yuki´s earlobe is bitten sweetly. Having her nipples stimulated from the top of the shirt Yuki hit against Kenichi´s chest with a sexy expression that is full of lust.

“Okay…he is my former classmate. He will double it, so don’t worry…and did you let him kiss you?”

“No…I’m not going to do that! As you told me, I accompanied him till morning without holding hands. Aah, hey…please kiss me…”

The long tongue of this beautiful club mother invades Kenichi´s mouth and sweet saliva is exchanged. The beauty between Kenichi´s legs still licks the penis with an enchanted look. And before long, both woman change their positions and Yuki brought her face close to the crotch this time.

“Aaaa…no matter how often you see it…it is so sturdy…”

After licking her lips with her long tongue, Yuki slowly brought her red lips close to the thick meat stick. The appearance to serve while also licking the tip, the stimulation doesnt become monotonous as it is very indecent and beautiful so that Reiko who is looking at it remembers shudder.

“I was very happy today…. It was really like a dream to eat with you alone…”

Instead of Yuki, the other beauty clings to Kenichi and stares at him. Junko Yoshikawa with a beautiful appearance that resembles a actress is becoming intoxicated with this happiness by dating her beloved man from the bottom of her heart.

“I’ll make you feel good to thank you a lot…. Even in the bath or the bed, I’ll give you a lot of service…”

“No…unfair, Junko-san…. this time I will also serve him fully and have dinner alone with him…”

Stimulating the gigantic glans with her tongue, Yuki complains to Junko. Her tongue is completely entwined around the penis and her saliva is painted on it like syrup.

“Kenichi-samaa…kiss me…”

Kenichi and Junko entangle their tongues happily. When his hands rubs the massive breasts from above the dress, Junko twitches and raised her eyebrows while still exchanging tongue kisses.

“Aah, I cant take it anymore…. Can I have this child, please?”

Before saying it, Yuki opens her mouth too quickly, before she swallowed the huge tip. Then swinging her head slowly with her white fingers skillfully griping the root and moving them in synchron. Although it is not intense at all, it is a rich oral intercourse. Occasionally the tongue that is crooked from the opening of the mouth peeps out and Reiko who is watching has a strange feeling.

(Ah …this…)

A orgy also begins tonight. Beautiful sacrifices are in front of Reiko who stumbled in stupidity and gradually reveals her greedy nature and desire.

Two tongues and two lips. The dick is swallowed by a soft red mouth accompanied with sweet liquid. Although it is a repeated movement, it is not monotonous, and the strength, the angle, and the place differ every round trip and the joy of having the penis rises. The 28-year-old Junko and Yuki are behaving totally different which cannot be imagined from their age.

Their sensuality is further polished as they meet Kenichi and their techniques is even to the level that they are called by their master now and then and improve further by competing against each other mutually.

“Aah…how about here? Do you feel it?”

“Muhuuuu…aaa…its thrilling. I’ll give you more…”

Those two are one of the few outstanding sex slaves Kenichi has while they also have the best technique and greedy libido. Their hormone balance becomes perfect because they continued to bathe in the wave of the Incubus and their beauty and style has been further polished, so that there is no man who wouldn’t turn around to look at them when they walk on the streets.

The bust keeps a perfect spindle while the size is up, and it follows the waist which was narrowed down which should be called bee-hips. The buttocks protruding from there are plump and fruitful, followed by plump thighs to slender legs.

The small, tightened ankle easily elicit an extraordinarily narrow and complex interior from what you can see. This body distinguished the good looks of a bombshell.She is immoral and loves serving unparalleled service. If the technique is also top class, it is a perfect and ideal woman for men. While enjoying the two rich double blowjobs, Kenichi speaks to Reiko who smiled thinly and stood still in the middle of the room.

“So, how long have you been standing there?”


Reiko finally returned to herself. She was in front of a orgy which started and was not able to go back. During the whole time, she stared at the indecent acts and let her body become hot.

“What did you say to your husband? Did you tell a lie that there was a sudden call?”

“…Th, that…such a thing…”

Reiko was caught on the spot. Once again her sins are revealed and she averts Kenichi out of regret and shame.

“Okay…now that we’ve come this far, we’re together. Let’s have fun together now…”


The Devil whispers words of corruption. But it’s getting ridiculous. Reiko was guilty at the time when she came here. Nothing changed from the fact that she betrayed her husband and she became a little better in the way of lying.

The color of agony floats on her face and sweat overflows from the forehead. In her mind, the spectacle of daytime spreads and the smile of her husband and two children floats and disappear.

“Hey, come here now. I will love you enough so that you wont hold back today”


Reiko was ordered by Kenichi strongly. Therefore it can be understood that her mind is rapidly enslaved to this man as the switch entered the snap with that. The humiliation and sweetness of being treated like a possession by a man other than her husband is filling her body.

“Reiko, you are mine. That’s what you know best, right?”

Kenichi declared so firmly and Reiko can’t argue against it. Junko and Yuki who lick Kenichi´s penis from left and right are looking at Reiko and laugh thinly.

“You’re a woman, too right? There is no woman who can resist this person…. If you knew this, then you know that there is no other man who can satisfy you…”

“Huhuhu…your husband is pitiful. But, you can’t go back to the original. That’s why you’re here now, aren’t you?”

“…Th, that…I…just…”

Junko and Yuki nodded to Reiko as if they know everything and they smile joyfully as they chew on Kenichi’s earlobes. At the same time they stroke the penis with their lovely thin fingers.

“Going to make such a serious woman a fallen wife…you are truly a demon who let her husband and two children be left alone…”

“Saying that, he really is a demon…. It is not enough for him to eat the woman he has…so all the girls in the store broke up with their boyfriends because of that guy…”

“Really hateful…. He also ate a lot of students at my house…. A lot of virgins were deprived of their purity as if he wants to keep all the cute girls for himself”

“Enemy of women, I will punish you today. I will squeeze this thing until it becomes white and I won’t let you feel good…”

Junko and Yuki tell this words while being in Kenichi´s arms and licking his earlobes from the left and right. They are totally looking forward to the orgy that will be held now, and their gestures and facial expressions seem for like the act to stimulate the desire of Kenichi.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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