Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 214


Today is the first date night with her husband after a long time. After getting married and having children, there was almost no time to have a happy couple time in this way. Both have a busy job and they can’t do much because of their children. But now they got time for themselves.

But that man appeared in such a peaceful and calm space. The criminal who ravished Reiko and made her unfaithful to her husband. The man who embraced her body every time he met her, taught her what real pleasure is and cummed often inside her vagina. A terrible wild beast who fucked her till the morning and corrupted a great number of beautiful women.

“What happened? Did something happen?”

“…Eh, eeh…. There’s nothing…it’s fine…”

Reiko replies to her husband while suppressing her feelings. Since a little while ago, her heart pulsates strongly and sweat overflows from her whole body. Of course her husband shouldnt know that man’s face, so he won’t notice anything even if she doesn’t behave normal. Still the fact that her affair is near her husband makes Reiko feel uneasy.

(No…aaa…th, that…)

Moreover, she is conscious that her indecent pussy slowly open its mouth inside her panty. As if clamoring to see that man’s genitals.

(Lie…Why is this so…. How did this happen? Aaa…)

Reiko is really irritated. Well, during her meal with her husband, she remembered the relentless affairs with that man and her body is heating up. In the depths of her lower abdomen there is a hot mass, from which the impulse of passion runs through her whole body. Inside her bra, her nipples erected and rubbed with a slight movement and spinning sweet numbness.

It was two weeks ago when she had the last relationship with that man. As usual she was called by e-mail and she felt pleasure until late at night by lying to her husband that she is working overtime. The man who was more stout than usual always had sex with her till morning and poured his white desire into the back of her body.

They entered a love hotel and had sex for more than two hours after doing a rich blowjob that had never be done for her husband. The stubborn man kept staying in Reiko without withering and during that time he was extremely prominent. At the end, despite ejaculation with both hands wrapped around that man´s body, Reiko reached the highest bliss. Hot ripples are engraved on her body as a sweet memory.

(Noooo…please, clamp down…in such place, not good…)

Just two weeks from then. No, it’s been two weeks. Her body which has been taught the pleasure of real sex completely has begun to dry out as requesting something. Reiko has several times now were she has sex with her husband during a month but it is something that can’t be compared with the overwhelming pleasure that the man gives. Far from being satisfied, it is thrown out halfway and the tingling only increases further.

“That woman is beautiful. I’m trying to remember if she is an entertainer or something like that since a while ago, but was there such an actress?”

Seeing that Reiko glances to the window from time to time, her husband seems to have misunderstood that she is distracted by that woman.

“I mean, she is pretty sexy…”

“Eh, yes. She is so beautiful…”

It’s not just her husband. Reiko noticed that all men in the vicinity were staring at this sexy woman as if they are attract by a magnet. It seems that this sexy woman is scattering a lot of pheromones from her body.

“I don’t mean that. You’re more beautiful, Reiko…”

Her husband who seems to misunderstand that she is angry has an agonizing expression while explaining in a rush. But at the mercy of black passions and emotions blowing in her body and mind, Reiko wasn’t paying attention to her husband.

(Today with that person…such a pretty and sexy woman…)

Kenichi will spend a hot night with this beauty and even if Reiko sees it by herself she knows that this beauty is very sexy. When she thinks about it, something black flame-like rises from the back of her chest and heating up her head. Of course, it is a feeling that she shouldn’t have originally. There is no reason to be able to say such a thing because her husband is with her.

(What am I thinking? In the daytime, I swore deeply in my heart!)

Reiko wanted to forget that man and doesnt want to fall for him twice. In the daytime, in the bright sunshine, while watching the conversation with her children and husband, she should have decided so firmly in her heart. She abandoned her weak self, who was drowning in the temptations of the flesh, and as a wife, as a mother, decided to live in purity with a moral heart.

But as the darkness of the night falls down in the city, something sleeping in her heart and the back of her body awoke. It is greedy like a nocturnal carnivorous beast and is driven by desires that never run out.

(Aaa…what’s going on? My body…)

Like ridiculing the reason to be afflicted, her body is now in estrus. Her nipples and clitoris plays are burning and stings from a moment along with the rhythm of her heart. Her pussy opened wide and soon is filled with nasty greeting water.

(Why, why, so nasty…)

As Reiko drank alcohol during her date with her husband she is stunned that the reason will gradually be eroded. No matter how much she encourage herself to reprove herself, her body that melted was out of control. In search of a hot night with that man, her heart and body distorted.

(No…absolutely not good…. Please…calm down…)

“You know what…during university at the laboratory there was this guy, do you remember Takasaka?”

“…Eh? …Ye, yeah…somehow…”

“He opened a clinic in Machida, it seems that it is quite popular”

“…U, uh…. That really good…”

“It is impossible for me…. After all research is more interesting…”

Reiko joins her husband’s story by joining together her reasons that seems to be broken while eating her main course white fish. She doesn’t taste anything in her mouth. Reiko was desperately resisting to the rough wave of stormy lust, with her self-confident heart.

Finally the main course is over and now they are waiting for the dessert. In the meantime, the repetitive repulsive waves of lust tormented herself trying to overcome it with reason. Of course she can’t do such a thing, but she is driven by the urge to go to that man right now. Whenever she closes her eyes to pray for something, her body trembles briefly.

Then the man sitting at the window stand up and walks towards here. Reiko who caught it at the edge of her sight, has her heart stop moving.

(What! Why! Here, coming here!!)

Kenichi is slowly walking and comes closer to the table where she is with her husband. Reiko panics and cold sweat spurts out of her whole body and strikes early bells as if her heart went crazy.

(Coming here! What do I do…)

She doesn’t know his purpose and irritates herself panickily. However, as a ridicule of such Reiko, Kenichi changes direction as he reaches just next to Reiko and walks to the outlet of the restaurant. Reiko understood what the means was.

(He went to the toilet…)

This is inside the hotel, the toilet is outside the restaurant. At the same time as she was relieved by thinking about it, shame and hatred plunged into her body as what she was afraid of.

(But…he absolutely should have noticed…. It never happened that he didn’t talk to me…)

There is no guarantee that he won’t be able to speak when he comes back from the toilet. Being with her husband, she thought about what he will say and how she shall respond to it. What will her husband think about a younger man who is neither a colleague nor a friend? Reiko isn’t sure if it will really happen, but still it is better to push the precaution to pretend to be unknowns absolutely.

(By the way! That’s right! It’s better to stick a nail in it now…)

As usual Reiko reviews the answers in her mind repeatedly whether the answers are correct, but there isn’t much reason left now. She jumped at the easy measures that she thought of. Even if it is forced reasons.

“Hey, I’ll go to the bathroom a little”

“…Ah, yes”

Her husband who enjoys the dessert doesn’t seem to be noticing her anguish and impatience. When she got up slowly so that she could not see her inner sway, Reiko walked out of the shop as if she was drawn to something, as if she had gone after that man.

Outside the shop, there were young men and women and families in the corridor of the hotel. On the top floor, there are some Chinese and Japan restaurants besides this French restaurant and it is fully crowded.

(Where? Where did he go?)

This beauty wearing a one piece and mini skirt is rushing into the toilet in the back. Her long hair was tied up, her ears and neck adorned with accessories, but she is now full of impatience.

(Aah…where? Where…)

While waiting in the immediate vicinity of the toilet, there is no appearance of that man to come out at all. Hasn’t he come out yet? Or did he passed her somewhere?

(But…if he comes out soon…)

Many times Reiko goes back and forth on the corridor, looking for that figure with a serious expression. She goes to the other side in a hurry and repeats to be disappointed when returning to the origin.

(Already…he may already have returned…)

If he doesn’t come out yet, he might have gone back to the restaurant already. When Reiko tried to give up and walk out, she was suddenly called from the back.

“What’s wrong, Reiko. Are you looking for someone in that place?”

Somehow she almost leaked a cry as she panic and there was the figure of that man she was searching for.


The man in a suit watches at Reiko with a grin. At that moment her head got pure white and she even forgot what she was about to do. Spitting out the words that came out quickly as if spinning.

“Who is that woman…?”

Reiko surprised herself with these words that came out of her mouth. Even though she hasn’t come here to say such a thing, the real thing slips through her throat before she could think. While she was feeling it, she felt that her whole body was getting hotter, because of being too embarrassed.

“…Ah…. She’s a coworker… Just a coworker”

It is a lie. It is absolutely a lie. Looking at the face of that man casually answering like that, the passion is increasingly paralyzing the brake named reason.

“Lie…lie…. Such a pretty person…”

Reiko was feeling frustrated and desperately suppress it. She realizes that she is obviously expelling her jealousy and can not stop spilling black emotions.

“Lie? …Well, it is true, but…well, whether it is just a colleague, I will leave it to Reiko’s imagination…”

The man smiles with a grin as all his weaknesses are exposed. It is frustrating and hatred, and the face of Reiko is distorted with anger and sorrow.

“With that person…from now on…. Is that so?”

“How about it? Reiko aren’t you here with your husband, you’re going to have your pussy pierced by your husband.

“…That, that kind of thing…”

That’s right. She has her husband. There is no qualification for herself to blame this man. She is frightened by that fact again and eventually her anger gradually becomes smaller like the snow that hit the sun. She suddenly became silent in the corridor. Then the man in front of her eyes put his hands in his pocket and took out something and offered it to Reiko.

“It’s Room 3202”

That’s it, the man walks away. Reiko stood dumbfounding while watching the small magnetic card in her hand.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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