Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 213


A long holiday. A fine Sunday.

On that day, Reiko Arisawa, who is the director of SHADO, had come shopping with her family in Ginza. The place they visited after a long time is lined with high-end apparel stores and brand shops and is crowded with fashionable men and women.

It is a hard job being a police officer who protect the security of Japan, but as a woman of course, Reiko loves shopping. While walking along the street with her husband and two children, she feels exhilarating even just peeking through the window.


“What’s wrong?”

In the early summer sun, they sat at a table at a café facing the road and one of her childs who had been licking ice cream intently from a while ago calls out while seeing Reiko by chance. Because of her work, her sons are entrusted to her parents, so Reiko is trying to spend as much time as possible with them on holidays.

“Emm…Mama, you have changed recently, Onii-chan has said that”

Reiko can’t answer quickly as she doesnt know what to say.

“Eh? …Ch, Changed? …Ma, Mama?”

“Yes, Mama changed…very…”


Even her eldest son has said these words. The tone is thin and it sounds like it does not contain any back. Because he is an elementary school student, he can’t be ironic or sarcastic.

However, Reiko who has been told that she “changed” is unconsciously upset. Her heart throbs unexpectedly. Even more so, while her husband sat on the other side observing the situation with her sons.

“Ch, Changed…what? Ho, how did I change?”

Reiko tries to be calm as possible, while smiling. She stirs up the cafe au lait in front of her eyes with a spoon, but she cant stop her hands from trembling.

“Yes. Ummm…yeah…Mama, you became so beautiful!”

Saying so innocently, her second son smiles happily.

“Be, beautiful? …Mom?”

“Yeah! Mama has been beautiful all along recently. Uhh…, she was pretty before, but especially recently she became prettier!”

While eating his ice cream, her eldest son throw in appropriated words while smiling.

“We love our beautiful mom”

“Yeah, I love her too! She is also very beautiful today!”

Reiko didn’t know, but her two sons were proud of her because their friends envied the beauty of their mother on occasions such as class visits. And recently her beauty has been further refined, so they are glad that makes them happy. Her appearance has been preeminent for a long time, but it came to be cared especially for makeup and clothes, something overflowing from the inside further emphasizes her beauty. Even though she herself didn’t mind it very much, even though she walked along the street today, many men took a look at Reiko, by looked back.

“Thank you for calling your mother beautiful. I’m glad. I love the both of you”

Thanking her sons while smiling bashfully, her hair waves lightly in the early summer wind. She was confused by the fact that her children told her so straight, but she wasn’t happy to be praised of her appearance.

(Recently…especially…. Af, after all…)

But there is no pleasure from the bottom of my heart. Like small thorns stabbed, her thoughtful feeling is ganging up in the back of her chest. Of course she understands the reason perfectly. Reiko has a secret that she can never say to her husband or children and she realizes that it is not unrelated to her recent change.

She has an affair with a younger man than herself and hide it from her husband. It’s like a drama, but it’s really happening to her. Her makeup became flashy to match the man’s tastes and she began to choose things that would expose her body’s lines with high exposure.

Even though it’s a family outing today, Reiko is wearing a sleeveless dress that she didn’t have before and a short and tight skirt, that emphasized her plump hips clearly. She can see her husband smiling at her from a while ago, but she can’t look into his eyes. She alternates between her sons and talks to escape from his gaze.

“Where do you want to go from here? What do you want to buy? Tell me what you want and mama will buy it!!”

An unnatural voice. High tension. It is shaken easily by a little because there is a place shady than the origin although it is not thought that the shake of the inside of the barrel is sure to the sons.

(I already have no way to stop these things…)

She was calm and has no visible shadow. Reiko remembers the mistake that she has committed again and the intense disgust for herself who is frightened by it.

(So ​​much…I’m so happy…)

“Hey, it’ll melt if you do not eat it soon”

“Oh…really it’s…”

“Daddy will eat it?”

“Yeah! Eat it myself!”

In the warm sunshine, gentle husband and cute sons talk with each other. There is a pictorial happiness there. There is no economic problem and there is no complaint at all in this life. Although it had been a while, Reiko raises her face as she made up her mind.

(I will definitely…absolutely not do it! I won’t do it anymore!)

She swears so in her heart. Reiko thinks it is bad for her husband, but she will take this secret to the grave. Instead, she will never betray him again and hopes he will forgive her. Reiko who looks straight at her husband while apologizing again and again in her mind.

“Well, where shall we go next?”

“I have something I want you to buy!”

“Me too!”

Her son innocently smiled as if they are little angels. Just watching their smiling faces, filled her body with warmth and her heart gets lighter as if she tossed something off.

(I must absolutely protect this happiness…)

The wind of early summer that gently strikes her long hair combed nicely. Reiko decides so strongly under the light poured from the warm sun. Eventually the brightness of intelligence and intelligence like before has returned to her eyes for the first time in months.

That night.

Reiko, along with her husband Michio Arisawa, enjoyed eating at a restaurant on the top floor of a super luxury hotel in Tokyo. After shopping in the day with her children in Ginza, she thought about going home after visiting her parents´s home, but they were encouraged by her parents to occasionally have time for themselves.

Their children seemed to want to play the game they had bought as soon as possible and it seemed like they were not interested in high class French, so her parents are happy to be with their grandchildren. Perhaps, as a couple they may have felt a misunderstanding between each other’s busyness.

Under the softly-tuned lighting and the candle placed on the table. While eating and facing her husband, Reiko uses a knife and a fork while holding a complex feeling of joy with a little tension.

It is the first time in many years, that she went out with her husband. Michio, a associate professor at the university, and herself a police chief have responsible post. Due to the busy and irregular life, the opportunity to talk slowly and calmly at home can be counted. And with their children, there are no sweet times for the two just like in the past when they were lovers.

The wine is sometimes taken to the mouth, and the appetizer of foie gras is tasted.

Rich red wine and thick fat are blends in the mouth, and it is possible to enjoy the fusion of the taste which is even sensual. Her husband also enjoys the dish in silence. Originally they don’t talk much to each other, especially as her husband was a quiet and gentle man.

When they met in their student days, she had a good affection for that serious and honest personality and was attracted to the strength of the core. The faint sound that the metal of clatter touches each other wraps up two people with the noise of the circumference. It’s not that they’re bored.

Words are not necessary because there is certainly a quiet connection between this married couple who are together for a long time.

“How’s it going lately? Still busy?”

“Yes. That’s right. It’s still a bit of trouble, and it takes a little more to get back to the original. What about you? Is the experiment going well?”

“The same as usual. There seems to be a wall which cannot be exceeded in any way”

It is not possible to talk about “SHADO” even if it is her husband. That’s why Reiko can only talk about bland, but her husband understands that.


Her husband who talks to herself halfway and mulls as if he thought of himself.

“…What? …Whats with anyway?”

When asked to urge, her husband, who seemed to be faintly weak, points down. He was hesitating for a while, but eventually he opens his mouth and connect his words again.

“No…. In the daytime, Reiji and Kosuke said that. What they said…you are really beautiful…”


For a while Reiko was perplexed because she could not understand the meaning of her husband´s words, but she quickly understand it and is eloquent. Her husband wasn’t the type of saying such a sweet dialogue because he was a person who painted researchers. However, when it is understood from the expression of her husband that the word is not a flattering, etc., from the true feeling, gradually joy begins to rise and her chest gets hot.

“Th…Thank you. I’m so happy that you told me that…”

It is understood that her face is hot from being embarrassed. Reiko has just turned 40, but she become as embarrassed as a teenage girl. Her husband might have a similar desire.

She is so embarrassed, that she is facing the bottom now. Quiet music and a bustle around. A couple who move their hands silently to each other, remembering the innocent feeling from when they met. There is a quiet and peaceful time and the joy of love and being loved.

After the appetizer was over, Reiko noticed that her husband ran his eyes towards the window. It is seen that young men and women are facing the same as themselves in the window seat if it is likely to arrive at this shop just now. Is the woman about 25 or2 6 years old? Wearing a black dress that is stuck to her body, you can see her amazing body line even while sitting.

But more than anything that beauty stood out. Her bright brown hair extends to the shoulder and hung lightly. Her white face is oval-shaped, with large eyes and a high nose, each with a outstanding beautiful molding, arranged in harmony until perfect.

The lip that curled lightly up below it, give off the impression which was too much to be able to be destroyed exquisitely, and it becomes a rather sensual coloring, and exudes sexy appeal. It is a beautiful woman who can be called a bombshell even if she is seen by the same sex. It might be not unreasonable that her husband also took a glance.

Not only her husband, but all men in this restaurant seem to be glued to this bombshell, just like a spotlight.

(…Hii! Lie!! Aaa, why…why…!)

But Reiko was completely surprised by another thing. As she see it, her complexion changed and her gentle face until a while ago changed to that of astonishment.

(Why is that person in such place, why…?)

As soon as she saw that man ‘s face, her thinking stopped and her head panicked. She was staring astonishly for a while, but then her body trembled. Reiko seemed to drop her knife and fork which he held in her hands without thinking and in a hurry grips them firmly, but her hand wont stop trembling.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Eh! …U, Uuh…. No, nothing…”

Her husband, who was distracted by that pretty woman, noticed the situation of his wife and gently asked. Reiko should be angry and amazed at her husband who is interested in other women, but now she doesn’t mind that at all.

(Why…Why is that man here…? What? By chance?)

It is a person who Reiko knows well. The man is somewhat lazy while eating with such a beauty that everyone regarded at the window seat. He doesn’t suit such a transcendence beauty and have the look of someone mediocre.

He doesn’t look like a salaryman though wearing a suit and he exudes a dark shady atmosphere. While Reiko is watching, the man slowly enjoys champagne. It is hard to see by the light coming from the window, but he seems to be smiling quietly while talking with that bombshell.


The next moment. Reiko´s body is aching as she is starting to feel a sweet stimulation. She can’t believe it herself, a fresh impulse to sordid. Her meat which reacts like condition reflection only by seeing the face.


It is a flashback of pleasure that has been taught many times and was drilled. The memory that this man violated her in various positions, occupies her mind and body and the smell and the taste peculiar to that man are revived vividly at the same time.


The marvellous Reiko desperately endured the aching of her body while desperately suppressing the groan which seemed to leak in the presence of her husband in the quiet music of this high-level restaurant and the noise.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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