Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 212


On the bed in that room where the perfume of the night drifts. A naked man and a woman wearing a white suit hugs and love each other tightly.

The pretty woman sways her body while sweating with her whole body which is wearing clothes. In addition to the heat that caught in it, rich flaglans rose from the whole body and pheromones that make a man a beast are released.

The man is thin but muscular and is pressing against that beautiful woman. Their appearance is that of a big black poison spider eating a beautiful butterfly in its web. No, it is not such an easy thing. If there was someone with eyes that could see magical power in this room, his hair may stand up in its masquerade.

From the whole body of the man, something red extends like a serpent and is entangled around the body of that beauty which is hold in a embrace. It is a weapon that forcibly resonates with the biological wave of the opposite sex and converts it directly to his own wave pattern. In the part where the red tentacles are entangled, the female aura blinks faintly and gradually change to blood red.


Keiko Shioya who is the wife in this house is kissing Kenichi violently while trying to turn both hands around his head and embracing him. In the part of the head, six out of eight tentacles are entangled and erode Keiko’s aura while wiggling violently.

“Love, I love you…”

“…Aaa…not good…don’t say such a thing…”

“I’ve always loved you since I first saw you”

“…Bu, But…I, you…aaa…”

Kenichi is whispering love to Keiko who is his first love with a gentle voice and makes the tentacles wrapped around her head wiggle further while confirming that his words seeps like a spell.

(It seems to be working well…)

While alternating between kissing and sweet words, Kenichi smiles with a grin deep down in his wicked heart. It was a new experiment for Kenichi.

Noriko Aoyama had outstanding skills in hypnosis, among “SHADO” members. Noriko had a wave that was easy to resonate with other people, and using it, she was active as an hypnosis expert during “SHADO” enrollment. In doing so, she used a wave resonance generator that modulates the wave motion of a human to artificially induce resonance with others.

When basically hypnotizing, give sympathy to the opponent who loses consciousness by implying waves. Fake information is imprinting in the hippocampus, which is the memory center of the other party, and it is convinced that it is true. Important is resonance depth and time. The more hyperemph is resonated, and the more hypnotic you give resonance for a long time, the higher its hypnotic effect.

“I love you, I love you…. Keiko, you love me too, don’t you?”

“Aaa…th, that…”

Two red tentacles wrap around the body of this pathetic married woman, increasing her lust and sexual desire. Her brain is heating up as she is embraced by this strong man and make her feel as if it is a dream.

(I …do I like this person? Aaa…I dont know…)

Keiko is blown away by false emotions and becomes confused. Based on that, Kenichi strengthen the resonance with the remaining six tentacles and whispers a hint into her ear repeatedly. The technique that Noriko was doing in front of him is reproduced with his own magical power.

(Well, I wonder if it works…)

Kenichi has never used his magical power for the purpose of hypnosis and this is his first attempt. But there is a momentum. His wave pattern mix with that of Keiko and the feeling which surely binds her heart is transmitted. It is understood by the super sense that his words reach the deep part of her brain and enters her memory circuit.

“Hey, be honest. Do you like me?”


Every time reason seems to be about to return, a kiss is done and as her tongue is sucked Keiko´s head becomes numb and she couldnt think of anything. As her field of vision narrows steadily, the world where she is in is only this room and the existence other than herself and Kenichi disappears.

“Be honest, if you become obedient, you will feel more comfortable…”

(More…. Ah…better than now…he makes me feel better…)

Words infiltrate her numb head.

(More…I want to feel more comfortable…)

Kenichi’s hands moved into her blouse, rubbing her breasts. Unlike her husband ‘s monotonous and rough movement, he gently and skillfully caress her that makes Keiko want to cry. Below, the panty attached to her crotch is set aside and a moving hot and hard meat stick rubs against her hot pussy. Keiko feels a hot body temperature on her whole body because she is embraced by a sturdy body.

“You like the feeling, don’t you?”

“…Like…I like to feel good…aaaa!!!”

As soon as she asked the voice of her heart obediently, she heard a voice unexpectedly doubling the pleasant feeling rising from her body.

“Do you like being loved this way?”

“I like…like…aaa!!! There, good!!”

A devil that skillfully moves his waist caresses the vulva of this married wife using the surface of his dick. In accordance with the reply, if he suffocates the swollen nectarine with the tip of the glans, a sharp stimulation would run through her body and Keiko is likely to be distracted by it alone.

(I will do it a bit more…)

For the current Kenichi, there is no feature such as manipulating the feeling of Keiko. By the tentacles and techniques owned by him, he knows exactly what kind of pleasure a hungry married woman wants, like a scientist.

“Hey, it feels good here, right? Just say it, frankly”

“Iii! Ah..good…there…more…more…”

As usual it is absolutely impossible to say, it is a shameful desperation. The other party isn’t her husband, but rather someone who she disliked. However, from Keiko´s head whose reason was numb, the emotion of shame faded and instead the honest mouth of her desire replaces the sensual burning flame.

Words that can’t be said to her husband. No, words that couldn’t be mentioned because it is her husband.

“I’ve always loved you. You like me, too, don’t you?”

“Th, That…aaaa…hiuuu!!”

When whispered so, the ear is chewed lightly and new pleasure runs throughout her body. Keiko closes her eyes with long eyelashes and feels it, leaving herself fully in Kenichi´s caress. Keiko who is drunk by the pleasure has her whole body embraced by Kenichi big strong arms.

“Get it straightforward, you know that I also want you, I want to be one quickly, it’s ecstatic since a while ago”

Hardness like a hot iron lump. Every time Kenichi skillfully uses his back, his son rubs against Keiko´s lower part and it is irresistible to stimulate the secret part which became sensitive.

(Amazing…it’s so hard…aaa…)

The sternness of a male genital is felt inevitable. Unlike her husband who is no longer looking at her as a woman, it becomes impatient as it aims at herself and is waiting now to enter inside her pussy. To the joy request as a woman, her ripe body melts.

(I too…I too…)

She wants it. She wants this stout penis to fill the center of her body. She wants Kenichi to fill her hungry body and heart with his hot meat weapon. But she can’t really ask for it by herself, as she can’t say embarrassing things. Meanwhile, she hugs Kenichi firmly with her hands turned around his neck and her crotch opened so wide that the strong colt can enter anytime.

“Hey, tell me. You likes me. And I’ll put it in right now”

“Aaaa…th, that…”

Kenichi can tell the obsessive with his wave radar, such as how hungry this married woman is. Tackling the instability of her heart and body caused by the red tentacles and his caresses, he sneaked into a wide open space.

“Tell me that you like me”

“Th, That…that is…aaaaa…feeling good…”

How many times did those exchanges continued. To the shabby roaring of the devil repeated over and over again, Keiko´s guard completely collapses. The whispered words seep into her dreamy head and it is engraved into the hippocampus as a unconscious memory.

And finally, the falling moment came. While her husband was playing around at a super high class club in Ginza, Keiko, who was a virtuous woman, has the defensive wall of ​​chastity destroyed and false emotions are imprinted with hints.

“Keiko, I love you”

“Aaa…me too…I love you too…”

Keiko uttered the word of love. At that moment, the burning stick which was spreading pre-cum crawls into the melting interior.

“Higuuuuuuuuu!!! Aaaaaaa!!! Hiiiiiii!!!”

Slowly but surely, a mass of meat splits open the womb. The huge gills spread out and scratch the inner mucous membrane that has become sensitive all the time. The most exciting stimulation that Keiko was awaiting, happened and she quickly fell into a hell named ecstasy.

“Hiiiiii!!! Aaaa!!! Th, This…aaaaa!!!!”

Extraordinary sense of expansion than with her husband. The weakest part of her body is skewered by this murder weapon and let Keiko raise a cry of pleasure that melts her brain, but there is no room to worry about it, because there is absolutely nothing to worry about, as Keio became a slave to Kenichi and her whole body will be ruled by his large penis.

“Hiiiii!!! Aaaa!!! Ikuuu!! Cumming!! Aaaa!!!! Hiiiiiiiii!!!!”

When the back is touched, the thunder of pleasure that springs up from the back of her body runs through the spine and roasts the brain in the blink of an eye. A penis completely different from her husband’s one pushes up the deepest part of her vagina which was never reached before and her body seems to be disintegrated due to the shaking of every internal organ.

(This…this is…imposs…impossible…)

To the too overwhelming pleasure, Keiko´s reason and morality are erased. No one should be able to reverse it if it is a woman to this violent ecstasy.

“Do you like me?”

Once again told so, Kenichi looked over from the top. His eyes are shining red and Keiko can see herself inside them. She was at a loss for a few seconds, but she immediately say those words.

“Like…I like you…”

“Do you want me to do more?”

“Do it!! More!! More!! Make a mess of me!! Hiiiiiiii!!! Aguuuuuuuuuaaaaaa!!!”

Without finalizing the last word, Kenichi began to move slowly. His penis surrounded by bangs penetrate deep into her body and the momentum that is likely to pierce the heart as it is. When it is pulled in the opposite direction, the gills are fully spread and even the simple scrub of sensitive flesh is made to every corner. To the extent that Keiko cant think that it is the same thing, as it is better in size, strength and hardness than her husband.

“Aaaa!! Wonderful!! Greatttt!!! Aaahiiiiii!!!”

Keiko buried her nails into Kenichi naked back while waving her waist according to his movement. If she doesn’t do it she is going to fall, as if she is sitting on a rampaging horse.

(Great…so great…aaaa…this…tasting this…aaaa…)

Being fucked while wearing a tight white Chanel suit on the bed of her own bedroom, Keiko realizes that she can not return to her former self while shedding tears and drowning in the pleasures given by Kenichi.

“Ohoooooooo!!! Aaaaaaaa!!!”

The movement of her hips stops according to the piston movement and the agonizing convulsions are conveyed. Tightening the huge meat stick swallowed inside her womb, Keiko raises a animal-like voice while grasping the sheet.

From the gap of the connecting part honey juice is overflowing and will stain her muddy panty and stockings further. Something like a white fog rises from her body. It becomes a whirlpool before long and is sucked into Kenichi´s body.

When the white glow that entered Kenichi´s body became a small sphere and carried to the lower body, it was sucked into the penis that was occupied by Kenichi´s first love Keiko.

At that moment, that feeling that became familiar completely revives. The whole world is shining like a crystal and it feels like glitter. His perception becomes terribly keen and he knows what’s going on around him. It is a sense to understand that five senses as a man expand remarkably, and take the whole world in his hands.

“Aaa…already…already forgive me…. Not more…”

Keiko who fought strongly now also sweats and pleads, but she know that it is not a lie. When the meat jar which had tightened violently is loosened, the power of the whole body is pulled out and becomes limp. Still, her lower part is convulsing as it is squeezing Kenichi´s penis which is in the deepest part and wanders in search of the next pleasure.

(I will cum soon…)

Keiko, who is having sex in the doggy position, has been carefully counting since a few moments and no longer has enough resources left. If they continue to have sex, her legs will end up without strength. She probably can’t clean up herself.

(It still cant be known to Shioya…)

In the dimly lit bedroom, Kenichi smiles with a grin while fucking his beautiful classmate.

Today Kenichi was invited to the class reunion and his love letter to Keiko who had been forgotten has been read before everyone. For Kenichi who disdainfully became the laughing stock, the dark and hot emotions overflow from his body and come out.

The faces that were laughing at him at the class reunion. When Kenichi remembered them, he bit his back teeth with hate and regret.

(Well, that’s fine…. I´m going to show him hell from now on…)

To be linked to that hatred, his penis swells with more power. It skewered every corner of Keiko´s vagina.

“Hiiiiiii!!! Aaaaa!!!! Agaaiinnn…agaaaiiinnn…”

Keiko doesn’t realize that Kenichi who fucks herself from behind has a ruthless look like a demon. The terrifying flesh stalks are growing bigger and louder, reacting to the stimulation that spreads the inside out painfully and letting Keiko raise a voice of rapture and despair to the feeling of being pushed up to the climax again.

“Keiko. Where would you like me to put it out?”

While slowly entering the final spurt, without even putting out his inner feelings, Kenichi calls out to Keiko to confirm in a calm voice.

“…In, inside…put it out inside…”

Keiko asks for vaginal ejaculation from Kenichi who isn’t her husband while having her thin waist hold and thrust from the back. When they had sex the last time, she knew the pleasure of the forbidden poured into her womb. Semen was poured out by the pulsating penis and Keiko tasted madly pleasure.

“Huhu…don’t you think it is bad for your husband?”

“…Aaa…dont say it…. But…but…I want…you want…I want you…”

“Do you like me?”

“I like you…I love you…I love you!!! Aaa, please…inside…take it out and give me a cup of your sperm!!”

The moment Keiko uttered her own love, the word became true and it was imprinted in her brain. Using the principle of hypnosis performed by Noriko, it is deeply ingrained in this pitiful married woman as it is and it became a strong hint.

When the broke and the body are upset, it intersects at the missionary posture to the final finish.

“Aaa!!! This…this is good. More…more…”

Kenichi used his waist and pierced deeply into Keiko´s lower body. Keiko enjoys the pleasure while using her back in obscenities than when she was with her husband Shioya. The situation that she herself asked for it as a spoiler was that she want to kiss while taking advantage.

“I will put it out…”

“Aaa…happy…put it out…inside me, a cup…aaaaaaaa!!! Hiiiiiiiguuuuuuu!!!!

The pulsating penis released its sperm inside Keiko´s pussy. The stimulation calls for the best pleasure of the day and Keiko quickly hustle to the highest heights in her life.

(Dear…I’m sorry…. I…I am already…)

The chaste Keiko changed into a woman who didn’t know her husband from her body and heart as she reached an orgasm in the dimly lit bedroom in her house.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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