Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 211



A gigantic meat spear occupies her mouth, but that is what this beautiful wife asked for. This one is magnificent in magnitude and cannot be compared to the unreliable thing which her husband has. Even when she is wrapping her lips exactly like this, the steel-like hardness does not exist by her husband.

(This…I wanted this…this…)

Kneeling in the dark corridor at home, she sucks Kenichi´s penis. What she is wearing is a tailored Chanel suit which she wore during the class reunion. This white suite was purchased for this day. Keiko sucks the gigantic hot glans with her mouth that is filled with saliva. Every time she shakes her head, you can hear a nasty sound and her brown’s hair that goes to the shoulder shakes slowly.

“Aaaa…great…this is great…”

The mouth is separated once and her impression while looking up to Kenichi with hot eyes is attractive. Meanwhile, her long fingers intertwine at the root of the erected penis to stimulate it slowly. Keiko who went through a marriage life of more than ten years indeed is as skillful as the high school girls Kenichi enjoyed lately.

“You wanted this guy?”

“Aaaa…I wanted…I wanted it…”

Keiko answers the question as it is. While squeezing, she licks the meat pillar from the root by crawling her long tongue all over it.

“Don’t you want Shioya’s thing?”

“…Do, Don’t say such a thing…please…”

“You can’t be satisfied with your husband’s poor thing, right?”

“Aaaa…that…that…don’t say it…”

But the answer is the same as saying yes. Laying down her long eyelashes and let her tongue enthusiastically crawl around that is the answer. The wedding ring fitted on her ring finger is shining brightly illuminated by the LED in the corridor.


Keiko who put her red lips on this ugly black lump kisses it cherishable. Her body is spinning pleasure since a little while ago, because her body became sensitive from the blowing lust, so she needs to move her body. If you look only at her expression and gesture, you can say she looks like a high-class whore.

“Then, shall we go to bed?”

“Aaa…th, that…”

Kenichi said that. Not to mention the bed is a couple’s bedroom. Keiko has strong hesitation in having sex with another man at the place she is sleeping with her husband every night.

It’s no wonder. The couple’s bedroom is the most private place in the house. It is a forbidden place and a sacred room that no one can usually enter. Of course, Keiko has never shown it to her guests and she doesn’t want even her parents to enter this sanctuary.

“Hey, guide me.”

“No…ah…. Emm, the living room…”

Last time Kenichi fucked her in the kitchen, living room and bathroom. At that time her husband was in the bedroom and slept.

“What are you talking about? Let’s go to your love nest, I’ll cherish you enough”

“Aaaa…please…that room…not there…”

However, such resistance is useless. When Keiko was dragged to the end and the door at the back was opened, a huge double bed was placed there. With pink sheets on it, Kenichi can feel the fresh life of a married couple along with the alined pillows, which makes him excited.


Keiko who was slowly at the entrance of the room is pushed to the bed and Kenichi jumps on her to attack her.

“Noooo!!! This place is no good! Iyaaaaa!!”

“Be obedient”

Keiko is unexpectedly violent in this period and Kenichi becomes rather excited from it. The Chanel suit skirt is tight and when it is flipped up the lower body wrapped in black stockings is exposed. The sexy designed underwear is sticking to the crotch and the shiny cloth swells and reflects light. A thick female rises from there and Kenichi´s excitement increases more and more.

“Hiiiii!!! Iyaaa!!! Not good!!! Aaaa!!”

From the time Keiko saw Kenichi at the class reunion, she kept wetting her crotch. This ripe married woman emits the smell of a woman at a concentration that wants to be violated and noticing that as soon as possible, she tries to close her legs desperately. But because she doesnt show much resistance, Kenichi can easily spread her legs wrapped in black stockings open again and put his face into her crotch.

“Stop!! Noo!! Aaa…that place…”

Her husband did not like such an act so much. Especially, when her crotch isn’t washed. Therefore, it is not thought by Keiko’s common sense that there is a man who loves the sweaty smell of her crotch.

“Huhuhu…what a great smell…”

“Nooo!!! Iyaaaa!! Stop!!!”

Keiko learnt from Kenichi´s breathing that the shameful smell is inhaled by him positively, so that she is shaken her face left and right out of embarrassment and disgust and tries to run away. However, Kenichi’s power is still overwhelming her and there is nothing to do as her thighs are held firmly. After feeling a hot breath on her crotch many times, she felt someone sucking on that part.

“Hiiiii!!! Noo! Noo!!! Nooooo!!!! Please stop, this place is dirty!!!”

On the double bed in Keiko’s bedroom. Kenichi sucked her crotch from the top of the stocking and panty starts to drink the honey juice which is overflowing from it.

“Hiiiii!!! Noooo!!!”

Since it is wet, it makes a water splashing sound each time it is sucked. While screaming from that strange feeling, Keiko´s vagina that became sensitive to estrus creates pleasure even with such a slight stimulation and that sweet stimulation spreads around her body which becomes paralyzed from it. A red sensual flame burns inside her body that has been lustful for a long time since the class reunion.


Keiko who gradually weakens her resistance while being sucked used her tongue. Even when she was fucked by Kenichi last time, she licked his crotch for a while. Contrary to her husband who no longer does it at all, Kenichi insist on a foreplay. The stimulation from her crotch makes Keiko´s whole body sweet and numb and her brain is deprived of the power to oppose.

“Stop it…aaa….that place…don’t inhale…”

Keiko tries to close her legs many times, but she hardly can resist because her thighs are held firmly. Sooner or later the power leaves her body and her legs spread out widely, which she dislikes from her mouth.

“What is this…it is so muddy…”


Kenichi laughs thinly while sipping the dirty honey which overflows from her pussy. When the nylon ground is cut with his teeth, a fierce tongue invaded from the ripped hole of the stockings to the inside. Like a snake with a surprisingly long tongue finding its prey, his tongue sunk inside from the side of the purple panty to the deepest part.

“Hiiiiiii!!! Guuuuuuuu!!!!”

Keiko climbs up to the top without feeling irresponsibly. The moment her womb became sensitive, from the stimulating of Kenichi´s fierce tongue, her ripe female body that had been accumulating desire burns easily and feels better than having sex with her husband. When Kenichi opens the entrance of her secret hole, a lot of hot body fluid flows out from the inside. It has a high-viscosity and has a strong salty taste as compared with the love juice Kenichi regularly tastes from high school girls.

“Huhuhu…I will undo this…”

“Ah, do, don’t look so close…it’s embarrassing…”

Keiko´s blooming flower is in full bloom now, as if it embodied its greedy desire, the small labia swept up and opened its large mouth and let the honey juice overflow from the inside. It is an obscene sight to see her black pubic hair being surrounded by it.

“I’ve always wanted to do this since I was a middle school student…”


This pretty woman who was Kenichi´s first love completely changed to an adult do to her long married life. However, Keiko´s body still remembers the excitement and joy of an woman who is longed for by a man and feels excited seeing Kenichi want her.

“Aaa!! Hiiiiii!! Not good…not good…thisss!!!”

Kenichi exposed his abnormal sexual desire as he sucks and licks all over Keiko´s pussy carefully. The small labia is stimulated with his lips and the vagina entrance is licked by his tongue, so that the granulation at the top is stimulated. Keiko wiggles her body wrapped in the white suit and continues raising a happy voice on her sacred bed.

How much time has passed since then? Keiko was anxious many times while being caressed endlessly and her ripe body was shaken every time. The cruel Kenichi didn’t stop even when she begged and stretched out his tongue to every corner of her shameful part and continued sucking the love liquid without getting bored. From the middle, the power of the leg went out completely and on the contrary, her crotch was spread by herself and she gave it to Kenichi on her own afford.


Even though Kenichi released his hands, her legs are still open as Keiko is exhausted. There are countlessly small explosions repeatedly and from her waist to the bottom are melting away and she cant put any strength in them.

She wears black stockings, but the crotch part has a large hole and you can see that her wet crotch and shiny purple panty are set aside. Her vagina opened its mouth with a pack and is longing for a hot blow of Kenichi’s penis. When Kenichi becomes naked by himself, he presses himself against Keiko’s body which is still wearing the Chanel suit.

“Hey, hand over your mouth”


Although she resisted for a moment when ordered, Keiko is still screwed up immediately and her lips are deprived.

(Th, This…this is not good…)

This married woman fears with her head that is numb while sucking Kenichi´s tongue. It is like an act of lovers, she is kissed and embraced by an strong man unexpectedly, which let her heart and body melt sweetly. She had no skinship since her husband recently. In the gap of her dry heart, the warmth of Kenichi who likes her is impregnated.

(Aaaa…not good…my head is a mess…aa…)

Kenichi’s long tongue enters into her mouth and tastes it. It feels as if her brain is roasted and nothing can be thought of.

A huge penis is pressed against her wet crotch and the pleasure which cant be described from there is poured whenever it moves abruptly. Her body which became sensitive shakes tremblingly by the stimulation whenever Kenichi´s hand crawls around here and there.

(I, I…I’m going to be ruined…as it is…)

They kiss passionately and fiercely that is felt by the soul, which has never be done before with her husband. When saliva is poured inside her mouth, Keiko swallows it obediently. Each time her head becomes hotter, Kenichi ‘s hands move in front of the gap of her suit and the rich breasts are massaged from the top of the neat blouse.


The mouth, chest and crotch are caressed and Keiko writhes on the bed. The fact that this is the couple’s bedroom and the fact that she feels guilt, becomes a spice to make the rich sense of sensation burn conversely.

(No…No…as it is…)

An unbelievable pleasure burns in her head and gnaws on the reason gradually. Her aching body has already succumbed to Kenichi completely and it seems to be taken up to the heart. However, the beautiful woman shakes with a terrible presentiment and is at the mercy of the blowing lust in her body.

The classmate who she should hated. A man far from her favorite type. Until this moment, he had never existed in her memories. However, the feeling overflowing from her body now fills the impression of such a past black and the poison corrupts this chaste wife.

(So much…I want this so much…aaa…)

Pressed against her crotch is a strong meat weapon. It is a clear courtship of a colt that has not been felt by her husband for many years. The primitive male instinct of wanting her body and leaving an offspring in her womb. Even that is joy that numbs Keiko´s head today.


As if Keiko’s mind was read, Kenichi´s caress is gentle. When the breasts are gently rubbed over the bra while doing rich kisses, Keiko gets drunk by the depth of her sensuality and keeps her eyes closed.

“I’ve always loved you…”


Sly thought. It is decided that everyone will fall if you whisper gently at this timing.

I love you. I wasn’t able to hand you that letter after all, but it was my real feelings…”

“…Re, really? It’s not a lie?”

“I really love you…”

Trying to say something, Keiko closes her lips. She immediately opened her lips and takes out her tongue and entangles with Kenichi´s long tongue.

(…Aaaa…what shall I do…)

As the body melts, reason and emotion also melt. The man in front of her is unbearably loveable and Keiko cant stop the warmth from overflowing in her chest. Her wedding ring glows on her white long ring finger. As her hands rose, it naturally turned to the back of Kenichi.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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