Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 21

Music teacher

The morning gathering starts as usual.

Because vice-principal Usami is hospitalized, Mr. Yamada the national language teacher is representing him. However, he is smart, in contrast to Usami who accurately describes the instructions, the description of Yamada is rough and really hard to understand, therefore the teachers who hear his instructions at the staff room also have a troubled face.

In the time when she is depressed by such boredom, Tomomi Honda who is a part-time music teacher, suddenly noticed that her eyes where following a man.

(No way… again, when I…)

The man who is sitting far away in the staff room, his face looks bored while still listening to Yamada’s story. She sees his uncharacteristic face, and notice that she is looking at him again and blush.

After she was accepted in this Ellis woman school, it already becomes more than three years. She graduated from a music college and was lucky to be accepted as a part-time music teacher in two high schools with the connection of her father. Tomomi went to Ellis all girls’ high school which is her alma mater and work there from Wednesday to Friday.

It´s a part-time work therefore the hourly wage is a very small amount, because of that, she has a lot of free time and isn´t restrained by club activities. In above all she is a daughter of a high-class family, because her father is managing a big company, so the amount of the salary isn´t a big problem. Furthermore she has a fiancé and soon she will be married, on this occasion as congratulation she is going to resign.

“…I finished that’s all of the instructions. Let’s do our best day today”

Yamada who´s personality is rough and sloppy, omitted the small explanation and the morning gathering have been brought to an end forcibly. Because the report in itself is circulated with the paper and can be project, even such a method won’t be a big problem.

(Today, I have from the third lesson Class 1 of the second year for two hours…)

The music lessons are fit to the three days attendance of Tomomi from Wednesday to Friday, and it is a lesson with a two class combination, it isn´t much often because of the time block. Thus, because two hours in the morning are vacant today, she can prepare the lesson.

When she looks up suddenly, all teachers were leaving the staff room. Like herself, there shouldn´t be lessons in the morning today, for the man who always isn´t in the staff room. He seems to stay in the room in the edge of the top floor of this school building all the time.

That guy is weird and rumored around the teachers. Tomomi also thought so.

However, the science teacher won´t leave her head.

(So…because I have such a dream…)

Tomomi remembers her too shameful dream that she has had today, in the staff room in the morning when everyone left, her heart was beating really fast.

The class of 4th period ends and the class intended for the two classes of the second year ends. Students put away the sheet music and musical instruments from the music room while talking in high spirit, when it is over, they return to their classrooms between the friends respectively.

(Oh? That child …)

Tomomi finds one student putting the musical instrument away in it and look at the face for a while. Many students gather between their friends, one student whom only seems to float alone. She catches sight of an awfully short skirt.

(But… that child, I think it had a lot of friends…?)

The student, who was healthy and tanned, with the character liked brightly by anyone, should have been always in the circle of people. If Tomomi wasn´t mistaken, she is the captain of the tennis club, and she was an athletic vigor girl.

But now, the beautiful girl who is in the view of Tomomi has totally the atmosphere like another person.

She says nothing and just stands up; her whole body overflows with stickily gloss or sex appeal. Unthinkable from the age of a high school second year student, Tomomi feels the appearance of an adult woman. The sexy charm like a ripe married woman.

It is no wonder that she is isolated in this from the circumference.

“Ka, kawashima?”

When she talks to Aiko Kawashima from Class 1 of the second year, she doesn´t seem to be awkward that she is troubled with her being lonely.

“… Ms. Honda…. Is anything?”

Her face which says so and turns to me, it also doesn’t have a bit of the shadow such as the bullying and outsider. However on the other hand, there is no brightness like the sun which this girl should have had, it is air of an adult woman that she has now. No, something which is more obscene.

“Well, you… were there anything? Really, your atmosphere has changed…”

“…Is that so? Especially, I didn´t changed anything…”

The expression of Aiko, who laughs thinly because it says so, it was more precocious for a long time than me who is 26-year-old.

(By any chance….Though it is said that the high school student experiences it in summer …)

A lot of high school girls lose their virginity during the summer vacation, it is said to join the ranks of adult woman. Even as for this high school that is famous for severe education at school, every year such people existed by our students. However, Tomomi knows that Aiko isn´t such a type, she was an innocent tennis girl.

“Th, the skirt, isn’t it slightly too short…”

“… Is it? But, other students are also putting it on like this?”

The miniskirt is about 30 cm above the knee, the serious music teacher frowns.

“It, it, don´t you see it?”

“… You want to see, you should have seen it, isnt it? I’m fine”

Aiko who says so and laughs, she was decadent and was sensual. The expression is seen, though it is not cold, Tomomi`s body is trembling.

“If there is no business, can I go? Slightly because there is a place I need to stop by …”

“… Eh, yes…. Of course…”

When the beautiful girl laughs slightly, she holds a textbook in her hand, and she is going to leave the music room.

“… Ka, kawashima….The place you stop by…”

Tomomi is surprised in spite of being herself after hearing it. Why inquiring about such a thing, she didn´t understand it herself, but it came out of her mouth at once.

“The science preparation room….Because it is the same floor when it is here, it is near?”

Aiko who said so, and looked back at the door, Tomomi didn´t understand it, but Aiko licked her tongue in no time and put it up and grinned for some reason. The face is seen, and in Tomomi’s whole body, a real chill ran through.

The next day.

Tomomi, who similarly finishes the class of the fourth period, confirmed that the students of the first year returned to each classroom. After the schoolgirls who have finished practicing the chorus praises each other about the respective singing voice and banters, she looked happy while being in high spirits.

(By the way…I also return to the staff room)

When Tomomi confirm that the last student left, she confirms whether there isn´t a thing left behind once again in the room. In that way when she checks it is all right, she closes the door and steps into the corridor. Because there is the class of the third year this afternoon, she will come back anyway. It isn’t even necessary to turn the key.

One student who walks opposite to the far place on the hallway to her sight was found. The fifth floor that is the top floor of the school building doesn´t has a so-called common classroom, each special room lined up. Therefore walking at the time just before the lunch break, it’s a little strange time-wise.

(That…? Is that Kawashima??)

She said only a little in class yesterday, it was Aiko Kawashima of the second year who was the captain of the tennis club. It is far and I only see the back figure, the walking and atmosphere are equal with Aiko in my memory.

(Again, to the science preparation room at such a time. She also went yesterday. Why…?)

Something gives out a warning in her head. Is it intended for Aiko, or for her, Tomomi doesn’t understand it.

When Aiko goes to the room in the edge of the north side she notices that Tomomi also was walking slowly. While walking quietly so as not to make a noise, she is approaching step by step.

There will be always a few people coming and going. The air that stagnates coldly seems to stagnate in the interior of the passage. The smell of wax for the school painted during summer vacation, the smell mixes and it hangs to my body.

(She went into here?)

Tomomi stops in front of the door written as the science preparations room and decides to breathe deeply and sees the run of events. She doesn´t hear anything from the inside, peacefulness was ruling at this place isolated from the pother in a lunch break.

Then, it was noticeable that the door in the science room that was sideways was open. The science room and the science preparations room form a line side by side, they have the door facing the corridor each, even the inside is connected by a door.

As a matter of course, nobody is in the pitch-black science room, there is no sign of a person at all. When Tomomi show courage and look in the inside, the door connected with the science preparation room is a little open and she saw the light leaking faintly from there.

(Because I only confirm what she makes …)

Tomomi is drawn into the door of the opening science room, while she has advanced slowly. Because as for the science room the blackout curtain is pulled to the window even at the noon, it’s dim and unpleasant.

(A strange smell…. And it’s somewhat weird…)

Smell of chemicals assailing her nose mincingly, Tomomi regretted that she entered. Why has she come to such an unpleasant place, even she doesn´t understand it and the curiosity a little while ago withers at once.

(A, after all… I’ll stop…)

She doesn’t know what it is, but after she thinks it’s dangerous somehow, Tomomi tries to rush and turn back.

“… Aah…noo…”

At that time, Tomomi startles to hear the voice of a woman clearly and becomes stiff. She seems to have heard the voice from the science preparation room.


Being in the science preparations room, perhaps with Midou Kenichi, the science teacher, it must be Aiko Kawashima who entered a little while ago. Tomomi doesn’t know what these two people are doing at the place where nobody comes, is the voice from a short while ago the response.



She heard it more clearly this time. A weak voice that a clear woman raises, it is made from the high school girl who raised it, a sexy gasp which is too vividly.

The answer that the voice shows is clear. However, for Tomomi who doesn’t have the man experience at all, it was the unknown world.

Tomomi, who was born as a young lady, was raised from the kindergarten to the university in the pure culture. Her father who dotes on Tomomi is strict Catholic, Tomomi wasn´t allowed to have any friendship with a man. She didn´t even kissed yet not even her fiancé, and Tomomi is still a pure virgin until she became this 26-year-old of age.

(Only a little… after confirming what they do, I’ll return immediately…)

The curiosity is superior to the sense of fear again, she is walking slowly so as not to make any noise. Because the bottom of the nurse shoes are made of rubber, she can walk without making a sound really, if it is a floor of the linoleum.

In that way when Tomomi arrives at the door which finally leads to the science preparations room, she understood that the gap of the door was open subtly. Light is leaking from the inside, and the curtain of the neighboring room seems to be opened.

It is noted to visit carefully and not to make noise, and her eyes are applied to the space. Her eyes which the focus did not fit for a while see the spectacle which is connected with the retina as an image when becoming accustomed to the brightness.


Tomomi bears the voice hard that almost leaks unintentionally. The scene was shocking.

The science teacher who turned to this place, and wore a suit, is in a daunting pose. The schoolgirl who is showing the back figure kneels to the floor between the groins, and her head was slowly moving back and forth. Although she doesn’t see the schoolgirl because the face turns to the other side, it must be Aiko Kawashima from the back figure and the hairstyle.

(Hi…a, that is… by any chance…)

Of course it isn´t what Tomomi experienced by herself, she has heard that a woman caressed the genitals of a man with her mouth from her knowledge. It was a dirty act so that it couldn’t be believed from Tomomi, who is a virgin, it is obvious that the schoolgirl in front performs it.

(Such… to lick the place where pee comes out… it is dirty…)

It was Tomomi, who became unpleasant in the love of cleanliness like the virgin, and on the other hand, her body becomes hot and is incredibly excited. Saliva gush forth in her mouth and she swallows it as not to make a sound.

“… Mumuu…aamuuh…”

When she strains her ears well, she hears sound of water called indecent with the weak voice that the girl raises. Match it with the shaking ponytail of Aiko, the sound affects the regular, quiet science room.

When Tomomi looked for a while, while being stunned, the science teacher spoke something to Aiko. When Aiko stops her obscene work, the man takes off his belt while sounding a metallic sound.


If the pair of trousers is lowered as it is, it becomes the lower half of the body naked, it turned sideways this time. And the girl moves to the front.

(Hiaaa! What is it, that!! It is what!!!)

Tomomi endures that her voice almost leaks unintentionally desperately. The scene in the very front, it was so shocking.

Something like a black long sword towered from the man’s lower half of the body. The surface reflects light that enters from a window, it is indecent and shines dully glaringly.

(Aaa…that is…that is, of the man…)

For Tomomi who hasn´t looked at the penis which erected, it was unmistakable fear and disgust for the target. The male genitals that warp in ugliness, it was a totally different organ and abominable shape from father´s that she has seen at a young age.

However, while, according from Tomomi, facing a horrifying varicose penis dirtily, the beautiful girl sitting on the floor laughs incredibly. When her white fingers twines around the penis, it is rubbed and set up by slow movement.

(You…ka, Kawashima…)

She didn´t see it directly so far because she was covering her head, the work is indecent in this way when she sees it and it isn´t at all an act that a teenage girl should perform. But as for essential Aiko while laughing as usual, she continues the indecent work.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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