Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 208

Married couple

Night. A night when darkness wraps around everything. In the primitive age, people were frightened and norm in the darkness.

It was because the darkness was a threat to them, because they knew of the existence of devils attacking them from the darkness. If there is good, there is evil, and if there is God, the devil exists too. As there is light and darkness, there is a world of tables and tails in this world, and two forces exist.

Now, in this modern world, humanity seems to have overcome the darkness through civilization and driven the devils out of the flood of light. People continue to work even if the day is dark and are enjoying pleasure overnight like not being afraid of the darkness.

But essentially nothing has changed. The darkness exists and the devil exists since the time people were still crawling around the ground with four feet like monkeys. Even if the light shines in the darkness, it is only the surface. In the night, the darkness covers people, and it does not erase the existence of the devils lurking in it.

When humanity appears on the Earth, the devils are gaining momentum. The desires and hatred that people produce are pushing out the power of goodness. As the desires of the people increased, they became like muddy streams after heavy rain, flowing over this big city. The black flow is invisible to the human eye, but it is swirling on the streets built by humans with concentration and speed unprecedented.

In response to the devil’s energy, those who have an affinity for evil vibrations gather and further enhance the power of the devils. As a result, the power becomes stronger, and it becomes a magnetic force and attracts evil people. As the negative chain continues, the black thought becomes more and more bloated. However, the human race who has lost the six senses doesn’t notice that. Unless an obvious mishap comes to themselves.

This is the most prestigious club in Ginza. All the guests who come to the shop to which 100,000 are taken only by sitting are well-dressed gentlemen. They run a company or a store and enjoy talking with beautiful women and drinking alcohol. It is a race which has accumulated social experience and bite into both sour and sweet. Clearly the atmosphere and customer base are different from the cabaret clubs and the dingy clubs, and those gentlemen have a relaxing time with the beautifully dressed women.

That corner. In the corner of the store where a thick carpet and money-hung furniture were placed, there was a group loudly speaking. The men who are laughing occasionally are considerably younger than the age group which comes to this high-class clob and they look to be in the middle of their 30s.

Three men are enjoying a obscene and vulgar story from a little while ago though the men of other groups frown to the yelling without reading the air of such a place. If they hadn’t been wearing suits, you would be like a group of students.

“I had sex with an lewd woman until morning, so I fell asleep at the next day’s meeting…”

“Incredible I envy you…having sex!”

“Heee! After that, there was such a thing…. Executive director is really an amazing person!”

The man who sits in the middle and is called executive director talks about a woman who squatted down with a proud face and two men who seem to be subordinates are following up to it. The three of them are quite drunk and out of control, so they are so loud that it is echoing in the vicinity.

“I not posses such an beautiful woman…no, I’m really envious as a man and I respect you!”

“I want to be like executive director, but I don’t seem to be able to do it at all…. I was born with a human instrument…”

The two men say so and praise the man who sits in the middle. It is the son of their president who they serve and it is an desperate approach to the man who will be the next president. There are hostesses next to the three, listening to the story silently while holding a smart little smile.

“Anyway executive director Shioya, this shop is amazing!”

“Thats true. Im in Ginza for the first time, but this high-class club is too different”

“The women are also beautiful and the digits are different from the cabarets that we normally visit”

“To be honest, is not it expensive?”

The voice is lowered a little and Shioya laughs with a grin.

“You don’t have to worry…I’ll pay for it. Don’t worry, you can drink champagne or wine”

“As, As one would expect from executive director!”

“Thanks. Then, lets party without hesitation!!”

The two other men show admiration for Shioya.

(Well, I’m not paying for it…)

Leaning back on the couch, Shioya drinks a glass of wine with a thin smile. The rich fragrance of the Opus One, which is a masterpiece of California wine, spreads in the mouth and nostrils containing rich liquids and makes a satisfying expression.

Shioya, the executive director of a midsize building company managed by his father-in-law, was brought to this store for the first time a week ago. A former classmate from middle school age has introduced him to this super-high-level club called “Esprit”. The other party who happened to meet again is going to drink together two times. Shioya didn’t want to play with his classmate who was the most gloomy person he knew back then. The purpose is to make that man who had been bullied to become a substitute for his wallet and will pay everything for Shioya.

(He’s a convenient guy. So simple…)

Laughing from the back of his throat. The bullied child who seemed to be the director of an all girls high school paid obediently without saying anything when Shioya said strongly. On the contrary, he seemed to have connections to this upscale club and even to drink by the bill. Since we opened the economy with champagne and wine, it will be pretty much just for the past, but since it can be done with only one signature, laughter will not stop.

“The wine seems to have gone, what do we do?”

“Well, then, let’s get another one! Bordeaux is good this time…. How about, Chateau-au-Brion? There is a 1989 one! Let’s go with this!”

“Amazing! It’s a vintage year, I have never drunk!”

“I’ve heard that there’s a stock, but I’ve never seen a person requesting that in this store…”

The hostess sitting next to him rounds her eyes. This vintage wine won’t cost less than 500,000 yen per one. In addition, those three had lots of high-end champagne and wine until now. Wondering how much it will cost for the total price, the hostesses give a voice of admiration for the first time this night.

“As one would expect from executive director! The scale is different from us”

“No, I’m really honored to be with executive director”

To the words of praise from his subordinates, Shioya increasingly lean back. He entered the company as the son-in-law of the president and became a executive director and it is said that he will be the next president for sure. Therefore, it is natural as usual to receive such a flowery rhetoric.

“Shioya-san, is it okay? To have such a expensive drink?

A somewhat husky voice came from a woman in a dress who appeared where the sommelier brought wine and decanted in front of her.

“Ah, mama…. You finally came”

Shioya looks at the beautiful woman who awakens his eyes and love interest and drives out the hostess sitting next to him and demands the woman called mama to sit next to him. The pretty woman dressed in a blue dress gracefully takes the seat and whisper softly at Shioya ear.

“Are you okay? Why don’t you take a drink like this and get angry at Midou-san later?”

Mama Yamaoka Yuki of this club knows that payment is Kenichi who is not here right now, saying so and casually holds the brakes. Otherwise, this young man is likely to take a figure anywhere. A faintly bitter thing is floating on her snow-white face, but Shioya who is in a good mood for drinking doesnt notice it. Originally this guy is confident and can not read the fine movements of others’ hearts.

“It’s good. He always do what I say since the past, he doesn’t have the guts to complain to me about spending a little money”

Shioya grins. The flame of desire glows in his eyes and he stares at Yuki´s body which releases a good smell.

(As usual, she is a incredible woman…)

Even so, the beauty and body of this woman was too attractive for Shioya. She was introduced to him when Shioya came to this shop for the first time, and electricity ran through his whole body when he saw her at a glance.

The face of a westerner is so clear and she is so glamorous and good looking that you can’t help but look back when you meet her on the road. Her long brown hair is loosely wavy and exudes a more luxurious atmosphere. Her body is also terrible. The chest which is pushing up the dress is huge and the chest is deeply cut although she is slender overall. The skin is so transparent that white veins can be seen through and the thick smell of a female has risen from there mixed with a high-class perfume. The waist is constricted and it is able to hold it with both hands, and it continues to her plump, rose hips. The sensual thighs that have an ivory color from the crack of the dress continues to her thin legs which would make you sigh.

Everything is perfect and the best. One of the finest beauties he’s ever met in his life.

(This woman, I’ll definitely fuck her…)

Pouring red wine into each glass, they all tasted it with a toast. The red liquid, sticky and dark, smells like ink, but first comes out in the nose, but changes in various ways, including in the mouth, leaving a dense finish when sliding down the throat. The highest grade Bordeaux is drunk and it has a complex and noble aroma.

“Nooo, that’s delicious, is not it!”

“Delicious !! It’s lovely…”

The men and the hostess who were together also understand the difference with the wine which had been drunk until now indeed and show their voices of admiration. It is a tribute to the wine and at the same time, thanks to Shioya for letting them have such a fine wine.

“Is it so? As expected, a first-rate chateau is different”

Shioya nods generously. Of course, the difference of the delicate taste is not understood, but still he passes the wine and has a proud face.

“Hey, Mama…. Can we go out with you today?”

While watching Yuki who enjoy the wine elegantly next to him, Shioya invites her. The handsome face of this young executive director who is dressed in a custom-made suit is full of confidence. He who became a executive director by 30 has eaten a lot of women up to now with his appearance and financial wealth. As the net president in the future, it is easy for him to let women open their legs for him. He definitely want this beautiful mother to become his and he decided so from the first time he saw her.

“Oh, I am not an aunt, are not you in younger girls?”

“What are you talking about. You´re a good-looking mama…. There is a store where you can eat delicious sushi near Tsukiji. Do you want to go there when the club ends today?”

Tone of saying that there is absolutely no women who refuse his invitation. In any case he is young and handsome and he has the position to be the president of a construction company in the future. Even if there is a mistress of this level soon, it is not amusing at all.

“I wonder what to do…huhu…”

Yuki laughs sweetly. The smile was so sexy that the back muscle crowded, while being seated on the sofa at this ultra-high-class club, Shioya was aware of the rapidly expanding thing in his trousers.

At the same time when Shioya is desperately woving the club mama Yamaoka Yuki. His wife, Keiko, was at home and she was watching TV in a daze. In the huge LCD screen, the entertainer jumps up and plays a somewhat silly game. It is such a program that the performers are having fun, Keiko watching is not particularly intrigued.

(Huu…this is too boring…)

Her husband seems to be late today. He has contacted her by mail beforehand, that he is drinking together with business partners, so he will go home late at night. At that time it will always be around 2 or 3 o’clock, so when Keiko finishes her meal by herself, she takes a bath before she goes to bed alone.

(When did this happen…)

She thinks about her life while looking at the screen. Her husband who is a executive director in her father’s company is also her former classmate from middle school. She has been spending more than ten years as a married couple with him since they got married as soon as they got together and graduated from college. Her beloved husband who is gentle, competent and sincerely respected.


Life without any inconvenience. Compared to the salaried man of the same age and her husband, he is a very high-paid and outstanding man. Even if she meet former classmates sometimes, they always envy her life.


A world that is happy when it comes to society. Her husband is kind and not perfect. There is no uncertainty about the economy, and it is no doubt that this stable and peaceful life will continue as it has been. She sometimes meets with her friends for lunch and goes to a hobby cooking class several times a week.

The days are calm without any shortage of waves. When I was about to raise her waist to get a bath soon, the commercial flow in the LCD screen and suddenly a naked man was seen. It looks like a commercial for a car, but it is projected that the tanned naked body is wet with splashing water.



The next moment. Keiko is surprised by the physiological reaction caused in her crotch. She realizes that the woman’s part is moistened and blood flows inside.

(Why…why is this…)

As usual there is no such thing as mediocre like a missing overlook. But as it triggers, flames of passion that can not be controlled even by herself springs up from the back of her body. Keeping an eye on the body of the man moving in the screen and the bundle of muscles.


While surprised by the change that has become completely familiar, Keiko is relieved that she is alone at home and she acts against the torrent of desire without stopping. But she was often attacked by this sudden attacks of lust while sleeping in bed and it was the first time now that it happens while sitting in the living room.

(This is…why…)

As doubt comes to mind, the reason is obviously too obvious. That night her body completely remembered the pleasure of the meat.

That day. Her body has changed since she was being fucked by her former classmate Midou. When she was a middle school student, th man who pleasantly fucked in the house where she lives with her husband was timid and gloomy and was bullied by her husband. She was pierced by an extraordinary thing that is better than her husband and also entwined her legs around the waist of the man who she didn’t like while receiving great pleasure from him. Even on the sofa she was sitting now, she had sex with that man because she desired it deeply.

From then on, her body will be active at night. Her 33-year-old ripe body has plenty of fat, just now it is soft and at its best. Her body that hasn’t given birth to a child is tight, but unlike her student days moderate fat is attached to key points. If she put on thin make-up and walks in the city, many men still call out to her.

(Aaa…I can not take it anymore…)

Her husband wont come back for a while yet. The good-looking married woman who couldn’t endure her body’s tingling stimulated the genital which melted with a long slender finger when putting the hand in the beige skirt by the gesture that she had been accustomed to it completely recently.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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