Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 206

Love and Hate

Tongue kissing while enjoying a sweet saliva like a syrup, the expression of Yui began to change gradually. Her face gets reddish and blood returns, gradually the hardness and fear disappear from her face. Instead, she appeared to have hot eyes and is panting small.

The cause is obvious. Kenichi uses his magic to highlight the feeling of this girl.

(Aaaa…am, amazing…)

It is visible to Rimi who stands on the side. Red tentacles grow from the back of the teacher who is raping Yui and entangle around her body. Each tentacle is strong and powerful and their power is of an magnitude compared with what he produces. Because Rimi knows the power of her own tentacles, just imagining how much pleasure Kenichi can produce let a chill run down her spine.

(If he uses that, she’ll never get away…)


Yui’s mouth has squeezed out a sweet pant, which is 180 degrees different from the pain she felt a moment ago. And the moment Kenichi’s waist moves slowly, its sweetness and tone become deeper and thicker.

“Aaa!! Ii…aaaa!!!!”

Looking at the profound sex, the frightening horror from a while ago disappeared. Whenever Kenichi´s huge penis moves back and forth in her womb, the pleasure that can melt her head is running through the whole body and let Yui become desperate as she should hate it.

The stiff meat is untied and a large amount of mucus is secreted from the inside so that the piston movement becomes smooth more and more. A large amount of narcotic substance called enkephalin is secreted in the brain and the pain is numb, that the overwhelming pleasure dominates the whole body.

“This is amazing…”

Kenichi also slowly uses his hips and he instinctively leaks out words of praise for the great tightening of this 16 years old vagina.

Anyway, the narrow vagina hole is developed originally. Moreover, the muscle trained through ballet surrounds the entrance and clenched the intruder mercilessly and ruthlessly. That’s not all. The whole meat jar squeezes as if it had convulsions and let Kenichi feel a little pain from his penis. It is as if a carnivorous animal with no teeth sticks to its prey.

(The meat that this hardness remains is irresistible…)

Even though a lot of honey juice is vomited, the faint pain is memorized to the penis for tremendous resistance. The untouched ground is stiff and it feels like scraping powerfully rather than friction. However, every middle-aged man dreams to have sex with an high school girl who still needs to be developed.


Kenichi´s deadly meat weapon is as hot as fire as it moves in and out and rubs against the mucous membranes. The penis is clenched without mercy from the narrow vagina way and the cervix which is congested is shaken, so that a scream comes out. When Kenichi pulls out, a big umbrella spreads open fully and the brain melts into a white haze from the too much pleasure when every cell which became sensitive is stimulated.

“Aa! Aa! Aaa!!!! Aaaaa…”

The black wave that comes out of the penis influences Yui from the inside of her body and the red tentacles dye her biological aura red. Yui the former virgin that should feel only acute pain only feels pleasure more than a mature married woman who was also influenced by Kenichi.

(Awesome…. Doing this alone…)

While groping her crotch, Rimi learns about Kenichi´s horror. The girl who was her pet is fucked by her teacher and this is not the first time, but Rimi cannot help remembering fear and awe to Kenichi´s power.

Rimi did the same and made Yui be in estrus through the red tentacles and brought her to her home many times until Yui became a obedient pet by planting severely pleasure. The power of a real devil is a magnitude higher than her own strength. Yui can’t get away from this narcotic-like pleasure anymore.

“Sensei…. Ahuuuu…amuaaa…”

She is absorbed now to this addictive sex while exchanging deep kisses with the middle-aged teacher who pressed her down on the desk in the classroom since a little while ago. She strongly embraces Kenichi´s muscular body with her thin limbs and the man who moves his waist is made to be liked and she feels very good on her lower body.

Consensual from rape. Only because of the Inma magic, a quick reversal play.


(Is it…so good?)

Yui who had severe pain until a while ago and has a erected penis slowly thrust into her honey jar raised a sweet voice while being kissed by the teacher. Rimi understood that this girl became crazy without using magic and she tasted the pleasure of the same magnitude as her.

From the joint part, blood of the deflowering and love juice are stirred and mixed together and a pink liquid is overflowing. Every time the dick is pulled out, Yui’s long legs tremble and her hands that are wrapped around Kenichi´s back are held tightly whenever she is penetrated.

“From today you are my thing, is not it good?”


Even if it is declared unilaterally again, Yui doesn’t argue and she seems to be happy about it somehow. The instinct of stretch to be conquered by a strong colt transformed the heart of this sixteen-year-old innocent girl into a female.

“When I call you, you will come anytime anywhere, is it okay?”


Kenichi who makes this first grader fall while making an obscene sound. The wave of the Incubus undermines Yui´s body by every movement and it is discolored black from the inside.

“It’s disgusting… Then shall we stop?”

“Aaah…no, no…. Stop…don’t stop…”

The movement of the waist was stopped and Yui clings from the bottom tightly to Kenichi as she panics.


“Do you want me to do it?”

“Aaa… do it! Do it more…”

“Well then, will you be mine?”

“…Ye, Yes…. I will be teacher’s thing…. So…so do it…. Move…”

The female high school student who spreads her legs entrusts herself to Kenichi who attacked her while wearing panty with virgin blood. The pain has diminished and she is drunk by the sweet pleasures that cover her whole body.

(This…this is impossible…)

This 16-year-old girl is cajoled in the blink of an eye. In Rimi´s magic powered eyes, it is clear that Yui´s whole body is covered with a red poisonous aura. She thinks that the red is deeper than when Rimi conquered her with the red tentacles, as if it numbered and looks like blood now.

The Incubus and Kenichi are evolving day by day.

When he fused with the Incubus for the first time, he was not used to the skill of sex, how to use magical power and how to handle women more than anything else. However, Kenichi himself has been upgraded by several steps depending on the enormous number of places and experiences so far.

“Aahiiiii!! Ikuikuuuu!! Iichyauuu!!”

When the class time approached the end, Yui´s whole body trembled to the vaginal orgasm for the first time and she raised a pleasant voice. The muscles trained from ballet shrinks and the penis is crushed.


To the convulsions of that sweet virgin meat, Kenichi´s penis that has survived even Yoko’s transcendent masterpiece shivers and pours semen filled with magic power into the womb.


The pleasure wave resonates and while fastening her delicate fingers, Rimi welcomes the climax while standing and spitting out hot juice. From Yui’s body and her own body a white fog appears, creating a whirlpool which is sucked into Kenichi´s body before long.


Next moment. The black wave that came out of Kenichi´s body strongly pulsed and eventually spreads beyond the classroom to the whole school building.

(This…it isnt possible to win…)

The head is numb with the seizure of ecstasy, but Rimi felt keenly while seeing the trajectory with her misted eyes. The concentration and power of the wave isn’t comparable to her own.

Kenichi who ruined Rimi by robbing her off her lovers, makes her obscene by intimidation and doesn’t show interest in her virginity. A pervert who wears the mask of an formidable teacher, fucking school girls and their moms one by one and making this school his own hunting and playground. A devilish rapist who made more than 50 pretty girls and women wield to him. The worst of the worst who will increase the amount of women one after another by preying on them with his magic power outside.

(This guy…I hate this kind of guy…)

Hate and affection. Awe and Thoughts. Contempt and respect. Repulsion and slavery.

Opposite feelings swirl and the body and the mind of the 18-year-old Rimi are scattered and swayed. She hates it to death, but she also loves it to death.

“Hey, clean it”

Kenichi who was satisfied with ejaculatiing holds his penis in front of Rimi who sat down on the floor after removing it from Yui´s pussy carelessly. The meat pillar is attached with semen, love juice and the deflowering blood that Yui vomited.

The peculiar smell which is smelled by her nose let Rimi feel dizzy and her head is paralyzed.


At that moment, the cool, unyielding Rimi opens her mouth greatly and sucks. While showing slavery and affection to Kenichi with her whole body, she wiped away the body fluid that stained her mouth without mind.

(Me too…ravish me too…)

The taste of iron makes it even more exciting to Rimi. She is suppressed to dislike it, by thinking about the scene where she is raped rather than her kouhai violently.

“Let’s get rid of it”

After the whole penis is licked by Rimi for a while, Kenichi took a look at Yui who is exhausted and he quickly mended his trousers before he leaves the classroom. Showing of the attitude that he isn’t interested in Rimi.

(Th, that’s…terrible…. I…what about me…)

Rimi is stunned. Even though Kenichi was enjoying to rob Yui of her virginity that much, he wasn’t interested in her own virginity and so her mind stopped thinking.

However, her body moves and Rimi walks near Yui who lay on the desk with spreaded legs, sits down as it is and brings her face close to Yui´s crotch where a pink liquid dripped down.

“Aaa…great, in this way…”

Yui´s secret part which was modest was eaten by Kenichi and has been destroyed so that it is in an miserable appearance. Menstrual blood and her virgin blood adhered around the pubic area and the hole where the extreme weapon had been fitted until a while opened its mouth a little but did not expose the pink inside. Occasionally when it contracts, white mucus liquid mixed with blood overflows from the inside and drips down the thighs.

Semen and love are agitated and an intense fragrance poke her nose. Rimi´s head is numbed while sniffing it. Looking at the mucus which has overflowed now, Rimi started to suck it up.


The body fluid released by Kenichi is large as usual. After sucking on the crotch strongly, it will overflow afterwards. A distinctive taste and smell spreads throughout her mouth. It is a waste to swallow it quickly, so Rimi stirs it many times in her mouth as she tastes it with a entranced look.


As if it was handed over, Rimi sips plenty of it by inserting her long tongue inside Yui´s crotch. The cool beauty who is the yearning for many juniors,smiles with an joyful expression in the classroom where no one is, while drinking every drop of the body fluids released from Kenichi that comes out from the crotch of her junior.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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