Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 205


Yui the poor sacrifice had no strength left to resist when Kenichi was satisfied at last when he released his mouth. He licked every corner of her secret part which became sensitive through menstruation with his skillful tongue like a demon and pushed Yui up to paradise during that time.


Yui sits on a chair in her classroom with her long legs and she seems to have no energy to close them. Her virgin pussy became muddy with love juice and saliva and is completely exposed.

The 16-year-old Yui has no pubic hair yet, but because it hasn’t groomed, you can see some small black hair. Now it is wet and glued to the skin, coupled with the interior that became naked, it has become a obscene spectacle like a lewd flower inviting a man.

(Now, do you…)

When Kenichi stands up, a metal sound is heard and his trousers are lowered. When the boxer shorts were lowered, the half erected penis appeared and swung in the air as if it defies gravity.


Rimi raised a small scream. It’s a penis that she’s seen so many times, but it’s not that she get used to it, so she is amazed at the mass and volume deep down in her heart.


A short instruction. Rimi realized that she was staring at something fascinating until she could understand that the words were directed to her. Rimi kneels in front of Kenichi while putting a complex expression on her face while still being ordered.

(This…this again…)

She spits at the penis. It has been tasted many times and it approaches her with an overwhelming presence as if it is showing off an terrible power. For Rimi with magic eyes it becomes a visually black wave and it is clearly visible.

The stuffy smell pierces her nose. Obviously it is the smell of an other woman’s love juice. Rimi who stares at the black bruise which is the origin of the wave pattern has her head become dizzy from the smell.

(This…it drives everyone crazy…)

Kenichi is a devil who preys on the students and female teachers of this school one after another. He is an enemy of the human race whose power is increased more and more while making countless beauties his own. He is the ringleader who is calling the black energy that covers the city and is trying to dye this world black. No one is aware of it, but Rimi knows his true identity.

(Devil…. this is a devil who drives a woman crazy…)

When his eyes are felt, Rimi looked up and her eyes intertwine with the teacher who stares at her. The core of her head became numb when the shining red eyes were seen and the soul was sucked out.


When the order is shortened again, nothing is thought anymore.

When both hands are stretched out as if she is manipulated by something, the black wave enters her body from there and the color of the aura around her changes. It’s a sticky surface, and it’s clearly telling Rimi that was deep inside other woman a while ago.


It might have reacted to the stimulation of her cold hand. A distracted voice came out when the black meat touche her hand. The black meat spear which gradually warped scatters the smell of a dense love juice. The huge glans on the tip rears its head toward Rimi as if it had aimed at her.

(I…I can’t stand it anymore…)

Spit sprung up and Rimi wants to suck it since a little while ago. This cool beauty who receives the yearning of many junior students opened her mouth greatly while being driven by the desire which sprang up from her body.


With the sound of water, Kenichi squinted to the pleasure that is springing up. It’s always a great experience to have a pretty girl suck your dick in a classroom. Rimi who shakes her head while shaking her shortcut hair looks up with hot eyes and never refused to suck the dick. Evidence is the love and adoration in her eyes that are too much for Rimi to suppress.

She doesn’t realize it by herself, but Rimi has already come from the bottom of her heart to Kenichi. Although the bloated self-esteem does not admit it, her aura dyed in pink is clearly shown on her whole body. This beautiful high school third grader loves Kenichi from the bottom of her heart.

(It’s pathetic to say pathetic…)

Of course, it was a result of the high resonance of the wave pattern. However, Rimi has love feeling as a result and it doesnt change that she is crazy in love. She is tormented by anguish without being conscious of the love.

Rimi’s right hand is inserted inside her panty and the vastly wet pubic area is stimulated since a while ago. The girl with high pride and who is the ace of the track and field club masturbates while giving a fellatio. She might have reached Acme many times since a while ago now. Occasionally, her whole body is shaken and a hot sigh is leaked.

(She has a good body and the performance inside looks nice. It’s a pity that she doesn’t like it…)

If this is a normal beautiful girl, her virginity would already be deprived and the frightening pleasure is instilled and becomes a submissive meat slave. However, Kenichi want to leave Rimi as a valuable existence with a special constitution that is to save power in her body as a capacitor.

(Eat’s crayfish at any time. It is more convenient for Rimi to catch prey like this. Well, I’ll eat her by the time she graduates)

Kenichi squinted his eyes to the hot mouth of this pretty girl. As a result, Rimi will always be thrown out in halfway. Without being given the ultimate orgasm with his strong colt, this pretty girl is in a state of limbo.


However, Rimi’s fellatio is extremely skillful because of it. She understands the point and the angle that Kenichi feels and she stimulates it accurately by using het long tongue and mouth while being made to suck it many times. The reason is to understand the point that the other party feels like seeing it with her own eyes because she resonates with Kenichi’s wave and can use magic power.

(It’s a chops of Shiho and Sayaka…)

Compared to these two who have a preeminent technique among all his slaves, the current Rimi isn’t comparable. Both of them are called half-devils and because they have a weak power, they know the point like Rimi. Rimi who can use magic as a capacitor wears the technique which is comparable to the existence of such a demon.


Welling the urge to ejaculate, Kenichi leaks a voice instinctively. There is no experience to be cornered here by the fellatio of a high school student.


Her thick tongue that is now meandering like molluscs is rubbed in the area of the seam and the constriction of the gills is wrapped by her lips. She stimulates it by putting power on the tip when thinking that it turned the slimy and stroking using the whole tongue. At the same time, she also use her fingers and mouth to stimulate synchronically.


An 18-year-old virgin who doesn’t seem to be frightened of doing a insistent oral intercourse. The penis melts in the mouth, and even the illusion that the borderline has disappeared is memorized. It is a very outstanding and superb masturbation.

(If you’re careless, you’ll be squeezed out…)

Even though it is a result of having Rimi suck it every day and to serve Kenichi, it was also implanted deep inside her and a wry smile appeared on Kenichi’s face.

“Huuuuuu!! Muhuuuuuu…”

Kenichi closes his eyes and Rimi screams from her mouth. Since a little while ago, Kenichi vomited pre-cum. Therefore, it becomes estrus more and more and Rimi’s body is shaken by ecstasy in succession since a little while ago.

“Hey…it’s already over…”

But this time the main dish isn’t Rimi. The body of another girl who remains limp is put on the desk when the penis is taken away from Rimi who keeps sucking. The poor 16-year-old girl is bound by the magic and is nonresistance.

(Who knows. Do you have a first thing today…)

Recently Kenichi has eaten virgins almost every day, he enjoy the delicious taste only once around a beautiful girl. It is not only at Ellis all girls high school. In the neighboring high school, Kenichi’s fangs is spread through club activity etc.

About a week ago. The rhythmic gymnastic members who had come to the joint practice was put in a car falsely when sending them to the station and raped at a love hotel in Shibuya. Two beautiful girls of second and first grade who still remain innocent have their bodies licked at every corner that was smeared with sweat by Kenichi before he robbed them of their virginities which they defended so carefully with his long and sturdy penis.

Pretty girls who had severe pain at first, but they were taught the pleasure of profound sex by the time of the hotel after two hours and were at the mercy of this dirty teacher. He bent their flexible bodies over and over again and poured his evil sperm in their wombs. Like the students of this school, they will gladly offer their bodies to Jenichi if they are called from now on.

For the intermediate Inma who increased his magic, the hunting ground can be said that it is not only this school anymore, but now spread infinitely. There are so many beautiful virgins that can be called unlimited in the neighboring middle school and elementary schools. Kenichi’ll eat them all.


When the legs are pushed aside and Kenichi’s son is pressed against the secret part which became wet, Yui tries to oppose with the last power she has. Kenichi deliberately weakened his power, so reason came back and her body became more powerful. A beautiful virgin who desperately twists her body and tries to resist. However, resistance is still vain and nothing is produced sadly.

“No! Don’t come…help…somebody…”

No, it is not so. The last resistance will pour oil into the animalism of this pervert teacher. Kenichi knows that she won’t move her body as she wants and the beautiful girl who entreaty desperately with teary eyes and trembling out of fear. Her eyes wiggle with fear as if before being shot by a hunter.

(Aaa…This face…this voice…)

The highest pleasure for Kenichi is to rape a virgin. Kenichi gradually remains expressionless without changing the complexion to delight which covers his whole body as he pushed his waist forward.

“Aaa!!! Iyaaaa!! Ouch!!! Ouucchh!!!!”

Even though it is totally wet with bodily fluids, the overwhelming tip gives the virgin Yui serious pain. Anyway, because the sphincter is developed through the movement through this small vagina hole, it is narrow which struggles to put even a pencil inside.

“Ouuucchhhh!!! Giiiuuuuuui!!! Higiiiiiii!!!”


However, the pleasure of Kenichi is extraordinary because of it. The pleasure to rip the inside of a lovely virgin tightened in fear by a unusually huge deadly weapon is great. Yui’s pussy which has its inside spread refuses the intruder by closing its mouth and crushes the penis mercilessly by overwhelming power. The calm face distorted into rapture, revealing Kenichi’s evil nature.

“Ouch!!! Ouch!!! Noooo!! Stop!! Iiiiaa!!!”

Yui screams with a crumpled face from severe pain which was suddenly received from having a hot stick thrust inside her. The pain of the inside was cut off, apparently as if the bottom of the body was poked with iron spears. The cold sweat blows out from her whole body and Yui wiggled her body as if she received a shock.

“Hiiiiiii!!! Aaaaa!!! Already…already stop!!! Noo!!! Nooooo!!!!”

In this case, it is rather easier to go through at a stretch. The reason is that the pain is prolonged until it is time when the torn mucous membrane is rubbed. However, Kenichi not only advances slowly, but also enjoys the crying, pain and fear of Yui as long as possible.

“Higuuuuu!!! Ahiiiiii!!! Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouucchh!!!”

When the cobra head is pushed further inside, the hymen is easily torn. The foreign body which slowly enters into Yui’s womb, let her remember fear further and power enters her whole body. Then, her vagina shut down and the pitiful Yui didn’t notice that the pain doubled as a tongue entered her mouth.

“Hiiiii!!! Aaaaa!!! Giiiiiiiiaaaaa!!!!”

(Aaaa…it’s so…so sore…)

A student is raped by her teacher on a desk in a classroom. The spectacle which becomes sour of blood, let Rimi cool abnormally. The vagina hole that sucked a long finger before reached ecstasy several times and shut down.

The beautiful girl who was loved by Rimi is violated in front of her eyes and is stained. The anger and sadness turned inside out and creates excitement and desire that burns the whole body.

(It is great and does not accumulate…)

Kenichi is becoming intoxicated with tremendous excitement and joy. The delicious virginity is exceptional even if it is tasted many times and it satisfies the conquest feeling which is the instinct of the colt to fuck a girl who dislikes it with crying.


The hipbone is likely to melt from the pleasure that the tightening brings by clamping hard and powerfully. Yui was learning ballet since an early age, so her sphincter was soft and her body was developed intensely.

(The penis is likely to be cut off…)

The movement shown by this beautiful virgin, let Kenichi squint his eyes. Before all of this, Kenichi tasted the ripe body of the board chairman whose pussy was like a sea anemone which was indescribable delicious.

“Aahiiiiii!!! Aaaa…hiiii…”

Yui cannot issue a word any longer and pants when Kenichi is going into the interior. Her shoulders which try to escape are suppressed and Yui is fucked slowly so that’s cruel. The cavernous meat spear is filled with black blood and the virgin hole is ruthlessly drilled even if there is resistance. Blood that overflowed from the inside is dripping down and sucked into the panty which is stained red from the menstruation blood.


Kenichi reached the deepest part in a place where about two thirds of the penis was buried inside. Then, when the waist movement is stopped, the breath gradually settles down for Yui.

“You’re my sex slave from today onwards…okay?”


Kenichi is declaring so by hanging over her, but Yui shakes her weak head. However, when Kenichi takes away her lips as it is, Yui is at the mercy of Kenichi and wont be able to resist the long tongue.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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