Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 204


Monday. The first day of a new week begins. The third day after Kenichi was stabbed on the street.

Because of the energy absorbed by more than 50 beautiful women during the last two days, Kenichi’s physical fitness and bodily damage have completely recovered. Fortunately, he was hospitalized only for one night and since it was Saturday, it didn’t have any influence on his work at school.

“Good morning”

With a confident voice Kenichi enters the staff room. He sits on one side of the desk which is lined up in front of him, exchanging greetings with general faculty members one after another. This is the seat given to the assistant vice-principal. Sitting next to him is Genji Yamada, who has the same post.

“Good morning, Midou-sensei”

One woman talks while preparing her stuff in the office.

A beautiful woman who drinks her breath. The more she passes the word bombshell, the better the beauty is polished. Moreover, it is not only the face. This beautiful woman is distinguished so that her style is super and the superb body line can be seen from the suit which fits perfectly to her body.

A grinning chuckle. Not only the appearance but also the contents are extremely complex and Kenichi knows well that it is narrow, soft, hot and highest meat.

“Ah, good morning, Yoshikawa-sensei”

A beautiful woman who came to Kenichi’s side and looked back with a shining smile. When the right and left is confirmed casually, she quietly approaches and whispers in a low voice.

“I’ve been waiting for you with Miho for the whole weekend…. Bad person…”

Junko says so and her sweet glaring expression is also beautiful to sigh at. If a man thinks that this bombshell of a beauty that everyone wants to associate with belongs to Kenichi then he will be faced with jealousy.

He was stabbed with a knife by a red-eyed person and stayed at the hospital and hotel all weekend. Miho, Junko and Risa waited at home the whole time for Kenichi. He gave priority to the supply of energy.

“We’ll talk about it later…. Please be prepared…. I’ll squeeze you until you’re dry…”

She glares sweetly with a aroused look. Junko’s voice melted sweetly from the desire which springs up from her body and her eyes are completely lustful behind her metal framed glasses. Her hips wrapped in a tight skirt have a perfect shape that kept a high position away from Japanese and swing right and left as if to invite a man.

Music teacher Tomomi Takada stared with hot eyes from her desk. This beautiful teacher who is neat and modest became a prisoner of sex of Kenichi though she is newly married.

“Good morning, Midou-sensei”

Two other beauties come all the way to the front of Kenichi’s desk and call out to him subtly. Both of them giggle and have tremendous enchanted eyes.

Those two are Ayumi Momoi and Shiho Fujiwara who are new teachers who have been working at this school since this year. Last year, they have become sex slaves like other beauties when they visited this school as trainees. Their bodies have been bathed many times with evil sperm and have evolved to the highest bodies dyed in the poison of Kenichi.

They walk to their seats while winking at Kenichi. Their hips wrapped in too flashy mini skirts for a teacher is enough to let people drool when they see them, mostly all the male teachers in this staff room.

Pretty female teachers of different types sit here in the staff room. There are four beauties who can be said to be the best in a normal school. All of them belong to Kenichi and are faithful and indecent. Therefore, it is possible to eat them as much as possible when they are summoned in free time.

While chatting with the teachers around, the four look here casually with hot eyes since a while ago. Pink auras rise from their bodies and it is clear that all of them are full of lust in the morning.

But they are not alone. There are more than 30 high school girls in this school who are like them and all of them are waiting to have sex with Kenichi.

The first graders who have not a developed chest yet. The second grader with a flexible body that can be kneaded like rubber. The third grader started to climb the stairs to adulthood and their chests and hips began to harvest. The beautiful girls especially noticeable in each grade of the school will be eaten even during class, during lunch break and after school, becoming the prey of Kenichi. Their undeveloped vaginas are pierced by Kenichi’s huge penis and a lot of devil sperm is poured inside many times.

Kenichi often lined up the students who wear their uniforms and rolled up their skirts to be fucked from behind. Students are raped in cramped toilet rooms and unused classrooms, as they writhe to the pleasure given from having sex. It’s fun to call five or six students in the infirmary room and have them lick his whole body and serve him during the lunch break. It is spectacular that the cute girls who have their eyes on Kenichi’s dick continue their oral service endlessly and sucks the glans by fighting against each other while making it sticky with their salivas. After school, the students who sweated at the club are violated in their club uniforms. Short skirted cheerleaders. Frilly white tennis skirts wearing tennis members. Thin leotard wearing rhythmic gymnastic girls. All of them are full of sweat and female pheromones which pous oil to Kenichi’s desire who loves to fuck girls who are wearing costumes.

(Not yet…more power…more energy…)

However, the greedy Kenichi isn’t satisfied. He’s like a black hole where even the stars are swallowed up to his desire.

(For now, the school is safe…)

This school seems to be in a special place still found by Arisa’s analysis. A stream of wicked energy swirls over the big city. It is said that this Ellis Academy is located under the point where the flow joins and stands in the region where the influence is strong especially. For that reason, the wave is also strong in this school and the whole school is covered with a strong radar. If a suspicious person enters the site, it can be found out immediately.

In addition to the automated monitoring devices everywhere in the school, a number of sensors have been devised, so that the members of SHADO can sunk by using the wave-canceling machine.

In other words, this school which is the lair of Kenichi is a fortress, his fishing ground.

(I wonder who I will eat today…)


The dark wave spreads from Kenichi’s body to respond to his desire and it wraps the entire school. As the vast amount of information caught by the perceptive perception flows, every movement in this school is understood and one car which has entered the parking lot at the school is confirmed now.

While the car is driven by a driver, the luxury black car parked and a beautiful woman in a pink suit appeared. She seems to be very soft as her ripe body has moderate meat on it. Her hair and the white nape are giving off sexual appeal. And, the bright red aura rising from her body is clearly seen by Kenichi who is sitting on his desk in the staff room.

(Yoko is full of spirit since the morning…)

The 40-year-old wife seems to have a starving ripe body because she didnt had sex recently. In the assembly which began with Yamaji, Kenichi recalled the delicious meat of this president while laughing low from the back of his throat.

“Aa! Aa! Aaa!! Yaa! Yaaa!!!!”

A girl wearing her uniform shakes her face which is full of sweat right and left. Every time she shakes her head, the silky hair shakes and the smell of sweet shampoo is sprayed. Her thin, long legs are wide open by unnatural momentum so that she must lean her body against the back of a chair in the classroom to support her trembling body. And, a black figure is between her legs pressuring her.

This beautiful girl is in her classroom. She remained in the classroom although her classmates changed clothes for physical education and were in the middle of the class in the playing field. She was attacked by Kenichi.

The name of the beautiful girl is Yui Suzuki. She is a freshman who enrolled at Ellis all girls high school this year and belongs to the cheerleading department. She is a lovely girl with patchy eyes and there might be a lot of people who believe that she might be a idol. Yui is licked in her crotch by her teacher in her classroom.

“Aaa!! Noo! Such a place…is dirty!!!”

A slender, soft tongue enters her vagina and she screams with a red face. Her weak movements are easy to prevent by Kenichi and Yui can’t lose her wide open legs.

Her crotch was sticky from sweat. Moreover, it is during her menstruation now. The white napkin covering her crotch is soaked full with vomited blood. Kenichi licked such a shameful part and the 16-year-old girl shouts full of disgrace like wanting to die. However, when her voice spread in the air, the energy is attenuated before long and it disappeared. A powerful, dirty wave is covering this room.

Therefore, it is possible to enjoy the secret part of this cute girl in this classroom without anyone noticing. There are regular classes in the classrooms next door, but if someone comes close here, Kenichi can see it with his wave radar immediately.

“Nooo…stop…this…this is…”

However, such a thing isn’t known by Yui who doesn’t have a super sense. Anyway, the door of the classroom doesn’t have the key. Her head is dizzy out of fear that she might be found out.

“If you raise your voice so much, someone will come…. Is it okay to be seen like this?”

“N, Noo!! Hii!!”

Kenichi said so as if he read her mind, and Yui stopped her screaming in a hurry. When her appearance is confirmed and he laughs satisfactorily, Kenichi buried his face again into Yui’s crotch.


It is hideous to lick every corner of a virgin with his long tongue because it became sensitive. When the mouth is applied and Kenichi started to suck, the content of Yui’s body seems to be sucked out and her voice is raised with a expression that seems to cry because of this strange sense.

“Se, Senpai…help me…”

While Yui is sitting on the chair with a red face, she turns to the shadow of a person standing next to her without a sound.

“Senpai…help me…aaa…iyaaaa…”

It is the third grader Makino Rimi who sees the pity in her junior’s glance, while standing still without doing anything. She silently stares at how Kenichi tastes the crotch of Yui while biting her lower lips.

Yui who is going to become a prey of Kenichi was in a lesbian relation. Yui was Rimi’s new partner for one month.

Rimi who resonates with the wave and the altitude of Kenichi has the ability to accumulate magic as a capacitor and to exercise it by herself. Rimi faithful to her strong black desire has been preying on beautiful juniors one after another by using the magic of the Incubus.

As a result, the body of Yui was exposed enough through Rimi’s wave so that she resonates completely with Kenichi. Therefore, a violet aura rises from the body of this 16-year-old girl. In other words, it means that the magic of the devil can be exercised by this poor sacrifice.

“Aa!! Hiiii!!! …Se, Senpai…help me…”

Yui who has her body fluids sucked screamed at that embarrassment and revolted. However, her voice and movement don’t have any power. The red tentacle of Kenichi is entangled around her whole body and Yui is moderately paralyzed to the extent that she cannot oppose and her resistance is suppressed. It is possible to do such a fine adjustment by using magic.

“Uhiiii!! Aahuuuuaaa!!!!”

The 16 years old body that became a erogenous zone through the lesbian act with Rimi reacts to the skillful caress of Kenichi. Each time the long, magical tongue enters her womb and fear and despair runs through her small back like a current. The highly concentrated honey is discharged from her womb constantly and Kenichi is drinking it without leaving something behind.


It was not as cool as it seems for Rimi. The pervert teacher is going to take the junior away that she loved and that in front of her eyes.

However, it is only a small part of darkness in her heart.

She really have to experience how this man is trying to put out his hand to a girl other than herself. It is not possible to endure for Rimi to watch how Kenichi deprives other girls of their virginities thus she is doing nothing.

This is not the first time that this man has taken a lesbian partner. There was a junior of the track and field department named Hayakawa Aya who was before Yui and Aya also was stolen by Kenichi and she has become a sex slave completely now.

When Aya dated Rimi she didn’t know anything like a beginner, but Aya now is skillful at sex like a adult. She received the sperm often so that she has become a rapidly grown-up dazzling beauty. Every time Rimi sees Aya at the club, makes her feel more complicated.

(Why can’t I just…)

Rimi doesn’t want to have sex with this guy. It is a person who threatens herself and has a strong pervertness. She still hates it from the bottom of her heart. Still, it is not possible to consent, and it is not permitted to not have sex. Every time she think of it, her head is filled with anger and humiliation.

On the other hand, her body is burning hot from the sight in front of her eyes. Rimi who is many times stronger than her original sexual desire, sees how her junior have been attacked by Kenichi and her lower part starts to heat up. Her crotch is itchy and she want to touch herself since a little while ago.

(I want to masturbate. I want to touch…)

Rimi rubs her thighs against each other while standing. The congested clitoris swells up and the pleasure runs down the spine by rubbing on the lining of her panty every time. The overflowing honey juice wets the bottom and it feels uncomfortable.

“Senpai…please, help me…”

Her junior asks for help while being sucked in the crotch by Kenichi. Just by looking at her face, you can see that Rimi isn’t going to do anything.

(Ah…I cant…)

The pervert teacher happily buried his face in Yui’s crotch and is absorbed in tasting the pubic region which is having its menstruation. When Rimi put her hand in her skirt, she stroked the crotch from the top of her panty.


As soon as she touched herself a electric shock is received and a short pant comes out of her mouth. The erogenous which had become saturated was boiled with the slight stimulation of her finger. Rimi is intoxicated by the sharp Acme.


However, it is not possible to be satisfied by such a thing and her crotch demands deeper pleasure and not such a light caress. The cloth which stuck to the crotch gets wet from the honey juice that overflows from the inside and the liquid sticks to the fingertips.

(Me too…I was like that too…)

Rimi is masturbating while seeing her junior writhes to shame, fear and pleasure.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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