Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 203


A thick female smell is filling the room. It is a flag lance that a mature woman shoots, because sweat and secretion that comes out of her body is mixed in a high concentration and it would make a virgin come at once if he is in this room.

The bed is huge and there is plenty of room for adults to ride on it. In the center, Kenichi leaned back against the side board and sat naked on the bed. His eyes are so bright red that they can be seen clearly in the dim darkness.

It was Saturday afternoon when Kenichi was discharged from the hospital. Then, until Sunday night, Kenichi was devoted to sex in a suite of a luxury hotel, which was a great hotel with many beautiful women to recharge his energy. He kept devouring the sweet bodies of his female slaves earnestly without almost consuming a meal or sleep.

Beautiful women who were called by Kenichi gave their delicious bodies as demanded when going up to the bed in turns and they all received a narcotic-like pleasure from him.

Middle school girls and high school girls were naked and did a slimy oil play with Kenichi, the female university students and models with sweet saliva licked Kenichi’s body from corner to corner and the married women and club hostesses did a soap play in the bathroom, and everyone offered their bodies to Kenichi. Kenichi’s dirty dick was wrapped in the vaginas of pretty women or intestines or mouths for more than a whole day and it absorbed a lot of tasty sex energy.

It’s already Sunday midnight now. The bedroom is filled with the dirty fragrance of many women and panties, bras and stockings are scattered here and there. Although the sheets were replaced several times, the sweat and bodily fluids that many women vomited were ingrained.

“Aah, good…”

“Ah, it’s amazing…”

There are still two beauties who lick the crotch of Kenichi from left and right. They are the former SHADO members Noriko and Masako who went up to the bed after the other women returned and a long time has passed. The only ones who are in this room now are the ones who know the true colors of Kenichi.

“Great, Kenichi-sama…. You are completely healed already”

Masako said so from one side of the crotch. Now the traces of the surgery are white and thin and it’s unbelievable that it was done yesterday.

“It looks like he completely healed…no, this may be more amazing than before being injured…”

Noriko laughs mischievously. She wraps the meat rod that is slippery with her saliva in her big J Cup chest and entertains the eyes of Kenichi by doing an indecent act. She didn’t forget to extend her long tongue to the tip and to lick it.


There is another beauty standing on the side of the bed, raising a small voice. She keeps looking at the huge penis swinging between the bust of her close friend since a little while ago and she is so aroused that she drinks her own saliva.

“Did you understand something?”

While entrusting himself to the relaxed pleasure, Kenichi who enjoyed the modern day harem raised his voice towards the intellectual beauty who stands beside the bed. The tone seemed to be amused somewhere while taunting and pity is mingled inside.

“…Ah, yes…. I hacked the security camera around that area, and I tried to look it up, but there was no such thing as a clue…”

The beauty which separates her eyes from Kenichi´s groin said so and reports short but accurately. But it’s only a few seconds. Again her beautiful almond-like eyes stare at the dark meat pillar.

“Okay…. Because the other party had red eyes, I think that it is a similar existence to me. How about that one?”

When Kenichi was stabbed in the street, he couldn’t clearly see the face of the attacker. However, he remembered the red eyes of the person who looked down on him who was about to faint because of the stomach wound. Kenichi looked in his drawer of memories desperately because he felt like he has seen those eyes somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember it.

Red eyes. It is the peculiar eyes that devil hosts have. When you emit a wave that is the source of magic, a red light appears like a laser from the iris.

“Didnt you find anything in the database of SHADO?”

“…Ye, Yes…. There is no information to identify anyway, so it’s a situation that I can’t investigate…”

The pretty woman with an IQ of 180 also glances at the red eyes during the conversation. Shinomiya Arisa, who was also a former member of SHADO is probably ashamed of herself for looking at Kenichi´s huge dick but it is also funny and cute that she tries to hide it desperately.

Arisa, who is skilled in hacking systems, still invades the database of SHADO and pulls out the information she need. Recently, she went inside the back of the original system, so to speak, she enters the hidden back system and the information in that is gathered. From SHADO, it is likely not to have noticed that information was leaked.

“Aah…licking, I have wanted it again…”

“You’re really greedy, Noriko…”

“Masako-chan you want it too, right?”

“Huhu…of course…. I have always been patient to other woman…”

Noriko and Masako have confidence in their physical strength because they were trained by SHADO. The greedy desire which does not run out from the libido is created from the interior of their bodies.

(Aaa…I, I was…)

Arisa who hears the conversation of her friends screams small. She only has seen that Masako and Noriko hungrily received pleasure all the time although one hour passed already.

It is prohibited for Arisa to drown in lust because of the hypnosis done by Noriko. The situation where it is not permitted is a kind of torture because it is easy if she loses to pleasure and succumbed to it.

Arisa was embraced by Kenichi many times and she tasted deep darkness of pleasure. It is not possible to ask for it by herself though reason collapses to the narcotic pleasure when she is violated and it can’t be forgotten as she writhes. Therefore, as long as Kenichi doesn’t put out his hand, it will only be seen this way indefinitely.

“I’m going to put it out again…. I’ll put it inside…”

It was a habit to raise a tone that was dominated by lust and overreliance when sexual desire is felt. Arisa who swallows her own spit as she looks at her best friend Noriko who moves her waist indecently to seek violent pleasure from Kenichi with a complexed expression.

“Aaaaa…. Again…I came again…amazing…”

The sturdy colt sunk deep into the womb of her best friend. Looking at that deadly weapon let her tremble a little.

(Aaa…Noriko-chan is sly…. I also…I also…)

Want. Arisa wants the penis in front of her so much that she would die for it. She want it from the bottom of her heart even though it belongs to Kenichi who she should hate. Her ripe body and heart which has thoroughly been developed to every corner are yearning for this man’s strong penis. Still, it is not possible to move on her own by all mean and she is only in this state. She can only observe Noriko and Masako to have sex with jealousy for a long time.

Arisa also wants to be violated. She wants to be raped by someone who she doesn’t hate. She wants to trample down her intentions and feelings and treat them like a rough tool as a outlet of her sexual desire. She want to strip her clothes and tear down her underwear to have wild sex. She want to be pressed down so that she cant run away and be held strongly so that she dislikes it.

Arisa who has come to have a distorted sexual desire has become muddy because of her desire before she even noticed by herself. And it’s like sleeping magma, waiting for the chance to explode.

“Uhuhu…. Slimy sex, is it comfortable? I´ll give you a more comfortable feeling…”

Kenichi, Noriko and Masako are full attached with oil and its so slippery that they feel pleasant each time they touch each other. Masako rubbed her naked body like a soap miss against Kenichi´s body while looking at Arisa who is showing a hot glance and laughing mischievously. The technique which knows the point that the other party feels is shown without hesitation.

“Aaa…good…this, this…please…”

Noriko moves her hips while raising a voice of pleasure. The large penis is swallowed completely in the womb and the part which shakes her hips is stimulated and it rises without permission of her own. Her huge bust which protrudes forward shakes by the movement when the thin waist moves with a heavy swaying. It is one of the finest things that God has made for a woman’s body. Noriko´s waist is only 58 centimeters while her bust is 102 centimeters.

Her pussy that swallowed Kenichi´s son is the best right now. The small folds which grew on the inside clings to the steel rod. The sphincter of the entrance occasionally tightens tightly and knots the root by the strength that creates a bruise. A average man would cum to this highest stimulation in a few seconds.

(Anyway, I have no choice but to see the situation…)

While enjoying the reaction of those three people, Kenichi thinks with his dull head. The criminal i still unknown, but Kenichi can’t live in hiding because of that. If that person really have a grudge against Kenichi, then he will attack again. It’s just a good story to deal with at some time.

(But…can I…?)

He asks himself a few times.

The reason for it is that when the other party is a ordinary man he will be defeated by Kenichi like that gangster who was crippled by Kenichi in the side road some month ago. As long as it is a human who is good at fighting, if you find the weakness of the other party using magic eyes and the wave, Kenichi can win without problems. Even if the opponent is the world champion of boxing, his movement will be in slow motion if it is under the magic eyes.

(But what happens if the opponent is also a devil…)

Then the story will be completely different.

That night, he was carelessly stabbed, because he had the speed of a human and had his guard down. It was clearly a movement beyond the ability of a person.

The superiority of a devil host will depend on the strength of magic and the original fighting ability. Then, there is no guarantee of winning 100 percent in the place where the power is reinforced by magic for Kenichi who is inferior in movement ability.

(If it becomes so, it is bad…. At least it will be possible to set up countermeasures if I know at least…. Even so, I feel like I saw that eyes…somewhere before…)

Kenichi still searches through his memories, but he can’t remember. Being frustrated, Kenichi gnashed with his teeth.


The partner changed and Masako is straddling over him and a large amount of sex energy is absorbed. Because of that, the super-sense of the center is awakened as usual, the inside of his head becomes clear and power overflows from his whole body. The power is so overwhelming like having a nuclear plant inside his body.

Even in such a state, Kenichi can’t remember the owner of those red eyes. As if something is disturbing him.

(Damn it!!)

Remembering his frustration, Kenichi pushes his waist. The entrance of a sensitive womb is beaten with violent thrusts and the pleasure which had become supersaturated sparks at a dash. Masako´s meat folds cling to Kenichi´s dick to urge him to ejaculate.

“Hiiiiii!! Iiiiiiaaaaaa!!!”

Masako reached a hot ecstasy following Noriko, that runs down the spine and her whole body trembles as a large amount of sex energy will be released now. Even though she has a trained body Masako is exhausted, which is no wonder because she has been fucked many times since yesterday.

Kenichi attacked Arisa who stood beside the bed when he throw Masako aside with an frustrated expression.

“Nooooo!! Stop it!!!”

The hypnosis is activated and Arisa whose switch snapped begins to dislike it seriously like when she was a virgin. Noriko´s hypnosis who enters deep inside a person’s mind by using the wave resonance is activated perfectly at any time.

“Don’t do it! Aaaa!! Stop it!!!!”

She tries to run away while screaming and remembering fear from the bottom of her heart as she is pressed down by Kenichi with his glistening red eyes. However, Arisa can’t do anything except scream because she is enclosed to oppose by the suggestion.

Kenichi presses Arisa down and vomits a rough breath. Holding her hips that are wrapped in a mini skirt to let her go down on all fours as it is, Arisa´s beige panty is exposed.

“Noooo…stop it…”

On the carpet in the suite room. Arisa who is on all fours on the floor is seriously reluctant begging while hanging her hips high.

“Hey! Raise your ass more!!!”

“Iyaaaa!!! Don’t hit me!!!”

Arisa screams out of pain and fear because her white hips are slapped mercilessly. The skin as white as snow becomes red at once and a large amount of honey juice overflows from the crotch. Her hidden pervertness is stimulated and her mind is dominated by reason and fear, as her body is in estrus because of a thrilling excitement.

“It’s so wet! You pervert slut!!”

“Aaaa…. Th, That’s a lie…a lie!!”

Arisa raises her hips without being able to oppose and opens her legs. She takes a posture that makes it possible to have sex and her denial words have no persuasion power as a large amount of honey juice overflows from her crotch. However, it is a fact that Arisa hates it from the bottom of her heart, that even tears drip down her eyes out of fear.

Arisa is a talented woman graduated from Toto University. Having a career at the Tokyo Police Department, she was an executive candidate of SHADO. Hunting many evil beings with her intellectual mind, she has erased many devils. She is a beautiful woman with an voluptuous body.

“Arisa…. 『Recall the pain of your loss of virginity』”

“…Aa…aaaaa!! Iyaaaaaaa!!!!”

Arisa screams seriously. Her voice which sounds through the room is near screeching in the volume which is not thought that such a cold beauty could raise.

It is not unreasonable either. Kenichi said the keywords to activate the next hypnosis program that was applied on Arisa. Wicked Kenichi and Noriko saw through Arisa’s rape desire and made some funny hypnosis.

One of them is that when she is attacked, she really feels fear. And with the current keyword her body returns to being a virgin and the pain of deflowering is reproduced in her brain. In a word, Arisa will be made to re-experience the pain of her virgin loss now.

“I will fuck you plenty. I will rape you and let you get pregnant”

“Nooo!!! Stop it!!!! Aaaa…iyayoooooo!!!”

Arisa desperately refuses. With that Kenichi tramples on her personality.

When her beige panty is mistakenly moved to the side, the meat jar which had already been violated spread open completely and waited for the invasion of Kenichi’s dick. When the tip is pressed against the entrance, Arisa screams loudly.

“Higuuuuuu!!! Hiiguuuuuaaaaaa!! Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouuuucccchhhh!!!!!”

Without hypnosis, it wouldn’t be painful. However, serious pain is felt from Arisa which is made to reproduce her virgin loss. Precisely because she remembers the pain, thus the hypnotic program replayed it perfectly.

“Ouch!!! Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!!!!!!”

Arisa cries without being able to faint from the severe pain like being forced to have her body split apart by thrusting a burnt stick inside. She cant suppress this feeling as her reason has been blocked and it is like she actually loses her virginity with Kenichi.

However, she is the best favorite for this rapist. A beautiful and noble beauty overflowing with intellect, will let Kenichi feel a real thrill to rape her and make her surrender. The joy of raping such a beautiful woman who express the pain is wonderful.

“Higiiiii!!! Aaaguuuuuuu!!!”

Kenichi entered deep inside at once and Arisa screams with her narrow throat. Her fingers grab the carpet so strongly that blood might overflow.

But Kenichi knows. Arisa who has this kinky sexual desire wants to be violated. She was retorts by a man who was less intelligent than herself and had been dreaming of being wildly raped since she was a child. That’s why she fell in love with a man who was the most mature and was skilled in martial arts.

“Higuuuuuu!! Aaaahiiiiii!!”

The evidence is that she feels as much pleasure as pain and a sweet tone begins to blend into the sound of her screams emanating from her mouth. A large amount of honey juice overflows from her womb and flows down her thighs. Her developed sphincter shrinks, and the penis is clenched strongly. A normal man would cum in a few seconds after receiving such an strong tightening.

“Oh…you bite off my penis…”

Ejaculation impulse is felt by Kenichi which he has endured for a while and released his semen into Arisa as a revenge from her strong tightening. The semen that has been accumulated in these two days seem to overflood the womb.

“Arisa…. You’re going to be pregnant today…”

Proclaimed in a dark voice.

“I know that today is a dangerous day…. I will put it in plenty and let my children be infused…”

“Iyaaa!!! That’s absolutely iyaaaaaa!!!! Stop it!!!!”

Arisa begins to rampage again. However, because Kenichi’s long penis fits perfectly and it sticks like a harpoon deeply into a whale. Still, Kenichi tries not to let her escape by gripping her thin waist from the back.

“I will release it into your womb…. I will pour a lot and let you get pregnant…”

“Hiiii!! Nooo!! Stop it!!! Absolutely not good!!!”

Kenichi whispers in his ear and is chewing on her neck and Arisa shakes her head like a child who is crying while shedding tears. Ironically, however, the fear, despair and disgust broke into pieces and becomes rapture, pleasure and a tremendous wave of ecstasy. At the same time, her vagina squeezes Kenichi’s penis by tremendous power and urged it to ejaculation. The uterus which came down in search of semen opens its mouth.


“Hyaaaaaaa!!! Noooooo!!!!!! Noooooo!!!!”

From the tip of the pulsating dick, white mucus is hammered into the pussy without mercy. Hundreds of millions of sperm flock into Arisa’s vagina like nano-machines programmed with evil intentions.

(Aaaa…the child of a man who I don’t like…. I’m going to get pregnant…)

The highest ecstasy for Arisa is being raped and becoming pregnant on a dangerous day. Arisa was totally intoxicated by it.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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