Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 201





A monotonous rhythm is ringing somewhere. It took a long time for Kenichi´s brain to understand that it was the sound of his heart.

(Am I alive?)

Asking himself in dark consciousness. At that moment, the scene before the loss of consciousness revives.

In the early morning on the streets. The time when darkness and light intersect. Suddenly, a black shadow has jumped out from the side of the street and held something that emits a dull light in its hands. The next moment a burning heat was felt in his abdomen and blood flowed out. Losing consciousness and lying on the road, red eyes looked down on Kenichi.

(Or have I already died?)

He should have opened his eyes, but he can’t see anything. There is true darkness in front of his eyes. He don’t hear anything. Kenichi is just lying in a world where silence dominates.

『The contract will continue』

A low voice is heard. It seems to come from the outside, but Kenichi feels it coming from the inside of his heart. Is it a mere feeling that he has heard it somewhere before.

『Wake up. And seek further strength』

At that moment, Kenichi woke up from severe pain in his flank.

When he opened his eyes, he could see something strange. A kind of wave like aurora floats in front of his eyes. Before noticing that it is a vinyl curtain which has been lowered to surround himself, the appearance of an nurse is noticed after he regained consideration.

“It’s the worst. My stomach hurts”

The nurse apparently seemed upset when she heard Kenichi´s murmur. She pays attention not to step on the cord and the pipe which comes out from Kenichi´s body while panicking and starting to rush out in a hurry. She probably went to the doctor in charge to report that the patient had regained consciousness.

After a while, a tall man who is clearly a doctor appeared with several nurses.

“Do you know who I am?”

The doctor asks this question as he observes Kenichi.

“You’re a doctor. A surgeon too, right?”

Kenichi tries to look around and answers without understanding what is so strange. Seeing that all the nurses are young and beautiful, he smiles happily.

“I can’t believe it…”

The doctor checked the meter many times, moreover, he promptly put out instructions to the nurses though it was confirmed by touching Kenichi´s body and applying the stethoscope on it.

Afterwards Kenichi laid in the bed and underwent various tests. The wound of the abdomen where white huge gauze was pasted was examined carefully, too. In the meantime, when he looked at a nurse, they show a cramped face. One of them, a nurse with a huge chest and a name plate saying Nakano, told Kenichi why everyone has such a strange face.

“Midou-san. You were stabbed in the abdomen with a knife and you were carried in the state of unconscious this morning here. A big blood vessel miraculously disappeared, but because of a big blood loss and your internal organs were quite damaged it was a big surgery…. Even so, you´re able to speak so energetically within half a day”

Glancing at the clock on the wall, it is eight o’clock. Now it is night and the doctor and the nurses who are here seem to be on duty tonight.

“Then, I will be discharged tomorrow”

“Don’t joke! That’s not going to happen!”

Kenichi who should have absolute rest in the intensive care room is seen to behave willingly like the operation of the appendix and the nurses feel dizzy. When they saw Kenichi with blood carried on a stretcher, they were convinced that this was no longer good.

What was even more surprising was that when Kenichi was thirsty he removed the nasal tubes and drip tubes and pulled a nurse over saying that he would like to drink water. As soon as the results of the test were over, the tall doctor would tell the result with an unbelievable expression, seeing Kenichi lying on a bed of the general hospital after moving from ICU.

“Midou-san. I did a brief examination, but surprisingly already the functions of your organs are recovering and the wounds are almost healed”

The doctor can’t believe the content of his words. He certainly went through a six hour surgery with his own hands. If it is so, it should be a seriously injured patient who needs absolute rest. It is an unbelievable recovery which cannot be thought of in such a short time even though the knife was fortunately deviating from the main organ and the large blood vessel.

“I will do a precise examination again tomorrow morning, so please stay quiet for today”

The doctor says so, shakes his head and left the hospital room. After his duty is over, he might want to drink sake and forget this abnormal situation. The three nurses left behind give a sigh around Kenichi.

“I really can not believe it…”

“I have not seen anyone who moved to the general ward within a day after such a major operation”

“I had seen the scars, but I could hardly see the traces, I thought I was mistaken him for someone else.”

Three magnificent nurses sighs to the abnormal recovery speed of Kenichi while peeping at his face.

(What…What makes them so worried…)

(Ah…for a moment…why…)

(More…I want to talk more…but…)

Seeing his face, all three see a slightly handsome face. When they first saw it, they were fascinated by it and as time went on, their thoughts swelled steadily. Because of the Inma magic they seem him as an attractive man now.

On the other hand, Kenichi sees the nurses who don’t make a sign to go back even if their duty ends and thinks about it. Although he should have been seriously injured, it is possible to understand that he is recovering as soon as possible because of the Inma magic clearly. Perhaps it was due to the magical powers that he has avoided a mortal wound.

At the same time, Kenichi noticed that his energy level was very low. It is likely to have used a large amount of energy to repair his body. The energy which has been accumulated seems to have completely reached bottom.

(It is said that it will not replenish energy immediately)

Kenichi smiles and stares at the beautiful nurses who are lined up around his bed. Then, the three nurses have convulsions and become a state that was struck by electricity. A black wave spreads from Kenichi´s body to the concentric circle and completely fill this small sickroom.

Its source is obviously the black bruise on Kenichi´s penis. Kenichi is hunting new prey and spreads the invisible net, because his belly is empty. Three beautiful nurses are caught in the web of Kenichi like beautiful butterflies who entered the nest of an poisonous spider.

Midnight of the same day. The off time is already finished and the whole hospital is surrounded by silence and darkness.

A white figure appeared in the single room where Kenichi was sleeping. Three people in total. After knocking on the door modestly, they come in. Of course, they were the nurses who talked to Kenichi a little while ago.

A dark hospital room where electricity is turned off. A pink aura is rising from the body of those three nurses and it is clearly reflected in Kenichi´s red glowing eyes. They resonate completely with the black wave that Kenichi unleash during the day. A lewd grin is made in the dark.

“Midou-san…. How are you feeling?”

“Does the wound hurt?”

All three who come closer while saying so have a embarrassed and flushed red face. They seem to be embarrassed and don’t know what to do in the future as a fidgeting.

Late-night in a hospital room. It is impossible that these nurses comes to see the appearance of a patient in a private room. But they were driven by their inner desires and came here.

“I’m sweating, so I want to change my clothes”

When Kenichi says so, Misao Nakano´s face turns red, before she prepares a change of clothes hurriedly. In the meantime, a nurse with a slender body named Yamaguchi Rika and a nurse of the swinger style and brown hair with the name Ryoko Sasaki are preparing wet towels to wipe Kenichi clean.

“Well, let’s take off your coat”

Misao feels her body burning as she helps Kenichi take off his pajamas. Her eyes are tinged with sticky light and her inner desires are projected in them. The reason why she is rubbing her huge chest against Kenichi´s body is to erase the unbearable stimulation from her stiff nipples.


“Aaa…. This…”

Rika and Ryoko, who had put down his trousers, raised a astonishing voice. Even though they have seen a penis several times when they were nursing, it is surprising to see such an huge penis.

Moreover, it is full of energy and lifts up the thin shorts. The bulge increases before Rika and Ryoko stare.

“Aah, nooo…”

“This…what’s going on…”

It was Rika and Ryoko who had been looking at Kenichi´s dick for a while and after looking at each other, they removed the underwear. It happened on the way, when the underwear was removed completely, it trembled in the air, before an oversized penis showed up.



Under the light that slightly reduced the luminous intensity, Kenichi´s deadly weapon showed its huge and ugly appearance to the three beauties. It was enough to let these nurses become speechless as it is as long as an baby arm.

“It’s embarrassing if you look so much, right? Well, please clean it up”


“…Ye, Yes…”

After Kenichi told so, they finally returned to themselves. When looking at the huge glans and the hard root, their saliva is about to drool down their mouths. Kenichi´s penis expands more by the stimulation of being wrapped in a wet towel timidly which cannot be wiped so well.

“Look, if you don’t hold it with your hand properly, you won’t be able to wipe it clean”

Ryoko said so and extended her hand timidly and her white, slender fingers are wrapped around the thick root.

“Aaa…it’s hot…like a lump of iron…”

The heat emitted from the penis is felt clearly by Ryoko´s hand and let her body and reason melt at a dash. This pretty nurses is influenced by Kenichi´s magic and let her feel an extraordinary desire. Her saliva is dripping down from the edge of her mouth and she has the itchy feeling to suck something.

“Aah, I can’t take it anymore…”

The first one is Ryoko. The amorous nurse shouts so small with an enchanted expression, brought her dark purple lips near the giant cobra head and then starts to suck it in a second.


“Ryo, Ryoko…”

“No, that’s…”

Rika and Misao still have a fragment of reason remaining and are stunned to see the obscene oral service that Ryoko does. Anyway, it is a hospital room at midnight and the other party is a serious injured patient who has undergone operation today.


However, Ryoko came to have completely skipped this reason and sucks the glans with an entranced look. Her expression seems to be drunk of pleasure from a drug. Because it is hard to swallow the whole thing, only the tip is tightened with the lips and the tongue is skillfully used to stimulate the gills and seams. She doesn’t forget to grip the root while doing so and to rub it. It might be considerably playful, but the technique is skillful for the still young Ryoko.

“Amazing…. This…”

Showing off in front of her two colleagues, Ryoko crawls her tongue on the stalk path. Wetting it with her saliva, the penis is glowing dull under the fluorescent light.

“Hey, please clean it too”


Saying so to Rika, she brought her face near. Like iron sand attracted to magnets, Rika´s plump lips are pressed against the dark surface.

At that moment, a sharp current runs through her body to her toes. She quickly became absorbed in pressing her lips against it and started a kissing rain to the entire penis while shaking her hips.

(Aaa…this is amazing…)

Rika uses her tongue to compete with Ryoko who begins to lick again and draws her face near from the other side at once. The saliva of two beautiful nurses mixes together and two tongues intertwine on the meat pillar. As if they blow a harmonica from left to right, their lips are applied and slid up and down. It seems as if two beauties are kissing across Kenichi´s penis.

As he felt the glans going down in the small mouth of Rika, Kenichi was observing the last remaining Misao. Misao’s face is red, but she keeps an eye on her two colleagues doing an obscene double fellatio.

“You come here too”

“No, no…”

Kenichi pulls Misao by the hand to his side and her remaining reason starts to resist.

“I, I, I have a fiance who I get married soon…. I cant betray him…”

However, when her pretty body is caught in the embrace of Kenichi, her reason disappeared. A young female body odor is smelled and pours oil into Kenichi´s desire.

“Stop…. Such a place…aaa…”

The sensitive neck is sucked and Misao felt unbelievable. Her sadistic desire is stimulated because of Kenichi´s violent caress which is different from the gentle caress of her boyfriend and Misao remembers a dark pleasure which slumbers deep inside her body.

“Huhu. A good body”

“Nooo…. No…don’t touch me…”

While embracing that young woman, Kenichi laughs. Slipping a hand under the pale pink nurse’s clothes, he starts to massage the big breasts from the top of the pink lace bra.

“Hey…what is your size?”

“Aah, such…I can’t say it…”

With a kiss mark on her sensitive neck and having her boobs rubbed by Kenichi, let Misao show a fleeting resistance. Her body and the mind seem to fight against Kenichi´s caress.

“I can’t…, uguuu!!”

And the moment her lips are stolen, lightning strikes her whole body and gets goosebumps. A white haze hangs in her head every time Kenichi´s saliva is drunk and Misao can’t think of anything except for pleasure gradually.

“What is your size?”

“Kyu, 94…”

She answers hesitantly when she is asked again. The core of her body becomes hot and dizzy because of the excitement to succumb to Kenichi´s overwhelming power and slavery.

“From today on, you guys are mine”

“Ah…, that…”

Misao´s hearts and body melt when Kenichi declared so and her mind surrenders as if it was a fate beforehand. And now she starts to kiss Kenichi and intertwine tongues with him as if to invite him.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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