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Shioya was not here anymore and Keiko fell down to the kitchen floor as if she had exhausted her energy. At the end, she was barely standing on her shaking legs and somehow she was holding on.

Her pretty face shows off her tiredness and the forehead is filled with sweat. She is barely in the state to breathe normal and she was finally liberated from the torture called pleasure which she endured desperately for a long time.

Her sensitive genital was licked by Kenichi the whole time and his saliva has the effect of an aphrodisiac. A woman either raises a yell or a sexy voice usually.

When Kenichi rises up from the floor, he enjoys the taste of Keiko´s love remaining in his mouth, while staring at Keiko who is completely weakened. Kenichi could finally make his first love feel good.

Even when he put down his pants and making a sound, Keiko doesn’t notice because of her rush breathing. When his penis is taken out, he casually placed it against Keiko´s waist who is on all fours.

“Ah…wh, what…”

Keiko who is confused and doesnt know what is going on feels something hot applied against her flared skirt.

“!!!! Gu, Guuuu!!”

“Be quiet. Don’t raise your voice. Is it okay if your husband finds out?”

Finally swallowing the situation, Keiko quickly blocks her mouth to not let her voice leak out and Kenichi´s devilish whisper is heard. There is a distance from here to the bedroom, but if she shout loudly, it will be enough to reach.

“I kept it hidden so far, try not to be bald in the end”

Being threatened, Keiko gradually relaxes her body before long. Then, waiting a few seconds, she released her hand from her mouth and Kenichi adjust Keiko’s position again. Crawling on all fours on the kitchen floor, a hot penis is pressed against her crotch.

“Noo…stop it…dont do it…”

Her body is already burning hot and even though she became lustful, Keiko still tries to resist desperately. She loves Shioya deeply. However, Kenichi tramples her feelings down mercilessly.

“When I was middle school student, did I ask for help? I was beaten by Shioya and made to take off my pants and desperately asked for help, but you were just watching and laughing…”

Kenichi´s hot dick which is in search of prey is pressed against Keiko´s blue panty which became wet as he is talking. His words are dark and heavy.

“…Th, that…. Because…I…”

“Just what? …You just saw it, do you have no sin?”

A low-voiced laughter comes from Kenichi. For Keiko it is rather creepy to let her tremble.

“There’s no such thing as sin for you…. When I was watching you laughing at me, you were a good perpetrator to me, too”

“Ho, However…however…”

Keiko cannot argue. At that time, she had never thought about it, but now that it has been pointed out, she can understand that feeling.

“It’s an old story…. You may have forgotten, but I have never forgotten…. Well that’s why I am going to have some fun from now on”

“Th, that…that is…”

Using the confused state of Keiko, Kenichi moves her blue panty away and revealed her dirty flower which fully bloomed and presses the huge tip against it. The pitiful 32-year-old Keiko who was left alone by her husband sucked the penis of another man before happily like her beloved husband.

“Aaa…stop… dont…. Please…. I apologize…. I apologize for that time…so please forgive me…”

Keiko begs desperately on all fours on the kitchen floor while spilling tears. Fear, confession, contrition and humiliation are not mixed up together and the illusion of being swallowed up by the darkness is remembered inside her heart.

Her beautiful and innocent heart is corrupted by darkness and her body already fell to the pleasure. In front of the beautiful new sacrifice, Kenichi spreads his black wave like big black wings.

“Don’t worry about that. I´m going to take you to heaven that you never tasted with Shioya Well, once you taste this, you won’t be able to get away from me…”

Mocking her so, Kenichi slowly sticks his hips out. The girl who he was longing for is finally in front of him and he is joyful to become one with her at once.

“No, Not good!! …Aaa!!!”

When Kenichi´s penis fits into the dirty hole, it slowly begins to move.


Keiko is able to spread her sphincter instantly and screams to the pain that her vagina is torn. Kenichi´s son which is double the size of her husband is invading inside. However, the pleasure which numbs the center of the womb spreads to the lower body and stimulation is finally obtained at the same time as pain.

“I told you not to utter a voice”


Holding her mouth in a hurry, Keiko´s voice is suppressed desperately. It is impossible to control it and it seems that it has accumulated enough in her body.



Keiko´s pussy which is soaking wet is accepted this thing while raising the magnitude volume of love juice which is overflowing. Both are stimulating each other while not being in contact. Kenichi and Keiko raise a voice at the same time.

(Aaaa! Wh…what this…aaaaa…)

The feeling of extension and friction cant be compared with her husband. The penis rubs all over the feeling part and the explosive pleasure which comes up from there invades into the womb. The sensory nerve becomes extremely keen by the resonance of the waves and Kenichi´s son rubs it ruthlessly.

It was especially because her sphincter contracted by the physical stimulation and pleasure and her vagina becomes narrow more and more. In addition, because she had no sex with her husband for half a year, the inside has shrunk and has become totally hard. However, only a pitiful married woman who was neglected by her husband will have it so and is ready for Kenichi.

(Finally…with Ogawa…)

Kenichi is totally excited in having sex with his first love. Moreover, Keiko’s husband bullied himself severely. The dark volupte to steal and eat his important woman soon, let Kenichi´s heart be full of joy.

(I’m going to take your precious wife with me…)

His dick sticks to the crack of the pure white hips. It erected so much that he can’t invade so easily. And Kenichi can have sex until the morning because he has gained the sexual energy of two cabaret hostesses before.


While screwing around for a bit, his movement stopped slightly in front of the innermost. The vaginal mucosa that has been pushed aside twines persistently around it as if to convey a complaint. The entrance contracts intermittently since a little while ago and the root is attacked as a revenge. Even though Keiko is married, her reaction is youthful and it tells that Shioya hasn’t developed her enough.

“Huhuhu…it seems that Shioya hasnt notice it…”


Keiko cant react to Kenichi´s teasing words. The muscles of her whole body cramps to the outstanding stimulation given. A large amount of narcotic substance in her brain is discharged and the strong pleasure dominates her ripe body and weak mind.

“Now, I’ll take care of you”


Declaring so with a ruthless voice, Kenichi invades the last gap and Keiko who reaches an explosive ecstasy shouts. While spitting out a large amount of sexual energy, Keiko shakes her whole body and lowered her white hips. Her honey jar is contracted at the last minute and squeezes Kenichi´s huge and sturdy penis.

“Iiiiiii!! Aaaaaa!!”

Keiko wandered to heaven for five seconds, after releasing a large amount of sex energy while tightening the penis for a long time. As soon as Kenichi absorbed this energy did his energy become refilled and the Inma magic was activated.

(This fellow is a married woman…)

Keiko who was exhausted is turned around and raped in missionary posture on the kitchen floor.

Kenichi has eaten a lot of wives up to now and all had a ripe and frustrated body. No matter how much they wanted to have sex with their husbands before, as soon as they tasted the sex with Kenichi, it became very rare for them to have sex with their husbands.

“Hey, how about here?”

“Aaaaa…th, there! There…aaa!!”

Having a spot stimulated which her husband never reached before, let Keiko cling from herself to Kenichi with disheveled hair and raising an agonizing cry. Moreover she has such an enchanted expression that she even demands deep kisses on her own and sucking Kenichi´s tongue as soon as she appeared.

“Are you feeling good?”

“Good…aaah, I feel good!”

The stiff meat of Keiko´s vagina is so excited that it completely entangles around Kenichi´s penis without letting it go. Kenichi is accustomed to have his dick strongly squeezed because of a hungry married woman who wants sperm. However, Kenichi is unlike Shioya who will cum at once when being squeezed so much.

“More…more, deeper…”

Keiko, who is going mad from the pleasure, moves her hips by herself for further pleasure. Kenichi who laughed thinly raised his legs and thrusts his hips from above to respond to the desires of Keiko, who had become quite greedy.

It is already near dawn rather than midnight. The sky in the east is already slightly brighter. It is such a dangerous time where darkness changes to light.

Kenichi is walking around Tokyo. The taste of having sex with his crush is exceptional and his cheeks naturally become loose to the size of the result.

(I was able to get Ogawa…. Then Shimamura and Tanizaki also…)

Kenichi raped Keiko who he was longing for since middle school and has ejaculated plenty of magic sperm into her womb and let her become one of his slaves. He also found his former classmates he had been longing for in high school and university, therefore Kenichi is already thinking to make them his belonging. They are unbelievable women who are absolutely unreachable for the former Kenichi. They likely are married already with someone.

(I’ll have Masako to examine it…)

Masako was a former member of “SHADO” and belonged to the investigation team so it is easier for her to find someone. Kenichi only needs to ask her and she’ll find them in a few days.

While thinking about such a thing, he walks through the city. He has an inexhaustible stamina because he replenished a lot of sexual energy. Walking back from Keiko’s home to his apartment is also a good way to train his cardio.

When he was walking in the middle of the night without anyone, something suddenly popped out from the side. It is so fast that it cannot be avoided even if he has the power of an Inma.


The first thing Kenichi felt was an intense heat at his abdomen. It was like boiling hot water, but soon it changed into severe pain.

“Wh, What…?”

When he opens his hand which is holding the abdomen, there is red liquid attached to it. Kenichi hasn’t seen such a large amount of it before but he is very familiar with it. His brain stops its functions before it realizes that it is the blood which overflowed from his body.

The moment Kenichi raised his face with a surprised expression, he noticed that someone was looking at him. Glaring fiercely with fiery red-eyes. However, the face and the expression are dark and cant be seen clearly before it fades gradually.

Everything is swallowed up in red darkness.

(Wh, What? What happened??)

Only a small amount of pain was felt. Kenichi crumbled down slowly in front of the red eyes which looked at him with a knife sticking deeply in his abdomen.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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