Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 199

The secret in the skir



Keiko screams instinctively, but a lumpy hand covers her mouth and her voice is muffled immediately.

“Be quiet. Do you mind if I tell your husband?”


Keiko’s movement who tried to resist becomes feeble to these words. Kenichi’s hand enters from the seam of the blouse as applied to it and plays around with Keiko’s chest over the bra.


Keiko shakes her head to the left and right, because her mouth is still blocked. Her big eyes are tearful and she desperately complains that she wants Kenichi to stop. Her weeping expression further stimulates Kenichi’s animalism.


The pleasant stimulation which comes from her breasts alight a fire again in the lust that had been settled. A repulsive stimulation runs up the spine when her nape is licked. The lower abdomen of Kenichi who suppress Keiko who was about to move her hips away transmits the heat of his deadly weapon through the thin skirt.

Keiko is stimulated here and there every time her body is moved when she tries to escape and it becomes a result of improving her sense of sex rather. The rainstorm of lust which had been settled a little while ago ran through her body once again.

“Already…already, stop it…”

The resistance is lost completely and only writhes the caress of the man. It is not possible to scream, and to gather up the remaining little reason only to appeal desperately with a small voice.

“Not good! There is not good!!”

Kenichi’s other hand invades inside the panty and directly touches Keiko’s secret part that is already muddy. The labia which opened independently of Keiko’s intention entangled with the fingers happily and hot liquid is spitted out when being touched by the fingers.

(This…this is not good…)

With both hands grabbing Kenichi’s steel pole, Keiko shakes her head while supporting her body desperately.

The kitchen at home is a sanctuary for Keiko. It is an abnormal situation that her whole body is caressed by being attacked by another man in the space where she and her husband live their daily life. However, Keiko who was humble in the chaste and has a frustrated body begins to melt.

“Hey, hand over your mouth”


Her head can’t think straight anymore, and when facing Kenichi who demands so, her mouth is stolen forcibly by Kenichi immediately.


Keiko’s nipples and clitoris are stimulated at the same time and she reaches the climax right now. If her mouth hadn’t been blocked, she is sure to have shouted for her husband with a high voice. Thinking so, Keiko becomes absorbed in the pleasure and asks for kisses from herself.

Kenichi embraces her from behind and her whole body is burning with a crimson aura. The pathetic Keiko was made to resonate with Kenichi’s wave pattern so that she can’t run away from the lust and will only just be tossed around.

After a while, there came a sound from the bathroom. Her husband, Shioya, must have gone out of the bath. However, the sound didn’t reach Keiko’s ear, because she is in agony from having her breasts and secret place caressed while exchanging deep kisses like lovers.

Her head becomes pure white when the tongue is sucked while her nipples and clitoris are massaged. When Kenichi’s finger enters her secret hole occasionally, Keiko receives an light acme through it. She barely can hold herself in the sink, because her legs are shaggy.

But abruptly it stopped. Keiko’s body suddenly was released and she wondered what had happened for a moment. Then, her husband who was wiping his head without hesitation entered the living room.

Her reason rakes in a moment. Keiko seems to be glowing wet around her mouth and she quickly wipe it off with her sweater sleeves. Then, she turned around towards her husband.

“…What…were you still in that place?”

“…Ah, yes…. I have been washing a little…so…”

She is only a few meters away from her husband, but Keiko who is in the kitchen shows only her upper body to Shioya. Kenichi who had attacked her until just now seems to have hidden behind herself in the kitchen. Keiko is dressed in desperation and serenity.

Because she lied to Shioya a little while ago, she can’t say that Kenichi is here.

“Hmm. But you can do that tomorrow, right? It’s too late…”

“Ye, Yes…but it’s a little more…”

With the intention of camouflage, Keiko let the water run in the sink.


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

Keiko was surprised for a moment, but she didnt answer immediately. The water leaked out.

(Not good! Not good! It leaks outt!!)

Kenichi was sitting on the floor and stuck his face in Keiko´s skirt. Because her husband is looking at Keiko, she cant twist her body greatly and moves her hand. She moves her hand to hide her lower body. Kenichi took advantage of Keiko who stands in the kitchen while he is sitting on the floor.

(Stop! My husband…my husband will notice…)

Shioya wont find out right now as he cant see her lower body. The good thing is that Kenichi can also not been seen and with Keiko’s legs trying to close desperately, he is restricted to Keiko´s lower part. The dense odor inside the skirt increases in concentration and is released even more.

(Huhu…scattering the smell of a female…unbearable…)

Under the skirt there are only bare legs which are not attached with stockings. Keiko has soft thighs which are plump and have a bit of fat unlike her slender legs from middle school and she has smooth and delicate skin which have no stain.

(Aaaa! Not good! Dont lick that place!!)

Kenichi´s tongue suddenly crawls around her white, soft thighs.

(That place…is shameful…not good!!! Nooooo!!!!)

Because he buried his face inside the skirt, her crotch which is covered in a thin blue panty is totally visible for Kenichi. In addition, a large amount of mucus liquid overflows from there and it will be a tragic situation if someone sees it. Her crotch which hasn’t been washed in the morning should have a thick smell left behind. Its very embarrassing for Keiko that a face is brought near such a place and such a delicate part is licked.

(Aaa…the penis…penis…is hot…)

Kenichi who seems to be excited stimulates her sensitive crotch further. His tongue enters from the side of the blue panty and the honey juice is licked directly. Then, the inside of her thighs was suddenly sucked strongly by Kenichi.


Keiko suppressed her voice so that it didn’t leak out to the living place and she endured it desperately by biting her lips strongly.

(No! No! Such a place…. If you suck like that…a trace will be left behind…)

Her thighs which havent seen much sun lately are very white, so if they are sucked they will surely leave a mark behind. She will surely be suspect by Shioya if he should see it.

A sharp pleasure rise from the licked part to spur such troubles. Her body has become so sensitive because of the influence of the Inma that everything feels wonderful. Having such a place licked skillfully by Kenichi´s tongue, let Keiko bite on her lips desperately and goose bumps appear all over her body.

(No…why…why like this…aaa…)

Keiko is desperately trying not to raise a voice and to calm her trembling feets down. Shioya, who has come out of the bath, is not aware of it and sits on the couch flipping through a magazine on the coffee table.


Kenichi relentless licks and sucks on her thighs as if to show that Keiko is his possession. Love bites add spices to the pleasure. Both of Kenichi´s hands gently stroke Keiko´s hips from the thighs.

(This…this is…not good…)

The stimulation is so great and accurate as if her whole body is an erogenous zone and it let her husband´s caress look like a toy. Something hot enters her body from there and Keiko still endures desperately not to raise a voice.

(Noo…aaaa…it is not good…)

And as soon as Kenichi finished with one thigh he moved to the other side. While drinking the honey juice overflowing from her crotch just like a little while ago, he crawls his long tongue around as if he is searching for the points where Keiko feels it strongly. In the meantime he made more than four kiss marks as if to really prove to Shioya that Keiko finally belongs to him.

(This…this, is wrong…)

A person might say that only her thighs were licked. However, the pleasure that Keiko is tasting right now is the same as when she has sex in her bed with her beloved husband. Keiko herself is surprised, that a tongue can let her feel so pleasant as if she has sex


After licking the thighs in alteration and leaving many possession marks behind, Kenichi finally liberated himself from Keiko. However, Keiko can’t feel relieved, because Kenichi begins to trace her pussy from the top of her panty now.


Keiko leaks a voice again. Her fingers which grasped the sink become pale and she still endures the rainstorm of pleasure that is raging again.

Such an act hasn’t been done with her husband before. When they were high school students and university students, her husband was still young, polite and did some foreplay, but after many years of marriage he lost it and it is common for him to insert his penis inside Keiko without any foreplay. Therefore, Keiko is in this state right now because it hasn’t been done in many years.

Therefore, because it is pleasant, her body reacts sensitively to the other party even if it is unpleasant. Like a hungry bear which licks its favorite honey, the fierce tongue of Kenichi licks Keiko´s shameful part. The tongue licks the clitoris from the top of the blue panty. Keiko has almost no strength left in her lower part and it is likely that she will sit down in the place when the honey juice is sucked.


At this time, Keiko hoped that her husband would leave from the living room as quickly as possible. The attack of Kenichi´s tongue is not likely to stop, and it is not likely to be able to endure it much longer. Therefore, the easiest way for avoiding it to be found out by her husband would be to let him go to the bedroom. However, her husband has found an interesting article in a magazine and has begun to read it seriously on the couch.

(No…as it is…ah, what shall I do…)

Kenichi is good at not being able to oppose Keiko and carefully tastes her shameful part with his tongue. Because the saliva of Kenichi is an aphrodisiac for the opposite sex, he let Keiko become more lustful at the moment as he applies it on her sensitive parts.

“Nhuu! Huuu!!!”

Keiko bites her lower lips so that it begins to bleed and a sweet voice is leaking out. She continues to endure the violent stimulation while staring at her husband in the living room. However, the nasty Kenichi endears his long tongue to the inside from the side of the panty.


Holding her mouth with both hands she hinders her voice from leaking out. Kenichi who has evil intentions tries to trace Keiko´s pussy with his tongue now directly.

(Aaaaa, stop!! It’s dirty!!! Its shameful!!!)

The honey juice which has been released so far is really a lot. And all of that because of this incredible stimulation. Her husband has never licked her vagina is such a dirty way.

But like a huge pervert, the long tongue moves slowly to taste the secretions. Kenichi skillfully stimulates the sensitive part as if he knows Keiko’s weakness before he drinks the new honey.

“Nhuuuu!!! Kuuu!!”

Kenichi´s tongue finally enters inside the vagina. It already opened its mouth and happily welcomes the intruder regardless of Keiko’s intention. The pleasure that pierces her brain occasionally ran through and Keiko who endured desperately releases a scream this time.

(Aaa…please…go to sleep already…)

Having her vagina licked by Kenichi, Keiko is going mad as she tries to withstand it so that her husband doesnt found out, even though he is in front of her eyes.

“I’m going to bed now…. You shouldnt stay awake for any longer, so please take a bath quickly and go sleep…”

How long has it been? Shioya said so and went to the bedroom while yawning when standing up. It’s past two o’clock, so it’s already time to sleep for both of them.

“…Ah, yes. After I finish preparing the breakfast for tomorrow morning, I will enter…”

Keiko is relieved with the expectation that this torment finally ends. It is likely to endure the raging storm of pleasure, so she keeps acting so as not expose it to her husband.

“Then, good night”

Her husband leaves the living room, while saying good night. He is supposed to be right in front of Keiko, but now he seems so far away.

“…De, Dear…”

“Hmm? What is?”

Is it because she asks for help or was it instinctively because she realized that the peaceful time with her husband will come to an end. Keiko is about to cry, but she doesn’t let her husband realize it.

“No, Nothing. Good night…”

It is the utmost she can say. She can’t say that Kenichi their former classmate is still here and is licking her crotch right now. It is better to endure it as it is and not to inform her husband about everything. Then tomorrow morning, the same peaceful morning will come.

Shioya doesnt turn around and only response to the answer and before leaving the living room. After that, he disappears into the darkness of the corridor and the door is closed. As if waiting for that moment, Kenichi´s tongue attacks Keiko´s clitoris and an explosive orgasm overwhelms Keiko´s body.


Keiko was struck by thunder called pleasure while standing and her whole body melts to the stimulation of not being able to faint.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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