Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 192



“Huhu. I´m the same as Mai-chan. I’m addicted to this lewd uncle-san”

While licking from the chest to the muscular neck, Kumi whispers in a sticky voice. Her age is the same as Kurosawa Natsuki and Kawashima Aiko, but her mental age is completely adult only because she has survived through the harsh entertainment world.

“Aah, kiss me…”

Kumi left the dick to Mai and she started to demand kisses from Kenichi again. The tongue of this ferocious idol rampage in Kenichi´s mouth on the search of sweet saliva. At the same time she teases Kenichi´s nipple by stroking his bare chest with the enamel glove.


Black blood flows into the towering penis and the valiant head is lifted further. Mai is surprised but she desperately narrows her cheeks and suck. This carnivorous idol with a pretty face is absorbed with this strong meat pillar and let Kenichi feel good with her skills that could be compared to a high class prostitute.

(Aah, you’re so greedy…)

In front of the mirror is the profile of a ultra-popular idol indulging in a super-concentrated fellatio reflected. If there is a man who knows her from TV, this must be a sight where he doubts his eyes. Each time she moves her head, her hair shakes and she who is serving a man is clearly reflected in the mirror.


The dresser is casement and the seam is not closed perfectly and is only slightly open. Of course such a very small gap, Kumi and Mai are not supposed to care completely.

(Here. Exposed closely…)

The thin, dark gap is confirmed with the eyes and Kenichi laughs thinly. His hand is put on the chest of the stage costume casually and he rubs Mai´s young 17 years-old chest.

“What. You have a big chest?”


When he twisted the nipples which became moist and stiff, Mai ´s whole body trembled from receiving convulsions. Instantly, a white energy rises from her body and is sucked into Kenichi´s body before long.

“…It got bigger…. My bras, they not fit any longer, so I bought new ones…. There! There is not goot!! …There, weakness…”

She desperately tries to continue to serve, but she screams lightly from the stimulation given by Kenichi´s hand that is moving around her clothes and she pants like a goldfish seeking oxygen. But still, her dainty lips are pressed against the black meat stick and her tongue crawls around it crazily.

“I´m the same….. After I began to have se with Ken-chan, my breasts and ass turned out to be voluptuous…”

The top idol known as Kojikumi says so, before she chews on Kenichi´s earlobe.

“It’s not only that…. I’ve been feeling better all the time recently and my skin also became smoother…”

“Oh yeah yeah. It is so smooth and everyone praised me that I have become more beautiful…. Uhuhu…”

“I was told that I’m becoming more sexy…. Adult-like…”

“It was just as Risa-chan said after all…there is a strange power within Ken-chan…”

Her mouth might be tired. Mai lifts the erected with her mouth and stretches her long, pink tongue out to lick the surface. Although she is grown-up, she is still seventeen years old. She still have a childish-looking small face, but it is flushed in sexual excitement and is so sexy. Dirty tricks have become completely versed and she shows a technique that let Kenichi be surprised.

“I could not believe it at first, but it was true”

“Yes. Every time I make love with Ken-chan, I get better and more beautiful, my singing and dancing also gets better and better”

This phenomenon is not only for Kumi and Mai. The reason is the demon sperm, or better said the magic wave of the Inma which occupies inside a woman’s body. As a result, physical disorders and illnesses are healed and the abilities and beauty of women are awakened. The balance of the hormone becomes normal and the skin becomes smoother while the bust and buttocks become feminine.

“Risa-chan is super cute and she had such a secret…”

“It is super comfortable, We cant leave from Ken-chan anymore because we will become even more prettier…”

Kenichi who is sitting on the edge of the bed naked has two top idols besides him. Licking his neck alternately, a rain of kisses is started.

“Aaah…. Having sex with Ken-chan, I love it…. I want to do it everyday…”

“It is too great to be pleasant and beautiful…. More … I want to have more sex…”

Kenichi raised his body. Kumi and Mai show their bodies to brag about their large busts.

Of course, those two were pretty attractive originally, but their good-look was polished and even their busts and hips developed and got ideal proportions. It was said that their beauty was recognized by magazines and the internet suddenly and as a result they lead the popularity vote more than the other members of the “Dream five” group.

Every time they have sex, they become more beautiful. Because both have become prisoners of pleasure, it is not unreasonable to become more absorbed if there is such a side effect.

“That’s why, can you call me more? If you email me, I will come anywhere”

“Even when I don’t have time like today, I will come to see Ken-chan…”

“We want you to make us as cute as Risa-chan”

“We will make you feel comfortable so that we won’t lose to Risa-chan…”

Both girls remember their junior who brought them together with Kenichi. Having the position of a provisional member, that beautiful young girl is comparable to their own popularity and overwhelming good look. But both know. That innocent young idol is a toy of this middle-aged man and is an indecent meat doll in reality.

That day. It was the day when Kumi and Mai were violated in the VIP room of a club for the first time and that incredible pleasure was tasted.

When they opened the door of the guided VIP room, they were stunned by a shocking scene. After her first TV appearance since the other day, Risa who is nicknamed “Real angel that descended to earth” was sucking a man´s penis and when her fans would have seen that they would have fainted.

She almost swallowed the whole thing with her small mouth and shook her head. However, her small tongue was moving around freely inside the mouth and the point that Kenichi felt was stimulated adequately while stimulating the root with her hand at the same time.

A thick fellatio of a 13 years old girl with shameful skills. Her service was clearly better than them. The scene was so shocking that Kumi and Mai were just stunned for a while.

The dirty technique that she showed was taught by older beauties who were fucked together so far.

“Risa-chan…. She was much better than us…”

“Showing us such a cute girl…you’re a bad adult…”

That obscene act is still recalled and Kumi and Mai are excited more than Kenichi. As evidence their crotches were soaking wet which can be felt by Kenichi´s hands that moved inside the underskirt.

“Aah…. Already, I…. Let’s have sex…”

“Since I don’t have much time anymore, I want to have sex quickly…”

ASE short of a break in work. They can’t afford to make a break because they are super busy, but they came here to meet Kenichi. Therefore, there is no time to relax and both ask for sex by their expressions and voices.

“Hey hey…Kumi is not good anymore…. I can’t wait any longer…”

“No, it’s Mai. Please make love with me first…”

“Well, you both go up to bed and spread your legs”

When they are ordered by Kenichi, Kumi and Mai lie down on the bed obediently and take a pose by opening their legs. Even though they wear underskirts, they are dressed too shameful for a woman and blush. Originally, they are idols who loves to be seen by the people, but they are really thrilled being seen by Kenichi in this position.

“Ah…my pussy…. Quickly insert it…”

“Skewer my idol´s pussy with your huge thing…”

Both girls say lines that could be graffiti in a lavatory. Their bodies demands it, and the reason is burnt to a strong sake and babble obscene words.

At that time, a sound is faintly heard and Kenichi stops his movement for a moment. However, his face is buried into Kumi´s crotch which opened widely.

“Noooo…. It’s embarrassing!! It’s a sweaty smell, not good…”

However, the 18-year-old top idol doesn’t resist as much as she says and she accepts it with a ecstatic look because she wants Kenichi to enjoy the taste and smell of her shameful part. Because this pervert loves the sweaty body smell of a young girl, Kumi came here without taking a shower after an intense dancing lesson today.

The heavy smell has risen from her crotch which wears a underskirt and underwear because she is in puberty. The sweet and sour peculiar odor was instantly inhaled by Kenichi and he started to raise a roar.

Kenichi licked alternately between Kumi´s and Mai´s crotch for a while.

His long tongue enters inside from the side of the underskirt and crawl around the secret part that became muddy, while the girls continued to raise a voice of pleasure while clutching the sheet. The overflowing honey juice is not absorbed by their thin panties and it is exuding to the thick underskirt and the center part changes color and is drenched.


While remembering the taste of the hot honey juice remaining in his mouth, Kenichi enters between the legs of Mai and finally begins his preparations of entering. His penis expands and swells more than before and it is bristles enough to make a sound. A woman who is pierced by such a heinous murder weapon is truly pitiful.


From his eye sight, a red aura seems to burn up lurid wrapping the whole body of Mai. And red tentacles entangled her body.

And in an instant the tip thrust through and Mai reacted immediately.

“Higuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Huge!!! Aaaaa!!!”

This 17-year-old girl shakes her whole body to the stimulation as if she stopped playing a cat. At the same time, her developed sphincter shrinks and the entrance becomes extremely narrow. A large amount of honey is vomited from the interior and it becomes slippery, before it wrapped around Kenichi´s son and produces a terrific sense of resistance.

“Oo…your entrance is shutting up tightly. My son seems to be eaten and bitten off…”

“Higuuuu!!! Hiiiii!!! Aaaaaa, greeeeaaattt!!!”

The meat ring which appeared at the entrance becomes an obstacle, and it does not go to the depths easily though Kenichi tries to advance a little. Mai, who is always alive, has no intention of deliberately tightening. She rubbed against the sensitive part of the penis which invades her womb and the pleasure that burns and melts her brain is tasted.

“Mai-chan is sly…. Me too…Me too…”

Kumi caressed her own crotch with her own hand while swaying her face left and right while watching at Mai who is wracked with an animalistic voice with jealousy. A top idol that masturbates with a fascinating face and obscene pose,would let a fan ejaculate at once if he sees that.

“Be greedy. After a while, I will go over there…”

While watching the luxurious show from the side, Kenichi enjoys the taste of Mai. He stops his waist movement suddenly once when he entered as far as he could against the strong tightening that can make a bruise.

“Aaah…Yah Yah…. Its moving…”

Mai pleads for the waist movement on her own because she wants the stimulation. While being fucked in a normal position, she is wielding quietly and obscenely. However, due to the intense tightening, the movement does not go smoothly.

“Hey! Why do you stop! Hey, move…please…”

Kenichi sit still for a while and Mai starts begging desperately. she desires the pleasure that had been tasted up to a little while ago and Mai demands it without being shy or modest. Although Kenichi enjoyed this pusy for a while, he licked his tongue to take aim, before he thrusts inside at a dash.

“Hiaaaaaaaaa!!!! Higuuuuuuuuu!!!!”

The huge meat hammer hits the uterus, which has become totally sensitive and a sexual explosion explodes and a hot thunder runs throughout Mai´s body. Mai raises a groan of apocalypse because of the violent pleasure.

(Convulsions of an idol raw pussy, great…)

A very popular entertainer is skewered with his own meat spear and Kenichi is more excited than usual. It is pleasant that the hot juice gushes out from the depth of the vagina and sticks to the glans. After a while, he starts his piston slowly while enjoying the complex interior taste again.


“Ikuikuikuikuiku!!! Ichyauuuu!!!”

Sexual energy is emitted at the same time as ecstasy and it rises from Mai’s body like a white haze. It blends with that of Kumi who reached an orgasm at the same time, becomes a whirlpool and is absorbed into Kenichi´s body slowly.


Since fusing with the Inma, Kenichi still had not enough of this feeling. The energy that fills his whole body . At the same time, as always, the whole world sparkle like a crystal and he can see it in details. Even the explosive ecstasy of Mai which is happening right now, the sharp orgasm of Kumi who is using her finger to masturbate is told by the black wave.

That’s not all. The black wave spreads in a ripple and transmitted everything in room as information. In the closet, three small girls who were staring at them desperately tried to endure not to scream.

(From here, you’ll see the real idol…)

Because Mai ‘s feet ´were spread open the closet could see the joined part perfectly reflected in the mirror. Pulling out slowly against the tightening, a gigantic pillar showed up and on the surface there is a white liquid spit out of Mai.


A small breath of voice is heard from the back. Kenichi grins, before he penetrates slowly again after showing his son to those three who were hiding in the closet.


Mai who drowns in hot ecstasy has all her sensitive spots rubbed. Along with an animalic voice, convulsions occur and the tremendous pleasure is transmitted to the watcher. Even if the partner is still a child who does not know the pleasure of sex.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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