Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 191

Carnivorous Idol

“Now, Come in…”

“Excuse me…”

“…Excuse me…”

Opening a steel door, the first thing that came in is a beautiful girl who is the inhabitant of this house. Along with her cheerful voice two more lovely girls come in afterwards and made a small greeting. One has long hair and wears a sailor suit, while the other one is slightly shorter and in private clothes and on her back is a red school bag.

“I’m home…. I brought my friends again today!”

Speaking to the inside, the beautiful girl living in this house enters the living room at the top. Her uniform is still brand new. That should be so, because she just entered school this spring.

“Ah, welcome Naomi-chan and Ema-chan. The lesson has ended for today”

“Go, Good day…”

“E, Excuse us for disturbing…”

A housewife appears from the kitchen behind the living room. She stroke the head of her daughter and greeted the two friends who she meet many times. And when Ema and Naomi look at thats woman’s face, they are astonished.



Risa´s mother is an outstanding beauty even in the viewpoint of those two cute girls. It seems that the brilliant beauty oozing from the interior stands out even more in the living room at dusk. It was not flattering, her beauty and aura were like an actress.

“Do you want to have something to drink, I wonder if juice is fine?”

“Yes. Mom, please bring it to my room later”

Risa who inherited her mother’s genes guides her two friends to her room. Her beauty comes from the good genes of her parents, but it is astonishing to know that she is only 13 years old.

“Hey, Risa’s mum is so beautiful, isnt she?”

“Really, she looks so young”

Inside Risa´s room, Utsugi Naomi and Hayasaka Ema who belong to the same model agency as Risa drink juice and uttered a jealous impression.

“Ehehehe…. Thank you”

They praised Risa´s mother which makes Risa happy obediently.

These three girls were friends who wanted to be idle, but they played together once in a while, even after Risa debuted in a popular idol group. Naomi is a 14-year-old eighth grader and Ema is 12 years old in sixth grade. Aspiring to be an Idol, both are very cute like Risa.

Naomi has long hair and black impressive eyes, she is like a orthodox girl. Ema has a slightly rounded face and little hanging big eyes and red lips which is perfect for a lovely Idol. Both girls are the most cutest in their schools and they are admired by all male students. Also they are famous girls in the neighborhood.

But even with that, they can’t debut just with cuteness. Both have been eager to sing and dance lessons, but both of them have not been able to move on to the next step. The reality and the reason is that they are too young and they know it vaguely. To debut as an idol you need more than being cute. Without any positive alpha, there is no difference between the many rivals.

Risa started her lessons later than them, but she passed the audition and made her debut by leaps and ends. And her beauty was known all over the country by the television appearance of the other day and she became famous in an instant.

The envy was honest. However, even if she became such a popular person, her attitude was totally unchanged, and she treated Ema and Naomi the same as before. As a result, Naomi and EaA were able to continue the same relationship with Risa as before

“Even so, Risa-chan, why dont you watch more TV?”

“That’s right, you still have an offer, right?”

Risa is still a rookie in the Idol group to which she belongs, so she is treated as a provisional member so to speak. However, Risa’s distinguished beauty is the focus of media attention and an unusual number of appearances are requested from television and magazines as newcomer. However, she consults with her agency and doesn’t want to destroy her standpoint as a temporary member. Risa knows that she will be more popular if she is more active, but she was reluctant to avoid the friction with the existing members and the hectic with the super popular idol.

“Yes, but I won’t be able to meet Naomi-chan and Ema-chan anymore like this now and I’d like to stay with Mom and dad as well…”

Risa laughs brightly by saying so. Despite the fact that everyone is on the road to envy, her attitude of not sticking to it cannot be understood by Naomi and Ema. If they were Risa, they would hold on to this opportunity to do whatever they wanted.

Of course these two girls doesn’t know. The lovely girl in front of their eyes, has become a sex slave of Kenichi, therefore there is little interest in other things. For Risa, being an idol, so to speak is a spice and tool for rejoice. She wants Kenichi to fuck her as he wants in her glittering idol costume.

“Ah. I want to be a beauty like Risa-chan”

Ema says so and sighs. Until now, she thought she was pretty enough, but she is losing her confidence and that more than anything else, seeing Risa in front of her. Certainly compared to Risa, Ema is missing something gleamingly.

“Me too…if I’m a little bit worse, I’ll give up…”

Naomi also goes along with it. The entertainment world that she adored from an early age. She has been taking lessons since she was five years old, but she is frustrated hitting a wall that she hasn’t seen in a few years. It is not so difficult to understand the environment and the evaluation of oneself.


It’s not like that. It is easy to say that they are both pretty. But they realize that there is no meaning for such a temporary word of comfort. So they are silent.

The sound of the clock in the room makes the slight silence stand out. A moment of silence and tension visited the talkative girls.

“You know what…”

Before long, Risa opened her mouth thinking for a while. And, she raises a face with a expression which has decided something and a serious expression is turned to her two friends. Risa´s face is mature for a thirteen years old girl.

“You know what…. You might not believe it, but actually…”

That’s how Risa started to tell her secret.

Then a few days later. A orgy was done as usual in the room of a super-luxury hotel. However, it is a little different from the usual time and the woman’s age in the room.

The time was a little around the afternoon. If you open the curtains, the outside is bright and the sunshine of early summer is showering inside. However, in this room, the curtains were closed perfectly and the room had been dimly lit.

A man sits naked on top of a huge double bed and two pretty girls dressed in pretty frilly clothes put their faces on his crotch from left and right. A huge meat pillar is towering between their faces and it is licked since a while now.


“Because it’s been a long time, I’m going to feel dizzy…”

A pretty girl stretched out her pink tongue while raising her bright brown hair. Both girls have a pretty face that is well-appointed by the profile alone.

Both pretty girls wear a costume with plenty of frills and lace. Facing the crotch of that man they seem really excited. After work, a thick man-tempting female smell rise from their sweaty sweet bodies. Although the sun is still high, the air is sticky inside this room.

“Hey…hey…is it comfortable here?”

“Aah, sly, Kumi-chan…. I also want to lick it…”

Kojima Kumi and Mai Takahashi, are members of the super popular idol group “CGX” and ask the man to overreliance while fighting. Both are super-famous idols that everyone knows and it is said that there is no day that they don’t appear on television, but now they sell their bodies to only one man.

Kumi is 18 years old and Mai is 17 years old. Among the popular idol group, which is popular by both male and junior high school students and geeks, both are main members who are in the center of popularity. Everyone mimics their dancing wearing a pretty costume and thousands sing their songs without any hits at karaoke.

These two popular idols have been captured by Kenichi.

To the group “CGX” which both belong to, Risa Ito joined recently. It was a month ago that Kumi and Mai met with one of the Beauty Institute in the mediation of Risa who became a faithful person to Kenichi. They were brought to a VIP room where there became sexual ecited because of the Inma wave and every corner of their bodies was influenced.

Both girls had already had experience with sex and they quickly became a slave to Kenichi on that day. The pleasure which was from a different dimension than that brought by the producers and the male idols let Kumi and Mai´s lower part bloom in an instant and taught them the real joy of having sex.

“Aaah…this thing is so stiff…”

“This amazing smell…the smell of a man…aaa…”

Kumi and Mai, who face Kenichi´s crotch from left and right, are entranced, and smear their salivas on it. Their pretty faces when going out to television and magazine is full of lust and sexy over the age.

Their costumes which were decorated with countless laces is the one from a song program which they had been performed up to a while ago. The white shiny enamel fabric that mimics a sailor suit, Kumi is blue and Mai has a yellow line.

“Aah…. It is hard to lick because it moves…”

When she says that, she holds the root with her hand that wears a white enamel glove and crawls around it with her long tongue.

“Yaaah…. It is overflowing from the tip…”

Pre-cum is found and Kumi laughs, after that, her tongue licks the root to give some stimulation.

(No matter how many times you taste it is the best…)

Among the popular Idol group [CGX], the five central members are called Dream Five. Kumi and Mai which are popular number ones always compete against each other in a fan vote. It is not possible to suppress the volupte like springing up from the bottom of the belly to the spectacle that such two people fight and do a double fellatio.

Even though they are a very popular idols, they are still woman. If it is so, it is not strange that someone who has the power to drive up a woman is able to rule their mind and body with a narcotic pleasure. However, even if it is understood so by the head, the spectacle to which a penis is caressed by two woman is really wonderful. It is a situation where every man is envy.

“Hey. Look ahead…”

That said Kumi and Mai raise their faces.


“Ah, it’s embarrassing…”

In front of the room was a mirrored closet on the side of the bedroom. The two girls dressed in their stage costumes continue to crawl their tongues with an entranced look along the black and big meat pillar.

Between two white small faces is a huge deadly weapon. It is attached with saliva that comes out of those two small mouths. The large flower ornaments attached to their heads are shaking accordingly.

“I…I have a horny look…yaaah…”

“When you see it like this, it’s so beautiful…”

Idols who are originally strong of desire to be self-centralized are further excited while looking with a sideways glance at their own expressions in the mirror.

“Hey hey…can I suck it now? Can I suck this wonderful thing?”

Mai who has a cute face which makes young men crazy, such as high school students and college students, loose her hand that squeezes the root. She waits for the permission of the oral intercourse with a gesture and expression which goes mad because of jealousy when men who yearn for her see.


The moment she started, her hair ornament shakes. Her body which became sensitive rise when her mouth touches the root. After her eyes closed and her body trembled, Mai shook her head along with her hand.


His sensitive glans is swallowed by Mai’s hot mouth and Kenichi doesnt think and sighs to the stimulation obtained at last. In the mirror, an idol in her stage costume,is on all fours on a bed and is in the midst of intense fellatio.

“For being a cute idol, you have a amazing lewd face…”

Even though he did it, Kenichi was amazed at Mai, who had become completely nasty.

“What are you saying…. Idols are all carnivorous on the inside…”

Kumi who was taken the penis from Mai says so and laughs while licking the nipple of Kenichi. Although their type is different, Kumi is as pretty as Mai, always competing for the first place in the popular vote. This beautiful girl is instinctive because her face is full of lust and she uses her fingers and tongue to rejoice the man in front of her.

“Even if it doesn’t become an article, even an idol is playing around properly…. It would be a shock to the fans if they know”

“I see…. Popular idols are all lewd sluts…”

“No, I´m not a bitch…but it feels good to be erotic, I can not withstand it because I feel pleasant as an idol…”

What Kumi says is true. Idols pretend that they are innocent, but they are basically greedy and have a lot of lewd girls. To aim at the entertainment world filled with lust, it would not be the same. In addition, it is necessary to put out your body at times to get the favor of the producer and the director.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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