Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 190

Solitary figh


There is no moonlight and no winds at midnight. The night air which was peculiar to the early summer has stagnated and the atmosphere is also increasing in density. A super luxury condominium rises in the darkest darkness.

There is miraculously many green in this place and dozens of trees surround the building and its totally silent here.

The leaves of the trees start to shake faintly without a wind and begin to make small rustling sounds. The movement is transmitted to every tree before long and they begin to shimmer in unison. As if there is only a small whirlwind coming, the trees that surround the condominium shake their branches.

Then strange things happen. The trees begin to shine even thinly and a circle of light gradually strengthens while drawing circles. And when the ray of light sprang up from there, it was literally sucked into an apartment on the seventh floor at light speed.


Being fucked by Shirato from behind, when Terasawa Emily was about to be pushed down to the finest orgasm, she felt that the dim room shone bright and white for a moment.


Suddenly, when the whole room was as bright as midday, a gust breeze blew through the dull room. Not exactly so, but the only thing Emily felt was on her skin, but she can’t understand what happened in this room.

(Eh? …Wh, What? What is it?)

Eventually the lights went off and the wind stopped. The room regains the original dimness. At the same time, Emily noticed a low buzzing sound.


Understanding that something strange happened, Emily is confused as to what it means. But this whole room is obviously different from before.

At the same time she noticed. The passion that had been influencing her body until a while ago disappeared and the reason got back again, as if her head was cleared of the white fog cleanly. Emily regained her usual self and her strong intent and enthusiasm came back.

(…Wh, What happened…what…)

That’s not all. Shirato who treated her like a toy stopped moving. The hands which grabbed her hips also lose their power and seem to drip down.

Gathering the slightly left strength in her body, Emily pulls the sturdy penis out of her vagina and lay down on the bed as it is. Her hands and feet are completely numb because she was on all fours for a long time.

(…Wh, What happened…? What happened?)

Looking back, Shirato who had fucked her until just now seems as if his soul was deprived. The red light in his eyes vanished and with open eyes he has a blank face.

Shirato´s body which eventually was hit by gravity slowly falls on the bed. It is as if his whole body was anesthetized and he lost all his strength. Finally Emily understands the cause of it.

(Th, The wave-destroying machine!)

Understanding the reasons for the phenomenon that happened suddenly in front of her, Emily is stunned.

Speaking of which, she fought Shirato and once knocked him down and she remembers switching on the remote control at that time. A portable type was in the backpack, at that time it didn’t work whether it was broken by the battle. But now it suddenly started to move, it canceled the wave of Inma and made him immobil.

The ultimate weapon against devils that “SHADO” developed is this wave-destroying machine. It is a device to stop the activity of a devil by artificially creating a wave that is identical to the wave the devil emits. It is not possible to use magic of course and the target person to whom the biological energy is canceled cannot move one finger in this way either.

In other words, a miracle happened on the verge of defeat and Emily slipped out of the trap of the Inma.

(What do I do? What do I do?)

But the situation hasn’t improved.

(Run away…I have to run away…. But how…)

Liberated from the magic at last, the first thing that came to her mind is to escape. However, as the energy in her body has been squeezed out, her body is not yet in a state that it can be moved satisfactorily. Beside being a lucky human, she also lied on the bed without strength. She can’t even move one finger.

(Contact? But, time…the battery is empty…)

Even if Emily contacts the headquarters and ask for reinforcement, it will take at least an hour before they come here. Because the portable wave destroyer is battery driven, it only works for 30 minutes. After that the Inma will resurrect again.

(Now is the best chance to kill this dirty monster…)

Shirato who is lying on the bed doesn’t move an inch. Although his eyes are open and conscious, he is just lying down. It is funny that his huge meat sword still twitches even in such a situation.

(Now…now is a great opportunity to erase him…. Unprecedented opportunity…)

It is known that when the wave is canceled, an Inma easily reaches an ejaculation by reaction. Normally, the sexual energy is squeezed out and the magical power protects the unilaterally exploited devil, but when the wave is sealed likes this it becomes almost zero resistance.

(There’s no choice…)

Emily prepares herself and swallows her spit.

If an Inma is out of energy, it can not keep its existence and disappears. The most effective mean is to let him ejaculate many times and release all sexual energy.

(It’s the only way…forgive me David…)

While calling out the name of her fiance in her mind, Emily causes her body to wake up slowly. Holding the penis in her hand as it is, she gets on top of Shirato and swallows his dick in the woman on top position. At least, she turned to the other side to not see his face.


Even though the violent lust was subsided, the inside of her vagina is still sensitive and she raises a cry. Emily has been violated by this man many times and the sense of sex inside her body has been developed completely.

However, she cant be careful here. It is a purpose to make the other party ejaculate unilaterally to the last and to deplete all the energy.


Emily raises a voice without thinking of that stimulation. She strongly chew on her lips and can stand it that she feels excited.

In the next moment. The dick that was swallowed in the womb trembles and blows hot liquid inside her body. It ejaculated. Shirato who lost his magic power is spraying sperm without fear as if he was a virgin high school student.

(No…it’s disgusting…)

A nightmare of being ejaculate in her vagina by a man who she doesn’t like. Emily moves her hips even though goose bumps appeared on her whole body to the hideous feeling.

The inside of Emily grows closely with the fine folds and further stimulates Shirato´s weapon. A deep vagina road peculiar to a Caucasian swallowed a huge penis and squeeze it from the tip to the root.


Faintly, a groan is heard and the pulse of ejaculation occurs in Emily´s womb again soon. Emily feels a large amount of injection in the back of her womb at the same time and bears the stimulation desperately.

(Second time…)

She manages it somehow with her reason. Although it is sex in every aspect you can see, but for Emily this is an assault, a fight to defeat the Inma.

(Let’s finish it quickly!)

From the beginning, she is worried about the battery of the wave destroying machine. She want to erase this demon as soon as possible and stop this horrible act. And the moment when the strength returned to her body a little, Emily also started to move her waist lewdly.

(The eight time…)

Now Emily also feels the ejaculation in her womb, Emily hardly tries to lead the way. A large amount of the semen that flows backward is made a lubricant and the movement becomes more smoothly.

While using her waist skillfully, she drove the hateful enemy to the next ejaculation. Thus fifteen minutes quickly went over. Shirato ejaculated many times in the meantime and the energy is surely scraped. He instantly reacted to the stimulation given and released semen many times like a virgin boy.

(There’s almost no energy left…)

It was fortunate for Emily that Shirato was physically damaged by the previous battle, so he used a lot of energy to heal himself. The sexual energy that he collected from the inhabitants of this apartment was almost used for it. So after several times this energy will be completely exhausted.


The battery will continue for about fifteen minutes. Once it is empty, the situation is reversed. She has to settle it by then.

With all the finesse, Emily shakes her hips even though she doesnt like it. Her vagina is tightened and the erected penis is changed occasionally and the glans and the meat pillar are stimulated. When she thinks that everywhere is rubbed, she moves her hips so violently that occasionally a sound is made.

Emily was full of shame and disgust at first, but it is not possible to bothered about it right now. If she can’t defeat him before the time expires, the hardship until now is wasted. Therefore, she is fucking the enemy in the cowgirl position which he hasn’t even done with her fiance yet.

(Not…Not yet…?)

However, it is a double-edged sword, and such movement makes Emily’s sexual feeling rise up again. While shaking her sweaty hips. Emily must desperately control not to climax. This Caucasian who skillfully uses her waist accepts Shirato´s penis.


A faint voice and a pulsating pulse. Ninth ejaculation.


The amount is unbelievable and a immeasurable amount of hot fluid is shot into her womb. This feeling wakes up the primitive pleasure of a woman and it is deeply withstand not to feel pleasure from it.

(Not…Not yet…)

With the wave measurement instrument, Emily could judge how many times it takes for this Inma to be annihilated, but now there is no believe that the goal is near and she only keeps going on.

Emily shaking her back again. From the viewpoint of others, it may be a fiction. A strange beauty straddles over a man with a desperate appearance and movement. But she has the task to protect humanity, even at the expense of her body and pride. This is the stance and pride as a member of “SHADO”.

(Twel…the twelved time…)

Even after this ejaculation is over, Emily still continues to move her hips firmly. Gradually approaching to the danger waters of ecstasy and losing a bit of her focus, Emily still endured somehow with her reason.

If she can’t finish this task, then she will lose and will fall in the hands of the enemy.

Thinking about the battery of the wave destroying machine, Emily have to settle it within five minutes. Semen that flows backward sticks to her seual organ and starts to make the movement more slippery. Emily has a chill from the illusion that the venom called pleasure will overcome her.


At that time, Emily hears a crooked voice and feels hot. That voice has a dark and evil tone, but somewhat weak. She instantly understand that it is Shirato´s voice, though it only became a bit different.

Emily doesn’t know why, but she is convinced that Shirato is at his limits and this will be his last ejaculation.

Now it’s time to squeeze out the last bit of energy. Emily gathered all her remaining strength to make a final attack. She tightens her vagina more than ever and tries to lead Shiratp to ejaculation with all the techniques she has.


A mysterious voice as far as it sounds appeared in her head. However, confirm the tone of fear inside the voice, Emily squeezes the penis more and more with brute force.

The lust is rising steadily. But at the same time it is also a catastrophe for this bad guy.

『…Stop it…Stop it…Stop it…』

Repeating like a broken record. It makes Emily realize that this is the final round for Shirato.


Suddenly, Shirato shouts at this time. The battery of the wave destroying machine finishes and its power is slightly dropped. There is no further grace. When Emily turns towards Shirato, she rubs her body against his body to caress his whole body.


In addition to the stimulation inside the vagina, Shirato also feels a soft stimulation from his whole body and at a dash he raises a voice of agony. It is a thick, fierce cowgirl sex and both look like lovers who are deeply in love with each other.

Emily uses her hands and lips to make the final attack. She doesn’t like it and hates it, but she rubs her body against his body and starts licking his nipples. Such an obscene and deep caress would even make a high-class soap lady be ashamed.


Shirato groans more and more. Now his hands catches Emily’s body and tries desperately to pull her off. An evidence that the battery is choppy and the voltage drops rapidly and is unstable.

(God!! A little more…just a little more!!)

While moving the waist and squeezing the penis, Emily caresses Shirato´s whole body. With her tongue she stimulate one nipple and with her hand the other one. Her sweaty body is attached to his body and she rubs so as to apply lotion.

(Hurr…Hurry, get out! Get out!!)

She has never wished for a man to ejaculate in her vagina with her body and soul like this. At that time, mercilessly, the battery reaches its limits. The mechanical sound that had continued to growl stopped suddenly and at the same time a red glow began to dwell in Shirato´s eyes.


It indicates that the enemy’s power has erupt again. Despair dominates Emily´s whole body and the front of her eyes becomes dark.


The wave of the Inma overflows from the swallowed penis and the seual feelings rise rapidly. Like the mercury of summer, it leads to ecstasy in no time.

“Noooooo!!!! Aaaaaaa!!!!”

The explosive stimulation wraps the whole body and a terrible pleasure goes through her whole body like lightning. At the same time, her honey jar shrinks instantly and crush Shirato´s penis with immeasurable strength.

(Not good! Noooottt gooodddd!!)

The next moment, the erected penis which had expanded to the maximum began to tremble in her womb. It rubs the sensitive part mercilessly and a pleasure current run through the spine and burns the brain. Thunder hits her whole body. Exactly a devil´s crushing blow.

“Ahiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Guuuuuuuuuu!!”

Emily squeezes her throat and raises a vivid eccentric voice. Pearl-like tears spill from her eyes and she fell into the dark body of that man.

(Aaa…th, that…. Aaa…awful…)

That pleasure is too destructive as to endure it. It seems like she had never tasted it in her life and pleasure that makes her whole body melt away disappears. Neither reason nor pride, hatred and prayers are helpless before that power.


In the waning consciousness, Emily, who lost all her power, had to continue to pray to the end.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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