Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 19


After that, the beautiful girls of the classmate duo who go to the same high school, Natsuki on the left side, Aiko from the right side, dressed in the cheerleader and the tennis outfit, they licked the body of the naked science teacher clean.

“Aah… I also lick here…”

All right. I, then, this way…”

As well as Aiko who was only a virgin until the other day, Natsuki was the only high school girl with sexual experience, the technique of the service and the caress isn´t excellent. Besides, without the knowledge of the harem play to perform in two people at the same time, when they look for the place that they seem to feel using the reaction of Kenichi and poor knowledge, two people like to lick.

But still, No, that’s why, these two active service high school girls get excited by the service of the borrowing extraordinarily, Kenichi who was the teacher was in agony aloud all the time during the meantime.

“…Aaa… It’s intolerable…”

“Ha ha… Is it so good? Then, I’ll lick and do more…”

“… oh… When it is bitten in such a way, Comfortable …”

“Aah, so, may I bite harder? But I bite where an involved mark sticks?”

Two people licked it not minding the sweaty body literally exhaustively from the corner to the corner. From the scruff not to mention armpits and both nipples, in the belly, from the groin part, the thigh and the shin, they licked finally one by one of the finger and of the foot and the hand and sucked it.

Doing such an ardent, thick mouth service, Kenichi’s excitement is terrific because the union that may be called peerless by two beauties. Furthermore, both ponytails are also lovely, uniforms of the cheerleader and the tennis, in a word, the outfit appearance in the miniskirt. Before the technique, Even if I’m dying in agony when I’m a healthy man, it isn’t strange.

After asking two people later, they don’t seem interested in Kenichi’s smell of the body and efforts at all. On the contrary, it is mysterious taste, but is not at all an unpleasant thing, it is said that the taste that licks more. Therefore, it doesn’t get tired and it doesn’t become tired, the saliva that springs later is smeared.

Well, However, An essential part still remains.

Both of two people are on the opposite direction so that the bottom may be turned to the face of Kenichi who lies down on the bed. Though there is a little room because the original bed of queen-size, still, when three people queue up, it is felt that it is narrow.

“You both must turn sideways”

“Aa, well…”

“Like this.. I wonder?”

Two people who place Kenichi who sleeps in turning up and turn sideways. With the appearance wearing the uniform, Natsuki and Aiko come to be confronted around Kenichi’s body.

In the front of each other’s faces, the penis is soars. Though it is huge for two people with a little experience, generally speaking, it was the size that could be named King or a monster.

“… As usual…”

“… It is enormous…”

Two people who swallow the saliva unintentionally.

The size and color form are exactly the same as it which violates them every night in the dream.

The penis like the earthworm that wriggles on the surface also, in the triangular glans part such as the head of the poisonous snake, it was quite the same as the one that it was violated in the dream and they were made to cry many times.

With something being simultaneous in such and frame…”

“Unpleasant! It is somewhat scary!! “

Two people’s watching with eyes each other and having confirmed it, the black bruise on the surface of the lethal weapon. The black mark like the bat of the size of about 2cm remembered when it is violated in the dream and it is made to suck, it is engraved into the penis of the teacher of the reality world clearly.


“Noo! Teacher!!”

Kenichi who didn´t touch their bodies at all so far, stretched out his hands for the first time and has begun to grope it between their crotches. They get wet and trace the surface of the outfit which became *jito* by his finger, they seemed to be confirming the dissolved condition inside it.

“Aah… your finger, feels good…”

“Nooo… more, touch more… my clitoris…”

The cunning finger captures the vital part precisely as always, the part that of each feels is stimulated. The clitoris is rubbed with the angle and the strength that even I didn´t know, the two beautiful girls bring their beautiful eyebrows near, and suffer and utter a cry.

Like the ant which gathers around the candy while doing so it, the lovely lips are finally drawn right and left to ugly penis. As for the never usually possible shameful act, with the red desire to boil up from the interior of the body, another high school girl doing the same thought in the same situation pushes it from behind.

“Aah… licking… Ai-chan…”

“Yes…Natsuki, together…”

The distance of the heart becomes strong for two people by having licked the body of one man clean together; they also change the way of calling each other. Both are also taking partner’s saliva already, strangely, it like it of Kenichi, It was the desirable taste so that the sweetness was felt a little.

Although panting in impulse of the sharp pleasure where two people crawl from between the crotch and climb, they hold the penis when they stretch out their hands and put their lips on it.

(Oooh… Great …)

According to Kenichi who lay at full length, it was a dreamlike scene.

The penis which is dark, and is indecency which towers vigorously so as to be amazed me. The huge head of the triangle red purple swells tightly gets on the point. The penis wriggles like a weird art object on the surface; its brutal aspect is made deeper.

“ Teacher it is enormous…and it becomes full …”

“The vulgar shape… is erotic…”

Because two beautiful girls bring their faces near surely now from both sides, they are going to offer virgin’s kiss. Natsuki and Aiko excel in the Ellice woman school where it works in exceptionally lovely, after I make the opposite white face and the suntanned face which burned positively glow with excitement and shyness, they are prettier than usual.

When two people stare a little and laugh with *uhuhu*, they pushed their pink lips to the black rugged surface from right and left at the same time. In that way the repeat the light kiss like a small bird pecks bait, rain of kisses are being showered on the aspect.

In stimulation from the point of glans a little while ago, love liquid flows slowly. Though it blows and it that spills drips from the point to foundation, two beauties don´t have the appearance in which such a thing worries either, they don’t also seem interested in the smell of the fishy male.

In that way, where first tongue is extended after all was Natsuki.

When the forward liquid that overflows from the bell entrance, flows, and has come out is licked locking by the tongue of the pink color and taken, Looking at that, also Aiko extends her tongue in the same way. Though two people seem to have been feeling shy first, when each begins to use the tongue more boldly, it was becoming aggressive one after another.

“It’s solid… It is enormous… aaaah… “

“Enormously being.. It’s thick and hard… It is like iron…”

As Natuki forward the classmate it probably hesitates that from first lewd oral skill is administered. Though timid tongue use was rather conservative first, when moving the red tentacle a little, it becomes gradually bold, she begins to use the tongue to widen tongue mind immediately, and to lick the ice cream.

“Oh! Bravo!”

“Ah, this is good, isn’t it?”

“Then, it is this groove? “

The beauty girls study directly by the fact that Kenichi showing the reaction, the power addition and subtraction, the place, and how to lick are steadily advanced. Though it doesn’t far reach artfulness like a professional woman of course, still to initiate the innocent active female senior high school students in indecent work in this way, it’s simply the teacher favor which tells a thing to a person.

“Look, Ai-chan. I feel the place of this seam to be”

“Aah, here? “

“Very often. When I’ll do there lickingly by my tongue, Teacher happiness… hu hu”

The lewd lesson continues.

The act of two people becomes more radical, it makes like the harmonica to laying the mouth and it holds it in one’s mouth, the ditch of the gills is deliberately traced by the tongue. When I raise the voice when sticking fast to the bell entrance of the point with *chu*, it is accomplished that Aiko who improves feelings even screws in my tongue there.

“Nooo… it’s muddy…”

“Ai-chan, Saliva, It’s too much…but, It is tasty…”

Saliva which beautiful girls have begun to spin mixes and is covered the whole penis. Both without other party’s saliva’s completely worrying, it is repeated to smear it of I newly when the adhering saliva is licked and it takes it.

“Nhuhuhuhu…. Then, I ty to pack it..”

In that way, when Natuki arranges breath more and more, she has begun to have the tip of the huge penis in her mouth with the pretty lip with *zubu**zubu* after she licked her lips in no time.

“Oooooouh… “

As a result, the science teacher that the direct stimulation to the most sensitive part was irritated, the voice of pleasure is instinctively raised. Natsuki who is delighted to the reaction, while the entrance is greatly occupied to a huge glans, she smiles, she begins to shake the neck up and down slowly.

(Aaaa… It’s intolerable…)

Of course, there is an experience in the past. The extremely natural act to perform by all means, when I go in the brothel. However, it is the active high school girl of my school to perform it, besides, the stimulation is destructive because it is an exceptional beautiful girl.

“Nnnmuuuuu… nnmufuuuu..”

While raising *jiyubu**jiyubu* sound, Natuki shakes the neck slow. Her small lip winds and evokes an intense frictional stimulus tight because it’s too huge. Aiko buries her face hard in the bottom, the big penis is licked, she stimulates the origin with her tongue.

The indecent harmony of two beautiful girls.

“nhuh… This time it is my mouth…”

I would get hard soon. When Natsuki separates the mouth, Aiko brings her mouth near the tip this time; she has it in her mouth without hesitating about the penis which became muddy with saliva of another person. Although it is unprecedented, as for being skillful, this is because she is made to already have it in her mouth in a dream many times, and she was made to learn.

While looking pretty, and looking at Kenichi, she lets her face go up and down slowly and she tightens it with her lip. Saliva which overflowed from the edge of lips, flows to the going along root in the penis while twinkling.

“Oooooh… unbearable…”

Kenichi raises it with new stimulation varying in both the angle and the temperature in the bed where he lay at full length. Aiko without from similar to Natuki first being modest, her thick fellatio is being done while building erotic sound of water as *jubu**jubu. Her hair with the ponytail held by a pink ribbon shakes, she keeps spreading to the sweat of the girl and the bedroom where the body odor is narrow more and more.

“Teacher, it seems to be pleasant…. Then, Natsuki will taste the root…”

The science teacher is in the bedroom in his home, Heaven in this world was tasted dealing with 2 beauty high school students.

After that, how much time might passed. As for high school 2nd grade beauty girl combination, they repeat the still indecent double fellatio endlessly. The layer of saliva is innumerably piled up on the skin of the black penis; it became muddy with saliva of the beautiful girls from the origin to the tip.

The glans which was held in the mouth alternately many times, becomes gigantic so as to stretch more and more, and to be amazed by myself, Natsuki and Aiko are doing deep kisses around the glans. Lips overlap with the pink lips of the high school girl, the dark red male weapon shakes at the center. The tongues inevitably stimulate the glans because they twine the tongues each other, the mixing saliva from both is smeared.

The oral sexual intercourse of two to which hipbone melts people of borrowing.

However, it has come also for Kenichi to want to counterattack slowly.

“Hey. Sit on either me”

“I get it!”


When two beautiful girls stop service once, they laugh with couscous to see each other’s faces.

“Shut up!”

“Kyaa! Noooo!”

As for Kenichi extending the hand, when Natuki of the left side he grasps the crotch thickly, she is made to extend on me forcibly. When the pillow is pulled on the head and the angle is adjusted, between Natuki’s crotch which shiningly is covered with the cloth which is glossy that tries comes before Kenichi’s eyes.

“Yaaa… pervert …”

While it is the appearance of the cheerleader riding on, pointing to the appearance of six nine, even then voice of the protest which Natuki lifts dissolved sweetly. Originally at the stage said becoming the cheerleader, like confessing loving what is seen by the person, I am excited at such an appearance.

When I wave my bottom to and fro to provoke her, the penis in the presence is held in her mouth again.

Kenichi of one side again looking at the spectacle before the eyes keeps swallowing the raw saliva. A large amount of love liquid has already been vomited between groins of Natsuki, the wet reaches to the outfit much less the panty. There is a stain along the form of the female genital tract densely lengthwise, the part of that focusing on the characteristic of thick 17 years old it is ill-smelling, but having risen does not accumulate and is excited.


While raising an unknown rant, Kenichi buries his face between Natsuki´s groin. The bear that empties the belly after hibernation must lick the honey of a large favorite dish, I grab while fully thoroughly enjoying the smell.


Natsuki still holding the penis in the mouth was the turn to raise the overcast squeal this time.

Anyway I made passion all the time during an interval until I came to here after a game. When teacher’s face is seen, it is not possible to endure it any longer; the body kept having heat for a long time. Thus, Kenichi’s whole body even if you serve with the tongue, I couldn’t help wanting the pleasure that was much more direct during the meantime.

As for Natuki to whom many degrees have received such behavior already, she knows the pervert propensity of this science teacher thoroughly. The sweaty sexual organs where this man does not wash by his, I love to lick it, and to suck it.

Purposely, in order to push between the crotches this is covered in the outfit to his face, while dropping the waist, my mouth absorbs and makes the penis which stuffed in my mouth fully intensely.

(It is large… aaa… my head feels dizzy…)

The mouth is occupied, and it will push by unjustness and it is expanded, Natuki, remembers the kind of excitation where the head becomes white with just that. When it sucks, the mucus which is made muddily from the point overflowing in the mouth, it melts in saliva by scooping it by the tongue and it swallows.

(Delicious… why, why is this…)

I have had a boyfriend, speaking frankly, I disliked it.

When I include it which was half covered with skin white in my mouth, bitterness and the acrid taste spread through serving in my mouth, I was desperate if I bore nausea. Though the lover pestered many times, I’m not possible to come to like it and refuse it absolutely recently.

Therefore, though at first, there was disgust with the teacher, the harsh taste and the unpleasant taste, without doing at all when licking actually timidly, rather it was the favorite taste that I wanted to experience more.

(Aaa! Not good! I agree with so much!! Don’t lick it so much! )

The waist is held firmly, and the face is buried between crotches, Natsuki is making her head melt in the pleasure which runs through an encephalon from thigh time while holding the penis in the mouth desperately. It’s despised and it’s gambled away at a fleshy tongue before it’s abnormal from the top of the outfit, the crotch is already muddy with love liquid and saliva which permeated it from the inside and the outside.

“Then, this time it is Aiko turn”

“Hiiii!! Unpleasaaant!!”

For a while, when skill it does between Natuki’s crotch, the lewd beast lifts the body of Aiko in the same way, it let her sit astride one’s face.

“What are you talking about. While saying that it isn’t liked, you of this, it is already wet”

“Yaaah!! Embarrassing! Don’t say it!!”

Between the crotch of the white outfit where smell and taste differ delicately, Kenichi licks and slips tongue. Aiko has the penis that warped in the mouth this time; this feel differing delicately does not accumulate. Of course, Natuki takes charge basis and the sack; she adds stimulation with her tongue and her fingers.

“Mufuuuuuu! Uufuuuuh!!”

Blood becomes the torrent and flows into the penis profusely, while letting two beautiful girls lick it, and they suck the male penis which expanded like a balloon, the teacher had an expression of delight on his face in the white outfit which gets wet and sets the smell of the thick girl free and was clinging.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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