Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 189


It’s past midnight. In the ancient times, the darkness ruled, and people huddled together being frightened of the black terror and waiting for the morning to come. However, many people are awake even at such a midnight in modern times. It is not an exception in this luxury apartment and the light is still lit in a lot of houses.

However, the room on the seventh floor of this condominium isn’t lit and the light of the city enters through the window with open curtains and it is the only source that shines in the room. The room that has the air conditioner on is supposed to be cool, but the smell of the inside is sticky and damp from heat.

“Aaaa…, mo, mou…forgive me…aaaaa…”

In a dim room. On a big king-size bed, a white woman is on all fours. She has a pale skin that is so thin that her body seems to be dull and shiny even in such dim colors. Her whole body is filled with thick sweat and a thick female fragrance is emitted.

“Oooo!!! Aaa, this…not this!!!”

Having disheveled beautiful platinum blonde hair that goes down to the shoulder, the white woman continues to hold the sheets with both hands while on all fours and raising a loud voice. Her beautiful blue eyes are open, but they are not in focus and wander through the void. Her beautiful shaped lips remains ope and a silver thread extend from the edge.

“Nhiiiii!!! Again…aaa, not again!!! Iguuuuu!!!”

The blonde who trembles with her whole body and screams, holds up her buttocks to the top. The cervix which is in search of semen is pierced straight from a big penis and the woman has an orgasm again.

“Higiiiiiiii!! Nahaaaaaa!!! Guguuuuu!!!”

The animal roar is the voice of a kitten which has never been raised by the sweet sex with her lover. It would have been a unimaginable spectacle for her colleagues who knew her as a normal, intelligent and cool girl.

Every time Shirato moved, Emily’s blond hair that had been neatly arranged made a sound and it has been miserably disturbed now. Her white body trembles greatly from the intense sex with the wild beast that is completely different from the sweet and relaxed sex with her fiance.

No, not only her body. Her spirit is insulted and the strong will and pride as a human are trampled now. If Emily is exposed longer to the poison of pleasure, even her pure heart is polluted. Even more so if the deadly poison is brought.

Emily is fucked since a little while ago now and her throat is squeezed by a pleasure of a different dimension and she is in a agony. Her white body wriggles on the bed and she is pushed up to the top.

(It’s a pretty woman…)

Shirato from behind enjoys Emily´s soft meat while drooling from his mouth. The vagina hole with the depth peculiar to a foreigner swallowed his long penis to the root and it is a deliciousness that will let him cum very soon. The dense folds wriggle and entangle so tightly that it is very pleasant.

“Aaahiiiii!! Again…nooo!!! Nooooo”

The enemy of mankind. Emily is violated by the enemy and she falls into the abyss of pleasure again. Her brain melts and a red spark flies behind her closed eyelids. A horrible orgasmus.

At that moment. Something like a fog rises from Emily´s body and is sucked into Shirato´s body when thinking that it became a whirlpool. The vivid rising dragon carved on the man’s back is shining slightly at the same time.

Emily who belongs to the investigation team of “SHADO” was defeated and seriously injured in a fight with Shirato and she has been taken to his nest and raped. It was a feeling of acute pain at first when the huge penis invaded, but it became pleasure after the Inma magic took its action.

(I have to get away from here…)

Emily who tries to escape somehow has her slightly remained reason issued a warning. Fortunately, the pain in her arms and wrists is subsided and the handcuffs are removed and her body can be moved freely now. She should be able to act immediately.


On the other hand, Emily´s body heats up more than ever and the pleasure of sex is sweet and deeply hopeless. The pleasure numbs every corner of her body so that she wonders what the previous union with her fiance was. It is just like a drug, that has the power to captivate and enchant humans.


Although Emily was fascinating by the afterglow of the acme, when Shirato moved his waist intensely again and pushed up his gun into her womb, the pleasure that let her brain melt quickly attacks.

(This…this is…impossible…)

A man who Emily hates. On the contrary, an enemy which absolutely cannot be forgiven. Anyway, this person who is raping her is a demon who brings misfortune to the human race and is a despicable rapist.

The horror of an Inma has been heard many times in “SHADO”, but Emily actually became a victim. Until this time, Emily thought that she could control herself against the pleasure with her reason. The Inma thought she would only be a weak woman who drowns by the pleasure. And yet.

“Aahoooooo!!! Againn…again, cumming…”

Shirato´s long penis which repeatedly moves in and out is attached with Emily´s honey. With the thrusting, the dick rubs against the inside and stimulates the vagina carefully. Just her whole pussy seems like a great pleasure organ, but when it is scratched so scrupelly, it feels like an illusion that her whole body melts.

(This…if you know something like this…it’s absolutely impossible…)

Her sense of justice and ethics are trivial compared with the current pleasure that attacks her body. The desire that the magic of the Inma produces is more fundamental. Before the primitive instinct as a female, the reason and morality as a wise human are powerless. Emily´s character has already been polluted by the black wave.

(I´m sorry…David…)

While apologizing to her beloved fiance in her heart, Emily´s body heats up again. Her mind will succumb to this powerful colt. Her body and spirit have been distracted many times by Shirato´s meat weapon. A courageous and noble spirit has been battered by the poison of the devil and there is no power to resist left now.

“Aaa!!! Therreeee!!! Aaaa…agaaiinn…iguiguuuu!!!!”

Emily´s whole body burns up as if it is rubbed with a powerful tip and it is encompassed by a white flame and her eyes becomes white. The coquet inside tightens up the invincible meat stick and tangles around to show off its happiness.

“Agaaaaaaaa!! Higuuuuuuu!!!”

Shirato with brutal eyes grabs Emily´s beautiful blond hair casually and pulls her like a jockey who pulls the reins. When a severe pain in the scalp is raised and her body is curved, the devilish penis is pushed deep inside. Emily feels incredible pleasure from being treated like a thing.

“Ohooooooo!!! Nhaaaguuuuuuuuuu!!!”

The pain to which the hair is pulled and the pain that is pierced the womb are exquisite spices which deepen the great pleasure further. Being raped so roughly by a sadist, the blood of an masochist which slept in the depths of Emily awakened.

“Aaaaguuuuuuu!!! Higiiiiiii!!!!”

This blonde beautiful woman who falls to an ecstasy like hell has convulsions with her white body. The orgasm continues for 5 to 10 seconds and keeps going on. The penis of the hateful enemy which was swallowed in the womb is eagerly entwined by the pussy than her fiance´s dick.

A large amount of energy is emitted from Emily´s white body, which eventually becomes food to the Inma that fused with Shirato. In order to cure his injuries, an Inma needs a lot of energy. Therefore, in order to get the next food, Shirato starts to attack Emily again.

“Hey! Don’t take a break, move!!”

“…Haaaa!!! Hiiii!”

Emily is pierced by Shirato´s son in the doggy style position, while he is slapping her butt mercyless. Her butt which was perfectly white had become swollen red from the slapping.


Emily who has her butt slapped begins to shake her waist back and forth slowly before long. It moves by itself because of the pleasure and this has never been done to her fiance David before. Her reason is burnt to the stimulation which springs up from the honey jar and it demands such an indecent act which has never been done before absolutely.

(As it is…As it is, it will be useless…)

Emily is trying to resist desperately with a faint reminiscent reason. However, her body rhythmically moves around and is handled by her meat pot. And every time the sensitive mucosa is rubbed, the suspicious pleasure that draws her body and mind away envelops the whole body.

To drown in the ecstasy means that she gives energy to the demon again. Emily´s task of capturing and eliminating devil fusers is neglected and she supplies energy. That fact seems unpleasant, but her body and the desire still burns out her reason into ashes.

(However…as it is…aaa…)

If Emily leaves this monster unleashed, more victims will appear. It is necessary to stop him to obtain her energy and to increase his magic, but Emily cannot help it that she is soiled by this devil.

However, she already reached climax countless times and her physical strength has reached its limit. Her energy will be exhausted soon. There is nothing Emily can do now. In the despair that her heart is corrupted, she shed tears.

(God…I dont care what happens…. But…but, please dont let this devil…more than this, do what he wants…. Please…)

It was a prayer to God. But what is different is that she didn’t wish for her own salvation, but that she self-sacrifices herself and wishes for the salvation of others.

“Aaaa…again…again, not good…”

However, cursed joy dominates her whole body again and tramples on her pure wish. Her reason and spirit is polluted and gradually stained with red desires. Even the pride as a human which remained at the end is twisted down by the Inma magic.

(Again…aa…again, amazing cumming…amazing…)

At this time, Emily realized it instinctively. The next orgasm that comes is more frightful than ever. And once she tastes it, she will never be able to return to her current self.

She won’t be able to leave this guy anymore if she reaches the climax. When she enjoys such pleasures, she will never be satisfied with ordinary sex again. It means breaking up with her fiance David who is waiting in the UK for her return. And like all the other woman, she becomes a meat slave of this man.


Before she loses her reason and becomes the moll of this man, Emily somehow wants to stop the sacrifice. Even at the expense of her own body, she want to prevent other women from becoming unhappy.

It’s a pure prayer. Sincere self-sacrifice.

(No…mo, mou…no…God…)

Suddenly it happened when a huge wave of ecstasy was about to rush.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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