Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 186




Shirato who is expressionless gets up so as to jump up at once without a preliminary motion. It was not something that human muscle strength could do, it seemed as if it was watching a reverse turning film. Something red is flowing from his head and if you look closely, the back road is smeared with blood. Emily wonders how he hit his face so strongly. His nose was slightly bent and blood was flowing out.

However, Shirato does not appear to have any pain at all as he stands glaring with his red shining eyes.


Emily set up her stun gun in a hurry. But the distance was too close.

When she thought that something unbearable in her eyes tore the air, she received a heavy impact on both hands and let go of the stun gun. The stun gun flew up to the hedge that surrounded the apartment building and disappeared somewhere.


Emily noticed that Shirato ‘s left leg kick was delivered when Emili rebuilt her body and her wrists started to get numb. Probably the right wrist would have been broken, because she clearly heard it when the impact occurred.


Something comes flying from the left without hesitation. Emily managed to block it with her left arm before confirming that it was a right leg, but it was kicked straight from the top and Emily was blown away.


Although Emily somehow stopped it, she received a strong intense kick on her upper arm, so it also became numb. If she hadn’t learned some fighting techniques in “SHADO”, she would have been beaten since a while ago.

(This guy…is strong…)

It is well known that devil hosts have a higher physical capacity, but this speed is not the same. It seems that even in the world of yakuza Shirato was known as a fighting faction, so it wasnt amusing that he had such skills.

(I, I cant lose…)

The mission of “SHADO” is to capture and erase devil hosts. Emily takes a fighting pose as taught in training, although she is worrying about her numb right wrist and left arm it has changed into a furious pain.


While breathing short with her mouth, Emily takes a while and glare at Shirato. Raising her arms to protect her head, you can see the tension.

Meanwhile, Shirato wasn’t disturbed at all and had a calm face. Without taking a posture, he normally stands around observing Emily.

The next moment.

(It’s coming!)

A left roundhouse kick attacks at a invisible speed. The attack is blocked with the right arm, but a heavy impact run through the whole body and at the same time Emily´s right hand becomes numb and a severe pain runs through her broken wrist.


Another kick comes from the left side this time and Emily manages to endure by stumbling a step forward.


She manages to avoid again this time and block with her arm again, but she is pushed back by the force. However, the shock was still terrible and the bone fractured when the kick was received a second time. It may be that not only the organization of the meat but also the bones have been torn.

(This is…this is…)

Although somehow standing by force, the damage caused by the four kicks is drastic. At the moment Emily is only moving because of adrenaline right now, but she will soon be attacked by a violent pain. If that happens, she won’t be able to raise her arms for defense anymore.


Emily breathes through her mouth, while sweating all over her body. Her concentration power is likely to be discourage by the pain, therefore she gathers it with her strong reason and mental power. The situation was at a disadvantage, but still she somehow found a chance to win.

(I still have a chance…)

Emily was analyzing calmly. Shirato who uses brute force kicks doesn’t seem to have learned any martial arts. So to speak, he learned how to fight by himself. The speed and power are certainly great, but in reverse it is monotonous and easy to read.

(Its coming!)

Bloodlust runs and the next right leg strikes at that moment. Because of the long reach, Emily can evade by swaying back.


Emily moves forward to throw her body out, so that the distance between her and Shirato will be zero. When entering into his bosom before the right legs is stretched out, her knee is lifted up lightly before she swings her fist.

With a sound, Emily´s left fist hits Shirato´s chin who was caught off guard in slow motion. A satisfying response.


Emily fought back in the middle of Shirato´s roundhouse kick and he staggers a few steps backwards.


Emily´s body responds naturally to the optimum interval. When she jumps a little so that she bounces, Emily turns around with her right leg as a shaft pedal to attack with a deadly left back kick the face of Shirato. The technique that gathered rotational energy on the heel has been practiced many times with intense exercises.

The aim is to hit the cheek straight and the ferocious kinetic energy exploded with a sound. The next moment, Shirato falls on the ground with a thud sound.

(Di, Did I do it…?)

When she confirms that Shirato´s face digs into the asphalt, her whole body shakes. Because he received a deadly heel kick straight into his face, it is not possible to withstand such an attack no matter if it even is a devil hosts. The response of satisfaction is seldom practiced. If it is a normal human, it would be a devastating and deathly blow.


Waiting for a minute and make sure the target doesn’t move, Emily finally exhales a breath of relief. She is relieved to have defeated a powerful enemy , before she changes her expression because of the pain of her broken wrist and arm.

(Anyway, I have to make sure he doesn’t move…)

In the backpack that she is carrying on the back, the portable wave-destroying machine which was adjusted for Shirato is contained. When she switches on the remote control in the pocket, the wave is neutralized and Shirato will be unable to move.


Finding the remote control in the backpack, she switch it on. But the machine on the back doesnt show any reaction.

“Eh! Wh, Why…”

She tries repeatedly to switch it on and off, but as usual the sounds and vibrations that roar low aren’t transmitted. Emily becomes impatient. But at the same time she is also wondering about its cause.

(If it moves so hard…)

The wave destroying machine is a precision machine and is extremely weak to external shock. Although it has been somewhat improved in size, it won’t change. Anyway, they have carried the machine so far with a duralumin case using plenty of cushioning materials.


Emily clicks her tongue. She tried it for a while, but she has to give up.

There is no sign of Shirato getting up at all. His face isn’t seen because it falls sideways, and it is likely that it has been deformed from the back heel kick.

(It can not be helped…. Shall I restrain him myself…)

When taking out black handcuffs made of aluminum alloy, Emily slowly approaches. Taking careful care, she takes the hands of Shirato which are powerless to handcuff him.

Then when she crouched a little and tried to connect the handcuffs with the other hand, Shirato´s face which was facing sideways suddenly turned around.


It is not unreasonable that Emily raises a scream because a face which became a mess of blood suddenly turned around. Moreover, only his red eyes glare fiercely at Emily.

The next moment. Something comes flying and sprayed in Emily’s face.


Emily let go of his hand, but it was too late.

Shirato spits a broken tooth at Emily. The tooth fragment flies at high speed and hit Emily´s cheek and a warm liquid containing saliva and blood hangs on her face.


Emily wipes her face with her hand in a hurry from discomfort. But that’s a too silly act. If she does such a thing in such a situation, it means giving a fatal gap to her opponent. If Emily is not from the survey team but from the assault team, she would never do such a great mistake.


A black liquid hit her face and Emily falls down towards the front, where Shirato’s right leg attacks like a counter.

This time, with a dull sound, a right roundhouse kick hits Emily’s head. She is not able to avoid it and the blow is fatal. The skull shakes violently.

(Aaa…th, this is…)

Emily could see a red spark flying in front of her without opening her eyelids. At this moment, Emily was reaped, and she was dragged into pitch-darkness.

The first thing Emily noticed was the strong headache. The pain that resembles a hangover has hit her head just a while ago.

(Ouch…it hurts, it hurts…)

As a result, when her consciousness became clear gradually, she noticed that acute pain ran in both arms this time. Her right wrist is also unbearably painful and she can’t lift her arms towards her head.

(He, Here…I…)

While enduring severe pain, Emily tries to remember the situation.

(…I, Inma! I fought with that bad guy…thereupon…!!)

Emily remembered the last memories at once. I thought that she fought Shirato and won. However, her opponent seems to have fought back against her and knocked her down.

(My eyes…my eyes…)

In the middle of the battle she fainted and now started to panic. Emily tried to open her eyes and she could open only one eye. Even so, she looked around to see what the situation is.

It was a dim room. Emily was lying on the floor, handcuffed and she can’t raise her arms. She feels heavy and the pain is terrible.

(This is…that mansion? Inside a room?)

“Hiiii!!! Aaaaa!!!”

At that time, she heard a female voice. Emily gazed in that direction and she could see the back of a naked man. A rising dragon tattoo is visible.

“Hiiii!! Again! Again, cumminnggg!!! Cummiingg!!!!”

The man is moving his hips against a woman who is on all fours. The woman who shakes her white body is full of lust. It is likely that she tastes a very deep pleasure and her voice is a mixture of screaming and agony.

(I, Inma!)

Needless to confirm, it was Shirato the devil host. While moving his waist slowly to enjoy the fierce convulsions of this woman, he looked back to Emily abruptly.


In the dark room, his red eyes are shining from his narrowly opened eyelids. The left side of his face is full of blood, it turns purple and the cheeks are swollen. His lips also swelled more than before, just like a boxer who finished a match.

“Did you notice? Wait for me. After I eat her up, I will come to you”

Saying so expressionless, Shirato starts to move his waist again.

“…Aaaa…al, already…forgive me…”

The woman would have sweated from her whole body until now and her hair is messy. Emily didn’t know, but the woman was a newlywed married woman who lives in this apartment, and she was fucked here since noon.

“Already…already…not good…forgive me…hiiii!!!”

This woman who just got married begins to climb up the stairs of ecstasy again after Shirato´s big dick touched her womb. She receives human pleasure, but as the limit of her physical strength approaches, it is already a kind of torture.

However, Shirato, who became exhausted in the battle against Emily and also damaged his body, squeezes all her energy by having sex. He doesn’t care about women. When a woman is broken, he only looks for a new woman.

“Hiiiiii!!! Guuuuuu!!!! Aaaaaa!!!!”

It is an extraordinary pleasure that can’t be felt with her husband or former lovers. Even though this married woman reject it, her body reacts obediently to the stimulation and climaxes again while depriving the physical strength. The young wife’s meat jar that swallowed a long penis contracted barely and squeezes so strong to receive the seed of a man other than her husband.

Although it cannot be seen with Emili’s eyes, a white fog appears from the young wife´s body, it eventually becomes a whirlpool and is sucked into Shirato’s body. In the next moment, the dragon tattoo carved on his back becomes alive and Shirato breathes out satisfactorily. He is like a serpent who swallowed its favorite small animal.

(He is trying to replenish the energy he has lost…)

At that time, Emily noticed. There is a big bed in the room with two women on top. Both of them are dead or have lost their consciousness. One of them is a bright brown haired woman with a flashy face and the other is obviously a female teenager.

(They are also sacrifices…)

Perhaps Shirato dragged those sacrifices in this room to replenish his power and to satisfy his black desires. If this continues, the number of victims should increase steadily. Emily has to do something before it is too late.

(But…but, what shall I do…)

It seems that when Emily fainted she was carried here and her clothes were taken off. Emily is wearing her pale blue underwear and nothing else. In addition, her arms are restricted by handcuffs, so she cant move and she won’t win against this Inma who is recovering steadily without a weapon.

“Hey! Move your hips more!”

“Hiiii!!! Aaa…”

When the woman was completely exhausted, Shirato slaps her white butt mercilessly in every degree. The young wife is forced to release more of her energy by having intense sex and being spanked.

(After that person is my turn. I, I hate that…)

Even from the eyes of Emily, the physical strength of women is on the verge of its limit. Afterwards the lewd devil will prey herself. That means that her body will be stained, which Emily absolutely can’t tolerate.

She somehow tries to move her arms to escape, but they only move slightly from too much pain. Even if there is no pain, the aluminum alloy handcuffs won’t come off. Emily still struggles. Because her chastity is dangerous, she desperately tries to move her hands with a desperate struggle.

The resistance of Emily is seen by Shirato. His thin razor like red eyes are emotionless like any of his expressions.

(Wh, What…what shall I do…)

Severe pain runs through her restricted arms. A desperate situation were she can’t do anything.

Emily, the ace of “SHADO” had no choice but to wait with desperate thoughts that the moment will comes in this smelling room.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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