Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 183

New board of Directors

“In this board of directors, we say welcome to Midou-sensei and Yumiko Yamaji-san as new directors to this board of directors”

Chairman Aikawa says so proudly and the other two directors applaud all at once. In response to that, Kenichi and Yumiko bow.

“Needless to say, Midou-senseo is an alternative to Kawano-san, his uncle and Yumiko Yamaji will work hard to further develop this school from now on behalf of her husband”

“Noo…. Since Kawano-san and Yamaji-san were gone we were only three…so I´m sorry to bother you though we couldn’t clean up the projects alone”

“This is something that you can feel comfortable with when you get new people. Also, Midou-san is an active teacher and he is a lot more knowledgeable about this school than we are”

The two directors Shinjo and Edogawa welcomed them. They are very pleased about their jobs becoming easier and their responsibilities reduced.

“I would like to contribute to the development of this school”

“I will collaborate with Midou-sensei following my husband and cooperate”

Kenichi and Yumiko who sat down at the end of the round table make a small greeting. Their attitudes are modest and quiet and doubts can not be felt a bit.

“In relation to the board of Directors, Midou-sensei will become the new vice-principal and will deviate from being homeroom teacher and club activities. It is necessary to recruit a new teacher who is in charge of science as a fill, so is it good to decide the selection by Midou-sensei and me?”

“I don’t mind that, but…what do you think, director Edogawa?”

“I don’t have any problem with that either…but what did you say to the current vice principal? Emm…”

Edogawa can’t remember the name and Kenichi grins happily.

“Genji Yamada-sensei”

“Ah yes! Yamada-sensei…”

Yoko who smiled answers immediately.

“Yamada-sensei will still be the vice-principal. In other words, with Midou-sensei we will have two vice-principals”

The majority of the work of a principal will be done by Yamada-sensei. Kenichi has already decided to do that with Yoko and has notified Yamada-sensei. In other words, he becomes the vice-principal of Ellis young ladies academy and practically has no work to do.

That means that Kenichi can use his time freely more than ever. As far as income is concerned, since he is the owner of a super high class club in Ginza, he can quit this school any time, but being a part of this school has a big meaning for Kenichi.

Here, Kenichi can eat as many young ladies as he wants.

“Well then, today’s board of directors will conclude with this, thanks to everyone for everything. After this, Midou-sensei who is the director in charge of personnel affairs and me will have consultation about new recruitments of teachers…”

When Yoko says so, Yumiko in a hurry opens her mouth.

“…Emm, chairman. May I join for the sake of future references?”

“Of course, director Yamaji-san. So let’s do it today”

As a signal to these words, Edogawa and Shinjo stand up. In the future, only their mouth are necessary and Kenichi was smiling by lifting up the edge of his mouth while sending out those two old man.

Aah, not good…Sensei…. I feel it there…”

Raising such a sweet voice, Yoko is overwhelmed by having her chest massaged on top of her white blouse. Just rubbing, let a sweet current run throughout her body and as usual a white fog appears in her head. Her eyes behind black-rimmed eyeglasses are beginning to moisturize as if oil was poured inside.

“So, this person is a third year who is becoming a teacher this year…. Aah, not good, Midou-sensei…. A little…please look a little seriously…”

Yoko continues to explain while having her huge breasts wrapped in a dark blue bra massaged by Kenichi´s hands. In front of them who are sitting on a couch, three pictures are placed.

“I’m watching, Yoko. I’m looking at it properly, so don’t worry…”

“Aaah, you liar… Since a little while ago, you are just playing with my breasts. Hey, since its about your successor, I am troubled if you don’t choose seriously…. Aaah, Nooo…dont pinch that place…”

The erect nipples are clearly visible even over her bra and thin blouse. Pinching them lightly with his fingers, Yoko opens her red-lipstick wearing lips and raises a pleasured voice like that of a married woman.

Do you want me to touch you while you say that? Hmm?”

“No…, it is not good right now…. After we made a decision…”

When Kenichi put strength into his hands, his fingers kneed her chest. The soft meat that overflows from his palm is so fascinating that it attracts a man. This married chairman spreads sweet body odor and pheromones while wriggling her soft body.

“Do you also feel pleasant when I rub your chest like this?”

“No…not now. Later… you can rub as much as you want…. Not now…”

However, the entreaty of such a beautiful director is naturally disregarded. It is special to taste the feeling of such a great woman and the taste improves even further for Kenichi who embraces Yoko inside the chairman´s office.

“Hmmm…. As far as I see this, everyone is beautiful…”

Embracing Yoko from behind, he rubs the huge breasts with his left hand and watch the resumes which are throughout impressive. As Kenichi pointed out, all the women in the pictures were young and beautiful.

“…Ah, yes…. there are many excellent candidates but it would be good if you choose the best…because everyone is still young and motivated and I’m sure they surely will make this school better…. Ahh, no good! Aaaa!!!”

In the meantime Yoko was relieved by being release for a moment, but his hand crawled from her collar into her blouse and began to rub the right breast directly with the bra. The plump meat pushes up the bra and turns into a bread pan while changing its shape in Kenichi´s hands. Yoko´s satin blouse is thin, and the lewd movement of Kenichi´s hands are visible.

“You look so erotic… You wanted to show off to Shinjo and Edogawa, are not you?”

As Kenichi pointed out, Yoko’s clothing is to sexy to be a president of a young ladies academy. Through the see-through fabrics, the blue sexy bra seems to be visible. Her soft breasts are turned into a bread pan and protrudes forward in this way. Shoulder straps and side belts are biting into her white meat and silently convey the softness and abundance of the meat. If you look closely, you can see blue veins running over the surface of the her white breasts.

“Noo Noo…it isn’t like that…”

“Liar…you pervert…when they stared at your chest, you looked entranced”

“Lie…lie. I, I haven’t had such a face”

Kenichi whispers while rubbing her breasts neatly and Yoko closes her long eyelashes and twists her body. When biting into her earlobe decorated with white pearl earrings, her ripe body has reached beyond boiling point with just that stimulation.

“Admit obediently…. You´re a pervert who feels ashamed when he is seen”

“Ah, that’s not true…”

Yoko shakes her head to the left and right and denies it. However, Kenichi’s point is quite correct. The 42-year-old married woman with preeminent beauty and body was excited being a masochist. How much she hides that fact, she cant lie to Kenichi.

“Next time, I’ll show them how we have sex”

“Eee! No, Not good! That…”

While rubbing her white chest that seems to break through the bra, Yoko shakes her body also from having her neck licked by Kenichi.

“Let’s show those old men, how my cock sticks into your wet pussy and how it goes in and out before releasing my semen inside”

“Th, That! Not good!! Absolutely, not good!!! Aaaa!!!!”

Although Yoko dislikes, she imagines having sexual intercourse in front of others and this married woman is extremely excited by the stimulation of M-sex. When Kenichi pinches her erected nipples from above the bra again, her body which is already on fire burns up in a flash and reach an orgasm. Even if it is not so, her body in which evil sperm has been poured inside many times is in a ripe state, it is just a good time to eat her like a sweet juice spreading through her mouth. Therefore this pathetic married woman heats up gigantically even with such a slight stimulation.


Yoko shakes her body from the orgasm. From her body, the heavy smell of a female rises. It excites Kenichi´s penis and invites it to sex.

“Hey, Yoko. Why dont we hire those three…”

Kenichi whispers devil’s words into Yoko´s ear, who doesn’t listen because she still has convulsions.

“Eh? What? What are you talking about?”

“Look here, I’m telling you, these three guys should be hired”

Her head that is stimulated by the pleasure cant understand the meaning at first for the abrupt offer, but Yoko makes a small sigh when she understands it before long. This man wants to have sex with those three women.

“All three are excellent, right? I will give them guidance very attentively”

“Su, such a thing…saying such a thing…. All three of them…aaa…not good!! Guidance is not good! We are their boss…”

Slowly rubbing her heavy bust and sucking up her white neck small red kiss marks will be left. Yoko’s skin is so white that it is transparent and the kiss marks are clearly standing out.

It was always like this with the man. During sex, her whole body was licked and sucked and it was usual to have many traces of an affair on every part of her body. Especially at the base of her neck and breasts and inside of her thighs, she is attached with kiss marks, so Yoko is always troubled to keep it a secret from her husband.

“Relieve your impotent husband… Let’s hire all three of them, I´m going to give them a lot of guidance to make them excellent teachers”

“But, but…three people at a time…. There are too many teachers…”

“Why don’t you fire two people? That old man and old woman are already ready for the pension. You´re the director of this school, so you’ll decide”

“…But…aaaa! Th, There is not good!! My weakness!!”

The hand which crawled into the blouse plays with the nipples by invading in into the bra before one is aware. The crunchy and erect nipples are groped, and the pretty director wiggles her whole body and is agony to the stimulation.

“Oo! You´re a married woman? Moreover, your husband is also a high school teacher…so if you won’t hire them, I will tell him that his wife had a lot of guidance with me”

“…Aaa…th, that…”

Yoko shudder at the frightening idea of her lover. He also told her that he will make the new colleague his possession in front of her.

“Together with these guys, I’ll embrace you…. In front of these guys, I’m going to rape you from behind. You usually show everyone a elegant and rich chairman, but my honorable dick will show that you´re only a slave”


“Instead, I’ll show you where to eat these guys. I’ll put down the teacher who hates me”

“Hiiiii!! Kuuuuuu!!”

Yoko´s brain melts to the sharp stimulation when her neck is bitten and she reaches the top while having her sensitive nipples pinched. It is unbelievable that the pleasures are deeper than the sex she ever has experienced before with other man.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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