Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 182

New Inma

The wooden apartment, which would have been 50 years old, has survived the two eras of Showa and Heisei, so its appearance is quite meaner. It stands in a residential area in the suburbs of the city, but the gap to the luxurious and elegant houses in the surrounding is felt strongly.

After ten o’clock at night. Although there are occasional cars in the quiet residential area, few people walk outside. The highway which is a bit away from this area can be really noisy from time to time but today you only can hear it faintly.

The wooden apartment which has already been decided to be teared down has no one living inside right now and it is dark and quiet. A completely deserted ruin.

No, it’s not. A room on the second floor which is the furthest room from the top of the stairs, a light is leaking from there. It was not so a few days ago, which means that there is someone in this old ruined apartment. And it is not a resident, but a person who enters illegally.

Under the stairs of that apartment. Two shadows lurking quietly in the darkness.

When the shadows look around and whisper, they slowly rises up the stairs. Their footsteps are completely killed by rubber soles, but it is still an old building. There is no way that a small person is heard every time he steps on this iron staircase.

Two people walk slowly. They wear a black vest over their clothes and blue pants and also politely wear gloves though it is summer soon. The face is covered with a black balaclava and wears a black helmet.

Two men rise slowly and cautiously. As soon as they went out to the concrete corridor, they quietly approach the room where the lights were leaking. When they came to the front of the old door, the two nod whispering something small and took something out of their waists.

It’s shaped like a gun, but it was bigger and clunkier than that. The black barrel is like a big square cylinder and the shutter which divides to the right and left is attached to the part that hits the muzzle.

One person had a key in his hand and slowly unlocked the door key. The old-fashioned cylinder lock is unlocked and in the next moment the two people open the door and rushed into the room.

There was no furniture in the room, so they could look surround in the dull light of a fluorescent light. A narrow apartment with two rooms. A half-naked woman stood there tied to a pillar and a thin man turned around and glanced at the two who had entered.

His eyes were glowing red and at first he seemed surprised, but soon with a wicked smile, he still stares at the two who had entered the room. The man wore a shabby shirt, had unkempt hair and looks poor and dirty.


The sound of a small breath is heard, and the man’s eyes glow red while still glaring fiercely. It feels like a light pressure from an invisible energy.

It is undeniable, the magic of an devil. The black wave energy becomes a wave, and attacks the two people dressed in combat clothes merciless. The Black magic power which is pollutes the aura if it is a normal man, becomes powerless.

However, the two who wore helmets don’t mind it at all even if they receive such an intense magic power properly. Raising the gun quietly in their hands, they aim at the man who stands in the middle of the room. A red laser extends from the bottom of the gun and suddenly appears on the man’s body.

Next a silver arrow is fired with a loud sound and it sticks to that man’s body without aiming.


At once, the man clenched his teeth, shakes his whole body before he collapsed on his knees and falls down.


The person who holds the gun screams, although the voice is muffled, it is undeniably the voice of a woman.

Momentarily the other person jumps over to the man who collapsed and quickly handcuffs his hands behind his back. Furthermore, the ankles are also handcuffed and the knees are tapped with cellotape. The man who looks like a packed luggage is unable to move in the blink of an eye.

“Yosha, secure!”

After saying that, the woman releases her finger from the trigger of the stun gun. The 50,000-volt blitz that has continued for a long time has stopped, and the overpowered devil host is unable to gather his strength. The devil host is blindfolded and even his mouth is tied up.

It’s only about 3 minutes since the start of the assault. Meanwhile, the two people who wear battle uniforms look at the tied up devil host.

However, precaution is put. The woman took out a small machine from her backpack and switched it on because it is easy to remote. The machine gave a low growl at first, but soon became quiet.

From the body of the red man who was handcuffed, she can see that power is coming out. It is as if a muscle relaxant has struck that man´s limbs.


It’s fine if you get here. This portable wave-destroying machine has completely offset the devil’s wave and has neutralized its evil magic.

“Check the state of the victim”

When the young woman says so to the other man, she calls out to the contact person waiting outside in a car with the income.

“Here Alpha. We secured the target”

『Roger that. Contact headquarters』

Watching the devil host rolling on the floor, that woman finishes her short report. Her blue eyes are big and beautiful, but now she is throwing a sharp gaze like shooting against a pervert sadist who hurt an innocent woman.

“There is a trauma, but there is no danger in life. It’d be better to take her to the hospital right away…”

When that woman looks back at the reports of her buddy, she looks at the woman tied to a pillar.

“Here Alpha. Prepare an ambulance”


The tied up woman is exhausted and there is no sign that she can move her neck to the front. She might have fainted. Her clothes are dissected and blood is flowing down from many places of her body. A large amount of liquid is spilling from that woman’s crotch and it seems that this woman has been incontinence because of fear.

(It’s outrageous, because it attacks women and get their energy)

It seems that cruel torture had been done on her until a while ago. Imagine that situation make the police woman become very angry.

A devil host uses the negative feelings of its target as energy. Fear, hatred and despair, is what a demon wants who possess this man,violating women who were victims in this way and absorbing their fear and despair as energy.

(But this is the end of this one. We’ll detain him until his energy dries upand the devil is eliminated)

Perhaps because of adrenaline, the police woman feels belligerent. However, because her duty has ended safely, the tension is gradually diluted with feelings of relief.

(Huu…This time it worked…)

That woman normally belongs to the survey team, so she wasn’t in the front line for a long time. So they planned carefully for this assault and she didn’t seem to have rusted yet.

Forensics and paramedics will arrive soon. Lets carry the target away by then”

Saying so to her young partner, Terasawa Emily is ready to secretly carry the target out of this place, so that no one notice.

“The devil host of district D was secured”

“Okay. Are there no wounds?”

“Yes, it’s okay, everyone is safe”

“Understood. Then, we’ll keep in touch with each other”


When the subordinate who visited to report withdraws, Reiko picks up the telephone. Even though they detained two devil hosts with today´s assault, Reiko must keep it a secret to the newspapers and the media.

Devils are real and humans who fuse with them are also real. If it is known to the public, it will give fear and panic to the citizens.

When Reiko who finished the call watched the clock, the time indicated 9 o’clock in the evening.

(Today we were also able to detain two people. Good news…)

Due to activities in this place, SHADO is able to detain devil hosts every day. Usually they investigate with all members before they attack, but for now they are doing fine.

(With this, the prospects for a solution looks brighter now…)

Negative energy is blowing in the city. Existence who are called half-devils and are normally harmless causing incidents one after another.

The six people who were hospitalized will return soon. And because they cleaned up from a vicious incident, the mood is relatively easy. Of course it is not a matter of prohibition, but it is no wonder that confidence like before has come back because they successfully caught 20 devil hosts so far.

(This is the form of the original “SHADO”. It was abnormal until now)

It is so. In the past, there were few attacks that failed. Even during the time Reiko became the director, the frequency was once every few years, that an assault failed. But now they are in a situation where they won’t fail continuously anymore.

Even though power is increasing, it might have been fortunate that the opponents were half-devils. However, it is a diverting fact that all the assaults were against dangerous devil hosts who can use magic, so a mistake could have been made.

“Director. Do you have a minute?”

A subordinate came near Reiko who was thinking of going home soon.

A beautiful soprano voice. A perfect pronunciated Japanese. However, the appearance of this beautiful woman who speaks is that of an Western in any view. The beautiful woman with blue eyes and blond hair has a yellow folder with documents in her hand.

“Terasawa-san…. What’s the matter?”

Terasawa Emily came from the London headquarters of “SHADO”. Emily, who is a half, is a perfect Caucasian, but she can speak Japanese fluently. Besides this, is she gifted with rare beauty and the intelligence to understand the newest technologies and how to analyze wave patterns.

Emily, like other members, has recently participated in the assault on vil hosts. It is a situation in which it cannot be avoided because of the staff shortage, so she needs to go to the front even though she belongs to the investigation team. Her combat ability isn’t weak and can be compared with that of the assault team, because in the past Emily had good results in the combat and infiltration training.

“Yes. I need one minute talking about the usual Inma…”

Reiko shrinks her face for a moment after hearing these words. Her heart is beating fast. However, Reiko desperately controls her expression, so as to absolutely not show her feelings and to remain in her cool and calm attitude.

“Go, Good…shall we talk over there?”

When Reiko looks down to conceal her inner sway, she sees a small meeting room in her view. She can’t stop herself from shaking her fingers.

They moved to the small conference room and the two beauties sit opposite to each other. This room is soundproof and is a perfect place to talk about confidential matters.

“Actually…we have found a subject who produces a wave similar to that high school girl”


Reiko took a few seconds until she could understand these words. It might be unavoidable if she thinks about the meaning of these word though it is a unusual reaction for Reiko.

“A devil host who resonates with that high school girl…?”

“Yes, the third year student from Ellis young ladies academy, Rimi Makino, definitely resonates with the wave pattern of that fellow”

“Th, That means…did you found that demon king?”

For Reiko, who awaits a conclusion with a fast-beating heart, Emily does not immediately reply and waits a little while. As if to calm down her distracted boss.

“It’s still too early to conclude. The pattern is similar to hers, which is a register, but the patterns are different in detail. It is necessary to examine the detail whether it’s like the original wave or a changed wave. In any case, it’s a powerful devil”

Saying so, Reiko puts a thin document taken from the folder on the desk. A man’s picture is visible and Reiko looks at it instinctively as if it is food.


Her heart is still beating fast. Unexpectedly Reiko sighs out of relieve. Emily who was watching her boss’s appearance, eventually opened her mouth.

“The name of the target is 37 years old Shirato Eiji, who was an executive of the Genkai group and the secretary of congressman Terashima, but it seems that he has quitted that now”

While looking at Reiko, Emily is talking about something. However, Reiko who is distracted by another thing does not seem to notice the glance of the other party.

“In any case, is he a devil fuser? Well, we should start the preparation for an assault immediately”

“No, I have not finished analyzing the wave pattern completely yet, please give me more time”

Emily constantly talks with a relaxed tone while hardening her expression a little to Reiko who is pushing hard all the time.

When you capture a demon fuser, you carry a wave-destroying machine that will neutralize the demon wave with you. The destruction machine creates a wave that is opposite to the devil´s wave and neutralizes the magic. As a result, the demon fuser will be unable to act. However, in order to make the wave become neutralized, you need to safe the wave and it is necessary to analyze the pattern of the wave completely.

“Besides…there is a point where there is no match”

“What do you mean?”

Emily raises doubts to Reiko who shrugs her neck.

“Yes, this man had no contact with Rimi Makino, as far as we know, this man has never appeared within her action range and it was Yokohama where we found him this time…”

The address of the apartment that the man named Shirato is hiding was in Yokohama as Emily pointed out. It is an unnatural distance to meet a high school girl who lives in a high-class residential area in Tokyo every day. In addition, that man lives together with a prostitute for a long time according to the information and it is said that he doesn’t went outside very often and a survey team has already been deployed to observe him.

“However this man is an Inma…doesnt he release a wave that is similar to a demon king?”

“Yes. Outside of this man’s hiding place, a demon king´s wave has been transmitted. It’s a pretty powerful energy”

From the magic that leaks out to the outside of the condominium, the strength should be Intermediate level. Compared to a low-level devil, the appearance frequency of an intermediate demon is extremely low. It may be reasonable to think for Reiko that he is the culprit of the series of events just because he matches with the Intermediate Inma they are searching for this time.

“Then, you keep investigating a little more”

To that question, Emily nods.

“Yes. I am going to go to the front immediately and do a precise investigation. I want you to remove me from the scheduled assault for tomorrow, please”

The measurement of a wave is delicate. Temperature and humidity at that time, and atmospheric pressure. The adjustment of the machine according to the situation affects the analysis result. If possible, Emily doesnt want someone else to measure it, because she would like to use her customized wave measurement instrument this time.

“I understand. However, the other party may be a devil king. Be careful…don’t overdo it”

“Yes, I know”

The two beauties who said so leave the meeting room. Although they are inside “SHADO” headquarter that belongs to the Tokyo Police Department, the beautiful appearance and style of those two are outstanding and they could even participate in a fashion show.

Reiko and Emily returning to their respective offices. Emily who sits in her seat tried to think about the identity of the uncomfortable feeling she remembered a while ago.

(The director’s appearance is somewhat strange. I’ve been thinking so for a while…)

Secretly looking back, Reiko, sits in her office. It is known that many young men in this department are making noise because of the fact that their director has become sexier recently.

Reiko´s hips are wrapped in a black tight mini skirt which is perfect and her chest is pushing up her blouse. Her legs stretching from there are slender, but a moderate amount of fat is still attached and they are wrapped in stockings with unusual black seams at the moment. From the back of her stockings you carefully can see precise lace decorations.

(Dressing like that…. Previously she had a more clean image…. Since when has she changed?)

Until a while ago, director Reiko only wore plain and tight clothing. She now changed into a glamorous and sexy woman like a caterpillar that changes into a marvelous butterfly.

And, the change of her appearance is remarkable. Although it is certain that make-up thickens, it is not only that. Pheromones and a dense sex appeal are emitted from her whole body. Even if you know that she is a mother of two children, you wouldn’t believe it with her current appearance.

(Too sudden change… What happened…?)

At that time, there was a slight vibration noise. Apparently it looks like Reiko’s cell phone. Reiko picked it up and she smiles with a grin at the screen.


Seeing such a wicked smile, a chill runs down Emily´s backbone. Reiko who doesn’t notice that she is observed by Emily quickly leaves the office with quick steps and a happy smile on her face. She shakes her hips as if inviting a man and rubs her long legs against each other while walking.

“I will go ahead, Terasawa-san”

Emily thought that she has seen a black flame rising from the body of the director who went out with a grin. In spite of the fact that it was summer, Emily was alone in the office and had goosebumps all over her body.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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