Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 181


Three days after assaulting the apartment of Arisa. It is the hottest topic in “SHADO” and for Reiko Arisawa who is the director, it is just like a nightmare for three days.

The six members of the assault team who participated in the operation finally regained consciousness, but have not yet been able to return to work. Among the small number of remaining people, busyness isn’t extraordinary, as daily activities can not be carried out if all elite units are inoperative.

That night. What happened?

The outline of that day came into view when the story of the subordinates who participated in the strategy was integrated.

Six people invaded into the apartment and tried to secure Shinomiya Arisa and Noriko Aoyama, former “SHADO” members who lives in this apartment. To detain the traitors who seem to have fallen into the hands of an Inma and to know the whereabouts of the Inma, they wanted to kill the Inma and release those two from its influence.

But the strategy failed. All members who rushed in were all suddenly beaten on their head by someone including their leader Kondo, and they fainted on the spot. Memory of that time was flying because the head was hit and all six said they do not clearly remember what exactly happened on the scene.

『If I remember correctly…I feel like I was hit suddenly from behind…. But at that time we gathered in the small living room, the subjects were in the back room, so they were in front of us and there were only subordinates behind us, so we don’t know how this happened…』

That’s leader Kondo’s testimony. As he said, all six were hit on the back of their heads. Probably someone hit them with a special weapon from the back, but they don’t know what that weapon was.

But is it really possible?

“SHADO” belongs to the Tokyo Police Department and every member belonging to it should be a well trained police officer, so to speak as a pro fighter. Among all, those six were specially trained. It is hardly imaginable that opponents exist who can beat such strong men surprisingly one by one. And surprisingly, no one saw the attack coming or the attacker.

The disappearance of Honma, the top of the assault squad, was a setback for “SHADO”. They still don’t know his whereabouts.

Honma went to see the state alone, worried about the lost contact to his team members he entered the apartment. And he disappeared as it was. Previously, when Arisa and Noriko disappeared, it was the same situation, but how is it possible to disappear like smoke anyway.

Multiple failures. Members who collapse one after another. And the growing threat.

Recently, the evil power that covers Tokyo is rising. The enormous negative energy that continues to update the highest record in observation history is no longer clearly damaged but beyond threats. An unprecedented negative thought has become a big energy and is raging above this big city.

And as the negative energy increases, the number of crimes continues to increase. Crimes by the general public has also increased, but the number of crimes through devil hosts are also increasing.

There are two types of demon hosts, there are a few types that can exercise magic against others and there are hosts who are weak and don’t affect others. Among them, the latter’s activation is noticeable because they are half-devils.

Half-devils who cannot use magic are causing crimes one after another. The world which doesn’t know the existence of demons hasn’t noticed because it cannot distinguish from a general crime. However, because the half-devils are listed in “SHADO”´s headquarters, some of the incidents which continue increasing recently have been done by them surely.

The half-devils who weren’t able to use magic up to now are able to use it one after another. Like that, they will become as dangerous as normal devils and that would inevitably mean an increase in surveillance, investigation and capture, but in this situation it would be impossible.

Therefore, Reiko Arisawa who is the director is suffering.


Finished reporting to a few executives including the general police officer and after finishing a telephone conference with the “SHADO” headquarters in London, Reiko finally takes a breath. This beautiful career woman and police chief sits down as if her knees are powerless.

She doesn’t feel like going through the forensics report on the desk and drinks the cold coffee placed on her desk. The beauty that is usually intelligent and cold, has her pretty semi-long brown hair cast with dark fatigue.

(How did we fail again…)

Arisa’s room was thoroughly verified, but there was no tangible result at all. All the members of the assault squad have regained consciousness, but they can’t provide any information. Officer Homma remains lost and there have been no clues, about his safety.

It was fortunate that the six assault members had no major wounds except for their heads. Even if the manpower was not enough, they were lucky that they did not lost their assault team even though it is a crisis situation.

(I have to get back soon…)

Currently, all members of “SHADO” are struggling to control the active half-devils. Not only the assault team but also the survey team are drawing out their personnel, by securing and neutralizing demonic convergences. Anyway, they are busy enough to borrow the hands of a cat. Reiko who is in the position of the director has the impulse and desire to rush to the scene.

(Now, its time to deal with four cases of half-devils…. One of them is likely a female Inma, a so-called succubus…)

Reiko is looking at the LCD screen showing the activities of her subordinates. Since everyone who works in the office also left to be outside, its dead inside the office today.

(Arisa…are you truly captured by a Incubus?)

Suddenly, she suspected that the reasoning she built may have been wrong, and she thinks about that possibility again.

9 months ago, a low-class Inma suddenly appeared in the M district. Noriko Aoyama’s disappearance was investigated. After that five more members disappeared out of the nowhere. Among them, Arisa was included. Afterwards Arisa´s hostile act of hacking the server of “SHADO” was discovered and that she lives together with Noriko at a apartment.

There is only one answer to that. Both Noriko and Arisa were caught by an male Incubus and become prisoners of pleasure and puppets. That is a logical and rational conclusion. “SHADO”´s headquarter as well as the upper part of the National Police Agency have the same view.

Still, Reiko is the only one who thinks that something is wrong.

She knows that Arisa is brilliant and overflowing with justice, so she would never have a weak spirit like drowning in the pleasures of sex. That just what she wants to believe deep down in her heart.

(Is it really great to have so much sex with an devil?)

This fact is known by every member of “SHADO”. The intercourse with an Inma is greatly different from normal sex with humans, because everyone will go crazy. And as a prisoner, you would abandon everything and in the end all energy will be sucked up and you become a scrap. The pleasure is frightful until ruin and it is not possible to ever taste it with an human, that’s how victims testified it.

A ruining pleasure. The pleasure of a different dimension.


When thinking so far, something runs through her body and Reiko closes her eyes unintentionally, before shaking her whole body inside the office. At first, a spark appeared in her lower part, but it became a clear hot flow as soon as she was conscious of it and a hot wave radially spread from there to her entire waist.

“Aaa…wh, why…”

Reiko was so embarrassed by the situation that she couldn’t believe herself, as she was able to put words in her mouth unintentionally. It is something that she knows well and that has been especially strong these days. A primitive desire to have anything.

(What’s wrong with me…. In a place like this, no…)

She is aroused by sexual desire thats erupts quickly and she desperately tries to suppress it. But her body that is out of control burns while sitting in a chair without any intention of listening to her mind.

Reiko struggles against the sudden change that happened to herself.


She knows that her lower body starts to awake and Reiko who has two children is upset. Her panty already rubs against her aroused vagina and her nipples harden behind her bra.

(Why…Why is this happening…)

She tries to suppress the passion which desperately springs up, but it ends with a lose. Every time she moves her waist that is wrapped in a tight mini skirt, her sensitive part rubs against the fabric and pleasure runs through her backbone and burns her brain.

(Not good…Not good, absolutely not good…)

This married woman is desperately trying to stretch out her hands to her crotch as if she was at home unintentionally. Anyway, this is her office, a holy workplace.

But once the fire is lit, it wont stop. Reiko is driven to the point that it is necessary to gather up her reason which is likely to switch off and to mobilize it.

Behind her flashy designed panty, a nasty mouth slowly opens. At the same time, her entire chest congested and increases its volume so that it will broke through the bra. As if to ridicule Reiko’s efforts, her ripe body continues to heat up. She starts to remember the pleasure of the real meat, so that her desire becomes endless like a small black hole.

(Ho, I want…Aaa…)

No one is in the office. Inside Reiko´s head appears a sturdy and big penis.

It is definitely not her husband’s penis. The penis of her husband is short, soft and unreliable. What she wants now is not such a thing, but a genuine male reproductive organ that makes her go crazy. A meat weapon that is so sturdy that tremors come only by looking at it.

A tip like a harpoon that kills its prey. A incredibly huge trunk that can erect until it reaches the navel. And many blue veins that appear on the surface which shows the enormous power of that penis

A hot and strong penis that entered her pussy many times.

(AH…Noo…not good, noo…)

The joy of having it inside is recalled and her body melts quickly. A large amount of saliva comes out of her mouth and a large amount of honey liquid is vomited from her crotch inside her sexy panty.

When Reiko sees that figure, she will lose her voice. Normally the cold-hearted and intelligent director is sitting in her office’s seat, showing off an wonderful expression, her awfully sexy body, while releasing pheromones.


She asks this question but she knows the cause by herself. Her body is in danger. Her ripe female body is burning and seeking the skinship with that man. Her body already wants it, though she was just embraced three days ago.

At the night the assault on Arisa´s apartment failed, Reiko was called and she tasted an incredible pleasure like usual. There were three other women in the suite of a ultra-luxury hotel and they were competing for sex on the bed with Reiko.

With four people, they licked the body of one man and fought over his penis. Reiko fought against those women who were hostesses of a club in Ginza, while spreading her legs widely and asking for sex. However she didn’t receive it immediately, only until she begged by shedding tears and hugging. At that moment everything beautifully disappeared from her head and neither her gentle husband nor the trouble in her work were remembered.


Remembering the pleasant feeling that she had tasted afterwards, Reiko surprisingly gets down lightly just by that. While sitting in her office at daytime, she is becoming a woman who masturbates with obsessive delusions.

(This…this is unusual…)

Reiko is stunned that she cant stop herself so that she thinks that she became a nymphomaniac. Even though it has been only three days, her body is hungry and seeking the next affection. To the extraordinary greediness, a shiver runs through her.

(Th, This…it cant be)

A sudden flash. Insight that should be called Revelation.

Her head where a pink haze was hung is reminded of one hypothesis before long. It is an idea that can be called a blind spot, but when she thinks about it again, the circumstantial evidence seems to indicate that it is true.

(No way…No way, No way…. That person…)

The man who drives herself crazy. It is a man who acts like a king of many beautiful women. This man gives greater pleasure than her husband when she is thinking now.

A cram school teacher with a mediocre face. On the other hand, he is surrounded by many beauties and with his power and physical strength he can have sex for a whole night. If it is due to the power of a devil, then it explains everything.

(Lie…Lie…. I…to that Inma…)

If that is true, it is just a nightmare.

As the head of “SHADO” organized to protect humanity from the threat of demons, she drowns in sex with a Inma and hiding it from her husband and repeatedly having an affair. If that is the case, Reiko has done something outrageous.

Three days ago, Reiko had sex with passion and affection with a man other than her husband. She cried that she loves him and declared repeatedly that her mind and body belongs to that man and crying to get pregnant. She tasted pleasure and happiness as if it was natural and she clings to his body and having semen poured inside her vagina while twisting her waist. At that time she certainly wished for fertilization from the bottom of her heart.

(Aaa…such a thing…it cant be…)

To the too cruel reasoning, her sentiment denies desperately. Does a devil really aim for the head of its enemy´s organization? It is a suicide act that goes into the cage of a man-eating tiger. The Inma should have heard from Arisa and Noriko and should fear “SHADO”.

(But…but…ah, not good…)

While her reasoning and emotions intertwine, Reiko denies that one hypothesis. While doing so, her ripe female body is still burning and her brain and body melts away like butter under heat.

Nobody’s in “SHADO” headquarter. The beautiful director was trembling her body in affection, fear, despair and pleasure while releasing a red aura that is overflowing from her body.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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