Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 180

Sumptuous feas


Choking fragrance. A thick female smell that Nozomi vomited. A fierce pheromone that invites Kenichi.

Licking the embarrassing honey juice from the top of her blue panty, Kenichi makes a sound and drink and sips it. His long tongue moves inside from the side of the thin lace cloth and he licks the secret hole directly.

Of course, Nozomi´s troubles becomes tremendous because the labia which swells in the meantime is rubbed by Kenichi´s long tongue.

“Hiii!!! Not good, that place!!! Ikuuuuu!!”

When the tongue enters the vagina hole like a leech, the good looking idol that cant suck the big dick finally is swallowed by an orgasm and raise a high-pitched voice. The secret spot in front of Kenichi´s eyes releases new honey juice from the interior. Saeki twists her slender body, because the honey is still licked out.

When Kenichi caught the body fluids of the beauty in his mouth for a while he releases his face satisfied and Saeki lies down without strength on the sofa. Her thin legs remains open and her crotch is completely exposed. Her thighs that were pure white are full with countless kiss marks.

In the meantime Kenichi who got up from the sofa is surrounded by the four black gals again and let their fingers and tongues spread throughout his body. Kenichi, who is surrounded by four cute black girls, looks down on Nozomi to ascertain the result of the act he has done.

“If you want to go home, you can go home…”

Kenichi says so and Nozomi regains her reason only a little. She didn’t have any power on her legs until just now, but now it’s working fine. When she sits on the sofa, Saeki stares at Kenichi’s face looking down on her.

“What do you do? Fufufu…”

“Ae you going home without tasting this amazing thing?”

Maya and Ami who sensed the intention of Kenichi´s penis said so, while licking it from left and right. Both of them demonstrate an obscene service so that the hardness of this lethal weapon is clearly understood.

“It’s amazing, this child…. I’m not a virgin, you know?”

“If you taste this, every girl gets crazy…”

They narrowing their eyes whether they recalled the feeling which had vaguely torn their vaginas. While doing that, they don’t forget to touch the thick root and testicle with one hand. Their fingers with colorful long nails entangle around the penis.

“I’m more delicious than this woman…. Mami’s vagina is really tight. Without rubber, a raw penis is better to have sex with. My uterus is gun-piercing…”

“Chocolate is definitely sweeter than vanilla. Therefore, Mei is a great match for this penis. My sweet chocolate pussy is just like raw sashimi, releasing juice throughout…”

Mami and Mei who are held in Kenichi’s arms snort while they bite Kenichi´s left and right ears. They lick the sweaty neck and make a sweet bite into his ears and during that they say obscene words to draw the attention of Kenichi who is staring at Saeki. Both have blue fake extensions and flashy eyeshadow to show off their sex appeal.

(Aaa…what shall I do…)

Although Saeki is pushed by a overwhelming desire that nest within her body, she looks up at Kenichi with her remaining reasons. In any case she does not know his name and he is a man she just met. She can not believe that she still kissed him and gave him a blowjob like that.

However, the magic of the Inma crushes all of a maiden’s’ hesteness and shame.

The red tentacles wrapped around Saeki´s body and they completely dyes her aura. Her wave resonates with the magic and Saeki is in an extremely estrus condition.

The nude man standing in front of her with a big cock is surrounded by four beautiful girls with shimmering glowing brown skin. That figure that she saw in this dim room was the figure of hell’s horror itself seen in animes and movies. The red tentacles make the pathetic idol get stuck in a sweet trap set by Kenichi.

(A, Amazing…becoming like that…)

Saeki also noticed that this penis is very large and it’s the first time she sees such a thing. It is reaching the navel and slowly sways from side to side between Maya and Ami´s tongue.

“Aa…. Please…”

A small voice can be heard and it’s clear that Nozomi talks about her desire.

“What do you want me to do?”

Kenichi who is satisfied with Saeki´s fallen state right now, dares to ask this question.

“Sex…. I want to have sex…”

In front of the man who she doesn’t even know the name, the popular idol opens her thin legs and presents her sweet crotch. Because rigorous gymnastic is done, her hip joints are soft and Nozomi spread it to the limit and invites Kenichi. Right now it is no pride as a idol, nor the thought of a loving lover. She just wants the penis in front of herself, because she craves for it to enter her vagina.

“Is it okay?”

“Yes! Hurry up!”

Holding her blue panty stuck to her crotch, the idol who opened her long white legs widely and made a pretty face swayed her waist. The lace panty is so wet that it sticks to her petal and the completely open entrance is visible. Every time she twists her waist, her vagina twists and it is clear that the honey fluid that gushes out from the inside is new.

“Do you want it in your pussy? Hmm?”

“Do it! Put it in my pussy, in my pussy!”

Saeki told Kenichi what he want to hear from her. He inserts his glans that is covered with Ami’s saliva from the side of the blue panty and skewers the meat pot in a cruel way.

“Hiiiii!! Iku, Iku, Cummiinnggg!!”

Her whole body cramped and faints in agony from the invading that happen at once. Her sphincter tempered by rhythmic gymnastics shrinks and tightens the huge penis with sharpness.

(Tigther, the taste is good…)

Having a pure white skin, this beauty idol that was supposed to be a sexual target from Kenichi is compared to the taste black gals and Kenichi exhales a satisfying sigh. The taste of this vagina is unique to rhythmic gymnasts and ballerinas who have developed their sphincter by training.

“Hiiii!!!! Aaa!! Ouch!! It hurts!! B, But…Ikuu! Cumminngg!! Hiiiiiii!!!!”

“Huhuhu…the penis is about to be torn off…”

Kenichi smiles happily to the tightening of the super popular and pretty idol who is blown away by the big wave of ecstasy and cramped with her whole body.

Even though she is not a virgin anymore, Nozomi´s pussy has an outstanding tightening because of her developed sphincter. She seems to have been given two things from heaven which is her overwhelming beauty and high-quality pussy.

From today onwards this woman will belong to Kenichi.

“Huhuu, I can’t move if you tighten so much!”

“I’m sorry…. Ah, but it’s too good, thats why it tightens without permission…”

As Kenichi says, the cute and seriously Nozomi answers, while drowning in great pleasure.

“Aaa! Thick…. Big…. Teaarriinnnggg!!”

When Kenichi pushed further inside, the vagina meat further winds around his son and squeezes it like squeezing a cloth by hand. The fierce meat spear sneaks into the narrow vagina which shows plenty of resistance to while spitting out honey juice.

“With such a tightening, there would be many men who wants to go out with you…”

“No, Noo…. It’s embarrassing…”

“Will your boyfriend be pleased if you cry?”

“YahYah, such a thing…I don’t know…”

All men who Saeki had sex so far were glad and have their things crushed by Saeki´s magnificent pussy. However, all men came after a few minutes under this condition. Instead of them Kenichi is still not at his limit.

“How do I compare with your boyfriend´s thing?

“Ah…this is…great, it’s too great…”

To that overwhelming reassurance, Nozomi depends her vow of slavery to Kenichi.

“Here, how about doing this, you can move on your own, right?”

After having led Saeki to ecstasy several times, Kenichi sits down on the sofa properly by changing the position and asks Nozomi to move her waist on her own.

“Aah…you’re terrible…. So mean…”

Nozomi shyly shakes her waist back and forth, stimulating the huge meat weapon swallowed in her womb. But at the same time she felt the tip thoroughly and is further pushed up to the top in a blink of an eye.

“Aaa! This is also good!!! Cumminngg!!”

While delivering a massive amount of sex energy to Kenichi, her whole body is shaking in the woman on top position. The magic of the Incubus is strengthened and the super sense of Kenichi further becomes sharp.

“Uwaa~. Saeki´s raw sex is amazing~”

“Awesome. I feel like I have it in my mouth….”

“She has a lovely face, what a pervert…”

“She released so much sticky liquid, really erotic”

The four black gals look at the joint and talk about their feelings right now. Saeki´s secret hole has been spread to such an extent that it seems to split, and Kenichi´s penis sticks closely to it. Nasty white juice is spilled from the inside which sticks to the root of the large pillar.

At that time, Kenichi suddenly grinned and laughed.

(Hahahaha. Today is amazing…)

Kenichi smiled because he is enjoying that tightening and holding Saeki´s shaking hips. Kenichi ‘s super sense radar was activated and he was informed of the existence of a new superb prey approaching this club.

She came closer to this club now. When Kenichi was a miserable teacher before, it was that big-breasted gravure idol who took care of him with her DVD. A popular idol that everyone knows, moreover there are three at a time.

All three of them are idols who are dressed in body conscious dresses that showed off their exquisite bodies come to this club with their boyfriends. Those three with K, I and J cups have been the yearning of tens of thousands of men so far and have guided tens of thousands to ejaculation.

“What. Everyone has a boyfriend…”

Kenichi is a bit disappointed about that fact, although he is enjoying the sex with the popular idol Saeki Nozomi directly. However, his words don’t show any disappointment. The partner who enjoys sex with this big busty gravure idols today is Kenichi rather than their boyfriends. All beauties who came to this place which can be called Kenichi’s nest can’t defy their fate.

“Even though I do not like stealing people’s belonging…. Huhuhu, of course you will eat all of them”

Another beautiful girl who kept silence until then talks to Kenichi while looking at Saeki´s crazy behavior. Her small face is as beautiful as Nozomi and she is famous for her beautiful appearance. This beautiful woman who who sees this scene has a cool face even in a room filled with this evil energy.

“I rely on you, Sayaka”

Kenichi answers without looking behind while enjoying the feeling of Nozomi´s breasts by burying his face into her pretty blue bra.

“Aah…. There is good! I don’t mind!”

Nozomi´s waist doesn’t try to stop its indecent movement for new pleasure in the meantime. The huge glans rubs against the G spot to get rid of the pleasure.

“Am I better than your boyfriend?”

“Great…very, very good!! Big…and strong…”

“Do you feel better than with your boyfriend?”

“No…. It’s totally different. It cant be compared. Iii!! Aaa…”

The man who Saeki has been dating up to now couldn’t handle her great pleasure organ and ejaculated really quick. Tragically, Nozomi has endured it for a long time therefore she moves her waist so firmly.

But Kenichi is different. His overwhelming mass doesn’t flinch at all.

“Aaa…so sturdy…. More…More…!!”

It is the first time for Saeki to shake her hips as much as she wants to make her partner and herself feel good. This pretty and popular idol who looked like a doll seems to be skilled in sex.

“Hey, you want me to let it out inside? Uh?”

“No, No! Not inside…. A baby…”

“However, when I put it out inside, you will feel very good. Hmm?”

Kenichi whispers devil’s words into the sweet and pretty ear of Saeki.

“Still…what shall I do…”

A feeling of guilt to her boyfriend or is it fear of pregnancy? Still, Nozomi will take the possibility of getting more pleasure so she will skip her reason.

“When I put it out inside, you will feel good. Hmm?”

“Aah, after all not good…. Inside is bad…”

Although Nozomi desperately rejects it, she has already been influenced by the Incubus magic, so her resistance is meaningless.

“Hey, look. I will release a lot of semen inside your pussy soon…”

“No No!!!! Aaaa!! Cum! I´m cummiinngg agaainn!!”

Even the fear that she becomes pregnant by a man who she met for the first time today is ignored and it becomes the spice which amplifies pleasure to Nozomi. She shakes her whole body to the explosive dark pleasure imagining the ejaculation and reaching an orgasm.

Sayaka who sees the crazy behavior of such an indecent beast and an idol laughs thinly, before she descends to the noisy floor downstairs.

Eto Sayaka, a half-devil who fused with an succubus was pushed up to an ecstasy of different dimension by sex with Kenichi and has become a faithful sex slave since then.

After that, as ordered by Kenichi, she looks for new preys and offers beautiful girls and beautiful women to him. It was Sayaka who introduced this club to Kenichi. Originally she was a bad girl who played around in Shibuya, so she knows many places.

(Four chocolates, four vanilla…)

While sensing Sayaka who is descending down to the lower floor again, Kenichi licks Nozomi´s neck while perceiving the situation at that time. If he adds those 3 AV actresses to the five people here, Kenichi will have four idols and four black gals here on the bed, which will be a extremely lewd sight.

The spectacle of an lesbian play between Mami and Mei is witnessed by Kenichi and every man who sees their caress and licking would want to be a part of them. Kenichi can attack these beautiful girls as much as he wants because they belong to him.

“Aah, why do you want to bring more people here…”

“Noo. I still haven’t done it yet…”

Mami and Mei who haven’t yet received Kenichi´s penis protest against the idol who is fucked in the face-to-face sitting position. A intense and lewd skinship is shown in front of their eyes, therefore they also want to be embraced as soon as possible.

“The night is long, so don’t panic. The more people faint, the more you will get it”

Kenichi laughs unfaithfully while licking the sweat from Nozomi´s armpit. His wicked smile was unlikely of a teacher who teaches students, but rather it seems to be irresistible love for beautiful women who are dominated by him.

“Cum Cum! Again, I´m cummiinnggg!!”

When her uterus hole descends for seeking semen in a straight line, Saeki rushes up to ecstasy with her sphincter developed by rhythmic gymnastics.

“Aaaa!! …Inside, put it inside”

“Hey, is it okay? …you will get pregnant?”

Until now, Nozomi only had sex with rubber, but she was completely captivated by the pleasure of the first raw insertion, so she is crying to seek an vaginal ejaculation. Today is an ovulation day for Saeki, so when sperm is released now she will definitely get pregnant.

“Alright…ah, put it out inside! Ejaaccuullattiioonnn!!”

The poison of the Inma suddenly revolves around her whole body and the idol whose brain was plucked by the pleasure doesn’t consider the latter. She only wants to feel more pleasure.

“Huuhuu…. Then, I’ll do as you wish!”

Kenichi, who was excited about this madness, took her mouth while hugging her body with both hands tightly. Using his waist he thrust inside her vagina to the maximum.


Raising a voice of pleasure through her blocked mouth, Nozomi has semen poured into her womb by the pulsating penis and she rushed up to the most ecstasy in her life.

(This…if I knew this, I’d already…)

It is the first time that the primitive instinct as a female is awakened in her body because she is conquered by a sturdy male with overwhelming power while drinking the semen he released.

“No…. I want it inside… Please give me your semen!”

“I will release white semen to a chocolate pussy that gets tensed often”

“Me too Me too!! Give me your semen, let me get pregnant…”

“Ami, too! Let me get pregnant too…”

After Kenichi engraves his seal of a sex slave in her womb, the four black gals want to ejaculate while being envious. They remembered that tremendous pleasure from the past when Kenichi ejaculated inside them and their whole bodies had convulsions.

“No, it’s disgusting…. Its dripping…”

Although Nozomi´s vagina is cramping, it is tightly wrapped around Kenichi´s son. Maya and Ami start to cling to the joint to lick and sip the overflowing white liquid. The penis which does not wither at all doesn’t react.

Although neither of them have noticed, since the Incubus released his magical power at the moment of ejaculation, a tremendous evil wave spread around Kenichi and covers the entire club in the blink of an eye. As a result of that influence, it is certain that the men and women estranged in this club will start obscene acts and some will begin to have sex in the toilet.

Kenichi knew that Sayaka caught the three big-breasted idols promptly, before they get excited and having a sexual intercourse with their boyfriends.

(They are also mine now. Let them separate from their boyfriends and make them meat toilets exclusively for me)

After extracting his penis out of Saeki who is in heaven right now and receiving new energy, Maya and Ami continue to lick the penis.

Next they line up next to each other and spread their legs to show off their crotches and wait for Kenichi to invade.

“Ooooo!! Comingg! Big penis is coming!!”

Mei is finally violated after being continously impatient, she raised a voice of rapture from the beginning.

“Pouring so much…. Ah, what a awful smell…”

Next to them, Mami puts her mouth against Nozomi´s vagina and drinks the delicious sperm that overflows from the inside. This liquid is narcotic, a lot of endorphins are released in the brains of a beautiful woman who absorbed it and a beautiful woman who tasted it once want to have more of it. After the ejaculation in the vagina other beauties will drink the overflowing liquid.

(Chocolate is also good…)

Kenichi licks his tongue while comparing the taste of Saeki with the taste of Ami.

“Aa…danger…dangerous…again, I´m cummiinngg!!”

It is irresistible to squeeze the entire honey vase intensely every time it gets hit hard by Kenichi´s penis. Even when the soft folds cling to it, Ami is encouraged to ejaculate. Ami´s pussy is different from that of Nozomi in structure and tightening, but any ordinary man would also cum quickly from this superb pleasure organ.

The orgy is still going on. In the meantime, while eating the girls in this room, new prey may come. It has just started and by morning there is enough time to think as infinity.

(I wonder how many people will I eat today? Since I was observed by surveillance I only had sex with Junko and Miho, therefore I must eat other woman as much as possible…)

Having sex in normal position, Kenichi tastes the narrow meat pot of Ami who is wearing a white lace bra. At the same time Kenichi chews on Ami´s black big tits which are 96 cm H cup.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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