Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 18

Two people


“Who is it?”

Though two people who stopped moving, of course they can´t know who came over. Kenichi without the idea including a friend and the relative thought that the police came in the continuation of the joke a little while ago.

At a time like this, “The power” such as that powerful radar as in the school should be usable, I don´t understand the reason, but it is almost worthless at the place away from school. Though black wave occurring from the body goes out, at home it is a radius of 50 cm at most. If it is such a distance, confirming it by eyes and ears is good and efficiency and the performance are greatly good.

“Wait here…”

I say so to Natsuki so that it may be whispered, she nods in silence quietly whether she felt anything from the attitude of Kenichi. When I go out of the bedroom and close the door tight, Natsuki’s athletic shoes put in the front door are put away in the shoe cupboard and the door is opened.

“It’ll be…”

Having stood there like Natsuki, it is a girl dressed in a jersey with a big bag.

The sudden visitor of the second time today, In a sense the other party to understand if I think carefully. There was only one answer if I inferred it logically.

“Go, good evening… “


It is the tennis club member, who separated around the station only one hour ago; it was Aiko Kawashima of the second year who won women’s singles in today’s game.

Aiko and Kenichi move to the kitchen.

When meeting at the front door at first, Aiko looked up a little, she looked much redder and was turning to the bottom afterwards. She comes into the room nervously and is good, she talks nothing and Kenichi doesn´t have what to do for the moment either.

“Oh, uh…. Anyway, good job…. Congratulations on your win…”

“…tha, thank you very much…”

We also remain silent. Dealing with Aiko who falls silent, I do not know what I should do. I still return to my old when leaving the school, I become a nature weak poor talker.

“Why did you come here?”

Though I think it’s the 2nd time of today to ask this question, I speak to Aiko who looks down. Then, though it was Aiko who was doing quietly for a while, she began to talk as having decided anything when she looked up.

“See, I, I’ve been weird….After having sex in that room with the teacher…. Every time teacher’s face is seen, my heart throbs…”


“So…Today.., even today, every time the teacher is seen I feel fuzzy…. I thought that it was no use myself, I´m useless…. Thus, therefore it is… that…that….”

Pitiful Aiko goes there and blushes in embarrassed of the meaning that one is talking about it, and looks down again while even making the ear deep red.

Whenever I meet the science teacher, it is said that I learn the strong sexual desire that my body flares up, the abnormal situation that happens to my body. It is the cause of the throb and ill feeling.

However, if I make the fact words in this way, it is like a declaration of love. The fact drives me into the shyness as I want to vanish.

There is more to it. Though it is not possible to say to the science teacher even if I die, I’m having a vulgar sexual dream every day recently. Moreover, adult video that saw the content before is pale, salaciously and the avaricious one.

In the dream well, I have sex with the science teacher every night, I covet pleasure with various poses. Divide the bottom by both hands by the posture which became condition crawling of the uniform form and do last night, I revealed vagina meat and asked for the penis on my own.

Every time I wake up every morning, I´m stunned for the excessive meanness on the bed. I hold immediate the penis in my mouth and shake the head for disapproval in the dream; I drink the sperm taken out in quantities, seem happy and grin.

It is said that the dream is a mirror that copies the person’s concealed wish. It was a shock for me that I was so indecent, and my true was greedy.

Aiko looks down while being silent.

However, Kenichi that the female experience is scarce overwhelmingly, In this case I do not have an idea at all what kind of words I should take. When it’s an erotic game, the choices are public; of course the choices never appear in the real scene.

By the way, at time what I should do, an angel of help, No, the devil emerged from the bedroom.


In the place in which it was thought that only two people, suddenly the woman dressed in the cheerleader, moreover the classmate who knows her face and name appears and Aiko is shocked. Besides, I just did my shameful confession and might be asked about it.

“It is Kawashima, the tennis club captain…?”

“Y, yes… and you are, Kurosawa of class 4…”

Because the class is different after it enters the school, we were two, who have not spoken directly up to now; the face and the name are mutually recognized. Both have the pretty face that stands out even if both are unpleasant in above all, this is because they were each ace of their club.

“I heard the story, in the back…”

“…te, terrible …!”

“Say…. You have not begun to speak selfishly!”

“… Though it is so…”

While bumping something invisible each other in the air, Kenichi does quietly and hears the story. But it’s only the appearance to look calm, I don’t know how to do at heart in such case, it’s flustered. Anyhow a chemical reaction of woman’s feelings is on neither a textbook nor on a reference book.

“Come here a sec. Take the bag… “

“… Eh, eh… why… “

“Because it’s good….I’ll tell you how to settle it…”

“Please, wait…Aaah… I see, because I understood it …”

In that way Natsuki leads Aiko by the hand, they withdrew to the bedroom in the interior again. The timid person who is just flustered again at the kitchen where two people have disappeared. Because I don’t do it, I slurp the low-malt beer which became lukewarm.

“Teacher. Come over here! “

Though there was some movement like the grapple or like the quarrel noisily done in the interior, Natsuki calls me from the inside of the bedroom again.

Before Kenichi who opened the door of the bedroom, the above-mentioned shock was waiting a while ago.

“Well then. How is it? The lewd appearance of two high school girls?”

On the bed two beautiful woman high school students in each uniform, their legs were opened in M character pose and Kenichi was waited for. He made lay brightly like just now and Natsuki was smiling fascinatingly, Aiko turns red and turns to the side so that Kenichi becomes regrettable, still she opens her legs desperately and show it off between crotches.

“Ah… No… I’m embarrassed…”

Despite the uniform figure which I saw badly today in tennis ground, by the too erotic pose, besides, the destructive power is different from seeing it at such point-blank range.

As for the uniform of the white tennis, the skirt is completely rolled up, full view between groins covered with under the skirt that this is white. The bottom have the pretty frill made of laces, it is a little dirty with the soil of the clay court.

“Look, look… Just now, it continues and is it done? Teacher…. High school girl vagina smell, do you want to smell?”

Because Aiko also was exercising all day long today though Natsuki is also so, her body should had started to sweat profusely. Of course because she came here direct after the meeting was over, she has no time taking a shower to spare. Thus, the sweet sweat and body odor that the young girl spitted out stand from 2 human bodies heavily, and they climb it, it is filled in a narrow bedroom of six mats with surprising swiftness.

“Look, look… You don´t need to hold back, Teacher! As for Kawashima, she is the same as me; she wanted to only have sex with the teacher after all”

“… Lie! … su, such a thing!!”

“There would be nothing but that…. If I puff and pant whenever I see the face of the teacher, it isn´t thought other than it!”

“…Aaa… I don’t know…. Is it really so…”

He forcible understanding and solution to the problem power, Kenichi began to appear to the throat when it was as strong as that cat type robot.

“Look, look…. don’t stand in a place like that, the teacher come over here”

After it’s impatient with baud and Kenichi who rises and doesn’t react forever, Natsuki increases her hand and pulls Kenichi to the bed.

“… and, gradually… “


The hand was pulled suddenly, Kenichi who lost the footing in it because there was a big bag in the step; he falls down on the bed. Because there was Aiko opening her legs in an M-shape in the direction, he reaches hard to defend her and he adheres to the bed.

“.. Are you all right …”

“Y, yes …”

When Aiko who says so and became under me is appropriate for eyes, the big pupil of the iris of the eyes has been in a moment moistened as usual. The beautiful girl who tanned healthfully who looks good with white tennis wear, she embraces Kenichi who fell down after having hesitated only for an instant.

“Aaah…teacher! Teacher!”

It was Aiko who said so, and clung to the scruff desperately, shyness until a while ago is incredible, she gets rapturous and have prepared kiss on her own. The behavior of Aiko it’s quick and who isn’t enough which is so, she shows size of the sexual desire that she saves it so far, and was crowded.

“Amuuu.. fuuumuuu..”

When she hangs over on Kenichi who became supine, she intertwines her tongue from herself positively. In the avarice when the red tentacle is used for the first time, she licks the mouth clean using her tongue as if it is the dessert which the inside of the mouth of the science teacher is generous in.

“Nnfuuu.. nguuu..nn…”

Because Aiko turns to the face below on the top, saliva which it is gone down by gravity, and was thick drips down from the mouth. That of the 17-year-old beautiful girl is sweet so that sweetener may be mixed, Kenichi drinks it absorbedly.

“Aaah… Kawashima, it’s not fair! Me too.., I too want to kiss with the teacher…”

Now the opposite of Aiko, in a word, Natsuki draws the face from the left side of Kenichi who becomes supine in the bed, his face is turned to her forcibly and his lip is taken away. Power becoming encouraged surely and Kenichi neck was twisted at a speed, while his tongue is sucked by another beautiful girl, he almost faint in agony for the acute pain.

Be sandwiched in between two beautiful girls in no time, the science teacher who became the character of the river exchanges kisses alternately for women who snuffle right and left and plead. In that way dark blood begins to go to the penis, and it expands in a moment.

The black wave is actuated and is spreading focusing on the body with that. The range is not more than 50cm at home, still the distance enough for 2 female senior high school students making the body stick.

(Came out!!)

The tentacle of a wicked red thought expands from the body with the sense made *zowari*, I’m following about Natsuki’s body with Aiko in left and right just as it is.



Aiko raises the sharp pleasure with her opened mouth; Natsuki raises the squeal overcast at the inside of the mouth covered with the kiss. The aura of two people who were pink turns red in a moment from the beginning, I get out and change the color to just thing while pulsating as always. By the perception that became sharp by the wave, that two people are in the desire state can be convinced clearly.

The power of the red tentacle is dreadful though it’s usual.

Only that they felt embarrassed of experience little, Aiko’s change was dramatic in particular. So that the butterfly may break from a cocoon in imago, the beautiful girl who was an ordinary female senior high school student will be licentious and be a fascinating small devil at my home in a moment.

“Hey, teacher…. It is me and Kawashima first; I’ll taste, taste and do the teacher…”

“By me and Mrs. Kurosawa, It fully makes to pleasant… “

When two beautiful girls having the good looks which are outstanding by far at school say so, they begin to take off clothes that Kenichi wears. Throwing hot breath up puffing and blowing with a melted expression in desire, they undress the teacher joyfully on the bed.

“Wait a minute…. Because even I just came home a while ago, it is dirty”

“What you say…. You were licking me severely in dreams… “

“That! As for Kurosawa, have you ever dreamed of the teacher and sex?”

“Yes. Did you mean Kawashima also? Recently, every night”

“Very often! Me too me too! It becomes common every night to have sex with the teacher in a dream”

To hear the conversation, Kenichi thinks with an absentminded head.

Originally, the succubus is called an incubus and is also called a nightmare too. As the name indicates, I have sex with the woman of the target in the dream, it is said that it is likely to deprive of energy and to give birth to satan’s child at times.

On the other hand, the lewd dream which oneself has recently is real, and all becomes clear very clearly, even if I awake from the dream, the memory is left tightly. The usual dream is quite different.

That dream world is not a mere dream; it is likely to become it very if it is assumed that the world that the succubus contracted to me produced. Natsuki´s and Aiko’s dream world is chained up by the Succubus; do they share the world with me?

And, the succubus is the inhabitant of the dreamland, is it possible to move also to others dreams freely through it?

“Iteetsu!!” ( Tsl note: Don´t know what it means)

The idea interrupts by thinking there sharp stimulation.

“If other girl facts are considered, because I bite!”

So while saying, Natuki with the eightfold tooth of that charm point, she chewed the scruff of Kenichi. Of course, though it bites, it isn’t anything strong to bleed.

“It becomes Dracula, Teacher’s blood; I suck it from you…”

When I laugh and say so prettily, train the tongue around the place that bit and draw it up with lips. Because it breathes in while making the*chu* *chu* sound, the place is congested, and a bright kiss mark is left. Because there is not the partner who is in trouble even if seen, the beauty has them want to do for Kenichi.

“Nooo… I am not absentminded, Teacher, It becomes comfortable…”

Aiko on the other side takes up one’s position at the naked upper-body, the nipple is licked and turned with *slurp* *slurp*.Because it is the act that I did in the dream many times, this is the first time that I do it, and the technique is really well experienced.

Both of two people will be excited though they’ll do that. While putting on the uniforms of tennis and the cheerleader, they were just covered by a miniskirt up, that the bottom put up highly is wound; it’s active in left and right. It is reflected in the huge mirror of the dresser from whom the spectacle is put on the edge of the bed, Kenichi who became good was able to see it clearly that eyesight was wonderful.

Dresser was left in such a place; I want to praise my own.

Natsuki’s blue outfit, Aiko’s white outfit, by the honey liquid which overflowed from the inside as usual, the color gets wet slenderly lengthwise, and changes. Though it is not strong while it is doing so, the red tentacle keeps making them excited to rise.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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